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King Of Gods - Chapter 681


Chapter 681: 681

Chapter 681 - Cultivation

“Are you willing to come with us and go to the continent zone?”

Duanmu Qing looked at Zhao Feng with a serious expression.

The dimension was dead-silent as Duanmu Qing and the Purple Saint Partial Spirit both awaited Zhao Feng’s reply. Zhao Yufei’s face was slightly red, and she lowered her head shyly and bit her lips. It was obvious that she was nervous.

At this moment in time, all of them were waiting for Zhao Feng. Emotions flickered across Zhao Feng’s face before he took a deep breath.

“Zhao Feng, if you come with me to the continent zone, the threat from the Emperor of Death will be reduced dramatically.”

Duanmu Qing said.

Everyone present knew about the Pursuit of Death.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit sent him a private message, “Zhao Feng, I know you’re still thinking about your ‘fiancée,’ but the chances of her still being alive are basically zero. You and Zhao Yufei have been friends from when you two were young, and your bloodlines complement each other. You two would form an unparalleled combination.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit tried to persuade Zhao Feng. It wasn’t just about the future of her disciple, this could also affect the revival of the Duanmu Family.


Zhao Feng let out a long breath but shook his head, “I will only go to the continent zones after I confirm whether Qinxin is dead or alive. Only then will I follow my heart and leave no flaws behind.”

Hearing that, Zhao Yufei’s body trembled and her eyes went red and teary.

Duanmu Qing let out a long sigh. He and the Purple Saint Partial Spirit said no more.

Zhao Feng’s choice followed his heart. He had no regrets. At the same time, this concerned his current heart state – if Zhao Feng went against his heart, it would affect his future cultivation.

Zhao Feng knew that following Duanmu Qing would reduce the danger to the minimum, but Zhao Feng never forgot his promise or that face. The quiet elegant figure in white who seemed like a goddess from a painting.

Zhao Feng also thought that the chances of Liu Qinxin being alive were almost zero.


Zhao Feng and company returned to the Emperor’s palace.

“Zhao Feng, we will leave after a few months using the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array. At that moment, you can go to the Floating Dream Spiritual Zone using the array.”

Duanmu Qing told him.

Zhao Feng bowed and left the palace.

“Brother Feng, if you’ve chosen her, then I won’t be a third wheel. I will leave.”

Zhao Yufei’s face was pale-white but had a strong decisiveness to it.


Zhao Feng shouted. It seemed that Yufei wanted to form a clear boundary with him.


Zhao Yufei disappeared, and Zhao Feng’s left eye could see the outline of a small world.

He sighed and left.

In the small world of the Purple Saint Ruins:

“Yufei, don’t get too sad. He’ll return to your side sooner or later.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit said.

The tears on Zhao Yufei’s eyes hadn’t dried yet, and she bit her lips.

“But what if she’s still alive…?”

Zhao Yufei felt as if a thousand swords had pierced her heart. Did Zhao Feng’s choice mean that his fiancée was his number one priority? What worried her most was that Liu Qinxin might still be alive.


The Purple Saint Partial Spirit comforted, “Liu Qinxin is most likely not alive. Zhao Feng’s just following his heart, otherwise he won’t be able to get past it. You don’t understand men. Don’t trouble him too much.”

“I hope so.”

Zhao Yufei started to laugh. It was like a flower blossoming after the rain, but she was still praying in the bottom of her heart, “Please, please, Liu Qinxin, don’t appear.”

As long as Liu Qinxin wasn’t alive, then no one could threaten her position in Zhao Feng’s heart.

On the main Spiritual Peak, Zhao Feng returned to his place and started to calm down. Ever since he had used the mermaid tears, his state of heart was as transparent as crystal.

“There’s still a couple months till I leave the True Martial Sacred Land. I need to use this time to increase my strength and grind down the Intent of Death.”

Zhao Feng knew how important this was. The Pursuit of Death would only get closer and closer.

Normal Kings were unable to threaten him now, but the Emperor of Death would definitely personally come.

Zhao Feng split his thoughts into three.

One of them them focused on weakening the Intent of Death, and another comprehended the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning by using the Dragon Flame Wine and the Lightning Cloud Wine.

The third focused on comprehending the Wings of Wind and Lightning. In the Demigod Forgotten Garden, Zhao Feng had successfully comprehended the Lightning Wings Flying Technique and opened the path to another road.

“The Wind Lightning Emperor was most famous for his speed. The Wings of Wind and Lightning are extremely important.”

Zhao Feng knew that.

The Wind Lightning Emperor was named as the fastest Emperor, and he had successfully run away from even the Purple Night Sacred Lord before.

“If I can comprehend the intent from the Wind Lightning Emperor and reach the peak of speed, the Emperor of Death wouldn’t be able to do anything to me even if he finds me.”

Zhao Feng was looking forward to that.

Of all the skills in the world, only speed had no weakness. This logic still applied to Kings and Emperors.

The Wind Lightning Emperor chased after utmost speed and offense. It was because of this that Zhao Feng used one of the thoughts to comprehend the Wings of Wind and Lightning.

