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King Of Gods - Chapter 68


KoG Chapter 68

Chapter 68 - Feng Hanyue

Zhao Feng nodded his head, moved into the wooden room that once belonged to Li Changfeng and found that the area inside wasn't large. It only had one bed and a table inside, but the difference between this and the tents were like a palace and bathroom.

He thought about it and decided to give it to Zhao Yufei as she needed it more.

’’This is the room that Brother Feng won with his strength, I can't live in it. One day, I'll use my own strength to take it... ’’ Zhao Yufei bit her teeth and no matter how much Zhao Feng tried to persuaded her, she didn't agree.

Furthermore, the rules said that only the Ten Sky Guards could enter, so Zhao Feng only helped build Zhao Yufei's tent next to his room.

’’I hope that Brother Zhao can look after me a bit.’’ Huang Qi's words were now far more respectful than before.

The rules promoted fighting and those that were strong had the best treatment. Those that didn't have strong backgrounds would get beaten up. Zhao Feng didn't disagree and went back to his room to cultivate again. Ever since he reached the sixth rank, Zhao Feng felt the progress in his cultivation decrease. If he was able to go one step further, he would be a Martial Master which was an entire new level.

He had never seen any Martial Masters under the age of forty in Sun Feather City.

Two hours later, the green azure light was still six foot three in the dimension of his left eye.

’’According to this speed, I still need at least a year to reach the seventh rank.’’ Zhao Feng thought about it, then he took out his three one thousand year old plants.

That night, he ate the thousand year blood plant. The thousand year blood plant was even useful for those of the seventh rank.

After eating it, Zhao Feng immediately did his best to absorb the surges of energy. Because his Metal Wall Technique had reached the fifth level, his body was strong enough the withstand the energy of the thousand year blood plants. The merging of his left eye had also changed his body and his blood, so he was able to absorb more energy than others.

Two hours later, Zhao Feng had absorbed most of the energy. Inside his left eye, the green light had reached six foot six.

’’I'll be able to reach the late stages of the sixth rank once I take another one.’’

Zhao Feng thought about it but it wasn't good to continuously eat these resources as there was poison in them, which once overused would restrict their potential.

On the second morning, Zhao Feng walked out of the room full of energy. Soon, there were servants sending food to him and they were very polite.

According to the rules of the Sky Guards Battalion, Zhao Feng received ten thousand pieces of silver and a few pills. Fortunately, today was the last day of the month and Zhao Feng got these items.

The ten thousand silver was just for the tenth Sky Guard, apparently the rank higher would receive one thousand silver more.

The pills and resources he received were not much use for him since he had already reached the late stages of the sixth rank, so he decided to give some to Zhao Yufei.

’’Hehe, newbie, hand over half your items.’’ From a wooden room not far away, a fairly handsome youth walked over.

The youth was extremely clean and handsome, it was hard to believe he was one to say such words.

’’Number five of the Ten Sky Guards Lu Xiaoyun.’’

’’Lu Xiaoyun always takes resources from those ranked after him.’’

The youths nearby discussed it. Zhao Feng also inspected this Lu Xiaoyun. He was only fourteen, fifteen years old, not much older than Zhao Feng, but he had already reached the peak sixth rank.

’’If you have the ability to do so.’’ Zhao Feng snickered.

’’Newbie, don't think that you're good just because you beat Li Changfeng. Li Changfeng can't even exchange three moves with me.’’ Lu Xiaoyu said slowly and when he looked at Zhao Feng, it was with his chin.

Obviously in his eyes, Zhao Feng was the same as Li Changfeng, two little mosquitoes. There was a certain amount of difference in strength between every rank.

’’What's that got to do with me?’’ Zhao Feng sneered and walked away in the other direction.

’’If you want to fight, then do it. If not, then go away!’’


Lu Xiaoyu's expression turned dim. Zhao Feng's was looking down on him. Only he had ever looked down on others and he had received the same treatment today. The anger in his heart surged.

’’Hmph!’’ Lu Xiaoyu turned into a blur and dissapeared.


Zhao Feng only felt a small gust of wind come from his side;So fast!

