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King Of Gods - Chapter 672


Chapter 672

Chapter 672 - The King Banquet

In just a short breath or two, only half of the Demigod’s blood remained.

“Master, stop…!”

The Kun Yun Partial Thought was extremely nervous. What kind of history did his Master have? How was he able to absorb the blood of a Demigod with such force?

Luckily, Zhao Feng quickly stopped his God’s Spiritual Eye.

Within the dimension of his left eye, the lake had expanded to ninety-nine yards. A faint purple occasionally glittered on the surface of the lake.

The God’s Spiritual Eye and his eye-bloodline had become stronger.

The Demigod’s blood helped the God’s Spiritual Eye become closer to awakening and evolving.

Zhao Feng revealed a look of joy.

When the lake reached a hundred yards, there would be a change, but right now, Zhao Feng didn’t want to fall into deep sleep. Besides, he needed to conserve at least half of the Demigod’s blood in order to revive Kun Yun.

“Master, you can’t take any more of the blood.”

The Kun Yun Partial Thought’s voice begged. The Demigod’s blood was his only chance of reviving. After all, it wasn’t even a spirit, so he couldn’t steal a body.

“You need to let me put the Dark Heart Seed in you before I let you revive.”

Zhao Feng said.

Who knows how strong the revived Demigod Kun Yun would become after reviving? Zhao Feng absorbed half of the Demigod’s blood not only to increase his strength, but also to weaken the Demigod when he was revived and lower the risk.

“…I agree.”

The Kun Yun Partial Thought agreed after a long silence.

The Dark Heart Seed wasn’t as forbidden as the Dark Heart Seal, so he wouldn’t be fully enslaved. Someone with the Dark Heart Seed still had their own consciousness, and their talents weren’t restricted.

After I revive, my strength will increase dramatically, and I’ll be able to easily remove the Dark Heart Seed.

The Kun Yun Partial Thought had his own plans.

Zhao Feng didn’t bother with the Kun Yun Partial Thought.

He started to inspect his body. Apart from the God’s Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng’s body had also absorbed or stored some of the Demigod’s body.

Zhao Feng was surprised by his inspection. His state of existence had reached the Void God Realm, and part of the Demigod’s blood had been stored in his body and turned into potential.

“As long as this potential fully converts to state of existence, my cultivation and body will rise rapidly.”

Zhao Feng relaxed.

Reaching the Void God Realm was only a matter of time now. At the minimum, only one year would be needed.

Normal Sovereigns needed dozens of years or even longer to breakthrough by a small rank. As for reaching the Void God Realm, most Origin Core Realms needed at least several hundred years, and even then, they might not be able to reach that level in their lifetime.

From that, one could see how important opportunities and fortune were.

Zhao Feng’s state of existence had reached an incredible level through the Immortal Springs Wine, the Demigod’s blood, and the Ancient Dream Realm aura. At the same time, the Illusion God Wine had allowed him to comprehend King intent and form his own half-step King intent.

He still had some Illusion God Wine left, but even if he didn’t use it, he would be able to form a complete King intent soon.

“There’s no need to rush forming my King intent. My King intent will be stronger once my comprehension of the Wind Lightning Inheritance reaches a higher level.”

Zhao Feng’s thoughts spun.

At this moment in time, he couldn’t comprehend King intent. Once he did, it was very likely his God’s Spiritual Eye would evolve.

Thus, Zhao Feng started to try to refine the Sky Locking Bow.

The Sky Locking Bow was an inheritance sacred weapon that might have reached Heaven-Grade.

Zhao Feng always felt that long-range weapons like bows suited him, and this Sky Locking Bow had the ability to break through space. Anyone locked on by the Sky Locking Bow had almost no chance to dodge it.

However, refining the bow wasn’t easy.

The reason the Sky Locking Bow followed Zhao Feng was because their abilities were compatible with one another.

However, Zhao Feng’s cultivation wasn’t high enough. Which owner of the Sky Locking Bow wasn’t an Emperor or higher? Even the past owners of the Ice Imperial Spear were either Kings or Emperors.

Zhao Feng faced a lot of resistance when trying to refine it.

Firstly, the Sky Locking Bow was too highly ranked, so it didn’t fully recognize Zhao Feng.

Secondly, Zhao Feng’s cultivation wasn’t high enough, and Zhao Feng’s half-step King intent wasn’t enough to make the Sky Sky Locking Bow recognize him.

“Let’s try this….”

Zhao Feng merged the power of his God’s Spiritual Eye into the Sky Locking Bow.

It was obvious that the reason the Sky Locking Bow had a slight favor toward Zhao Feng was due to the God’s Spiritual Eye.

“En, let’s try this as well….”

Zhao Feng’s lips curled as he put a wisp of the Ancient Dream Realm aura into the Sky Locking Bow.


The Sky Locking Bow started to hum as it radiated a piercing-sharp aura along with flashes of gold and silver.

Zhao Feng felt as if his body had been pierced. Even the Kun Yun Partial Thought in the Green Spiritual Gourd felt uneasy.

“Very good, the power of my eye and the Ancient Dream Realm aura can help make it recognize me.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

The process of refining it became much easier. He used a total of seven days to refine it.

Being an inheritance sacred weapon, Zhao Feng’s half-step King intent could barely manage to use it, but right now, he didn’t want to reveal this hidden card yet.