The three thoughts focused on three different directions.

Grinding the Intent of Death would decrease the danger.

Comprehending the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning would increase his strength

The Wings of Wind and Lightning would increase his chances of escape.

“Dissolving danger… increasing strength… leaving a route of escape…”

Zhao Feng’s mind was clear as he analyzed it closely.

This plan could be considered to be perfect. Because he cultivated the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique, only Zhao Feng was able to focus on three subjects at once.

Time flew by. A month later, the Intent of Death in Zhao Feng’s soul was slowly weakening.

Although it wasn’t much, it still had an effect.

The comprehension of the Wings of Wind and Lightning steadily increased. After all, Zhao Feng had used the Illusion God Wine and already comprehended King Intent and Eye Intent.

The battle tactics and secret techniques contained within the Wings of Wind and Lightning opened a new door for Zhao Feng.

The Lightning Wings Flying Technique became more refined.

Zhao Feng could instantly condense the Wings of Wind and Lightning to evade. Apart from that, Zhao Feng had also had also comprehended a bit of some secret battle techniques of the Wings of Wind and Lightning, such as the Lightning Wings Wind Flash and the Wind Lightning Wings Slash.

Lightning Wings Wind Flash – using the Wings of Wind and Lightning to increase one’s speed dramatically.

Normally, the Lightning Wings Wind Flash could increase one’s speed by up to ten times. The speed of a King was already terrifying, so increasing speed by any amount was difficult, yet the Lightning Wings Wind Flash could increase one’s speed by at least several times and potentially reach up to more than ten times.

The Wind Lightning Emperor had cultivated the Lightning Wings Wind Flash to the limit and could increase his speed by sixteen times. At that speed, even some Sacred Lords couldn’t catch up to the Wind Lightning Emperor.

Of course, the energy expended was an enormous amount, so it was only suitable short bursts.

The Wind Lightning Wings Slash was to use quick rotating lightning wings and slash toward the enemy, causing critical damage.

Ten thousand years ago, many of those who died to the Wind Lightning Wings Slash were Void God Realm experts.

Scarlet-colored Wind Lightning appeared in Zhao Feng’s palm, and it contained an aura of Destruction and flames.

The higher-ranked gold- and dark-gold-colored Wind Lightning contained special intent from the Wind Lightning Emperor, which reduced the energy used to maintain the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning and made it more stable.

The Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning was too chaotic. Lightning and Fire were both extreme powers, and it had the power of Wind added to it as well.

“Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning is too chaotic and hard to control. It’s easy to injure myself in the later stages.”

Zhao Feng murmured.

The Wind Lightning Emperor had been injured several times as well due to cultivating the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning, including dangers that threatened his life.

However, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could see every change in the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning. The possibilities of any elements clashing would be noticed by him before they could happen.

Over the last month, he had also used the Dragon Flame Wine and the Lightning Cloud Wine. These two wines were on the same level as the Illusion God Wine, and they had the elements of Fire and Lightning respectively.

However, the energy contained within the two wines were extremely dominating.

were extremely dominating.

Even though Zhao Feng’s state of existence had reached the stage of a King and his defense was incredibly strong, his body was ravaged by the wines.

The Dragon Flame Wine contained the flaming aura of the descendants of Ancient Flaming Dragons.

Zhao Feng felt as if his entire body was on fire when he drank the Dragon Flame Wine, and he almost turned into ashes, but luckily, he had the Water and Ice bloodlines, allowing him to survive.

The effect of these two wines was shocking, and they greatly increased the amount of Scarlet Destruction True Yuan in Zhao Feng’s body.

The potential of the Dragon Flame Wine, the Lightning Cloud Wine, and the Demigod’s blood burst out in Zhao Feng’s body.

Another half a month later, Zhao Feng had finally finished absorbing the two powers, and he reached one step further in his comprehension of Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning.

Zhao Feng’s cultivation broke through past the middle-stage Great Origin Core Realm and kept on increasing.

“I’ve comprehended more than 50% of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning. These two wines are indeed worthy of being on the same level as the Illusion God Wine.”

Zhao Feng was overjoyed. Everything was still under the basis that he had only drunk a few gulps of the Dragon Flame Wine and the Lightning Cloud Wine.

He believed that, if he drank a bit more and cultivated, his Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning would become even stronger.

On this day, Zhao Feng used the Ancient Dream Realm aura to refine the origin of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning, making it more stable. The clash in elements was easily resolved. One had to know that the Wind Lightning Emperor had panicked for a long time about this problem.

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

The problem of elements clashing with another had been resolved by him, and now he could try to merge in another killing weapon.


A black head appeared in front of Zhao Feng, and it radiated a forbidden aura.

The hearts of the child Demigod and the little thieving cat in the ancient metal ring both jumped.

“The head that’s undergone the God Tribulation.”

Excitement and expectation flashed through Zhao Feng’s eyes.

The power of the God Tribulation countered every source of power of all cultivators in the world.


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