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King Of Gods - Chapter 667


Chapter 667

Chapter 667 - Obtain

Demigod's tomb?

Only then did Zhao Feng realize that the center tomb was where the Demigod was lain.

The Demigod Partial Thought did indeed know the situation within the Demigod Forgotten Garden better.

’’Danger and fortune exist together. The Demigod's body is in the Demigod's tomb, but it cannot be revived since there is no life left in it.’’

The Demigod Partial Thought said mysteriously.

Zhao Feng knew that the Demigod died mainly from the God Tribulation. It was already a miracle that the body wasn't turned to dust from the God Tribulation.

’’What do you know about the Demigod's tomb?’’

Zhao Feng asked.

If it was familiar with the Demigod's tomb, that could definitely affect Zhao Feng's and the little thieving cat's actions.

’’Because I've just used the mermaid tears, I've recovered some pieces of my memory, including a bit of the map of the Demigod's tomb.’’

The Demigod Partial Thought sent some information to Zhao Feng, and the latter nodded his head and gave another drop of a mermaid tear as compensation.

Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed when he read the information. It seemed that, apart from the dangers such as the spirits of hatred and the guards, there was no fortune here.

Zhao Feng was about to say something, but his expression changed dramatically.

His thoughts were sucked in by what was happening at the Demigod's tomb.

Within the passage:


A scarlet-purple spirit of hatred formed a figure of a male who radiated a terrifying aura that almost condensed into reality.

’’An Emperor hatred spirit!’’

The expressions of Nan Gongsheng, Meng Xi, and company changed dramatically.

’’Run! This Emperor hatred spirit has exceeded the limit of what we can handle.’’

Panic appeared on Wen Luoan's face for the first time.

The faint figure of the male brought the pressure of an Emperor, causing their souls to shake.


Using this chance, the Demigod's blood flew into the darkness into the depths of the tomb. At this point, Wen Luoan, Nan Gongsheng, Meng Xi, and the little thieving cat felt deadly sensations from all directions.


A transparent eye appeared above the little thieving cat.

Zhao Feng had already made his decision. If it was too dangerous, he would use Spatial Movement to rescue the little thieving cat. Due to their long companionship, the relationship between the two wasn't just that of a normal pet and master anymore.

’’I won't let the little thieving cat be in danger even if it costs the Demigod's blood.’’

Zhao Feng decided. At the same time, he sent the map of the Demigod's tomb to the little thieving cat.


When the little thieving cat received the information, it opened its mouth and laughed. It held the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger and the purple horn, then went inside the beast King's body. This meant that most of the pressure would be taken by the beast King.

It could be said that the little thieving cat was currently the safest of the lot.


The Emperor hatred spirit flew over, and its pressure made the blood of the geniuses boil. Even the beast King felt troubled and slowed down.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat laughed and controlled the beast King to ram toward a carving on the wall.

Hit the wall?

When Nan Gongsheng and company saw the little thieving cat's actions, they thought that the cat had gone crazy. However, what happened next caused their eyes to bulge out.


The carving on the wall suddenly revealed a secret passage, which the beast King hid into.

’’Go, go, go!’’

Nan Gongsheng and company didn't think about the Demigod's blood anymore, they just focused on escaping. Even if the three teamed up, they were unlikely to defeat the Emperor hatred spirit. On top of that, there was a large amount of other hatred spirits around as well.


The Emperor hatred spirit hit the entrance, but due its huge size, it was rebounded back.

The materials used to construct the Demigod's tomb weren't simple, so normal spirits were unable to pass through walls. However, the Emperor hatred spirit's Magnificent Power still entered through the soul-dimension and injured Nan Gongsheng and company.

The little thieving cat was at the very front, and it was inside the beast King's body, so it wasn't affected.


Nan Gongsheng and company let out a a breath. The Emperor hatred spirit didn't catch up.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat sat on the beast King's back and led the way with a high-and-mighty attitude.

’’How does this cat know the tomb so well?’’

Meng Xi and Wen Luoan looked at each other.

Follow this cat closely!

The hearts of the three shook.

They had lost their sense of direction in the tomb, and now their lives depended on the cat.

The little thieving cat controlled the beast King and took many turns in the secret passage.

At a certain moment, the beast King jumped out of the secret passage and dove into a dark underground chamber.

The chamber was scorched black. Even though this was dozens of millennia later, it still gave off a bone-chilling aura that scared gods and demons.

There were no signs of any spirits of hatred, Emperors or otherwise, within a radius of a hundred yards.

The chamber was empty apart from a black, burnt corpse.

The burnt corpse wasn't even in the shape of a human anymore. It was like a lump of black charcoal.


