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King Of Gods - Chapter 665


Chapter 665

Chapter 665 - Does Your Waist not Hurt When You Talk?

Within the tomb:

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat held the purple horn and sat on the back of the beast King with a victorious expression.

’’F*king cat! Give the horn back to me!’’

Meng Xi was so angry that she was trembling, and her face was filled with anger and humiliation. However, the little thieving cat had successfully controlled the beast King, so it wasn't scared of Meng Xi. On the contrary, it even made faces at her.


The Eye of Heaven in the sky revealed a faint glint and faded away.

’’That Zhao Feng....’’

The heart of the warm youth fell.

He never expected that Zhao Feng, who seemed to have given up on the Demigod's blood, could use such methods from so far away to still compete with the three King prodigies.

If the three King prodigies were still in a state of equilibrium, Zhao Feng would've done nothing, but Nan Gongsheng was at a disadvantage a moment ago due to Meng Xi and the warm youth teaming up, thus, Zhao Feng intervened.

’’Which means that I won't have an advantage even if I team up with Meng Xi. Furthermore, the beast King's now on Zhao Feng's side.’’

Wen Luoan's expression kept on flickering. He seemed to realize that, although Zhao Feng wasn't even present, he seemed to control the situation.


The Demigod's blood flew toward the very depths of the center tomb.

’’Follow it!’’

Nan Gongsheng turned into a silver streak and chased after it.

Now that the beast King was controlled by the little thieving cat, even if Nan Gongsheng wasn't a match for Wen Luoan's and Meng Xi's combination, he wasn't scared of them.

Meng Xi and Wen Luoan looked at each other.

Meng Xi obviously wanted to team up in order to get the purple horn back, but Wen Luoan was slightly hesitant.


The Eye of Heaven appeared above the little thieving cat and released a surge of Magnificent Power.

The expressions of Wen Luoan and Meng Xi changed dramatically.

It was hard for them to imagine that the eye had true King intent. It would be extremely hard for them to get the purple horn back against the combination of the Eye of Heaven, the little thieving cat, and the beast King.


The little thieving cat ignored the two and controlled the beast King to follow the Demigod's blood.

In the end, Meng Xi and Wen Luoan didn't do anything. They put their eyes on the Demigod's blood.

They soon caught up to Nan Gongsheng.


Nan Gongsheng used a spatial secret technique and managed to restrain the Demigod's blood, but it was at this moment that the little thieving cat, Meng Xi, and Wen Luoan caught up.

Without saying anything, Wen Luoan immediately started to attack Nan Gongsheng.

’’Zhao Feng, help me!’’

Nan Gongsheng exclaimed. He guessed who the owner of the eye was.

As if reacting to his plea:


The little thieving cat attacked Nan Gongsheng and Meng Xi.

The situation instantly became chaotic as the little thieving cat and Nan Gongsheng teamed up to fight Meng Xi and Wen Luoan.

Putting aside who would get the Demigod's blood at the end, the two pairs were on different sides from the start.

’’Zhao Feng's Eye of Heaven might attack at any time.’’

The warm youth tensed up and communicated with Meng Xi.

At this moment, Wen Luoan felt that the most fearful enemy wasn't Nan Gongsheng, but Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was outside, and he could attack with his Eye of Heaven at any time. Although Zhao Feng's battle-power might not be quite as good as the three King prodigies, his true body wasn't even here, so he could more easily control the situation.

’’But we can't give up on the Demigod's blood so easily.’’

How could Meng Xi not know that?

Once Nan Gongsheng obtained the Demigod's blood, he would become a King, and taking care of his enemies would be as easy as flipping his hand.

The three King prodigies were in a stalemate with no path of retreat.

Meanwhile, Zhao Feng was sitting in the Hidden Book Room and calmly reading his book.

’’Not bad, not bad. Just one drop of Demigod's blood is stalling the three King prodigies.’’

A smile appeared on Zhao Feng's face.

After getting control of the beast King, Zhao Feng knew that victory was already half his.

When he left the Heart Healing Palace, Zhao Feng had already planned to get the purple horn. After all, it would be hard for Zhao Feng to clash with the three King prodigies head-on. He was indeed a bit weaker weaker than them.

However, after obtaining the purple horn, the tide started to turn. He didn't need to fear fighting against the three King prodigies anymore.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Zhao Feng flipped through the book. Since there was enough time, he read through all the contents carefully.

Zhao Feng somehow felt that these books had their own consciousness, like there was a mysterious mental energy power within them.

’’I only need one or two days to finish all the books.’’

Zhao Feng was looking forward to it.

He soon completed the fifty-book limit and spent more of his focus on the center tomb.

The three King prodigies and the little thieving cat were still fighting.

None of the four would be able to take the Demigod's blood and escape for quite a while.

A day later, the Demigod's blood took the group to the depths of the tomb.

There was a strong aura of ghosts here, and powerful spirits of hatred would occasionally appear. Many of them were Kings when they were alive, and although most of their power had faded after they turned into spirits of hatred, it was still enough to trouble the three King prodigies.

