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King Of Gods - Chapter 682


Chapter 682: 682

Chapter 682 - The Plan of the Ten Thousand Lightning Sect

The child Demigod and the little thieving cat both moved slightly when the head was taken out.

This Zhao Feng’s Wind Lightning Inheritance is already incredible… if he’s able to merge the power of the Lightning Tribulation, then his power would increase by an entire level, the child Demigod was worried. His strength was recovering quickly, and he was now almost at the middle-stage Great Origin Core Realm, but Zhao Feng’s rate of becoming stronger made him wary.

The further one went down the path of cultivation, the harder it was. The child Demigod’s cultivation speed could be described as travelling a thousand miles every day, but after reaching the level of a King, his cultivation speed would slow down dramatically. No matter how much potential was in a drop of Demigod blood essence, it was still limited.

At the same moment in time, some of the Kings within the True Martial Sacred Land that specialized in Lightning sensed the head – especially those from the Ten Thousand Lightning Sect.


A scarlet-and-black sword of Lightning within the Ten Thousand Lightning Sect started to tremble, and the chains clamping it down started to clatter. This scarlet-and-black sword of Lightning that was sealed by the nearby arrays started showing signs of unusual action, as if it was excited and scared at the same time.


Two figures appeared next to the scarlet-and-black sword. Two Emperors could be seen covered in magnificent light: one was an elder with a dark face while the other was a female covered in dazzling colors.

“The aura of the God Tribulation’s Lightning has appeared again, and this time, it’s even stronger than the two times before….”

“The only thing that is able to make the Lightning Sword uneasy and excited is the God Tribulation’s Lightning. In the past, this Lightning Sword was refined by the God Tribulation’s Lightning, and a genius from a continent zone comprehended the power of Lightning from it and became a God.”

The two Emperors started to talk, and their eyes turned toward the main Spiritual Peak of the True Mystic Sacred Clan.

The lightning from a God Tribulation was extremely attractive toward the Ten Thousand Lightning Sect who specialized in Lightning. After all, in the past, there was a genius who used this power to reach the peak of this world.

“If I’m correct, this wisp of God Tribulation Lightning comes from the most important part – the head,” the female said after some thought. Her body was covered in multi-colored lightning. Any tiny arc of it was enough to wipe out a small village.

“The Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan and the True Mystic Sacred Clan have both obtained parts of the God Tribulation corpse, but they definitely won’t give anything to us….” the dark-faced elder sighed.

The Ten Thousand Lightning Sect was the sect closest to a three-star superpower in the True Martial Sacred Land. They had several Emperors, and all of them had extremely strong battle power.

“Hehe, that might not be so. I heard that Emperor Duanmu will be going to the continent zone soon. That means we might have a way….” the female smiled.

“Oh? What do you have in mind?” the eyes of the dark-faced elder instantly lit up. Although the power of the Lightning Tribulation contained in the head of the corpse wasn’t as much as what was already in the Lightning Sword, it could still greatly increase the strength of the Ten Thousand Lightning Sect.

On the main Spiritual Peak of the True Mystic Sacred Clan, Zhao Feng held his breath as he put his hand on the head of the God Tribulation corpse and felt the aura of Lightning within.


His entire body seemed to be struck by lightning as an ancient and original aura of Lightning shook his mind.

“Just a wisp of its aura is already so terrifying,” Zhao Feng was stunned.

One had to know that the corpse had been in the tomb for a very long time, and yet the marks left behind by the Lightning were still clear. The damage caused by the God Tribulation Lightning was almost eternal.

“It’s too strong. The damage is basically everlasting….” Zhao Feng started to understand the characteristics of the God Tribulation Lightning.

There were many bloodlines, races, and species that had monstrous recovery speed, but they still didn’t undergo the God Tribulation. Over the past several dozen millennia, no one had ever heard of someone becoming a God in the entire Cang Ocean. The power of the God Tribulation was simply too too terrifying, and the damage caused was everlasting.

“If I can merge the intent of the God Tribulation into the Wind Lightning Inheritance, then the power of my Lightning will increase by at least ten times.”

Zhao Feng’s heart trembled.

This was also why the child Demigod within the ancient metal ring was worried. Although the Wind Lightning Inheritance was a peak inheritance, there was still quite a difference compared to the Purple Saint Inheritance and a couple others. Zhao Feng’s Wind Lightning Inheritance was even countered by Lei Zhen’s Lightning Spiritual Body. However, everything would change if the power of the God Tribulation Lightning was merged into it.

Within the room, Zhao Feng closed his eyes and started to feel and comprehend the power of the God Tribulation Lightning from the head. During this process, the lightning within his body kept shaking.

It would be a long process to absorb the power from the God Tribulation Lightning. The God Tribulation Lightning had touched upon the laws of Heaven and Earth, and it far surpassed Zhao Feng’s Wind Lightning Inheritance.

Zhao Feng couldn’t figure out where to start, so he gained nothing in the first two days apart from adapting to the pressure from the head.

