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King Of Gods - Chapter 696


Chapter 696: 696

Chapter 696 - Fighting a Void God Realm

“Hmm? That child…!” the gray-robed elder was surprised. His King Intent was in control of the spatial domain, but a three-year-old kid had ripped open a hole. The force and Intent from the child seemed to have surpassed the world as it hit the weakest point of his spatial domain.

Wings of Wind and Lightning! a light flashed by, taking the child Demigod and flying out of the gap in the spatial domain.

So fast! the gray-robed elder didn’t expect that. He didn’t even have time to fix the hole in his spatial domain.

The child Demigod and Zhao Feng worked very well together. The former created a hole and the latter used the Wings of Wind and Lightning to charge out of the King’s domain.

“Domain-level King, come out and fight.”

Battle-intent surged from Zhao Feng, and the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning wings on his back seemed to burn. They brought a terrifying scorching aura and sent a gust of several-hundred-meters-wide red wind toward the dark warship.

The child Demigod clutched onto Zhao Feng’s back and felt the destructive Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning, which seemed able to burn everything into ashes.

The inheritance of a mere Emperor can be this strong? the child Demigod was stunned. Compared to when he was in the True Martial Sacred Land, Zhao Feng’s Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning was now twice as strong.

“What a powerful aura… open the array!” the gray-robed elder ordered. He had to admit that the battle-power of this winged youth was enough to fight with a normal King. The gray-robed elder could even see that Zhao Feng’s inheritance came from the Wind Lightning Emperor, who had the fastest speed long ago and was as famous as the first Pirate Emperor.

“Get back here!” the gray-robed elder leapt into the air, and his King Intent formed a domain that started to envelope the youth with wings. A single thought of his could restrict anyone below the Void God Realm and shatter their souls.

“Lightning Wings Wind Flash!”

Zhao Feng’s Wings of Wind and Lightning fluttered quickly and flashed through the air.

Instead of slowing down, his speed increased. His Wings of Wind and Lightning had the ability to break through space, and Zhao Feng’s soul, body, and state of existence had all reached the same level as a King, so he wasn’t scared of the Magnificent Power of a King.

“Break!” a layer of golden light appeared around the body of the child Demigod, and he sent powerful golden fists with power comparable to King Intent through the air.

Boom! Boom! Bam!

Before the spatial domain could be completely formed, it was broken by Zhao Feng and the child Demigod.


Zhao Feng’s speed reached a state that shocked the gray-robed elder. He now had the capacity to attack a Domain-level King.

“That brat… is strong,” the pirates aboard the dark warship were stunned.

Lightning Wings Wind Flash!

A bolt of Wind Lightning with a burning sensation charged over, and its speed was so fast that it made normal Kings helpless.

“Demon Snake Sky!” the Dark Snake Lord suddenly raised his staff. A large abyss started to form in the air above them, and it had a strong suction force.


A large, several-hundred-meters-long dark snake started to crawl out of the abyss. Its eyes were cold and chaotic as it threw itself at Zhao Feng.

As Zhao Feng approached the abyss, his speed decreased. The abyss in the air took up most of the space nearby, and it was still expanding.

“Golden Emperor’s Fist!” the child Demigod punched out and created a hole in the snake’s head, but the Demon Snake was a mix between a physical existence and True Yuan, so it wasn’t critically injured and it kept on attacking Zhao Feng and the child Demigod.

However, Zhao Feng wasn’t scared at all.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Wings of Wind and Lightning summoned a red whirlwind several hundred meters wide as it heavily clashed with the snake. Explosions sounded continuously, and the area was filled with the howl of wind and the crackling of lightning.

The snake started to shatter bit by bit.

“A Domain-level King is only so-so.”

The wings behind Zhao Feng were twenty twenty yards long, and he looked like a demon. With him at the center, everything within several dozen miles was engulfed by the terrifying power of Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning.

Even the defensive array on the dark warship started to dim and shake. The pirates aboard the ship held their breath, and their expressions changed dramatically.

“Kekeke….” Lord Dark Snake laughed weirdly and drew a circle with his staff.


Instead of fading away, the abyss in the air kept on expanding.

Wu~~ Shuuu! Shuu! Shuuu!

Three snakes peered out of the abyss and surrounded Zhao Feng.

“Three of them!” Zhao Feng’s back felt cold. The three snakes had sealed off his path of retreat. The abyss in the air was Lord Dark Snake’s domain, which restricted Zhao Feng’s speed.


Zhao Feng and the child Demigod were each hit by a snake and sent in different directions.

“Do you really think you can defeat a Domain-level King?” deadliness flashed through Lord Dark Snake’s eyes as he waved his staff, and the three snakes summoned Magnificent Power that blocked Zhao Feng and the child Demigod.