Luckily, the spirits of hatred were scared of the Demigod's blood and didn't dare to get too close to it, otherwise, if some spirit Kings and an army of spirits of hatred came, they might be able to kill everyone.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat ordered the beast King to follow closely behind the Demigod's blood. The Demigod's blood would reduce the dangers in the tomb by 70%.

’’As expected of a forbidden area in the Demigod Forgotten Garden. 90% of people below the Void God Realm will die if they come here. Even Kings might not be able to retreat unharmed.’’

Zhao Feng's bones went cold from what he saw through the little thieving cat's eyes. The three King prodigies were all cold as well, but they couldn't retreat anymore.

Following the Demigod's blood was actually the safest method, and it represented great rewards at the same time.

’’Nan Gongsheng, I have a suggestion.’’

Meng Xi suddenly said.

’’What suggestion?’’

Nan Gongsheng replied emotionlessly. He had the help of the little thieving cat now, so he wasn't scared of Meng Xi and Wen Luoan teaming up.

’’We should team up and take the Demigod's the Demigod's blood out of the tomb first. Then we'll decide how to split it.’’

Meng Xi suggested.

Hearing that, Nan Gongsheng was slightly moved. This tomb was too terrifying;who knew what dangers it held?

’’But who will take care of the Demigod's blood?’’

Nan Gongsheng asked.

At this moment, the two pairs teamed up to restrict the Demigod's blood, but there were powerful spirits of hatred and even hatred spirit Kings here that would attack them so they would be unable to stand together.

Everyone did their best to avoid the attacks of the hatred spirit Kings.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat immediately waved its claws and offered to do it.

Nan Gongsheng revealed a weird expression.


The warm youth immediately shook his head.

Behind the little thieving cat's back was Zhao Feng, and his Eye of Heaven was extremely hard to deal with.

At this point, the plan was unable to be carried out. The other three wouldn't feel safe if someone else took control over the Demigod's blood.

Right at this moment:


An eye appeared above them and caused the hearts of the three King prodigies to shake.

The warm youth and Meng Xi gritted their teeth.

’’Junior Martial Brother Zhao, what is your suggestion?’’

They looked at the Eye of Heaven with complex expressions. Although Zhao Feng's battle-power wasn't as strong as the King prodigies, he was in full control of the situation.

’’It's easy;why not split the Demigod's blood into four parts? It'll be fair that way.’’

A voice came from the Eye of Heaven along with the descent of a magnificent aura.

’’Split it into four?’’

Everyone's eyebrows furrowed.

It wasn't as if they hadn't thought of this before, it was just that the power contained within the Demigod's blood was too terrifying.

Firstly, they weren't even sure if the Demigod's blood could be split into four parts. The Demigod's blood was just a drop of blood, but it had its own consciousness. If they forcefully split it apart, the Demigod's blood might explode, and the power of that could even kill Kings.

Hehe, if they forcefully split it, the Demigod's blood will definitely struggle, and its consciousness will weaken. When the Demigod's blood's resistance is at its lowest point, my Spatial Movement might be able to take it all away.

Zhao Feng had his own plans in mind.

The plans in mind.

The other people decided to give it a try.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat threw the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger into the air above the Demigod's blood.

’’En, work together and merge your power into the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger, then split the Demigod's blood together.’’

Zhao Feng suggested.

The other three King prodigies faintly nodded their heads.

The Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger was a sacred weapon of the Dao of Assassination that could ignore defense. It was the most suitable item to split the Demigod's blood.


With the little thieving cat at the center, the three King prodigies merged their strength into the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger.

However, before the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger could be slashed down:

Weng~~ Boom!!!!!

Nan Gongsheng, Meng Xi, Wen Luoan, and the beast King were sent flying. Amongst them, blood dripped from Meng Xi's mouth, and she glared at the Eye of Heaven with a cold expression.

The others looked at Zhao Feng with anger as well. If it weren't for the fact that it was just an eyeball above them, they might team up and attack him to release their anger.


Zhao Feng smiled. The Demigod's blood was like a living being that could feel fear.

If a dog panicked, it would jump over the fence. If the Demigod's blood was going to be cut up, it would have the decisiveness to self-destruct.

Zhao Feng's suggestion of splitting it up ended in failure.

Wen Luoan felt as if he was tricked. Split the Demigod's blood? That was just a trap. Does his waist not hurt from talking?


The Demigod's blood knocked the four back, and its aura became weaker as it headed toward the even-deeper parts of the tomb.

’’Go, go, go!’’

The group didn't have enough time to question Zhao Feng. They immediately chased after the Demigod's blood.

’’The aura of the Demigod's blood is much weaker now. It'll lose its consciousness after two more days, then it'll be unable to fight back.’’

Zhao Feng's Eye of Heaven disappeared as his consciousness returned to the Hidden Book Room.

’’There's just a couple dozen more books left.’’

Zhao Feng reached out and grabbed a book without resistance. The fifty-book limit seemed to increase during the last two or three days.

Without thinking anymore, he finished reading all the books in the Hidden Boom Room.


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