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King Of Gods - Chapter 687


Chapter 687: 687

Chapter 687 - Resources

Zhao Feng first made the child Demigod eat the snake meat, using him as a lab rat. However, the snake meat from the Ancient Dream Realm contained a source of Heaven Earth aura that helped strengthen one’s body.

Zhao Feng cut a piece off himself and tasted it. The flesh of the snake had a stronger effect than even the whale’s heart blood essence, and the Ancient Dream Realm aura contained within it was also extremely thick.

“My body has absorbed too much Ancient Dream Realm aura, and I’ve already used the heart blood essence, purple scaled grass, Demigod’s blood, and whatnot. The snake meat isn’t very effective for me,” Zhao Feng circulated his True Yuan to digest the essence contained within the snake meat.

Although the value of the snake meat was high, it also had its weaknesses.

Firstly, the effect wasn’t very strong for someone whose state of existence had reached the Void God Realm.

Secondly, the snake meat was really tough and hard to digest. Anyone below the Origin Core Realm might not even be able to digest it at all, but the child Demigod and the little thieving cat both couldn’t be measured by normal standards;they could absorb the snake meat’s effect within the shortest amount of time possible.

“Master, this snake meat can be refined into a Spiritual Blood Essence Pill, which can allow even those below the True Spirit Realm to absorb it easily,” the child Demigod suggested. Some resources that were hard to digest could be crafted into pills, and as someone who was a Demigod in his prime, the golden-skinned child knew how to make pills.

“This type of snake meat can only be found by luck,” Zhao Feng faintly shook his head. He didn’t want to reveal the secret of the Ancient Dream Realm. That was a place where he could mine precious resources.

The child Demigod couldn’t help but be disappointed. If he had a large amount of that meat, his state of existence and bloodline would be able to recover quickly.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat looked suspiciously at Zhao Feng but didn’t make any weird sounds. It felt like the snake’s aura was extremely familiar.

Zhao Feng said no more. He was still cautious toward the child Demigod.

“Master,” a voice sounded from the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl. It was the skeletal division Leader.

After leaving the Demigod Forgotten Garden, Zhao Feng had gathered large amounts of resources and gave some to the skeletal division Leader. Now, the skeletal division Leader had reached the Great Origin Core Realm. On top of that, Zhao Feng had given control of the cursed ghost-corpses to it, including the Sovereign Lord ranked golden skeleton.

The cursed ghost-corpses couldn’t really threaten Kings, so they were now useless to Zhao Feng. Of course, after absorbing almost a hundred Sovereign essences, the power of the array had increased dramatically, and it was almost unparalleled against anyone below the Void God Realm.

“Master, after the corpses absorbed that mysterious aura, their potential has increased dramatically, and some have even became Sovereigns,” the skeletal division Leader reported.

Oh? Zhao Feng was surprised.

When he was at the Eternally Sealed Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, he had indeed put a bit of the Ancient Dream Realm aura into each of the cursed ghost-corpses. He didn’t expect that some of them had now become Sovereigns.

Many factors were involved:

Firstly, the cursed ghost-corpses had already absorbed large amounts of blood essence from beasts.

Secondly, the Ancient Dream Realm aura and the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl had both helped them as well.

“Do you have any ideas?” Zhao Feng asked.

“Master, if you’re willing to put in more resources and add in some more of that mysterious aura, I believe that all these cursed ghost-corpses can become Sovereigns. At that time, the curse will be able to threaten even Kings,” the skeletal division Leader said.

As Zhao Feng became stronger, the skeletal division Leader’s value decreased. It couldn’t allow itself to lose all value, and the hundred cursed ghost-corpses were the only things it had that were valuable.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng started to think. If the cursed ghost-corpses all became Sovereigns and then devoured a couple Kings, their power would definitely become shocking.

“As for resources…” Zhao Feng’s eyes suddenly lit up. He recalled the Ancient Dream Realm. If the cursed ghost-corpses could devour the beasts inside the Ancient Dream Realm, the efficiency would be much better than killing normal Sovereigns. Furthermore, all the beings inside the Ancient Dream Realm had an ancient and original aura.

“Sure, I’ll leave the specifics to you,” Zhao Feng agreed.

At first, he wasn’t very interested in the cursed ghost-corpses, but since he had the Ancient Dream Realm, it would be a waste not to use it.

A while later, Zhao Feng sat down and put his consciousness into the Ancient Dream Dream Realm once more.

Within the Ancient Dream Realm, Zhao Feng appeared at the place where he had left. There were still marks of the fight with the snake there.

His goal was still the grassland ahead, and Zhao Feng saw that there was a bunch of tiny animals around the grass.

Of course, his next target would be the stream. As a source of water, the stream should have many animals and beasts around there, and he also wondered what effect the water itself would have. After all, water was vital to life.

Zhao Feng remained cautious on the way, and he would take care of the insects, snakes, rats, rabbits, and whatnot along the way.

Zhao Feng realized that the Eye of Ice Soul complemented the Scarlet Destruction Eye Flame perfectly. The Eye of Ice Soul decreased the speed of the smaller animals, and although their physical bodies were strong, there was a big difference between their souls and Zhao Feng’s

After killing them, Zhao Feng would throw most of these corpses into the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl. He was able to use his interspatial ring in the Ancient Dream Realm. Everything that happened here would also happen in reality.

