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King Of Gods - Chapter 67


KoG Chapter 67

Chapter 67 - Ten Sky Guards

The howl from Huang Qi caught the attention of Zhao Yufei and Zhao Feng.

He was going to challenge someone?

Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei exchanged glances and watched Huang Qi sprint towards the direction of the wooden rooms.

’’Zhe zhe zhe... Now the show begins... ’’

Figures started to appear from within the tents.

’’He has some guts to challenge the Ten Sky Guards on the first day.’’

’’He does have the right to though, he's at the sixth rank.’’

Zhao Feng's eyes scanned the youths coming out of their tents and found that most of their cultivations were at the fourth or fifth rank.

There were a few slightly older ones at the sixth rank as well. The person with the worst potential here was already on par with Sun Feather City's Zhao Linlong.

Soon, Huang Qi arrived in front of the ten wooden rooms, which had numbers according to their strength. The tenth owner was the tenth strongest and because it was Huang Qi's first time challenging someone, he obviously picked the guy at the end.

’’Hahaha... Who dares to challenge me, Li Changfeng?’’ An arrogant laughter came from within the room.

With a ’’creak’’, the door opened and a youth full of scars came out.

Number ten Li Changfeng had only reached the peak fifth rank, but he was full of a mencaing aura.

’’Hmph! A lowly fifth rank dares to be arrogant!’’

On the muddy field, the two faced off.

’’Arrogant or not, you'll soon know.’’ Li Changfeng laughed and took out a pitch black sword with many holes on it, just like the scars on his body.

’’Stop talking and fight!’’

Huang Qi's figure blurred as he used a high ranked martial art that had reached the peak level.

’’Thirteen Legs of the Willow!’’ Huang Qi exclaimed as he performed another high ranked martial art of the peak level.

Just these two skills alone made him dominate youths of the Pearl Tree City.

Breaking Rock Sword!

Li Changfeng's curved blade was sliced out and a dark red Inner Strength appeared on it. The level of that move had reached the max level!


The two high ranked skills collided heavily together.

Huang Qi ’’hmphed’’ and retreated back a few steps.

High ranked martial art... Max level?

Huang Qi couldn't believe what he was seeing. Next to Zhao Feng, shock also appeared in Zhao Yufei's eyes.

Splitting the Rocks!

Li Changfeng attacked once again and his menacing aura became stronger and stronger...

Feathers of the Flying Bird!

Under the pressure, Huang Qi used another skill which allowed him to just dodge the attack.

’’Heavenly Rock Shatter!’’ Li Changfeng shouted and in the night, that blade seemed as it could destroy the mountains.

’’The power of this move exceeds the original move.’’

’’What a terrifying blow.’’

The hearts of the youths watching clenched. The menacing aura accompanied with his sword skill seemed to split the sky.

Flying Wind Palm!

At the point of danger, Huang Qi didn't hold back any longer and he suddenly used a peak ranked palm skill. The palm seemed to push away the clouds.


The energy clashed together and another hole was formed in the field.


Huang Qi spat out a mouthful of blood midair and a red gash could be seen on his shirt. That move of Li Changfeng's was just too terrifying and it felt like it could slay anyone in it's way. Under the confrontation, Li Changfeng wasn't even injured;he only shook a little.

’’Are you alright?’’ Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei hurriedly picked up Huang Qi.

’’How could I lose... ?’’

Huang Qi wasn't seriously injured but he was full of shock and disbelief. Being the top genius of Pearl Tree City and a cultivator of the sixth rank, how could he not even beat someone of the fifth?

Being a spectator, Zhao Feng saw more clearly what had happened.

Firstly, Li Changfeng had heaps of battle experience;this could be seen through all the scars on his body. Secondly, Li Changfeng's sword skill had reached an extremely high level. Combined with the terrifying aura, his moves seemed even more deadly. Many people had seen these two points but they didn't see the third.

Li Changfeng's body was extremely strong and it was on par with the fourth level of Metal Wall Technique.

’’Strong.’’ Zhao Feng nodded his head.

He and Zhao Yufei picked up Huang Qi in silence as they walked back.

’’Oi, new boy, you wanted to challenge the Ten Sky Guards with just your strength?’’

’’Hehe, he wasn't even able to exchange more than three moves with the Ten Sky Guards. It doesn't seem that the new people this time are very good.’’ From the sides came laughter.