Zhao Feng and the child Demigod were split apart.

The child Demigod’s skin glowed with a golden light, and he wasn’t actually injured. With his Demigod bloodline and Golden Kun Sacred Body, no one knew how strong he actually was.

On the other end, a layer of water surrounded Zhao Feng’s body, and there was a layer of purple scales on his skin. With the help of the Water bloodline and the defensive bloodline obtained from the Purple Scaled Grass, he wasn’t really injured either.

“These two brats….” solemnness finally appeared on the face of Lord Dark Snake. The defenses of the child Demigod and Zhao Feng were monstrous. Even he couldn’t see through it.

“Sky Shattering Golden Fist!” the child Demigod charged toward the abyss in the air and sent out a glowing fist that punched straight into the depths.

“Ridiculous!” Lord Dark Snake roared. He felt slightly troubled since the body of the child Demigod was too small, and yet the child’s three-year-old body contained too much power. His power. His each and every fist hit all the critical points. He couldn’t help but be suspicious;did a Void God Realm Emperor steal this body? Or was it an old person that had somehow returned to baby form?


A crack started to appear in the center of the abyss. The child Demigod was just a tiny dot that flew between the three snakes.

Peng! Peng! Bam!

His body moved in a mystical way as he sent beams of golden fist-light that seemed able to crush Heaven and Earth.

“Don’t even think about it,” Lord Dark Snake snickered coldly as he waved his staff and sealed off the child Demigod.

The child Demigod’s figure finally started to slow down, but right at this moment:

“Lightning Wings Flying Technique!”

A blurry light seemed to break through space and disappeared from the abyss.

Not good! the expression of Lord Dark Snake changed. He had been focusing on the child Demigod too much and forgot about Zhao Feng.

Lightning Wings Flying Technique!

With a whoosh!, a pair of Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning wings twenty yards long appeared in front of Lord Dark Snake.

Close combat – a scarlet palm full of chaos, fire, and lightning hit Lord Dark Snake.

“Do you think it’ll be that easy?” Lord Dark Snake snickered, and a layer of smoke appeared from the staff and formed a barrier.


Zhao Feng’s attack hit the barrier of smoke. The smoke around Lord Dark Snake shook, but it wasn’t ripped apart like Zhao Feng expected.

“Hmm?” Zhao Feng felt as if his palm had entered another dimension, and it felt like a stone that sunk into the ocean.

Spatial dimension!

His expression changed dramatically as he instantly reacted to it. The palm just now could severely injure – if not kill – Kings, but as a Domain-level King, Lord Dark Snake had opened his defenses and was protected by the spatial domain, meaning that the spatial dimension also took some damage from Zhao Feng’s attack.


Lord Dark Snake groaned as he was sent flying by Zhao Feng’s palm. Although the spatial dimension had spatial dimension had taken some of the damage, Zhao Feng’s Intent of Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning had reached an incredible level.

He understood 70% of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning, but its power was almost at the same level as the Wind Lightning Emperor’s golden-colored Wind Lightning.

Zhao Feng could destroy a city if he wanted to.

Furthermore, this King’s spatial domain hadn’t even fully materialized yet.

“Brat, I didn’t think that you had already comprehended the Wind Lightning Inheritance to such a stage. If you join the Dark Dragon King’s forces now, you still have a chance to live,” Lord Dark Snake’s expression dimmed. The blow just now had only slightly injured him, but the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning had a burning effect that still rampaged within his body.

“Wind Lightning Wings Slash!” Zhao Feng used his attack to show his response as he left behind an afterimage.


A sharp figure blinked through the air.


Lord Dark Snake couldn’t dodge the attack, and a figure of scarlet-colored Wind Lightning flashed by.

The Wind Lightning Wings Slash was a power battle technique of the Wings of Wind and Lightning.

Lord Dark Snake howled as a bloody gash appeared on his body, which extended from his head to his stomach. If it weren’t for the protection of his spatial domain, that Wind Lightning Wings Slash would’ve chopped him in half.

“Golden Emperor’s Fist!” the child Demigod turned into a streak of golden light and charged toward Lord Dark Snake from the other side.

Retreat! the expression of Lord Dark Snake changed dramatically as he released dark smoke from his staff that blotted out the sun.

Zhao Feng’s and the child Demigod’s senses were restricted by this smoke.

Lord Dark Snake appeared on the dark warship with a pale expression several breaths later.

“Even if we team up, we can’t kill a Domain-level King,” the child Demigod sighed.

“That might not be true,” Zhao Feng said casually as a dark silver bow with ancient and mysterious carvings on it appeared in his hand. The bowstring glittered with a cold metallic light.


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