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King Of Gods - Chapter 690


Chapter 690: 690

Chapter 690 - The Child Demigod’s Suggestion

In the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace of the Sky Flower Island Zone, the large hall was dead-silent, and the bodies of countless experts froze.

The shadow of Death enveloped all the beings present.

The Palace Lord of the Sky Flower Void Ocean Spiritual Palace was a Void God Realm King, and his soul trembled uneasily.

“Emperor of Death!” the Sky Flower Palace Lord held his breath and ordered the Regulators to not do anything. It seemed as if the Emperor of Death was looking for someone.

At the same time, the divine Senses of the three Death Spirit Lords also scanned around. One of them even used a Soul-Searching Technique to search the Regulators near the Teleportation Array.

“He’s very fast,” the Emperor of Death murmured. His intent of Death had filled the entire Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, but he didn’t find any sign of Zhao Feng.

“Reporting to the Emperor, Zhao Feng seems to have instantly used the Wings of Wind and Lightning after arriving here, and he has now entered the limitless ocean,” the Death Spirit Lord said respectfully. He found traces of Zhao Feng through the Soul-Searching Technique.

The Emperor of Death closed his eyes, and his divine Sense started to extend.

A thousand miles… two thousand miles… three thousand miles….

The Emperor of Death’s senses were limitless and could travel very far. A couple breaths later, the Emperor of Death’s divine Sense had reached a span of ten thousand miles, and he finally caught signs of a faint aura of Wind Lightning in the air that was fading away.

“We can’t even sense Zhao Feng at all,” Wen Luoan and the Death Guards gripped their Tokens of Death, but they didn’t feel anything. It was as if their target had evaporated into thin air.

The Emperor of Death stood motionless, and he seemed like the shadow of the God of Death.

His divine Sense had surpassed ten thousand miles as it chased after the direction of the Wind

Lightning aura.

His eyebrows suddenly furrowed. The faint aura of Wind Lightning suddenly split into more than a dozen sources that headed in different directions.

The distance between the two became further and further away. Although the Emperor of Death’s divine Sense could reach that far, it wasn’t very accurate, and the limitless ocean was constantly scrubbing all auras.

“Cunning brat,” the Emperor of Death’s pitch-black eyes were ice-cold.

“Master, what do we do now?” Wen Luoan asked.

Zhao Feng’s reaction was too fast, and his Wings of Wind and Lightning greatly surpassed the speed of normal Kings.

“Go in these directions,” the Emperor of Death reached out and created a map made of light from his hand. The map contained the image of the Floating Dream Sacred Land, and it could locate the places nearby.

According to the direction the aura of Wind Lightning was travelling, the Emperor of Death could generally guess some of the possible destinations Zhao Feng was heading toward.

The Emperor of Death’s forces split into five. One team was the Emperor of Death and the white-eyed little girl. The other four teams consisted of some Death Guards led by Wen Luoan and the three Death Spirit Lords respectively.

The five groups headed off in the general direction of Zhao Feng.

Shua! Shua!

The Emperor of Death and his subordinates soon disappeared from the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.


The Sky Flower Palace Lord and everyone else all let out a long breath.

In a certain part of the Sky Flower Islands Zone:

“Lightning Wings Wind Flash!”

A faint red figure covered in lightning flashed across the limitless ocean. No one below the half-step Void God Realm could even see the outline of the figure.

“What speed!” the occasional experts travelling on a boat were stunned. This figure displayed speed several times faster than normal Kings.

The Lightning Wings Wind Flash was a secret technique of the Wings of Wind and Lightning, and it pushed the Intent of Wind Lightning to the maximum.


Zhao Feng’s wings quickly fluttered as his body became an arc of lightning, surpassing the speed of normal Void God Realms.

However, using the Lightning Wings Wind Flash also used a lot of energy.

At a certain moment, Zhao Feng’s body gently shook and turned into ten figures of lightning. Each of them had a wisp of King Intent, and their auras were exactly the same as Zhao Feng.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

These figures flew in different directions and, although they were slightly slower, it was hard to distinguish which one was the real one.

Zhao Feng would release several Wind Lightning Figures every ten thousand miles or so. Each of them could last about an hour or so because they had some of Zhao Feng’s King Intent.

At the same time, Zhao Feng restricted his Soul Sea to a a certain degree.

The Eye of Death’s Intent was frozen by his Ice Soul power and the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique. It was because of this that the Emperor of Death and his subordinates couldn’t lock on to Zhao Feng.

As long as I don’t use any Soul-type techniques or my eye-bloodline, the Emperor of Death and his subordinates won’t be able to sense me easily, Zhao Feng thought.

Eventually, he even stopped using his King Intent and divine Sense.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat grabbed onto his shoulder and would occasionally point toward a certain direction as its eyes spun.

It was because of the little thieving cat’s divination skills that Zhao Feng was able to react so quickly and escape from the Emperor of Death’s pursuit.

Lightning Wings Wind Flash!

Zhao Feng’s Wings of Wind and Lightning fluttered, and he flew for a long time until the majority of his True Yuan was expended. There were signs of exhaustion on his face.

He started to pretend to be a Lightning Wind Figure as he slowly concealed his aura and removed the Wings of Wind and Lightning.


Zhao Feng’s figure dove into the limitless ocean. Very soon after:


A dark silver ship shrouded in a ghostly air appeared within the limitless ocean.