The three had just entered the Sky Guards Battalion and they were counted as newbies. Under the midst of laughter, Zhao Yufei had caught the attention of many youths as well.

’’Hahaha! Pretty girl, if you feel your tent isn't comfortable, you can come to my room!’’ Li Changfeng had just seen Zhao Yufei's beauty and he was entranced by it as well.

The words caused the youths nearby the roar out in laughter. Zhao Yufei's face was cold and her fists were clenched, it was obvious that she was about to challenge him.

’’You're not his opponent!’’ A powerful hand clasped her jade-like wrists.

Zhao Feng had stopped her because his left eye had analysed the results. Although their cultivation were the same level, Li Changfeng had more battle experience and he was far more fiercer.

If Zhao Yufei challenged Li Changfeng, she only had a maximum chance of forty percent to win.

’’I don't believe it.’’ Zhao Yufei's cheeks turned slightly red and although she seemed unwilling, she didn't struggle.

’’Zhe zhe, where did this brat come from?’’

Li Changfeng licked his lips and the fierceness in his eye increased.

’’Let's go!’’ Zhao Feng couldn't be bothered and left the area while pulling Zhao Yufei's Hand.

’’Want to leave?’’ Li Changfeng turned into a whisp of wind and blocked their path.

His high ranked speed skill had also reached the peak level.

’’Do you want to fight?’’ Zhao Feng coldly said.

’’Hahaha... don't you know the rules of the Sky Guards Battalion? As long as they're not seriously injured or crippled, you can fight all you want.’’ Li Changfeng roared out in laughter.

Sympathy was felt from the gazes of the youths nearby. Yes, the Sky Guards Battalion didn't forbid fighting. On the contrary, they promoted it.

’’It's better this way.’’

Dangerous light shone in Zhao Feng's eyes: ’’Wait Zhao Yufei, I'll get a room for you.’’

His words caused the youths nearby and Li Changfeng to stiffen, but after that came the laughter.

’’Brother Feng... ’’

Zhao Yufei seemed to be worried. Although she knew Zhao Feng was strong, she didn't have complete confidence that he could win.’’


The youth next to her suddenly disappeared and within the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Li Changfeng.

What speed!

All the youths watching only felt a blur.

’’Max level of a high ranked speed skill.’’ Li Changfeng immediately used his full strength as well.

After all his speed skill was only close to the max level, it hadn't reached it yet.

Shua! Shua!

As the two exchanged blows, it was obvious Zhao Feng had the upper hand.

’’Splitting the Rocks!’’ Li Changfeng's menacing blade once again appeared.

This move had beaten back Huang Qi of the sixth rank just then.

Under Zhao Feng's left eye, he realised that the opponent had purposely put part of his menacing aura into it to make the blade more fierce. This menacing aura could only be obtained by killing people, it was hard to wonder what kind of past this youth had.

’’One Line Star Finger!’’ Zhao Feng exclaimed as he used his ultimate move.


An azure light pierced through the air and clashed heavily with Li Changfeng's blade.

Clang - Dang~

Blood leaked from Li Changfeng's mouth as he retreated a few steps full of fear.

How powerful was One Star Finger? It also had the power from Metal Wall Technique.

Star Finger!

Zhao Feng's finger left meteor streaks in the night and they were extremely beautiful. Li Changfeng managed to blocked five moves and although injuries started to appear, he didn't give up or admit defeat.

’’What strong will.’’ Although Zhao Feng admired him, he disliked his opponent's fierceness, so he didn't hold back.


Li Changfeng groaned in pain as his curved blade was kicked from his hand.


Outrage broke out amongst the spectators. The all-time arrogant, fierce Li Changfeng had been beaten by a youth younger than him.

’’You're very strong... I won't lose to you next time.’’ Li Chanfeng picked himself up from the ground and took his possessions from the wooden room. This also meant that the room was not his anymore.

’’He won... ’’ Huang Qi stared dazed at the youth in front of him.

The three had all entered the Sky Guards Battalion together and he hadn't put Zhao Feng in his eyes at the beginning.

After beating Li Changfeng, Zhao Feng could finally move into the wooden room. The ten on his door meant that he was ranked tenth in the Ten Sky Guards.

At this moment, Zhao Feng could feel the awe, respect and wary in the gazes of those looking at him...


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