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King Of Gods - Chapter 666


Chapter 666

Chapter 666 - Demigod Partial Thought

Zhao Feng finally completed all the books in the Hidden Book Room.

The contents in the books were all very clear in his mind.

Zhao Feng was truly interested in these books, and he had read them from beginning to end.

Zhao Feng slowly closed his eyes. He felt that the contents of the books contained a faint wisp of mental energy power.

All of the knowledge gathered into one.

Suddenly, a faint light started to burn from every book.


Zhao Feng's heart skipped a beat.

He had a feeling that these books weren't simple, and he had been wondering what would happen if he finished all of them.

Voom! Voom!

All the books in the room suddenly sparkled and started to burn.

’’This is...?’’

Zhao Feng was instantly on guard. He didn't dare to make any rash moves. After all, this was the Demigod Forgotten Garden, and nothing could be measured by normal standards.

A few breaths later, when the books finished burning, they merged into a faint transparent light that connected with the knowledge in Zhao Feng's mind.


The faint light merged with the knowledge in Zhao Feng's mind.

’’Junior, I am the Demigod Kun Yun. You are very lucky - you have passed the test of a Demigod.’’

A voice sounded in Zhao Feng's mind.

A faint wisp of light radiating a divine aura pressured Zhao Feng's consciousness.

’’Demigod Kun Yun?’’

Zhao Feng inspected the transparent faint light.

If it were a normal genius here facing such ’’fortune,’’ they would've already been filled with joy and panic. After all, this faint wisp of light could be some kind of mental energy inheritance that the Demigod left behind.

However, Zhao Feng wasn't a newbie anymore, and he had interacted with the Purple Saint Partial Spirit before.

The Purple Night Sacred Lord was once a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord, whereas the owner of the Demigod Forgotten Garden was half a step into the Heavenly divine Realm.

’’Are you the owner of the Demigod Forgotten Garden?’’

Zhao Feng asked.

’’Ridiculous! You dare to question my identity? I am a partial spirit consciousness of the Demigod Kun Yun.’’

The faint light's voice seemed to be slightly angered, and a terrifying mental energy pressure descended. It was as if Heaven and Earth was about to shatter.

Normal people would've already pissed their pants and bowed down, but Zhao Feng remained emotionless and acted as if he was uneasy.

’’Junior, listen to my advice and you may be able to receive the inheritance of a Demigod. Even the Demigod Forgotten Garden can be inherited by you.’’

The voice said in a superior tone.

Demigod's inheritance? Inherit the entire Demigod Forgotten Garden?

When Zhao Feng heard that, his heart couldn't help but speed up.

’’Junior, are you willing to be a disciple of mine?’’

However, when Zhao Feng heard all those promises he snickered coldly, ’’A measly Partial Thought dares to call itself a Demigod?’’

When the faint light heard that, it couldn't help but shake.

’’Junior, if you don't believe me, I can cause your soul to shatter with just one thought.’’

The faint light snickered, and the image of Heaven and Earth shattering appeared in the soul-dimension.

’’Hehe, you're just a measly Partial Thought pretending to have the powers of a Demigod. It's like you're trying to pretend to be a tiger, but others only see you as a dog.’’

Zhao Feng mocked. He was calm as he saw the image in his soul-dimension. 99% of other geniuses below the level of a King would be tricked, but Zhao Feng specialized in the Dao of the Soul himself, so he wouldn't be tricked by it.

He had reached a high mastery and understanding of the Dao of the Soul. Zhao Feng had guessed that this was a Partial Thought as soon as he saw the faint light.

Partial Thoughts and Partial Spirits were different.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit was an incomplete soul, which had far more knowledge than a Partial Thought. A Partial Thought was just a remnant thought that contained a small amount of knowledge of the owner when they were alive.

Therefore, Zhao Feng wasn't scared of this wisp of a Demigod Partial Thought.

’’Junior, you're courting death...!’’

The Demigod Partial Thought roared in anger.

’’Hmph, my Martial Ancestor is a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord. Do you think you can trick me with just this?’’

Zhao Feng snickered coldly, and his God's Spiritual Eye released released a terrifying aura that destroyed the image created by the Demigod Partial Thought.

’’Junior, stop, you've won....’’

The faint wisp of light seemed to become dimmer when facing the aura from Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye. It was like a candle about to blow out.

The Demigod Partial Thought cursed in its heart. This human specialized in the Dao of the Soul and had an extremely strong eye-bloodline power. The eye-bloodline itself was also not simple. Furthermore, Zhao Feng said that his Martial Ancestor was a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord. That also made it scared.

Zhao Feng laughed coldly and took back the aura from his God's Spiritual Eye.

If it weren't for the fact that he specialized in mental energy and had the God's Spiritual Eye, he might have been tricked by the Demigod Partial Thought.

Luckily, Zhao Feng remained calm and saw through its plan.

’’What's the meaning of a Demigod Partial Thought hidden here? How much do you know about the Demigod Forgotten Garden?’’

Zhao Feng questioned.

The Demigod Partial Thought was angry, but it couldn't do anything except answer.

