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King Of Gods - Chapter 675


Chapter 675

Chapter 675 - Everlasting Appearance Grass

Although Zhao Yufei might not know the value of the Illusion God Wine, it was impossible for Emperor Duanmu not to. He knew the situation of the Demigod Forgotten Garden clearly.

The difficulty of obtaining the Illusion God Wine wasn’t just “hard.” The reason that genius could succeed several thousand years ago was mainly due to luck.

“Zhao Feng, did you trick the Mermaid Princess’s heart to get the Illusion God Wine?”

Duanmu Qing looked closely.

Zhao Feng’s state of existence was comparable to a King, and he had formed half-step King intent.

“Mermaid Princess?”

Zhao Yufei’s eyebrows furrowed and she harrumphed in dissatisfaction.

“No, I kidnapped her….”

Zhao Feng explained it simply.

Duanmu Qing and Zhao Yufei were stunned after hearing Zhao Feng talk about the process, and Zhao Yufei’s heart jumped every time.

Zhao Feng wasn’t just daring. He actually used such a method to fight against a Void God Realm King and obtain the Immortal Springs Wine and the Illusion God Wine.

Duanmu Qing was full of praise and admiration.

Zhao Feng summarized the story very calmly. It was obvious that he didn’t just have courage;he also had an intelligent and calm mind.

“Zhao Feng, thank you for leaving Yufei such precious wine.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s sounded.

Now that she had merged with Zhao Yufei’s Little Heaven and Earth, she was a strong source of mental energy, and with the help of Duanmu Qing, she had recovered to a level comparable to a King.

“Senior helped me a lot in the Purple Saint Ruins. Compared to that, the Illusion God Wine is nothing.”

Zhao Feng said humbly.

Thinking back to the two times he had entered the Purple Saint Ruins, his strength had increased rapidly both times. Without the Purple Saint Ruins, there would be no current Zhao Feng.

“Oh yeah, master, what did you say Yufei’s bloodline was?”

Zhao Feng suddenly asked.

“Spiritual Race.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit replied.

Spiritual Race!

Zhao Feng’s heart shook as he took in a cold breath.

He had read the Ten Thousand Ancient Races Ranking, so he knew how terrifying the Spiritual Race was.

The Spiritual Race is ranked 19th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

It was hard to imagine that Zhao Yufei’s bloodline was ranked within the top twenty of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

Spiritual Race – one of the ancient legendary races who have a Natural Spiritual Source Body when born. It is a body that has surpassed flesh and blood, and it eats Heaven Earth Essence Yuan Qi as food. Their compatibility with Heaven and Earth is the best amongst any race. The Spiritual Race will have strength comparable to a King when they mature. Their cultivation speed is unparalleled.

Zhao Feng remembered the contents about the Spiritual Race.

The Spiritual Race was an almost-perfect race. Their bodies had surpassed the restrictions of normal beings.

For example, the Light Race, which was ranked 7th of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, could turn into light, and they actually ate light.

The Spiritual Race was the race of Heaven Earth Essence Yuan Qi, and they were one with Heaven and Earth.

“Yufei has awoken the true bloodline of the Spiritual Race, and she has no bottleneck to become a King. If her mental energy level was high enough, she would have already become a King.”

Duanmu Qing sighed.

Each of the top-one-hundred Ten Thousand Ancient Races were children of Heaven, and the Illusion God Wine Zhao Feng brought was precisely what Zhao Yufei needed.

One had to know that the True Yuan within Zhao Yufei’s body had already broken through the difference in cultivation and reached the level of a King.

Zhao Feng then told the two about what happened in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

Even Duanmu Qing was shocked by the news of the Demigod’s blood, but Zhao Feng kept it a secret that he had obtained it.

It wasn’t about the value of the Demigod’s blood itself, it was just that the Demigod revival plan was too shocking.

Zhao Yufei grabbed Zhao Feng’s hand and walked away quickly like an elf. Zhao Feng’s face was full of sleepiness, and he had reached his limit.

Right at this moment, Zhao Yufei turned around and looked closely at him, “Brother Zhao Feng, what’s with your fiancée? Did you find her?”


Zhao Feng felt troubled.

The image of an elegant and quiet figure appeared in his mind.

“Brother Zhao Feng, you need to reply seriously.”

Zhao Yufei said. She was extremely nervous at this moment. She couldn’t allow the the person she liked to like another female at the same time, even though it was normal for powerful men to have many wives.

Zhao Yufei’s eyelashes fluttered as she awaited Zhao Feng’s reply.

She had already made a decision. If Zhao Feng liked another person as well, she would step out and focus on her destiny.

At the same time, awaiting Zhao Feng’s reply wasn’t just Zhao Yufei. There was also the Purple Saint Partial Spirit who had merged into the Little Heaven and Earth. The Purple Saint Partial Spirit also placed a lot of importance on this matter.

However, exactly at this moment, Zhao Feng closed his eyes and fell asleep.

“Brother Zhao Feng, what happened!?”

Zhao Yufei exclaimed and hugged Zhao Feng tightly.

She realized that more faint-purple hair appeared on Zhao Feng’s head.

