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King Of Gods - Chapter 695


Chapter 695: 695

Chapter 695 - Domain-level King

The cautiousness and instinct of the blood-colored-hair King surprised Zhao Feng.

If the child Demigod and the skeletal division Leader weren’t able to handle it, then Zhao Feng would definitely come out at the critical moment, but he wanted to understand the child Demigod’s strength.

The battle-power he displayed moved Zhao Feng. His cultivation was almost at the peak Great Origin Core Realm, and his bloodline technique had recovered a lot with the help of the meat from the Ancient Dream Realm. Even without the use of secret techniques, the child Demigod was able to clash with a King. Zhao Feng was even suspicious that the child Demigod wasn’t using his full strength.

Of course, he was still confident that he had control over the child Demigod. His soul-strength had already surpassed normal Kings, and it definitely surpassed the child Demigod’s. Furthermore, Zhao Feng’s Soul Sea had absorbed a wisp of the God Tribulation Lightning and was cleansed by it.

“Master, where should we go next? Should we go around the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land?” the skeletal division Leader asked.

Zhao Feng swiped his hand and created a faint blue map with his hand. The map revealed the landscape of the Ten Thousand Abyssal Islands Zone and the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land.

The area was extremely complex and unique. The Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land had many places similar to the Eight Desolate Mountain. The “Eighteen Corners” represented eighteen canyon-like areas, each at least the size of the Eight Desolate Mountain.

The Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land was the only way to reach the nearby four or five island zones. Apart from the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land, the only other routes through the Ten Thousand Abyssal Islands Zone had bad weather and countless Abyssal Windstorms formed by nature, and each of them spanned several thousand to dozens of thousands of miles.

An Abyssal Windstorm was a pitch-black storm that could devour large ships. No one could explain why they were formed. Even Sovereign Lords would need to be extremely careful when flying around an Abyssal Windstorm.

“If we go around, we would need to go about five to ten times more than the original distance,” Zhao Feng’s eyebrows locked together.

The landscape of the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land was really unique. It was the only way to reach the nearby four or five island zones, and it was full of natural barriers. No wonder it became a Pirate Sacred Land.

“We can’t go around it,” Zhao Feng decided. If they went around, it would take too much time, and perhaps the Pursuit of Death would catch up. Compared to some Pirate Kings, Zhao Feng was much more worried about the Pursuit of Death.


The ghost ship flew through the air, and its speed was comparable to some legendary ships.

The child Demigod and the skeletal division Leader guarded the ship, and the ghostly aura from the ship alone was enough to make normal pirates stay away.

Within the captain’s cabin, Zhao Feng sat down, but he didn’t absorb the God Tribulation Lightning. Continuous absorption would use a lot of his energy, which wasn’t a good thing when they were passing through such an environment.

Shua! Shua!

Zhao Feng waved his hand, and a red wooden cup and a green flask appeared. The two wines were the Dragon Flame Wine and the Lightning Cloud Wine respectively.

“The Dragon Flame Wine and the Lightning Cloud Wine are on the same level as the Illusion God Wine, and they have the elements of Fire and Lightning respectively. I still haven’t used them all up yet.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled. He purposely hadn’t finished all the wines, including the Illusion God Wine. Firstly, continuous use would weaken the effect, and secondly, relying too much on outside items would mean that it wasn’t his own comprehension, which wouldn’t benefit his cultivation.

Now that so much time had passed, and Zhao Feng had even tried to comprehend the intent of the God Tribulation Lightning and his understanding of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning had reached more than 60%, he believed that using the two wines would benefit his Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning.


Zhao Feng took a big gulp of each.

His state of existence and body were much stronger than when he was in the Sacred Land, which was due to the water of the Ancient Dream Realm. Zhao Feng was constantly drinking large amounts of it, which helped his state of existence, body, cultivation, and even his soul.

The dominant powers of the Dragon Flame Wine and the Lightning Cloud Wine soon flowed within Zhao Feng’s body.

This was the first time he had drunk both at the same time. The elements of the two were fire and lightning, so when used together, it was more effective for comprehending the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning.

An entire day passed until Zhao Feng was able to absorb the majority of the two powers, and the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning within his body started to become active. At this moment in time, any breath he let out had a burning sensation. Wind and lightning also seemed to howl around it.

“I’ve comprehended about 70-80% of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning, and my cultivation isn’t very far away from the peak Great Origin Core Realm now,” Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head.

He still had one portion each of the Dragon Flame Wine and the Lightning Cloud Wine remaining, which he was planning to use several months later.

Zhao Feng’s power and control over the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning had surpassed the Wind Lightning Emperor’s when he was at this stage.

Furthermore, the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning had a tiny bit of God Tribulation Lightning aura contained within it, which gave off an immortal and undying feeling. Of course, it would be hard to sense this aura if one didn’t look closely, but Zhao Feng believed that this aura of the God Tribulation Lightning still had an unique effect.

“Captain, there’s a legendary pirate ship charging toward us,” the skeletal division Leader suddenly said.

