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King Of Gods - Chapter 678


Chapter 678: 678

Chapter 678 - Eye Intent

With the bloodline-body of the Spiritual Race, Zhao Yufei was able to easily withstand Nan Gongsheng’s attack.

“Even the Profound Spatial Slash wasn’t able to harm her?”

Nan Gongsheng was slightly dazed.

Even Wen Luoan would be damaged if he took the Profound Spatial Slash head-on.

However, the bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races were ranked. Wen Luoan was already considered monstrous since his bloodline was ranked in the top one hundred, but the Spiritual Race was ranked in the top twenty.

After blocking his move:


Zhao Yufei released a purple glow that turned into hundreds and thousands of powerful beams.

The terrifying aura of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races seemed to burn the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby as the purple light shot into the sky.

In that instant, the bloodlines of the disciples and even the Kings started to tremble.

Apart from the two Emperors, everyone else’s True Yuan and bloodline were suppressed. It was hard for them to even breathe.

Even the two Emperors felt a slight pressure on their bloodlines.


Nan Gongsheng turned into a silver figure and flashed away. He didn’t want to clash head-on, so he dodged the first barrage of attacks from Zhao Yufei. However, his blood still started to boil from the counterattack.

“Her speed, offense, and defense are perfect….”

Nan Gongsheng took a deep breath.

He felt extremely troubled;although he had both a Spatial Spiritual Body and a Heaven Spiritual Body, they weren’t Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines.

The Ten Thousand Ancient Races were the top bloodlines since the ancient era, and the top twenty were considered perfect.

Nan Gongsheng did all he could, including taking out the Qiankun Sword, but he could only suppress Zhao Yufei for a while – he couldn’t defeat her.

What was unbelievable was that Zhao Yufei’s True Yuan was limitless. In fact, it only became more refined as the fight continued.

The recovery speeds of most bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races were incredibly powerful, and Zhao Yufei’s Spiritual Bloodline allowed her to have a liquid-crystal-like state. Simply put, while the True Yuan of others needed to be stored in their dantian to form the Crystal Core, her entire body was a “dantian” that could store power.

In terms of the amount of energy, those of the Spiritual Race could store ten times to a hundred times more than others of the same cultivation. Therefore, almost no race was the Spiritual Race’s match in a prolonged fight.

“The Spiritual Race bloodline is indeed powerful. If it weren’t for the fact that Sheng’er has now become a King, he would have been utterly defeated.”

Emperor Mi Kong started to sweat.

The top twenty bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races were beyond reach.

As time passed, the battle was still undecided.

Although Nan Gongsheng couldn’t defeat Zhao Yufei, he was a King who had spatial secret techniques, so he had no problem protecting himself.

The fight between the two lasted an entire day and night.

Zhao Yufei’s face wasn’t red, and her heart rate didn’t speed up. She was still the same as normal. On the other hand, sweat started to appear on Nan Gongsheng’s head, and he would occasionally need to use the Qiankun Sword to suppress the opponent.

At the same instant, in the secret hall of the Emperor’s palace:

“Yufei… so this is your true strength?”

A voice murmured.


The little thieving cat and the child Demigod both inspected the male who just woke up.


His faint purple hair seemed to be a dream as it gave off a wicked perfection.

Zhao Feng sat up and opened his eyes. His left eye was purple, and it gave off a noble and elegant aura.

When the child Demigod looked into the purple-colored eye, his heart shook.

What kind of eye bloodline is this, and what is its relationship with the Eight Great God Eyes!?

The child Demigod didn’t dare to look directly at the left eye. He screamed in his heart that he was a revived Demigod.

Of course, the child Demigod only had the beginning bloodline of the Demigod and part of his memories. His knowledge and strength couldn’t be compared to the peak Demigod Kun Yun.

Zhao Feng didn’t look at the child Demigod. Instead, he looked through the buildings at the fight on the True King Stage.

Zhao Feng was only able to see the last parts of the fight between Zhao Yufei Yufei and Nan Gongsheng.

“Yufei has the Little Heaven and Earth as her shield, which has the Purple Saint Partial Spirit merged into it. With the help of the Spiritual Race bloodline, she is undefeatable to those below Emperor-level.”

Zhao Feng was able to analyze Zhao Yufei’s battle-power with extreme accuracy.

At the same moment, Zhao Yufei’s skin felt cold. It was as if her clothes had been stripped off and she was completely seen through. However, this gaze also had a familiar feeling to it.


Emperor Mi Kong and Emperor Duanmu both sensed something.

The inspection of the God’s Spiritual Eye was even more profound than normal divine Sense, and Zhao Feng took back his gaze when the two Emperors sensed it.

His eyes then landed on the child Demigod.

“Hehe, your growth is pretty fast.”

Zhao Feng inspected the child Demigod with a smile.

Instead of calling it “cultivating from the beginning again,” it was more like “recovery.”

The Demigod’s blood essence was extremely powerful, and Zhao Feng had also given the child Demigod some Immortal Springs Wine, some Origin Lifeforce, and other treasures.

The child Demigod’s skin was covered in faint golden carvings.

