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King Of Gods - Chapter 676


Chapter 676

Chapter 676 - Purple Colored Soul Sea

Over the past two months, Zhao Feng had been asleep and didn’t move at all.

His blue hair had now turned a faint purple and had a weird, beautiful wickedness to it. It was enough to make many females envious of him.


His faint purple hair blew naturally in the wind and gave off an invisible Soul aura.

This Soul aura was immeasurable, and the child Demigod and the little thieving cat both hiccupped at the same time.

“What a strong Soul aura!”

The child Demigod’s heart shook, and he felt uneasy.

He was extremely shocked. Zhao Feng was sleeping and already radiated such a terrifying Soul aura.

This Soul aura was even slightly stronger than normal Kings.


The little thieving cat scratched its chin with its paws and started to think.

Zhao Feng hadn’t moved at all in the last two months, which meant that he was in deep sleep.

Now that Zhao Feng suddenly moved, it definitely wasn’t a coincidence. It was most likely that the God’s Spiritual Eyes evolution had almost finished, and he was now slowly recovering from the deep sleep.

As expected, over the next couple days, Zhao Feng’s body occasionally twitched.

The Soul aura radiating from him became even stronger.

In the dimension of his left eye, Zhao Feng’s consciousness was already recovering, and the blue-colored water in his lake was changing.

At the beginning, a ripple of purple started to appear in the water, but as time passed, a faint purple mist appeared from the surface of the lake.

Zhao Feng could feel that this purple mist was pure Soul power created from the lake.

The purple mist became more and more condensed.

“This faint purple mist is kind of like the mist of the limitless ocean.”

Zhao Feng murmured.

The faint purple mist kept expanding with the lake as the center.

“A hundred yards… two hundred yards… three hundred yards….”

Zhao Feng witnessed the purple mist’s expansion.

Every time the purple mist expanded by a couple yards, his soul-strength would increase.

The expansion of the purple-colored mist made Zhao Feng feel incredibly powerful.

It was hard to tell how much time passed, but the purple mist had expanded to eight-hundred yards and was approaching the nine-hundred-yard mark.

The water in the lake didn’t disappear. The water and the mist could interact with one another and even switch around.

The lake was at the very center of the mist, but the evolution of the left eye still hadn’t ended.

In the dimension of his left eye, the purple mist reached nine hundred yards and was almost at a thousand yards.

The space inside the mist sea was like a separate soul-dimension.

“Soul Sea.”

Zhao Feng felt a summoning.

This was his Soul Sea. It was stronger than most experts’.

Only those that had become a King could reach this level.

The boundary of the Soul Sea was the purple mist. Below the mist was the blue-colored lake, the very center of the Soul Sea.

Di! Da!

A few powerful auras formed in the blue water.


Azure winds appeared in the air above the Soul Sea. This was a type of Soul eye-bloodline power.

“The power of Wind!”

Zhao Feng realized that this was the element when his eye turned azure, and now, this power had appeared in his Soul Sea.

The Soul Sea had created Wind.

Immediately following that, there were beams of scarlet-purple lightning clouds.

“Hmm? Eye-bloodline power of Lightning!?”

Zhao Feng revealed a weird expression.

In the past, he didn’t have the power of Lightning in the dimension of his left eye. It was formed from his Wind Lightning Dan Flame in his body, but now it had appeared in the Soul Sea.

“Wind… Water… Lightning….”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but start to think.

The scarlet-purple lightning clouds were related to the Purple and the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning that he cultivated.

“Could it be that the eye-bloodline powers in my Soul Sea are related to what techniques I cultivate?”

Zhao Feng guessed.

The first element that the God’s Spiritual Eye had acquired was the element of Wind. However, it didn’t really stand out that time.

Zhao Feng remembered that the Lightly Floating Ferry technique he first learnt was related to Wind.

Of course, the God’s Spiritual Eye was uncontrollable when it underwent evolutions.

The Soul Sea was full of a faint dreamy purple.

The blue-colored lake represented Water and Ice. The scarlet-purple lightning clouds represented Lightning, and the azure winds obviously represented Wind.

represented Wind.

In the Soul Sea, the azure winds and the scarlet-purple lightning clouds interacted with one another.

The blue-colored lake was incredibly deep, and there was a mysterious whirlpool in the middle that connected to the Ancient Dream Realm.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye had finally evolved.

At this moment, Zhao Feng only needed to wait for his Soul Sea to stabilize.

He started to slowly awaken. He could slightly sense what was happening in the outside world.

Within the secret hall, the child Demigod behaved much better since the danger of the Dark Heart Seed suddenly became much stronger.

Zhao Feng’s soul had strengthened, and so did his Soul eye-bloodline.

Normally, only the souls of those who broke through to the Void God Realm would change. However, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye jumped straight past this process.

In the Emperor’s Palace, Zhao Feng and the child Demigod were both becoming stronger quickly. Even the little thieving cat ate enormous amounts of resources – several times the amount of the child Demigod.

However, it was hard to test how strong the little thieving cat truly was.

In the same period of time, Zhao Yufei started to quietly cultivate in the True Martial Sacred Land.

She had the bloodline of the Spiritual Race, and she had the power of the Purple Saint Partial Spirit in her Little Heaven and Earth. On top of that, Emperor Duanmu personally taught her.

She drank the Illusion God Wine a month ago and formed half-step King intent. This greatly reduced her weakness.

To sharpen Zhao Yufei, Emperor Duanmu purposely made Duanmu purposely made her spar with some geniuses within the Sacred Land.

Within the Mystic True Sacred Clan, Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, Brother Nan, and another few Core disciples sparred with Zhao Yufei.

The result was that these three geniuses who were ranked within the top five in the Mystic True Sacred Clan all lost to Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Yufei had formed half-step King intent, and her True Yuan was comparable to a King.

Even Jiang Fan who also had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races could only last two or three moments against Zhao Yufei.

Jiang Fan’s bloodline was ranked in the hundreds whereas Zhao Yufei’s was in the top twenty.

“Yufei, with your strength, the only people in the same generation that would be your match are Nan Gongsheng, Meng Xi, and Zhao Feng.”

Emperor Duanmu smiled and said.

Over the last couple days, she swept across all the disciples of the same generation.

The only two she hadn’t fought were Zhao Feng, who was sleeping, and Nan Gongsheng, who was now a King.

“Master, I will complete your wishes and return to the continent zone and reform the Duanmu Family.”

Zhao Yufei clenched her fists with a decisive gaze.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit in her Little Heaven and Earth praised, “Being a legendary bloodline that’s ranked in the top 20 of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, I believe the True Martial Sacred Land will only be a temporary stop for you.”

On the second day, Zhao Yufei challenged Nan Gongsheng, the number one genius of the Sacred Land.


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