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King Of Gods - Chapter 664


Chapter 664

Chapter 664 - The Little Thieving Cat Showing Off

As the balance of the three King prodigies was about to be broken, Zhao Feng couldn't stand still anymore.

’’It'll be bad for me once Meng Xi and Wen Luoan finish off Nan Gongsheng.’’

Zhao Feng didn't wish to see this.

No matter how much of a threat Nan Gongsheng posed, he came from the Mystic True Sacred Clan as well, and the combination of Meng Xi and Wen Luoan would be a greater danger to Zhao Feng.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Nan Gongsheng's spatial secret technique was able to block Meng Xi and Wen Luoan's attack for the moment.


With a flash of silver, Nan Gongsheng grabbed the Demigod's blood and flew toward the very center of the tomb.

’’Nightmare Prison!’’

Meng Xi waved her hand, and faint lines formed a prison and merged into reality, decreasing Nan Gongsheng's ability to move.

’’Heaven Sealing War Punch!’’

The warm youth leapt into the air and sent a golden fist toward Nan Gongsheng, blocking off his paths of retreat.

Spatial Sky Slash!

Nan Gongsheng grabbed the Qiankun Sword and waved it, forming spiderweb-like cracks in the air.

Bam! Peng~~

The silver light radiating from Nan Gongsheng faded by over half. The beast King also attacked and released its Magnificent Power.


Nan Gongsheng retreated as blood dripped from his blood. The Demigod's blood had also escaped his control.

His face flickered with hatred and unwillingness.

In single combat, neither Meng Xi nor the warm youth would be his match. However, Meng Xi currently had the beast King and the help of the warm youth.

’’Finish him off first!’’

Meng Xi snickered coldly as her hair grew several times longer and restricted the Demigod's blood within a corner of the Nightmare Prison.

The warm youth and the beast King charged toward Nan Gongsheng.

Meng Xi tried to restrain the Demigod's blood while the warm youth tried to prevent Nan Gongsheng from escaping.

It was obvious that they both wanted to kill Nan Gongsheng, or at least severely injure him to a degree that he wouldn't be able to fight for the Demigod's blood anymore.

’’It isn't hard for me to escape, but to give the Demigod's blood away like this...’’

Nan Gongsheng's eyes went dark with helplessness and unwillingness.

Right at this moment, his heart shook as he looked at something in the air.

Specifically, the air behind Meng Xi.

The blurry outline of an eye started to form.


A little thieving cat hidden in a corner of the passage suddenly jumped out.


A mysterious transparent dagger flashed through the darkness.

The flash of light was filled with cold killing intent.

’’Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger!’’

The warm youth exclaimed and warned because the dagger was heading straight toward Meng Xi's eyes.

’’A strike that's merged into space.’’

Nan Gongsheng's eyes lit up.

It was hard to imagine what level of mastery mastery this palm-sized cat had reached in terms of Spatial Assassination.

Even normal half-step Kings probably wouldn't be able to evade the attack.

Meng Xi's expression changed. She felt a cold killing intent pierce into her heart, and her eyes started to hurt.

Even though she was in the Nightmare Dimension, she didn't want to take this hit head-on since this dagger, the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger, was on the same level as the Qiankun Sword and the Sky Locking Bow.

The Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger had fused the Dao of Assassination and the Dao of Space. It could ignore defense to a certain degree, and even the unkillable Death Guards were troubled by it.


Meng Xi seemed to foresee herself being stabbed by the dagger.


Meng Xi could only use her hair to face the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger. After all, she was holding the purple horn with one hand and controlling the beast King with it, while her other hand was restricting the Demigod's blood.


With the buff of the Nightmare Dimension, the strength of her long hair increased dramatically. She almost had battle-power comparable to a King.

The Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger was instantly washed away.

Nan Gongsheng sighed, but his heart jumped the next instant as he caught sight of something.


Meng Xi exclaimed. She realized that the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger had vanished in the Nightmare Dimension.

A strange aura of Space entered Space entered her Nightmare Dimension.


The Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger pierced through one of the Meng Xi's wrists.

More precisely, the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger suddenly appeared inside her wrist, then pierced through it.

’’Spatial Movement?’’

Nan Gongsheng was surprised. With his talent in Space, he could see the theory behind the Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger.


Meng Xi screamed as blood poured out from her wrist - the wrist that had been holding onto the purple horn.


Meng Xi's expression changed dramatically as she seemed to suddenly realize something.

The purple horn!

This was a unique item that she had, which could control the beast King. However, before she could do anything, a dark silver light flashed by.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat seemed to be lying in wait as it suddenly grabbed the purple-scaled horn.

This scene stunned the other two King prodigies.


Meng Xi roared as anger appeared on her stunning face.

The purple horn was her biggest card in the Demigod Forgotten Garden. With a beast King in hand, both Nan Gongsheng and the warm youth were wary of her.

Get back here!

Meng Xi circulated her Nightmare bloodline to its fullest extent, and faint lines stabbed toward the little thieving cat. However, the little thieving cat was extremely agile, and it knew spatial secret techniques, so it managed to dodge the attack with incredible methods.

In terms of agility, no one could be compared to the little thieving cat.

Meng little thieving cat.

Meng Xi's expression went grim. Just as she was about to use more killing moves:

’’divine Light of Destruction!’’

A stunning azure light shot toward Meng Xi in the Nightmare dimension.


Meng Xi's figure shook, and her Nightmare Dimension was almost dispersed by the divine Light of Destruction. Its power dropped by half.

It's him!

Meng Xi saw a cold blue eye gazing down at her.


Using this chance, the little thieving cat merged into the darkness and disappeared.

’’Don't let it get away!’’

Meng Xi was barely able to sense which direction the little thieving cat was running. However, to her surprise, the little thieving cat didn't run toward the outside.

Miao miao!

It held the purple horn and smiled a victorious smile.

Instead of running, it just stood there.

Nan Gongsheng and the warm youth both paused. Although this cat was strong, it wasn't strong enough to directly fight against Meng Xi. However, they understood the very next instant.


A Magnificent Power enveloped the little thieving cat.


The little thieving cat was pulled toward a purple horned beast.

The beast King!

The hearts of the three King prodigies shook.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat held the purple horn and bared its chest as it sat proudly on the beast King.

Its dance almost made Meng Xi cough out blood.

’’The beast King's being controlled by it now....’’

Nan Gongsheng and the warm youth were both stunned. They had not anticipated this at all.


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