After devouring the flesh and blood of these animals, the cursed ghost-corpses became stronger. On the first day alone, several cursed ghost-corpses reached the Origin Core Realm.

Now, all the cursed ghost-corpses were either half-step Sovereigns or complete Sovereigns.

“Great…!” the skeletal division Leader in the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl was stunned. The speed of breaking through was just too fast. If this continued, all the cursed ghost-corpses would become Sovereigns within ten days. At that time, the power of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array would rise to an entirely new level.

Furthermore, the flesh and blood of these animals were also useful to the skeletal division Leader, who used them to strengthen its bones.

On the third day, Zhao Feng successfully reached the patch of grass. A majority of his time during the first two days was used on killing the small animals.

Zhao Feng’s footsteps started to quicken after reaching the grassland.

“Let’s go to the stream now.”

Zhao Feng mainly wanted to see what the effect of the water within the Ancient Dream Realm had, but the distance from the grass to the stream was ten times as long as before.

On the way to the stream, Zhao Feng sped up, and he would only kill the kill the animals close to him.

On the fifth day of Zhao Feng being in the Ancient Dream Realm, over half of the cursed ghost-corpses had become Sovereigns.

The skeletal division Leader trembled with excitement. Once its goal was complete, it would be able to threaten even Kings with the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

On the sixth day, Zhao Feng reached the edges of the grassland.

Huala! Di! Da!

A stream dozens of meters wide appeared ahead.

“I’m finally here,” Zhao Feng let out a long breath.

Over the past couple days, he had stayed the entire time in the Ancient Dream Realm, and his bloodline and body had both become stronger, even though the effect wasn’t too obvious.

After reaching the stream, Zhao Feng became more cautious and wary.

Being a source of water, there were occasionally bigger animals such as wolves, deer, and whatnot around, which were harder for Zhao Feng to kill.

If he met wolves, tigers, or eagles, there was a certain amount of danger. It was good that Zhao Feng had the God’s Spiritual Eye, which allowed him to notice such dangerous animals from very far away.

“I’ll take some water first.”

Zhao Feng walked to the stream, and he didn’t forget to use his God’s Spiritual Eye to inspect the water. This was just a small stream, so it didn’t have any bigger animals like crocodiles.

Di! Da!

Zhao Feng took out the Green Spiritual Gourd and filled several bathtubs’ worth of water.

Right at that moment, chaos broke out near the stream. Some of the deer and cows that were currently drinking scattered.


The cry of wolves made the hearts of those nearby go cold. Zhao Feng looked to the side and saw more than a dozen wolves charge over with a bloodthirsty aura.

These wolves were here to drink water and kill nearby animals. Zhao Feng was also one of the targets.

Go! with a thought, Zhao Feng disappeared from the Ancient Dream Realm.

Each of these wolves were ten times stronger than the multi-colored snake from before, and they were good at teamwork. Zhao Feng’s strength was restricted in the Ancient Dream Realm, so he would be at a huge disadvantage if he faced the pack of wolves.

Within the room, Zhao Feng took out the Green Spiritual Gourd, and the little thieving cat who was sitting on his shoulder looked his shoulder looked at it with glowing eyes.

Zhao Feng smiled and gave the little thieving cat a barrel’s worth of water.


The little thieving cat drank a couple gulps in satisfaction, then sat down. Zhao Feng also took a sip and felt a calm, cool feeling travel throughout his body.

His Ice and Water bloodlines started to move and absorb the mysterious power within the water.

“Hmm? This water can heal one’s body, and it’s easy to absorb,” Zhao Feng was surprised.

The effect of the water was about the same as the meat from before, but it was much easier to absorb. Zhao Feng drank large gulps of water and found that his state of existence and even his bloodline showed signs of becoming stronger.

“The water from the Ancient Dream Realm is comparable to some of the precious liquids of the Fan Universe,” Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

If he drank this for a long time, his body and bloodline would benefit a lot from it.

Zhao Feng estimated that a sip of this water was worth one one-thousandth of a drop of the Demigod’s blood. Of course, as time passed, its effect would weaken.

For the next several days, Zhao Feng didn’t enter the Ancient Dream Realm. Instead, he sat down and, apart from drinking the stream water, focused on comprehension and grinding down the intent from the Eye of Death.

Several days later, a strong surge of Intent appeared from the room where Zhao Feng was staying.


Wind howled and lightning crackled in the sky above, causing the Heaven and Earth nearby to change color. The birth of a new Magnificent Power seemed to purposely try to conceal itself as it disappeared within a couple breaths, but even then, it raised attention from some Kings of the Mystic True Sacred Clan.

“I’ve finally formed King Intent,” Zhao Feng took a deep breath.

He didn’t need to use the remaining half a cup of Illusion God Wine;he was able to form his own King Intent by himself.

Since he had the foundation of his comprehensions already, as well as a powerful soul, forming complete King Intent wasn’t very hard for him.

In addition, Zhao Feng had used the Dragon Flaming Wine, the Lightning Cloud Wine, and large amounts of meat and water from the Ancient Dream Realm, so his Crystal Core had reached the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm.


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