In the blink of an eye, Lu Xiaoyu had blocked Zhao Feng's path. To have such speed meant that his peak ranked speed skill had reached the high level.

Lightly Micro Step!

Zhao Feng left an afterimage behind as he dodged Lu Xiaoyu's attack.

’’Seems like you're not that worthless!’’

Lu Xiaoyu was pretty shocked because his peak ranked martial art had reached the high level and apart from number one Feng Hanyue, no one could beat him in terms of speed. But he found out that Zhao Feng's high ranked speed skill had reached the max level and it's effect was even higher than his.

Shua! Shua!

The two figures intertwined, but none of them could beat the other.

’’Thunderbolt Fist!’’

Lu Xiaoyu suddenly used a peak ranked martial art and as he did so, the sky rumbled.

Star Finger!

Zhao Feng instantly used his Star Finger and at the same time, he pushed the power of his Metal Wall Technique near the fifth level. Even with all that, he still wasn't able to fully block the Thunderbolt Fist.

Hong -

The sound of Lu Xiaoyu's fists became louder and louder as his peak sixth rank cultivation had the upper hand. Zhao Feng had suppressed his cultivation to the peak fifth level, so he was unable to confront him straight on.

Just as Zhao Feng was thinking if he should use some of his hidden strength.


A commanding voice came from the side. The owner of the voice was a bald headed youth with a robe of silver that shone under the sunlight.

’’It's number two Lei Cong.’’ Fear appeared on the youth's faces.

The two fighting also stopped.

Zhao Feng clearly saw the wariness and fear inside Lu Xiaoyu's eyes. The bald headed youth had reached the peak sixth rank and he had touched the barrier of the seventh.

He was number two of the Ten Sky Guards, Lei Cong. Facing him, both Zhao Feng and Lu Xiaoyu felt the pressure emitting from him.

’’Lei Cong, why did you stop our battle?’’ Lu Xiaoyu questioned.

Lei Cong shook his head: ’’The overseer has ordered the Ten Sky Guards to gather to discuss something.’’

Gathering of the Ten Sky Guards?

Curiosity and shock appeared on everyone's faces. The Sky Guards Battalion never had had such a situation before. What did they want to discuss?


Zhao Feng followed Lei Cong to the building at the center of the field. This was the one and only building on the field and at the same time, it was where the supervisor lived. Entering the building, there were already a few youths there and all of them had reached the sixth rank.

The people present were all part of the Ten Sky Guards.

’’Who's this brat?’’ One or two youths seemed to reject Zhao Feng.

’’He beat Li Changfeng and became one of the Ten Sky Guards... ’’ Lu Xiaoyu said expressionlessly.

He beat Li Changfeng? This brat was also one of the Ten Sky Guards?

The youths present took back their cockiness.

Soon, nine people including Zhao Feng arrived with Lei Cong having the strongest cultivation.

’’Why isn't Feng Hanyue coming?’’ One person asked.

’’Even though he's lazy, he should still be here.’’

Feng Hanyue was the number one genius of the Ten Sky Guards.

Just as they were questioning this, a beautiful youth with silver hair walked in.

At first, Zhao Feng felt that this person was a girl, but the second the youth released his aura, Zhao Feng felt it the air become denser.

Every action the beautiful youth made gave off a powerful aura as if his Inner Strength would come pouring out with just a thought.


Zhao Feng took in a cold breath.

This Feng Hanyue had reached the seventh rank!

The seventh rank!

The other nine didn't dare look at Feng Hanyue in the eye.

’’So strong! He's not even sixteen and he is already a Martial Master.’’

Zhao Feng couldn't explain the shock. From the experience he had in Sun Feather City, most cultivators never broke through to the seventh rank and stayed at the peak sixth rank until they died.

For example, although many of the so-called Ten Sky Guards were at the peak sixth rank, they may stay like this for tens of years or forever.

One could see how hard it was to become a Martial Master, but someone in the Sky Guards Battalion had become one at only sixteen years old!

As Feng Hanyue arrived, he casually scanned across the others and looked at the new face for a second more but didn't do anything.

In his eyes, even geniuses such as Lei Cong and Lu Xiaoyun were nothing.


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