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King Of Gods - Chapter 669


Chapter 669

Chapter 669 - Battle

In just a short span of time, the sudden changes made the warm youth and Meng Xi unable to react. The beast King, the Eye of Heaven, and Nan Gongsheng had attacked at almost the exact time toward Wen Luoan.

Just a second ago, Wen Luoan and Meng Xi were discussing how to kill Zhao Feng.


The Eye of Heaven in the sky revealed a glint of mockery. How could Zhao Feng be unaware of the enmity from the warm youth and Meng Xi?

It wasn't Zhao Feng's attitude to go on the defensive. The God's Spiritual Eye's biggest advantage was its control.

The Eye of Heaven allowed Zhao Feng to be safe while still being a level higher than the three King prodigies.

It was best to attack first rather than wait to be attacked. Zhao Feng wasn't so dumb that he would allow Meng Xi and the warm youth to reach him.

Zhao Feng had already convinced Nan Gongsheng to help him before they left the tomb.

Although a lot seemed to happen, all of it was done in an instant. Nan Gongsheng and the beast King's attacks landed at the same time.


The Mystic Spatial Split from Nan Gongsheng landed on the neck of the warm youth.

A crack appeared on the warm youth's golden skin and blood started to seep out.


However, the beast King was stopped by Meng Xi, so only a shockwave landed on the warm youth.

The warm youth managed to survive with only light injuries from the first round of attacks. However, he hadn't fully escaped danger yet. Nan Gongsheng alone was enough to trouble him, not to mention the Eye of Heaven in the sky that was radiating a King intent and restricting his soul.


A dark flash slashed across the warm youth's face and left a bloody gash.

Being one of the top-one-hundred bloodlines, the Heaven Sun Battle Race's offense and defense had reached perfection. With the protection of the Heaven Sun Battle Race, the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger and Nan Gongsheng's attack didn't cause critical damage.

’’Nightmare Dimension!’’

A dreamy haze appeared around Meng Xi and covered everyone in the fight.

Everyone covered by the dreamy light seemed to be submerged in the ocean and suppressed by the waves nearby.

The attacks of Nan Gongsheng and the beast King were slowed down.

The scenery within the Nightmare realm had affected reality.

It was like saying that the defending side in the ocean would have an advantage.

’’As expected of a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline. It's extremely difficult to kill one of them when those two team up.’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but sigh as his Eye of Heaven gazed down.

All his energy was spent on restricting Wen Luoan.

’’Qiankun Sword!’’

Nan Gongsheng roared and waved the inheritance sacred weapon, causing Heaven and Earth to shake. Even the Nightmare Dimension was affected.

The Qiankun Sword turned into a brilliant streak of light that hit the warm youth.


Wen Luoan's body shook, and blood leaked from his mouth as the golden glow around his body became dimmer.

’’Good job!’’

Zhao Feng was overjoyed. Nan Gongsheng was indeed worthy of being the strongest prodigy in the Sacred Land.

Without a doubt, Nan Gongsheng's battle-power was the strongest amongst everyone here.

Meng Xi and Wen Luoan could only stall him.

’’Blood Sun Battling Sun!’’

Wen Luoan gave a deep roar as his Heaven Sun Battle Bloodline started to burn.

In that instant, Wen Luoan's mental energy intent and True Yuan increased to a brand new level.


A blood-colored sun appeared above Wen Luoan's head and gave off a golden glow as the limitless power of Heaven and Earth became his.

’’Not good!’’

Even Zhao Feng's spiritual eye-bloodline technique felt a strong pressure.

In an instant, Wen Luoan's battle-power doubled.

The sun above his head had increased his battle-power to the level of a true King.

Even actual Kings would be stunned by what they saw.

Luckily, the bloodline only strengthened his battle-power;it didn't have much of an effect on his soul. However, even then, Zhao Feng's Soul Restriction felt trouble.


The Qiankun Sword and Wen Luoan's fist clashed and caused a shockwave to blow across half a mile.

’’My god...!’’

The hearts of the nearby geniuses who saw saw this trembled.


Nan Gongsheng retreated a yard or two, and his face became solemn.

Meng Xi's Nightmare Dimension had restricted the agility of his attacks.

’’Zhao Feng, these two both have a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline. It'll be extremely hard to kill Wen Luoan.’’

Nan Gongsheng messaged.

Wen Luoan's battle-power and defense had reached an extreme.

’’His bloodline secret technique shouldn't be able to last very long. Just stall him.’’

Zhao Feng said without losing his calmness.


The sun above Wen Luoan released a large amount of power that increased his mental energy intent and strength.

The dark purple chains of lightning restricting him became extremely faint.

’’Get ready for my next critical strike.’’

Zhao Feng's Eye of Heaven said.

In the next instant:


The purple chains of lightning around Wen Luoan started to disintegrate. He was filled with joy and was just about to attack, but just as he moved, his head started to hurt.

’’Void Space Eye Slash!’’