“Master, one must have a unique Lightning Spiritual Body to comprehend the God Tribulation Lightning, or you must have the comprehension level of an Emperor that specializes in Lightning,” the child Demigod warned. He was implying that Zhao Feng didn’t meet the requirements.

“I have my own plans,” Zhao Feng snickered coldly. After all, this head was the child Demigod’s in the past, so there was a connection between them.

Right at this moment, above the main Spiritual Peak, several chaotic Emperor auras arrived.

“The junior named Zhao Feng, come out!” a dominant voice sounded through the air.

Hmm? Zhao Feng’s expression changed slightly, and he put away the head of the corpse.

Three Emperors were floating in the air, and they radiated a shocking aura of Lightning. The Wind Lightning True Yuan within Zhao Feng’s body trembled uneasily. The level of their Lightning was too strong;they were comparable to the Wind Lightning Emperor.

“Dark Lightning Emperor!” some Kings and Emperors within the Mystic True Sacred Clan exclaimed as their divine Senses scanned through the air.

There was

There was a total of three Lightning Emperors present. On the left and right, there was a female clad in multi-colored lightning and a dark-faced elder respectively. At the very center was a tall male in black armor, and he was surrounded in black lightning. Looking from afar, he seemed like an Emperor of Darkness.

“The aura of this Dark Lightning Emperor is extremely strong. He’s on the same level as Master….” Zhao Feng was stunned.

The Kings and Emperors on the main Spiritual Peak were filled with wariness.

“The Dark Lightning Emperor is the number one Lightning expert in the Cang Ocean, and he has unparalleled battle power amongst Emperors.”

“It’s because of him that the Ten Thousand Lightning Sect is the strongest two-star sect, only below the three-star superpowers.”

At least a couple dozen divine Senses were present, but Zhao Feng didn’t come out. A bunch of Emperors wasn’t something he could take on.

“Dark Lightning Emperor, why are you here?” a familiar male voice sound in the air.


Emperor Duanmu with his white hair appeared opposite the three Ten Thousand Lightning Sect Emperors. In just a short while, another two Emperors appeared as well – Emperor Gu Luo and Emperor Mi Kong. Including Duanmu Qing, there were three more Emperors, and all the other Kings and Emperors of the clan used their divine Senses to watch.

“Get Zhao Feng out here,” the Dark Lightning Emperor said while he was floating in the air. Only Duanmu Qing and a few other Emperors in the Mystic True Sacred Clan could be compared to him.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

In an instant, dozens of divine Senses flew over from the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan.

Emperor Duanmu’s expression changed as he realized why the Ten Thousand Lightning Sect dared to come here – they had the support of the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan. On top of that, Emperor Duanmu was about to leave the clan. This was premeditated.

“Dark Lightning Emperor, if you don’t give us a good reason, we won’t let you see Zhao Feng,” Emperor Gu Luo smiled faintly, and the atmosphere became tenser.

“Sure, I will tell you the reason we’re here,” the Dark Lightning Emperor gave a long laugh. The main Spiritual Peak was dead-silent.

“Back when the Wind Lightning Emperor Wind Lightning Emperor wasn’t an Emperor yet, he joined our sect as a guest. During that period of time, he stole many Lightning techniques that would make him famous in the future. We then sent out experts to kill him, but that thief was too fast, and he was named the fastest Emperor,” speaking up to here, the Dark Lightning Emperor paused slightly, and his gaze scanned over the other Emperors.

“We’ve heard about this before,” Emperor Mi Kong started to think, and some of the older Emperors nodded their heads. What the Dark Lightning Emperor said was true.

“Indeed, the Wind Lightning Emperor’s attitude was shit, and he used his unparalleled speed to steal treasures and resources from others.”

“I heard that he offended the Purple Night Sacred Land and was killed some time after escaping a couple times.”

These discussions came from some other Emperors. At this point in time, most of the upper echelons of the entire True Martial Sacred Land were gathered here.

“It’s good that everyone’s a witness,” the Dark Lightning Emperor nodded his head.

“But how is that related to Zhao Feng?” an Emperor’s divine Sense snickered.

“Of course it’s related,” the Dark Lightning Emperor said without hesitation. “That junior is the inheritor of that thief’s legacy, and according to the Ten Thousand Lightning Sect’s rules, we will kill all outsiders who cultivate our techniques!”

Kill! Hearing this, everyone started to talk.

“What would all of you do if your secret techniques were distributed by a thief?” the Dark Lightning Emperor asked.

“We’d kill them or cripple their cultivation and wipe their memories,” some divine Senses agreed.

In reality, most forces did this in order to keep their cultivation secrets under their control. Not many people dared to spread the core skills of their force. Even the Mystic True Sacred Clan had punishments if someone did that.

“Is all of that real?” Zhao Feng was surprised.

Duanmu Qing’s expression changed slightly, but he didn’t disagree.

“The Wind Lightning Emperor was indeed a thief who did a lot of bad stuff….” the Purple Saint Partial Spirit recalled.

Zhao Feng’s heart shook. It was all real. Then, according to the rules of their sect, the Ten Thousand Lightning Sect had the right to “take back” what was theirs.


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