On the third day after Zhao Feng successfully refined the Sky Locking Bow, the Mystic True Sacred Clan welcomed the birth of a new King.

The new King was Nan Gongsheng.

“Just thirty-something years old and he’s become a King. He’s broken the record from dozens of millennia ago.”

“As expected of a prodigy who has both the Heaven Spiritual Body and the Spatial Spiritual Body.”

The entire Mystic True Sacred Clan was shocked.

The birth of a new King was something to be celebrated even for three-star forces. Furthermore, it was a super young King.

This news stunned the entire True Martial Sacred Land.

On the next day, the upper echelon of the Mystic True Sacred Clan held a banquet for Nan Gongsheng, to which Zhao Feng was invited.

The size of this banquet was much bigger than Emperor Duanmu’s welcoming ceremony.

Every King had a high status, and they were extremely powerful. On top of that, this King was extremely young, and he had broken the record for the last dozens of millennia. His future was immeasurable.

Many Kings and Emperors in the clan wanted to form a good relationship with Nan Gongsheng.

With Nan Gongsheng’s potential, the chance of him becoming an Emperor was Emperor was extremely high. He even had a chance to become a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord thousands of years later and rule the Sacred Land.

Zhao Feng was also present at the banquet.

Nan Gongsheng was a powerful ally in the Demigod Forgotten Garden. Without Nan Gongsheng, Zhao Feng wouldn’t have been able to defeat the warm youth, and he would probably have faced a lot of danger.

Nan Gongsheng was obviously the star of the show, like the North Star in the night sky.

Even old Emperors were respectful toward him.

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao, you’re here.”

Nan Gongsheng smiled and came to greet Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s display of strength in the Demigod Forgotten Garden made Nan Gongsheng look at him with a different perspective. He had viewed Zhao Feng as a formidable foe before becoming a King, but now that Nan Gongsheng had become a King, his strength had increased by leaps and bounds, and he was much stronger than normal Void God Realm Kings.

“Senior Martial Brother Nan, congratulations on breaking through. You make the other disciples of this generation look up to you.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and drank with Nan Gongsheng.

Nan Gongsheng smiled and spoke, “Junior Martial Brother Zhao, with your potential, breaking through to the Void God Realm within two or three years won’t be hard.”

Hearing that, everyone present started to talk.

“Become a King in two or three years?”

Some members of the clan couldn’t believe it. Kings stood above everyone else;they were amongst the top in two- and three-star forces. It was an extremely high level.

When the divine Senses of some Kings and Emperors scanned over Zhao Feng, their hearts shook.

It wasn’t a secret anymore that Zhao Feng had formed half-step King intent or that he had entered the Mermaid Kingdom and obtained mermaid tears, the Immortal Springs Wine, the Illusion God Wine, and replicated what that genius had done from back then.

In fact, Zhao Feng had kidnapped the Mermaid Princess and obtained even more than the genius in the past. He was more strategic;after all, the genius from back then had partially relied on luck to succeed.

“Thank you, Senior Martial Brother Nan Gongsheng.”

Zhao Feng didn’t disagree with what Nan Gongsheng said.

“A measly Great Origin Core Realm becoming a King in two or three years?”

Some of the members and disciples of and disciples of the clan were in disbelief, but the gazes of some Kings and Emperors looked at Zhao Feng with solemnness.

In fact, Zhao Feng was already being extremely humble by not saying anything else. King intent wasn’t that hard for Zhao Feng, and his state of existence had already reached the level of a King. Furthermore, Zhao Feng hadn’t even completely absorbed the Demigod’s blood, and he still had many special resources that he hadn’t used yet.

“This Zhao Feng is progressing too fast….”

The hearts of those familiar with Zhao Feng, such as Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and Dong Wenjian shook.

When Zhao Feng entered the Demigod Forgotten Garden, he was only at the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm, but now, after absorbing the Demigod’s blood, his cultivation was almost at the middle-stage Great Origin Core Realm.

If Zhao Feng really became a King in two or three years, he would break the record of thirty-something years old that Nan Gongsheng just set.

Zhao Feng was only twenty-two or twenty-three at the max right now, and when he started cultivating, he was only thirteen or fourteen.

Zhao Feng became the second point of focus at the banquet.

Nan Gongsheng saw him as a formidable competitor in the same generation.

With Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline, he would become a strong foe once he became a King.

Half a day later, Zhao Feng returned to Emperor Duanmu’s palace.

“Master, when will you return to the True Martial Sacred Land?”

Zhao Feng saw Emperor Duanmu’s projection.

The Void God Projection had the same figure as Duanmu Qing, just more transparent.

“Probably around half a month. I’m helping Yufei fully inherit the Purple Saint Ruins and refine it as her own Little Heaven and Earth.”

The projection replied.

Zhao Feng was surprised. Normally, only Emperors could form their own Little Heaven and Earth.

Little Heaven and Earth referred to a private dimension. For example, the Demigod Forgotten Garden, which was a secret realm that the Demigod had created.

With Yufei’s cultivation, how could she control her own private Little Heaven and Earth?

Although Zhao Feng didn’t understand, he didn’t think too much about it. He returned to the secret hall, took a deep breath, and took out the frozen Demigod’s blood.

“The Rebirth from Blood is finally starting….”

The Kun Yun Partial Thought’s voice trembled with excitement.


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