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King Of Gods - Chapter 680


Chapter 680: 680

Chapter 680 - Continent Zone

Zhao Feng’s Eye Intent easily crushed Zhao Yufei’s half-step King Intent.

Within the soul-dimension, Zhao Yufei’s consciousness was cold, and it trembled uneasily. Her face went red as she was suppressed.

This was despite the fact that she still had her Little Heaven and Earth behind her back.

Zhao Feng’s Eye Intent contained a terrifying power that pierced through the soul and could suppress normal Void God Realm Kings.

“Soul Chains!”

Transparent purple chains of lightning wrapped around Zhao Yufei.

The Soul Chains trapped one’s soul, and when one’s soul was restricted, battle-power didn’t mean anything anymore.

“My body…”

Zhao Yufei struggled, releasing a glow of brilliant purple. Her skin started to shine, and she seemed to become a crystalline goddess.

However, physical strength didn’t affect the soul-dimension.

Zhao Feng’s Eye Intent had condensed his soul-power to the maximum, and it was similar to the Magnificent Power of a King.

“Limitless Maze!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye became a dreamy purple.

“Yufei, don’t look at his eyes!”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit warned, but it was too late.


The scenery in front of Zhao Yufei suddenly turned into a misty maze.

Although the maze didn’t seem big, she couldn’t reach the exit no matter how far she walked.

First floor, second floor, third floor… the maze continued limitlessly.

“The Limitless Maze is a strengthened version of the Illusion City Maze. It makes the target’s consciousness fall into an infinite maze.”

A smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

After the God’s Spiritual Eye’s evolution this time, his Soul eye-bloodline techniques had the ability to call the wind and summon the rain.

In the dimension of his left eye, the purple Soul Sea had reached a thousand yards, and it now represented an enormous force. The original blue lake only took up one tenth of the area.

Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline power had increased dramatically compared to before.

“Yufei, you need to calm down and break through this illusion with your intent.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit said, and a surge of partial intent entered Zhao Yufei’s heart through the Little Heaven and Earth. Zhao Yufei felt her senses strengthen, and the Limitless Maze became somewhat transparent.

As expected of the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.

Zhao Feng praised in his heart.


The Limitless Maze soon shattered in front of Zhao Yufei. However, before she could react:

“Mental Energy Spike!”

A cold, faint purple Mental Energy Spike came from Zhao Feng’s left eye and shot toward Zhao Yufei.

The Mental Energy Spike was the simplest and most basic Soul attack.

With the help of Zhao Feng’s Eye Intent, the Mental Energy Spike screeched through the soul-dimension and created sounds of explosions that could shatter normal partial souls before the attack even arrived.


Zhao Yufei and the Purple Saint Partial Spirit were caught off guard, and a sharp pain came from the bottom of the soul.

The Mental Energy Spike this time was almost ten times stronger than when it was used against Tu Jiuseng in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

Zhao Yufei’s eyebrows furrowed as she groaned. The sharp pain travelled across her body, and her soul was slightly injured even though she had the help of the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.

“Demonic Eye Erosion!”

A purple eye full of Eye Intent charged into Zhao Yufei’s soul.

Zhao Yufei’s body froze. She still hadn’t recovered from the pain. A strong dominating force halted her consciousness and her thoughts as it entered her body.

“What’s going on?”

Zhao Yufei’s consciousness was suppressed by the Eye Intent, and she couldn’t control her body. At the same time, illusions and nightmares appeared in her mind.

“Demonic Eye Erosion? That seems to be a technique similar to the Heaven Demon Erosion, but it’s used as a Soul technique!”

Duanmu Qing lightly exclaimed.

The Demonic Eye Erosion could be considered to be a very high-class forbidden Soul technique. Zhao Feng had comprehended this skill from the Dark Eye Secret Manual, then perfected it with his God’s Spiritual Eye.

This attack compounded the pain from the Mental Energy Spike and caused Zhao Yufei’s mind to become chaotic. Using that chance, Zhao Feng’s Demonic Eye Erosion succeeded.

Zhao Yufei’s mind was chaotic, and her body was almost under Zhao Feng’s control. If he went a bit further, Zhao Feng could completely control her body.

“Yufei, even though you have the help of the Purple Saint Partial Spirit, your mental energy level is your only weakness.”

Zhao Feng murmured.

He controlled his Demonic Eye Erosion and used different sceneries to affect Zhao Yufei’s mind. Very quickly, Zhao Yufei had entered a state where it seemed as if her cultivation technique had gone wrong.

Zhao Feng’s Demonic Eye Erosion made it so that he was like a bunch of demons trying to enter her body and mind to control her.

“This Zhao Feng’s mastery of the Dao of the Soul has already reached such a level!?”

Duanmu Qing and the Purple Saint Partial Spirit couldn’t help but sigh.

They didn’t stop Zhao Feng. The Demonic Eye Erosion was set to a degree where it was more of a trial for Zhao Yufei.