’’The soul of the Demigod was destroyed by the God Tribulation long ago. There's only a few Demigod Partial Thoughts scattered around the Demigod Forgotten Garden, and I am one of them....’’

The Demigod Partial Thought didn't dare to hide anything. This youth was calm and had a Mystic Light Realm elder behind him. If it lied here, it would be seen through soon.

Zhao Feng understood what happened before and after.

After the Demigod died, only some Partial Thoughts remained, and this Demigod Partial Thought was put in the Hidden Boom Rook since the Demigod used to stay here quite often in the past, so the memories of the Partial Thought were born here.

After Zhao Feng read all the books, the wisp of the Demigod Partial Thought was awoken.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but be disappointed after understanding everything. This Demigod Partial Thought didn't seem to have much value, and it had no control over the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

’’Junior, don't underestimate me. Being a Demigod Partial Thought, I know the Demigod Forgotten Garden better than anyone else. Most importantly, I have a slight chance slight chance of recovering as the Demigod.’’

The Demigod Partial Thought immediately said. Right now, it was extremely weak, and it was worried Zhao Feng might kill it if it had no value.

’’Recover as the Demigod?’’

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised when he heard that. After all, it was just a Partial Thought. Even the Purple Saint Partial Spirit couldn't do something like that even if it were at full power.

’’I will be able to use Rebirth from Blood if I get the Demigod's blood.’’

The Demigod Partial Thought said in a superior tone.

Rebirth from Blood?

Zhao Feng had heard of this legend, and the books in the Hidden Book Room had something about it as well. In theory, a drop of Demigod's blood and a Demigod Partial Thought could indeed bring about a rebirth, but the chance of it reaching its peak strength again was extremely small.

’’Hehe, you actually know the news about the Demigod's blood? But even if I get it, I'll just use it on myself.’’

Zhao Feng snickered. It looks like the Demigod Partial Thought had understood some of his memories.

’’You're wasting it! Once I'm reborn, I can awaken the Demigod's abilities, including inheritances and memories!’’

The Demigod Partial Thought said furiously.

Zhao Feng didn't disagree. He went silent. Without a doubt, if a Demigod was reborn, its value would be far more than a drop of Demigod's blood.

Simply put, it was the equivalent of trying to revive the Demigod, but such a plan was also risky.

Zhao Feng wasn't sure what to choose, and he didn't even have the Demigod's blood right now.

’’Just stay here.’’

Zhao Feng's consciousness was about to leave.


The Demigod Partial Thought exclaimed, ’’I'm just a Partial Thought. It's already incredible for me to gather together, if you don't do something quickly, I will only be able to survive for a few more days.’’

The faint light in Zhao Feng's mind was extremely dim like it about to vanish at any time.

Zhao Feng thought for a while and carefully used some water from the lake in his left eye's dimension to wrap around the Demigod Partial Thought.

Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline power was Water related, and it had the ability of the ability of healing.

With the help of the water, the faint light stabilized. Zhao Feng then took out a deep green gourd.

’’Green Spiritual Gourd!’’

The Demigod Partial Thought was overjoyed and dove straight in the Green Spiritual Gourd.

The Green Spiritual Gourd was more suitable for the Demigod Partial Thought to live in, and to a certain extent, the gourd could heal it.

In the legends, some Kings and Emperors hid in the Green Spiritual Gourd, and thousands of years later, they stole some bodies and were reborn.

It wasn't as if the Demigod Partial Thought couldn't just stay in Zhao Feng's mind, but whenever Zhao Feng circulated his eye-bloodline power or was attacked by Soul techniques, the Demigod Partial Thought would be damaged.

’’I also have mermaid tears, Soul Gathering Spirit Grass, and other Soul items.’’

Zhao Feng said.

’’Mermaid tears? Soul Gathering Spirit Grass? Quick, give them to me. I can consolidate my state and maybe even become a Partial Spirit.’’

The Demigod Partial Thought was impatient.

’’There's no such thing as a free meal. You didn't help me at all earlier, so why should I help you? Unless...’’

Zhao Feng said.

’’...unless you let me become your master.’’

Zhao Feng's face didn't go red, nor did his heart rate increase.

’’You, become my master? Impossible!’’

The Demigod Partial Thought roared from the Green Spiritual Gourd.

’’Then you can just stay in there forever. Even if I get the Demigod's blood, you won't have the chance to revive.’’

Zhao Feng said emotionlessly and got up, about to leave the Hidden Book Room.

Just as he stepped out of the room:

’’Human, you win....’’

The Demigod Partial Thought sounded like it was gritting its teeth as it said in a helpless tone.

Zhao Feng nodded his head in satisfaction before putting a small drop of a mermaid tear into the Green Spiritual Gourd.

The Demigod Partial Thought sucked the energy from the mermaid tear hungrily, and its aura instantly became stronger.

’’Master, how confident are you in getting the Demigod's blood?’’

The Demigod Partial Thought asked after absorbing a drop.

’’It's hard to say because the Demigod's blood has entered the center tomb of the Messy Graveyard.’’

Zhao Feng wasn't certain.

’’Center tomb? You mean... the Demigod's tomb?’’

The Demigod Partial Thought was stunned.


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