“His God’s Eye is probably undergoing another evolution.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit said.

As the God’s Eye continued to awaken, Zhao Feng became more compatible with it and could use more of its power. Furthermore, it would become harder for others to steal the eye.

Zhao Yufei stamped her foot on the ground. She was suspicious about whether Zhao Feng was dodging the question or not, choosing to sleep right at this moment on purpose.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared and jumped onto Zhao Feng’s shoulder. Every time Zhao Feng’s God’s Eye underwent an evolution, it was always there to protect him.

It could be said that the little thieving cat had been at Zhao Feng’s side for a long time.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat signaled to Zhao Yufei with its paws. It didn’t dislike Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Yufei soon understood what it was saying and put Zhao Feng in the secret hall.


The little thieving cat closed the door and sat on its owner’s body.

Of course, the child Demigod in the metal ring still needed resources. Since the master wasn’t present, the little thieving cat took charge of it.

“This Zhao Feng seems to have entered a certain state.”

The child Demigod sensed the current state Zhao Feng was in through the Dark Heart Seal and was overjoyed. Maybe he could get more resources from the little thieving cat.

If Zhao Feng slept for a long time and he managed to reach the peak the peak Sovereign Lord rank, maybe he could become a King after merging with the Demigod intent and escape the Dark Heart Seal.

After all, if Zhao Feng was sleeping, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to the Dark Heart Seal.

However, the child Demigod’s plan didn’t work. His resources were greatly limited by the little thieving cat.

The child Demigod obviously wanted to fight back. How could a cat step on top of a Demigod’s head?



If the child Demigod had any objections, a cat paw would make him go dizzy.

“Utterly ridiculous!”

The child Demigod wasn’t the cat’s match at all and was given a beating.

“What… what kind of species is this cat?”

The child Demigod felt extremely humiliated. He had the partial memories and abilities of a Demigod, but he couldn’t even see through a cat.

This cat’s abilities were monstrous, and it could see what he was trying to do. The Demigod obviously had memories about a bunch of unknown methods, but everything was dissolved by the little thieving cat.

Every time the cat bullied him, it would reveal a playful look, as if it didn’t care that he was a Demigod.

“Wait till I recover. I’m going to kill you.”

The child Demigod remembered this moment, but his current task was to grow stronger, which meant that he couldn’t offend the cat.

Slowly but steadily, he would try to praise the cat and occasionally massage it.

The little thieving cat nodded its head in pleasure. Like this, the child Demigod became the little thieving cat’s servant.

Time flew by quickly, and two months passed in the blink of an eye.

The child Demigod hid in the ancient metal ring and didn’t dare come out.

Over the two months’ time, his cultivation had reached the Sovereign Lord rank.

“Hmph, my cultivation has caught up to Zhao Feng now.”

The child Demigod was smug. As his cultivation increased, he awakened more memories.

In terms of strength, the child Demigod believed he was amongst the top young generation geniuses of the Sacred Land, excluding the monstrous ones like Nan Gongsheng, Zhao Feng, and company.

The only problem that made the child Demigod frustrated was that his body was still the size of a two- or three-year-old, and it was growing very slowly.

He had

He had been reborn from blood, not revived.

With the help of the Demigod’s blood, he should be able to become an adult extremely quick.

“Why is it like this?”

The child Demigod was going crazy.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat playfully waved its paws.

“What? Immortal Springs Wine? And the Everlasting Appearance Grass!?”

The child Demigod roared in the ancient metal ring and almost went crazy.

It wouldn’t have mattered if it was just the Immortal Springs Wine since that just increased one’s lifespan. However, everything changed when the Everlasting Appearance Grass was added.

The Everlasting Appearance Grass was just what the name suggested – it maintained one’s appearance and body forever. If an eighteen-year-old ate the Everlasting Appearance Grass, then, as long as the body didn’t age, they would have the same appearance as an eighteen-year-old.

The effect of the Everlasting Appearance Grass was strengthened by several times when used with the Immortal Springs Wine.

Both the Immortal Springs Wine and Everlasting Appearance Grass were legendary items. The former could increase one’s lifespan by a thousand years;the latter could maintain one’s appearance.

This was a combination that some females dreamed of.

However, the child Demigod met the wrong person (cat) at the wrong time and used the two items at once.

“The Immortal Springs Wine and the Everlasting Appearance Grass are both heaven-defying items in the outside world. It will be difficult to remove the effect before I become a Sacred Lord.”

The child Demigod’s eyes flashed as he analyzed. The result almost made him go crazy once more.

He hated the little thieving cat down to his bones.

The Everlasting Appearance Grass must’ve been amongst the resources that the little thieving had given to him. Even Zhao Feng didn’t know its abilities after obtaining it in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

“I can’t stand it anymore…!”

The child Demigod roared and jumped out of the ancient metal ring. He also had the ability to pass through space.


A cat paw slapped his face and dazed him, but the child Demigod’s bloodline and body were extremely strong, so he took the hit head-on before charging toward the little thieving cat.

As the two were about to start fighting:


The sleeping Zhao Feng suddenly rolled over, and his faint purple hair moved.


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