“Skeletal division Leader, you control the ship. Let the little thieving cat decide the route,” Zhao Feng said and went to the captain’s cabin and sat down.

The skeletal division Leader now controlled the ship, and the sailors were ghost-corpses that had a certain amount of intelligence.

“Yes, Master,” the skeletal division Leader replied.

In the captain’s cabin, Zhao Feng ate some Spiritual Pills and other treasures in order to recover his True Yuan faster. While doing that, he also began to look at the map of the Floating Dream Sacred Land and its territories.

Zhao Feng was more than a dozen island zones away from the Sky Sacred Qin Palace’s location.

“The Emperor of Death doesn’t know my destination,” Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled.

To stop revealing himself, he decided not to go to any Void Ocean Spiritual Palace since he wasn’t in need of anything.

With the improvements from the Sacred Land, the Sea Sky Ship’s fastest speed was comparable to the half-step Void God Realm. Zhao Feng’s ship would be able to reach the Sky Sacred Qin Palace within a year.

“If I restrain my Soul my Soul Sea, how will the Emperor of Death be able to sense me, let alone chase after me?” Zhao Feng laughed coldly in his heart, and his eye and hair color both returned to black.

“Master, if I merge with the Demigod’s Intent, my overall strength will rise to a new level. I would be able to help you,” the child Demigod exited the ring with a solemn expression, but his voice was extremely babyish.

“Not right now,” Zhao Feng shook his head.

Currently, the child Demigod’s strength was at least comparable to a half-step King. If he merged with the Demigod Intent, his strength would rise dramatically.

Zhao Feng wasn’t dumb. He purposely wanted to restrict the child Demigod’s growth. He had an instinct that, if he let the child Demigod mature as he wanted, he might become even more dangerous than the Emperor of Death. After all, the child Demigod was a Demigod in the process of reviving – his growth couldn’t be described as “cultivation,” but “recovery.” Once he had the Demigod Intent and an endless supply of resources, the child Demigod would be able to recover to the rank of an Emperor within a couple years.

Ten thousand miles away, in the misty limitless ocean:

“It’s disappeared again,” the Emperor of Death’s eyebrows furrowed as he glanced toward the aura of Wind Lightning that had faded away.

Not only was Zhao Feng’s speed fast, he would continuously send doppelgangers out in all directions that had the exact same aura as the true body. It was extremely hard to chase him just from his aura alone.

“Bai Lin,” the Emperor of Death turned toward the white-eyed little girl next to him.

The white-eyed little girl had the Eye of Destiny and, although it hadn’t truly awakened, it could still catch traces of destiny. She was better than most experts cultivating in the Dao of Life. This was also why the Emperor of Death chose to take her.

The white-eyed little girl bit her fingers, then took out a pen and a piece of paper with locked eyebrows. A long time later, the white-eyed little girl managed to draw a blurry instrument with a pale face.

“Qin?” the Emperor of Death recognized an ancient qin from the drawing, and the white-eyed little girl instantly fell asleep after drawing the picture.

The difficulty this time far exceeded the past. The stronger the person she tried to divine the fate of, the more difficult it was.

“Qin…” the Emperor of Death murmured before Death murmured before starting to think.

This instrument was the only clue, but the clue wasn’t enough. What did this qin represent? A person? The instrument itself? Or something else entirely?

Using this trail, the Emperor of Death continuously searched, and he ordered people to find all information about qins.

In the dark misty ocean, a small ship radiating an air of Death and Yin quickly travelled through the water. The air of Death and Yin radiating from it prevented the senses of anyone below the half-step Void God Realm from looking into it.

“Pirate ship? A ghost ship of the Wicked Path?” the nearby ships and experts would run away from it since its aura was too terrifying. Even the ships of some powerful forces didn’t dare to offend this pirate ship.

Several days passed by, and the ghost ship was still safe.

Zhao Feng’s energy had recovered long ago, and he had occasionally gone into the Ancient Dream Realm to get resources for the ghost-corpses. The flesh and blood of the Ancient Dream Realm beasts were extremely beneficial for the cursed ghost-corpses.

One day, the skeletal division Leader’s voice was full of excitement, “Master, all of the cursed ghost-corpses have become Sovereigns.”

Hearing that, Zhao Feng revealed a joyful expression.

The cursed ghost-corpses were each several meters tall and gave off an ancient aura of a decaying corpse, and the power of the curse was ten times stronger than before.

“They’re stronger than I imagined,” Zhao Feng was stunned. Although these Sovereign cursed ghost-corpses had only just broken through not long ago, they were already almost unparalleled against anyone below the Sovereign Lord rank. Even Sovereign Lords would feel troubled if the curse touched them.

On top of that, there was a hundred of them, and the array they formed was extremely powerful. It wasn’t as simple as adding them together one by one.

The bodies of these ghost-corpses are extremely strong, and they contain the aura of that meat from before…. a light flashed across the child Demigod’s eyes as he stared at the ghost-corpses.

He was already suspicious of whether Zhao Feng had more of that meat from before or not. The amount of flesh and meat the ghost-corpses had absorbed to reach this level was stunning. The child Demigod precisely needed that meat in order to recover his strength and his complete bloodline.

“Let’s make a deal,” the child Demigod’s eyes glimmered solemnly with light as he spoke to Zhao Feng in a babyish voice.


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