“I couldn’t tell that the Demigod Kun Yun specialized in body-strengthening in the past.”

Zhao Feng was surprised by what his God’s Spiritual Eye saw.

Right now, the Demigod Kun Yun’s physical body strength was already stronger than the skeletal division Leader’s.


The child Demigod’s hairs stood on end when Zhao Feng looked at him. It was as if all his secrets had been seen through.

“Dark Heart Seed!”

A terrifying eye-bloodline power appeared with a surge of purple from Zhao Feng’s left eye, freezing the child Demigod’s consciousness.

What a strong eye-bloodline power!

The child Demigod screamed as his soul and consciousness were restricted.

The force was extremely dominating, and he could only watch as Zhao Feng set another Dark Heart Seed in him.

Zhao Feng had already used the Dark Heart Seed on the child Demigod before he slept, but this time, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye was much stronger. He used a strengthened version of the Dark Heart Seed.

The Dark Heart Seed this time had Zhao Feng’s Eye Intent merged into it.


That’s right – Eye Intent.

After the God’s Spiritual Eye evolved, Zhao Feng’s soul and bloodline had formed Eye Intent.

Eye Intent was similar to King Intent, but more unique.

Eye Intent? Only a small number of Soul-based eye-bloodlines that have reached the Void God Realm can have that.

The child Demigod’s heart went cold.

Without a doubt, the Dark Heart Seed this time was dozens of times stronger than before.

One had to know that the Eye Intent from the Emperor of Death in Zhao Feng’s soul still hadn’t faded, but Zhao Feng believed that this time around, he would be able to grind down the Eye Intent faster.

Only he knew how much of a change the God’s Spiritual Eye had gone through.

“The evolution last time was small compared to this one.”

Zhao Feng’s faint purple hair blew gently in the wind, and a strong surge of confidence and pride emanated from him.

Last time, the element of the God’s Spiritual Eye had changed between Ice and Water. The foundation of the change wasn’t very big.

This time around, a Soul Sea had formed in the dimension of his left eye.

The compatibility of Zhao Feng’s soul and the God’s Spiritual Eye had increased as they merged more and more.

The Soul Sea was a thousand yards wide, and in the middle of the purple mist was a lake. Azure wind and scarlet-purple lightning clouds intertwined in the air.

“The change in the God’s Spiritual Eye this time is the soul.”

Zhao Feng got up and slowly started to walk.

His current soul-energy was several times stronger than normal Kings. He circulated his Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique as he started to conceal his soul-power.

One Thought into a Hundred!

Zhao Feng was able to turn one thought into one or two hundred now, and he was overjoyed.

Emperor Duanmu had only reached the One Thought into a Thousand level, while Zhao Feng only needed to cultivate it a bit further to reach One Thought into Five-Hundred.

Immediately following that, Zhao Feng tried to grind down the aura of Death in his Soul Sea.

The mark left behind by the Eye of Death started to weaken.

“The speed has increased by several times.”

by several times.”

Zhao Feng was overjoyed. As long as he got rid of this Death mark, he could finally shake off the Emperor of Death.

An hour later, with the refinement of the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique and the merging of some Ancient Dream Realm aura, Zhao Feng’s purple-colored Soul Sea had become bigger and his aura had been concealed.

At this moment, the sparring between Zhao Yufei and Nan Gongsheng had come to an end.

“Emperor Mi Kong, how about we call this a draw?”

Emperor Duanmu smiled and asked.


Emperor Mi Kong couldn’t hope for more.

Boom! Boom!

Two Emperor Intents passed through Heaven and Earth and stopped the fight.

“Your spatial secret techniques are indeed profound. We’ll call this a draw.”

Zhao Yufei smiled.

Nan Gongsheng had the cultivation of a King and mystic spatial techniques. He was indeed troublesome.

“Junior Martial Sister Zhao’s Spiritual Race bloodline makes me envious. I can only hold on and not be defeated.”

Nan Gongsheng secretly let out a breath.

The Spiritual Race bloodline was indeed perfect. He felt rather helpless.

This Zhao Yufei was younger than him, but it was almost certain that she would catch up to him in the future. After all, the specialty of the Spiritual Race was unparalleled cultivation speed. As long as their mental energy level was enough, they could increase their rank almost limitlessly.

“Yufei, you did pretty good. You fought Nan Gongsheng to this level without really using the power of the Little Heaven and Earth.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit praised.

Through this fight, Zhao Yufei’s strength had been refined.

It could be imagined that, after this fight, Zhao Yufei’s name and her Spiritual Race bloodline would resound across the True Martial Sacred Land.

On the same day, Zhao Yufei and Duanmu Qing returned to the Emperor’s palace.

“Brother Zhao Feng, you’re awake indeed.”

Zhao Yufei looked at Zhao Feng’s purple hair with happiness.

The slight sense of Soul power from Zhao Feng surprised Duanmu Qing. Even he – an Emperor – couldn’t see through Zhao Feng’s full strength.

Seeing this, Duanmu Qing signaled toward Zhao Yufei.

“Brother Zhao Feng, maybe we should spar as well.”

Zhao Yufei smiled.


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