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King Of Gods - Chapter 697


Chapter 697: 697

Chapter 697 - Pirate King Token

Seeing Zhao Feng’s actions, the child Demigod’s expression froze. The Sky Locking Bow was a powerful weapon that the Demigod Kun Yun owned in the past, so he knew this bow’s specialty.


Zhao Feng gripped the Sky Locking Bow, and silver light formed markings on the bow. His other hand poured Scarlet Destruction True Yuan into the bow and pulled back the bowstring. A golden arrow with a layer of Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning started to condense on the string and intertwined with the silver markings.

The child Demigod felt a piercing aura that made even his powerful body hurt, and he was stunned.

The aura of the Sky Locking Bow reached a peak, and Zhao Feng’s left eye glittered with a faint purple as his mental energy became one with the Sky Locking Bow.

At this moment, he used a tiny bit of his eye-bloodline.

“That’s…!!?” Lord Dark Snake, who was a hundred miles away, felt his heart go cold. He felt like he had been locked on to by a piercing aura.


Zhao Feng released the bowstring, and a golden arrow covered in a glow of Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning flashed through the air. The very next instant, the golden arrow had pierced through the dark warship.

“Not good!” Lord Dark Snake’s expression changed dramatically, and his body went cold. His spatial domain merged into the space around him and formed a defensive barrier. He moved several hundred meters to the side, but that aura seemed to have locked on to his very soul. It was unavoidable.


With a flash of golden light and some Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning, a piercing arrow shot through Lord Dark Snake’s body.

“How…?” Lord Dark Snake’s body froze as he uttered out.

The golden arrow had pierced through his heart, and the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning started to spread.

The spatial domain around him didn’t seem to have been very effective. Even a Domain-level King didn’t have the ability to dodge this arrow.

“Any target locked on to by the Sky Locking Bow can’t evade it, and spatial domains that haven’t materialized yet are useless against the Sky Locking Bow,” the child Demigod murmured. He was extremely wary;he didn’t think that Zhao Feng would be able to successfully control the Sky Locking Bow. In his memories, he remembered that the requirements to use the Sky Locking Bow were extremely difficult.

Without a unique eye-bloodline or Space soul-talent, it was hard to be recognized by this bow and use its true power, but Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye was extremely compatible with the Sky Locking Bow.

“So what if you’re a King?” Zhao Feng put down the Sky Locking Bow, and the faint purple faded from his left eye. The energy used to lock on to someone was extremely little, but Zhao Feng didn’t want to take any chances.

“Lord Dark Snake!” the pirates aboard the dark warship broke out into chaos and were filled with fear.

The aura of life in Lord Dark Snake’s body started to fade as the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning rampaged throughout his body.

Zhao Feng was very confident in this arrow. The arrows of the Sky Locking Bow contained a metallic power that was extremely sharp, and they could pierce through anything in their way. Adding on the fact that Zhao Feng’s Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning had been condensed into the arrow, its power was even stronger.

The arrow was also unavoidable, and it easily hit the heart of Lord Dark Snake.

“Sky… Sky Locking Bow!” shock appeared in Lord Dark Snake’s eyes as he understood how he lost, but he wasn’t in despair.

“I… won’t forgive you,” the light in Lord Dark Snake’s eyes started to dim.

“Master, he’s not truly dead!” the child Demigod suddenly remembered something and warned. As soon as he said it, a surge of King Intent and soul-power flashed from within the body of Lord Dark Snake. A faint spiritual-looking figure could be seen in the air as it started flying with the power of King Intent.

“Yuan Soul Escape!” Zhao Feng’s expression changed dramatically as he understood.

When one reached the Void God Realm, their souls would undergo a change, and they could form a type of Yuan Soul with with Heaven and Earth. Yuan Souls were much stronger than normal souls, and they could live even outside the body. They even had the ability to fight.

Because the Yuan Soul was a spiritual form, its speed was more than ten times faster than normal, not to mention the assistance of King Intent.


In the blink of an eye, Lord Dark Snake’s Yuan Soul had already flown several hundred miles.

“Master, the Sky Locking Bow counters Yuan Souls,” the child Demigod advised. Under normal situations, Zhao Feng would only be able to watch a King’s Yuan Soul escape since the Yuan Soul was a spiritual entity that flew very quickly. Even Zhao Feng couldn’t catch up to one, and once the Yuan Soul escaped and found another body, they could steal it.

“Hehehe, get back here!” Zhao Feng pulled back the bowstring of the Sky Locking Bow once more, and a faint purple aura flashed across his left eye.