A sharp blade glittering with Purple Destruction Wind Lightning and a sizzle of scarlet pierced through Wen Luoan's head.


The slash had gone straight through the center of his head, causing blood to splatter everywhere.


Meng Xi's face lost its color.


Wen Luoan's body froze as a golden glow started to recover the injury. However, the Void Space Eye Slash now contained the intent of Scarlet Destruction, which had a continuous burning effect.

’’Mystic Spatial Slice!’’

Nan Gongsheng paused for a moment before sending another silver streak into Wen Luoan's head.


More blood flew out from Wen Luoan's head as the silver streak sunk in.

This was all due to the fact that Zhao Feng's Void Space Eye Slash had pieced it from within.

The combination of attacks was perfect, but it still wasn't over.


A dark dagger stabbed into the back of Wen Luoan's head.

This was the little thieving cat's Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger.

This meant that the injury on Wen Luoan's head now went from one side straight to the other.


The warm youth screamed and started to shake.

Meng Xi was stunned by this scene, and her starry eyes were full of fear.

If that attack had landed on her, she probably would've died.


The would've died.


The golden light in the sky split, leaving a hundred-yard-wide crater in the ground.

It was hard to imagine how strong the force was to create such a big area of damage in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

Nan Gongsheng and the little thieving cat raised their heads and chased after a golden streak of light.

’’Zhao Feng, I'm going to split your body into ten thousand pieces!’’

The warm youth's face was twisted with murderous intent as he charged toward Zhao Feng's location.

Because of the Eye of Death's intent, he could sense where Zhao Feng was at.


An eye appeared in the clouds.

Through the Eye of Heaven, Zhao Feng realized that the injury on the warm youth's head hadn't fully healed yet.

’’That amount of damage could've already killed ten half-step Kings.’’

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

Those with a top-one-hundred Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline couldn't be measured normally.

’’Ice Soul Shooting Line!’’

A cold ray of light descended from the eye and into the warm youth's body.

The warm youth started to stagger. Before he could react:

’’divine Light of Destruction!’’

A brilliant, sharp green beam of light hit the sun above the warm youth's head.


The sun above Wen Luoan's head became unstable as a bit of it dispersed and became dimmer.

Using the divine Light of Destruction, Zhao Feng weakened Wen Luoan's secret technique.

Right at this moment, Nan Gongsheng used his spatial skills and flashed through the air, then slashed toward the injury on Wen Luoan's head with his Qiankun Sword.

Meng Xi was momentarily stalled by the little thieving cat and the beast King.

’’Good, Meng Xi and Wen Luoan have been split up.’’

Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

He was lucky that he had an ally as strong as Nan Gongsheng.

In the air above the Demigod Forgotten Garden, the battle caused the geniuses below to be stunned.

No matter how Wen Luoan evaded or dodged, he couldn't escape the Eye of Heaven and Nan Gongsheng.

Nan Gongsheng's spatial talent included spatial movement techniques, so he could follow closely behind the warm youth.

The Eye of Heaven gazed down from the sky and had a wide perspective.

At this wide perspective.

At this moment in time, Wen Luoan was being beaten.

’’Nan Gongsheng and that giant eyeball are teaming up.’’

’’Why does that eye look like Brother Zhao's eyes?’’

The geniuses of the Mystic True Sacred Clan noticed more than the others.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The warm youth took many hits, and he was full of injuries, but he still charged toward the direction of the Hidden Book Room with murderous intent.

Four hours later, the warm youth had finally arrived at the Hidden Book Room. There were only a couple dozen yards between Zhao Feng and Wen Luoan.

’’Void Space Eye Slash!’’

Another blade pierced through the injury in Wen Luoan's brain.


Wen Luoan's golden skin broke once more. Blood splattered out, and the golden light around his body faded by a lot.

’’Zhao... Zhao Feng!’’

Wen Luoan's bloodied body staggered toward the Hidden Book Room.

Everyone nearby could see that the warm youth was on the verge of death.

Nan Gongsheng's eyebrows furrowed, and he stopped attacking. He was extremely proud, so he wasn't willing to attack a genius of the same era who was about to die.

’’Zhao Feng, even if I die, I will take you down with me!’’

Wen Luoan's True Yuan started to burn, and a golden sun appeared behind him.

Not good!

Nan Gongsheng's expression changed dramatically.


Nan Gongsheng instantly used his spatial skills and retreated.

The instant he retreated, he saw the golden sun and Wen Luoan merge before creating an explosion that covered the entire Hidden Book Room.


The Hidden Book Room was engulfed by golden flames.

Even Kings would be turned into dust in front of this force. The entire Hidden Book Room was turned into flat ground.

This was the first time in history that a building in the Forgotten Garden had been completely destroyed.


Nan Gongsheng was hit by a shockwave and spat out a mouthful of blood before landing on the ground.

It was hard to imagine how much force Zhao Feng, who was in the center of the explosion, faced.

At the same instant, the space of the Demigod Forgotten Garden started to flow.

’’The Demigod Forgotten Garden will now close.’’


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