In the limitless ocean, there was a dark warship covered in mist several hundred miles ahead of the ghost ship, and it was charging over. The momentum of this ship was even stronger than the blood-colored-mast ship from before.

“The ghost ship in front of us! I’ll give you one chance to become subordinates of the Dark Dragon King,” a raspy voice sounded from the dark warship, and immediately following that, a Magnificent Power passed through the air and covered the ghost ship.

The air seemed to change, and the ghost ship entered a dark dimension full of raging flames.

“What’s going on!?” the skeletal division Leader exclaimed as it lost sense of direction.

The expression of the child Demigod changed as he murmured, “This is going to be troublesome;it’s a Domain-level King.”

Domain-level King. Zhao Feng’s heart dropped as the ghost ship was locked on to by the by the dark dimension of flame.

“Domain-level King” referred to Void God Realm Kings that had comprehended a spatial domain, and they were rare even in the True Martial Sacred Land.

Kings could be split into three types:

A normal King – those at the early-stage or middle-stage Void God Realm, such as Nan Gongsheng or the blue-robed King.

Domain-level King – normally at the middle or late-stage Void God Realm, and they had comprehended a spatial domain. Their understanding of Space surpassed normal Kings.

Peak-tier King – those at the peak Void God Realm, and only below Emperors. Some could even fight an Emperor.

“We’re in the opponent’s spatial domain. His control of Heaven and Earth is stronger, and it’s harder to break out of,” the expression of the child Demigod was solemn. He fought a mere normal King earlier and didn’t have any advantage.

“Brats, I’ll give you half the time it takes to make tea to decide. The Dark Dragon King is one of the three strongest figureheads in the Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land. It’s your glory to be able to become the subordinate of the future Pirate Emperor,” the raspy voice lured.

Zhao Feng, who was still in the ghost ship, wasn’t able to hide from the opponent’s senses since he was in the opponent’s spatial domain.

Dark Dragon King… three strongest… Pirate Emperor…. Thoughts passed by quickly in Zhao Feng’s mind, and he suddenly realized that he was now involved in the fight for the position of Pirate Emperor.

“The Pirate Emperor’s Inheritance is a peak Emperor Inheritance, but it’s not as good as the Demigod Forgotten Garden,” Zhao Feng wasn’t very interested in this inheritance. Furthermore, only by becoming a true pirate would he be able to receive the inheritance.

However, the landscape of this island zone was very treacherous, and Zhao Feng didn’t want to go around the Pirate Sacred Land.

On the dark ship ahead, an elder with a red mole on his forehead was holding a staff and was covered in a magnificent dark light. He was clad in gray robes, and his eyes were like those of poisonous snakes as he stared at the ghost ship in front.

“Lord Dark Snake, is this ghost ship really worthy of us coming here to recruit them? They probably won’t be able to do much in do much in the fight for Pirate Emperor,” a green-eyed pirate asked respectfully.

The elder in gray robes was Lord Dark Snake, the right-hand man of the Dark Dragon King.

“That ghost ship is extremely fast, and it has a unique ghost-corpse array. Its battle-power is probably comparable to a normal legendary pirate ship” the eyes of the elder in gray were fiery hot. They could either steal the ship or recruit them, either way there were only benefits. Normal Pirate Kings didn’t even have the right to take down the ghost ship, but Lord Dark Snake was a Domain-level King, and his pirate ship was amongst the top ten.

Within the captain’s cabin, Zhao Feng was quiet. He gazed at the child Demigod, and they started to communicate through the Dark Heart Seed.

“Little Kun Yun, are you able to break through the domain of a King?” Zhao Feng asked. His Eye Intent was stronger than normal Kings, and if he used his eye-bloodline, he was confident he could break out, but he couldn’t use it without attracting the Pursuit of Death.

“With the current level of my Golden Kun Sacred Body and Fist Intent, I should be able to create a gap, but I can’t defeat a Domain-level King unless Master lets me merge with the Demigod Intent,” the child Demigod said expectantly. If he was able to merge with the Demigod Intent, his strength would increase dramatically.

“A gap is enough,” Zhao Feng smiled. He was restricting the Demigod’s growth, so he couldn’t let him merge with the Demigod Intent too early.

“Juniors, what is your response?” Lord Dark Snake’s raspy voice resounded throughout the dim dimension.

“As long as you can defeat us, we will become subordinates of the Dark Dragon King,” Zhao Feng said steadily.

“Defeat you? Zhe zhe, if you don’t do what I say, the only path for you is death” Lord Dark Snake’s voice became cold. The next instant, a fierce and deadly poisonous air started to erode the ghost ship. The power of the spatial domain stopped the ship from moving, and Zhao Feng’s breathing rate quickened.

“Heaven Shattering Golden Fist!” the child Demigod attacked and sent out a beam of dominating light that ripped a hole in the dim dimension.

Wings of Wind and Lightning!

A pair of scarlet-colored wings formed behind Zhao Feng’s back.


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