“No!” Lord Dark Snake several hundred miles away felt his Yuan Soul go cold, and he became uneasy. No matter how fast he flew, there was no feeling of safety.


A brilliant golden arrow flew through the air, and it seemed to have the ability to break through space.

“Arghh!” Lord Dark Snake’s Yuan Soul screamed as the arrow hit him, shattering the Yuan Soul.

“I killed a King!” Zhao Feng was overjoyed and extremely excited. This was the first time he had killed a Void God Realm King. Although the child Demigod had helped, the King that they killed was a Domain-level King, not a normal one.

“Go!” Zhao Feng put away the Sky Locking Bow and ordered the child Demigod and the skeletal division Leader to take care of the warship while he went to get Lord Dark Snake’s treasures.

Zhao Feng soon found a dark golden bracelet, and the space within it was not much different from the ancient metal ring. Domain-level Kings were extremely rich, and he was also a Pirate King.

“Not bad, not bad,” Zhao Feng put the dark golden bracelet away. The amount of treasures contained within it was enormous.

After exiting the exiting the Demigod Forgotten Garden, Zhao Feng needed to provide resources for the little thieving cat, Demigod Kun Yun, and himself, so he was running a bit low. Now that he had received all the possessions of a Pirate King, his wealth recovered a bit.

“Hmm? This is…?” Zhao Feng found a special token with his God’s Spiritual Eye. It was made of a unique material, and it wasn’t damaged from the explosion of the Yuan Soul.

This token was white and looked like a bone, but it also glittered with a metallic light. On one side of the token was a skeleton, and on the other side was the word “King.”

“Pirate King Token.”

Information regarding this token appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind when he held it. At the same time, he felt the auras of the other seventeen Pirate King Tokens that were spread out across the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land.

Elsewhere, the skeletal division Leader and the child Demigod were killing the other pirates aboard the warship. Several of them were at the half-step Void God Realm, and when they fought together they could fight against a normal King, but after Lord Dark Snake died, they were full of fear and were running away.

The skeletal division Leader controlled the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array and devoured the essence of many Sovereigns and Sovereign Lords.

The smoky power of the ghost-corpse array increased steadily.

Zhao Feng also purposely made the skeletal division Leader devour the body of Lord Dark Snake with the array, including the shattered soul’s power. This meant that the ghost-corpse array had now devoured a King, and its curse reached a stunning level.

The dark warship was soon conquered by Zhao Feng.

“But, this token…” Zhao Feng’s eyebrows locked together.

This Pirate King Token couldn’t be put into interspatial items, and its aura was mysteriously connected with the Pirate Sacred Land.

When Zhao Feng returned to his ship, the Pirate King Token suddenly sensed something, and the ghost ship trembled with excitement.

Zhao Feng’s ghost ship was originally a pirate ship that had a bit of its own consciousness. At this moment in time, the aura of the aura of the two were merging together. As the captain, Zhao Feng instinctively felt that the Pirate King Token had reached some sort of agreement with the ghost ship.


A dark light started to glow around the Pirate King Token, and with a whoosh!, it merged into the ghost ship.

“What’s going on?”

Zhao Feng and company felt the ship shake, and its aura became more chaotic as it formed a mysterious connection with the Pirate Sacred Land.

“Master, every characteristic of the ship just became stronger!” the skeletal division Leader said with joy. After this battle, Zhao Feng’s ghost-corpse array and ship both became more powerful.

Although that was supposed to be a happy event, Zhao Feng’s eyebrows were furrowed. He felt as if the ghost ship had become a part of the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land and lost its freedom.

Right at this moment, a chaotic aura surged from in front.


A ship at least as big as Lord Dark Snake’s appeared along with the descent of wind and lightning. Its existence caused the waves nearby to howl, and it was a couple hundred meters wide. Heaven and Earth seemed to surround the King of this ship.

The silver-white ship looked like a large cold moon, and everyone on the ghost ship felt a cold killing intent.

“Sir, after killing Lord Dark Snake, you have become the new Pirate King and part of the Pirate Sacred Land. Are you interested in joining the Moon King?” a cold and decisive female voice sounded.

At the head of the silver-white ship stood a female in silver robes with a sword and blade on her back. The silver-robed female had a flawless and dazzling figure. Her legs were perfect, and the sword and blade on her back gave off a heroic feeling. She was surrounded by a cold and magnificent moonlight, and the air around her was filled with an aura of slaughter.

Zhao Feng and company were stunned.

The charm of the silver-robed female seemed to be one with her warship.

“That woman is a Peak-tier King!” the child Demigod was extremely wary.


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