The three King prodigies stared at the burnt corpse, and they felt the forbidden aura here.

Just a wisp of this forbidden aura made other beings become scared.

Suppressed! The three King prodigies weren't able to breathe, and the eyes of the beast King was filled with fear as it trembled in front of the burnt corpse.

’’There's no signs of life, soul, or True Yuan from this corpse, and yet it can still radiate such a terrifying aura.’’

The chamber was dead-silent. Even the area outside was quiet. There were no spirits nearby at all.

’’This corpse is very likely to be the Demigod's body.’’

’’The forbidden aura obviously doesn't come from the corpse itself.’’

The eyes of the three King prodigies sparkled as they made their own guesses.


An eye appeared in the chamber. Zhao Feng felt a forbidden aura that went straight to his heart. This aura seemed to be the nemesis of everything in the world.

’’The body of the Demigod has been completely destroyed. The aura doesn't come from the body.’’

Zhao Feng's heart jumped.

Even though he was he was using the Eye of Heaven, it couldn't block the pressure from the forbidden aura.

’’That's the power of the God Tribulation.’’

The Demigod Partial Thought's voice suddenly sounded.

The power of the God Tribulation.

Zhao Feng's heart shook. No wonder the body of the Demigod wasn't even in the shape of a human anymore.

’’The Demigod died to the God Tribulation before the tomb was fully prepared.’’

The Demigod Partial Thought's voice was sad. After all, he was a Partial Thought of the Demigod's soul.

’’The body itself isn't worth much, but the power of the God Tribulation on the body is extremely valuable. It will help with your cultivation of Lightning a lot.’’

The Demigod Partial Thought said.

The power of the God Tribulation!

Zhao Feng's heart skipped a beat. Such a power could even kill Demigods. From that, one could see how valuable it was. Even some Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords and Demigods would be interested in it.

’’80-90% of the Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords trying to break through to the Heavenly divine Realm will be turned to dust, but the Demigod used his body to absorb a large amount of the God Tribulation's power and his body wasn't destroyed. From this, one can see how strong he was. He was just a tiny step away from the Heavenly divine Realm....’’

The Demigod Partial Thought sighed.

Hearing up to there, Zhao Feng understood how precious the power of the God Tribulation was.

Anyone that had the right to try to breakthrough to the Heavenly divine Realm was an expert, even then, only one out of ten would have a corpse remaining after the God Tribulation.

From a certain perspective, it could be said that this corpse with the God Tribulation power was the most valuable thing in the entire Demigod Forgotten Garden.

Even the Demigod's blood was not worth more since the Demigod's blood wasn't of much use to a Mystic Light Realm, whereas the corpse was valuable to both Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords and Demigods.

’’The power of the God Tribulation comes from divine Lightning. Therefore, the corpse is of much use to me.’’

Zhao use to me.’’

Zhao Feng was extremely excited.


The little thieving cat sat on the beast King and gripped the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger before moving slowly toward the charred corpse.

Nan Gongsheng and company weren't dumb. They probably guessed the history of this corpse. After all, it wasn't much of a secret that the Demigod died to the God Tribulation.

’’The corpse is pretty big. We can cut it together.’’

Zhao Feng said.

It was too hard to cut it with one person's power alone. Even the actions of Kings would be restricted greatly in front of the corpse.


The three King prodigies didn't decline. They still decided to use the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger together to cut the corpse.


A sharp glow appeared below the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger as it stabbed toward the charred corpse below.


Over 90% of its power was reduced due to the God Tribulation's power when it landed on the corpse.

Just a faint scratch was left behind.

The expressions of the three King prodigies were ugly. If it continued like this, they would probably need a day or two to split the corpse. However, thinking about its value, the three King prodigies didn't retreat. Putting aside a day or two, even a month or two was worth it.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The four would team up every four or five breaths and slice toward the burnt corpse. The combined strength of the four on the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger was enough to kill a weak King.


Zhao Feng's Eye of Heaven disappeared from the chamber, but it didn't disappear from the tomb.

His eye soon found where the Demigod's blood was hiding. The consciousness of the Demigod's blood was extremely weak, but a golden glow appeared around it when it sensed the Eye of Heaven.

’’I'm preparing to obtain the Demigod's blood.’’

Zhao Feng said to the Demigod Partial Thought.

Spatial Movement!

A whirlpool enveloped the Demigod's blood, and the whirlpool had a familiar mental energy aura to it.


The golden drop of blood was engulfed by the whirlpool and disappeared.

’’The Demigod's blood is now mine!’’

The Eye of Heaven revealed a glint of joy before vanishing.


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