An hour later, Zhao Yufei finally managed to remove the heart demon from her body, and she was drenched in sweat. She used almost all her energy to accomplish her task, and her face was pale-white.

“The three moves have ended. That’s the end of the sparring.”

Zhao Feng smiled and said.

A battle in the soul-dimension was too risky;it wasn’t suitable for normal sparring. However, if it was a normal sparring session, he might’ve been absolutely destroyed by Zhao Yufei.

“Brother Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline is indeed worthy of possibly being the ninth God’s Eye.”

Zhao Yufei sighed.

It wasn’t much of a secret that Zhao Feng might have the ninth God’s Eye. Duanmu Qing didn’t really believe it, but after witnessing Zhao Feng’s terrifying battle-power, he started to believe a little bit.

If Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline really was the ninth God’s Eye, his talent would probably be comparable to one of the top ten of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

Through this battle, one could see Zhao Yufei’s Spiritual Race bloodline weakness.

“The Spiritual Race is considered perfect. If there had to be a weakness, it would be the soul. Although their soul-strength doesn’t excel, it’s still much stronger than stronger than normal geniuses.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit sighed. In reality, Zhao Yufei’s soul-strength wasn’t bad, it was just considerably slower compared to her True Yuan talent and cultivation.

“Zhao Feng’s talent is perfectly biased toward the soul. If the two become a couple, they would become an unparalleled combination.”

Duanmu Qing told the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.

Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei’s bloodlines both had their advantages, which complemented each other.

“That’s right, if the two were to get together, then no one will be able to stop the rise of the Duanmu Family.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit nodded her head.

Still within the Emperor’s dimension, Zhao Feng and company didn’t immediately leave.

“Brother Feng, I still have something to say.”

Zhao Yufei had a serious expression, and Zhao Feng nodded his head.

“I’ve inherited my master Purple Saint’s will, and I will complete it for her – to reform the Duanmu Family.”

Zhao Yufei let out a long breath.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng’s heart slightly shook. The Duanmu family… wasn’t that the family that Duanmu Qing and the Purple Saint Partial Spirit came from?

“So, I’ll be leaving with Senior Martial Brother Duanmu soon to go to the continent zones.”

Zhao Yufei explained.

Duanmu family? Continent zones?

Zhao Feng was slightly dazed. He didn’t think that such a change would happen so quickly.

Continent zones were higher ranked than island zones. For example, the Azure Flower “Continent” that Zhao Feng used to live was just a small island zone.

After the Ancient Era was broken, every little speck of dust formed a place known as an island zone. However, apart from all the dust, there were slightly larger pieces known as continents.

These were true continents.

Zhao Feng had learned about these legends when he entered the Purple Saint Ruins for the first time.

Zhao Yufei has successfully inherited the Purple Saint Ruins and refined it into a world of her own. That’s a stunning fortune, but at the same time, she has to do something.

Zhao Feng understood. One must do something to get something in return.

Zhao Yufei had

Zhao Yufei had to carry out her destiny.

At the same time, Zhao Feng couldn’t help but start to think. Would the original owner of the God’s Eye want him to do something as well?

“I’m willing to do this.”

Zhao Yufei’s eyes were clear and decisive.

“Yufei’s talent will only be truly realized in the continent zones. We will train her to become an expert that will rule Heaven and Earth.”

Battle-intent appeared in Duanmu Qing’s eyes.

“What kind of place is a continent zone?”

Zhao Feng was slightly curious. Duanmu Qing and Duanmu Purple Night both came from a continent zone.

“There are four-star superpowers there. The Cang Ocean and the Southern Descending Ocean are, in theory, the territory of the dynasty.”

Duanmu Qing smiled.


Hearing that, Zhao Feng couldn’t believe it. Didn’t that mean that the True Martial Sacred Land, the Floating Dream Sacred Land, the Ten Thousand Forest Sacred Land, and all the countless island zones were the territory of the dynasty? This just sounded like a massive lie.

“When the dynasty was at its peak, its power could be extended up to here, but now…”

Duanmu Qing sighed and didn’t say too much.

Dynasty. Continent.

Zhao Feng’s thoughts spun quickly, and he suddenly remembered the legend about dynasties.

In the past, on the Azure Flower Continent, dynasties were forbidden. The only “dynasty” was destroyed in one night.

Therefore, there were small countries, strong countries, and great countries, but never dynasties.

After he thought about it, he now knew why a dynasty was forbidden.

The Azure Flower Continent, the Tianlu Islands Zone, and even the entire Cang Ocean was in the territory of a dynasty. Apparently, the power of the dynasty wasn’t even as strong as it used to be, but despite that, one could see how strong it was.

“Zhao Feng, my aunt and I can both see the relationship between Zhao Yufei and you.”

Duanmu Qing looked solemnly toward Zhao Feng.

“Master, you mean…?”

Zhao Feng had his own guesses.

“Are you willing to come with us and go to the continent zone?”


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