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King Of Gods - Chapter 662


Chapter 662

Chapter 662 - Breaking Through to the Great Origin Core Realm

Back in the Hidden Book Room:

’’Heaven Sun Battle Race, ranked 98th among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. A legendary bloodline!’’

Zhao Feng was stunned at the warm youth's true strength.

He had read the Ten Thousand Ancient Races Rankings, so he knew how terrifying each of the top-one-hundred bloodlines were.

At this point, most of his attention was placed on the Heart Healing Palace.

The warm youth descended from the sky like a golden war god with battle-power comparable to a King.

Nan Gongsheng and Meng Xi had been in a stalemate for a day and were tired. They weren't at their peak. Furthermore, the Demigod's blood's resistance was much weaker than before due to the clash of the two geniuses.

In this critical moment, the warm youth dove in. It could be said that he had been lying in wait.


The Demigod's blood trembled in the grip of the golden palm. It radiated a surge of power, but it wasn't as strong as before.

Wen Luoan was motionless as his skin and hair glittered with gold.

The aura of a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline made the hearts of the geniuses within the Heart Healing Palace shake.


Wen Luoan's hand was like a furnace as it gripped the Demigod's blood and slowly moved it toward his interspatial ring.

However, the Demigod's blood still had its own consciousness, so it struggled.

If this drop of blood could be taken away so easily, then Zhao Feng's Spatial Movement or Nan Gongsheng's spatial techniques would have succeeded long ago.

However, Wen Luoan did better than Nan Gongsheng and Meng Xi.

He had at least managed to ’’hold’’ the Demigod's blood.

He did his best as he tried to move the Demigod's blood toward his interspatial ring.

’’Don't even think about it!’’

How could Nan Gongsheng and Meng Xi let him do as he pleased? They unleashed their attacks.

Seeing that, Wen Luoan had to block the beast King's attack and Nan Gongsheng's slash once more.


The power of the clash was comparable to a King as an enormous shockwave swept across half a mile.

There was no one else within twenty yards of the pond.


A small mark was left on Wen Luoan's neck, and this time, blood flowed out.


The warm youth groaned as golden light shone from the injury and started to heal. The recovery speed of the top-one-hundred bloodlines surpassed others.


The warm youth took the hit from Nan Gongsheng head-on, then leapt into the air.

If he was able to obtain the Demigod's blood, it would be worth it even if he needed to pay a price.

’’Get back here!’’

Just as the warm youth had flown out seven or eight yards, a silver figure flashed alongside a disturbance in space.

Qiankun Sword!

The silver figure appeared to be Nan Gongsheng, and he caused Heaven and Earth to tremble slightly as he slashed out with the inheritance scared weapon.

’’As expected of the number one genius of the Sacred Land. With Nan Gongsheng's talent, he won't let Wen Luoan retreat unharmed.’’

Zhao Feng paid close attention through the little thieving cat.

No one noticed a faint and blurry Eye of Heaven appear then quickly disappear.


The warm youth's golden fist smashed onto the Qiankun Sword and his figure shook, almost allowing the Demigod's blood to escape.

The power of the Qiankun Sword was too terrifying, even despite the fact that Nan Gongsheng could only use a tiny bit of its strength.


Before the warm youth could stand properly, long hair covered in a dreamy light wrapped around his other hand, which was holding the Demigod's blood.


The Demigod's blood managed to struggle free from the warm youth's grip.


After the Demigod's blood escaped, it floated in the air and started to hum.

Before the three geniuses could react:


The Demigod's blood flew through the air, as if unable to tolerate being tortured by the three anymore.

’’Follow it!’’

Nan Gongsheng reacted the fastest as he turned into a silver streak and pursued the Demigod's blood.

The warm youth followed, but he was unresigned. Just a moment ago, he was only one step away from obtaining the Demigod's blood.

He had to admit that he had underestimated Nan Gongsheng's strength. Nan Gongsheng's battle-power was also comparable to a King, and his Spatial Spiritual Body's talent was immeasurable.

In addition, Meng Xi had a beast King, and she was comparable to a King herself.

’’Three King-level prodigies....’’

The geniuses in the Heart Healing Palace could only look up up at the three figures, and a few of them followed behind.


The little thieving cat's figure flashed and followed the three prodigies.

’’That's right;follow Meng Xi.’’

Zhao Feng praised.

Meng Xi sat on the beast King's back, and its magnificent aura allowed everyone to easily sense it. Most of the others thinking about the Demigod's blood also followed her.


Zhao Feng then returned most of his attention back to the Hidden Book Room.

Now that the Demigod's blood had flown away, the clash between the three King prodigies would become more complex.

Zhao Feng guessed that the battle for the Demigod's blood wouldn't end anytime soon. As long as one of the three obtained the Demigod's blood, the other two would probably team up and attack the last one.

Within the Hidden Book Room, Zhao Feng multi-tasked;he cultivated and read books at the same time.

The Hidden Book Room had a rule that only 50 books could be read per day.

Zhao Feng quickly finished reading 50 books. When he tried to pick up the 51st, there was a strong resistance.

That meant that Zhao Feng could use more energy to cultivate and control the two dragonflymen.

The battle-power of the two dragonflymen was almost comparable to a half-step King, and they could retreat from most dangers.

The two dragonflymen would return every two days to hand over all the resources and treasures they had gathered.

’’The treasures in the Hundred Flower Garden are even more plentiful than the Purple Smoke Lake.’’

Zhao Feng organized the spoils of war from the two dragonflymen.

Dragonflymen were a weird offshoot species of humanity, somewhat similar to mermaids.

Even if Zhao Feng did nothing himself, the treasures gathered from the two dragonflymen were bountiful.

’’Scarlet Fire Lotus... Sky Limit Ginseng... great!’’

Zhao Feng was overjoyed as his eyes landed on two treasures.

The value of these two plants wasn't below the Purple Scaled Grass.

The Scarlet Fire Lotus contained a pure flame that could increase one's comprehension and cultivation of Scarlet Fire.

Zhao Feng's Scarlet Destruction Purple Lightning precisely needed this Scarlet Fire power.

If the power of Scarlet Fire could be merged into his Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning, the power of Destruction would become even stronger, and the burning effect would last for a long a long time.

On the other hand, the Sky Limit Ginseng was a treasure that could increase True Yuan. It was extremely suitable for those below the Void God Realm.

With this Sky Limit Ginseng, I should be able to breakthrough to the Great Origin Core Realm, and the Scarlet Fire Lotus can increase my comprehension of the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning.

Zhao Feng thought.

Because the Sky Limit Ginseng could help increase cultivation straight away, it needed to be used with caution. However, Zhao Feng thought that, since he had already formed a Crystal Core, comprehended King intent, and his state of existence was about on par with a King's, the Great Origin Core Realm should pose no issue to him at all.

Thinking up to there, he ate the Sky Limit Ginseng.

The energy within the Sky Limit Ginseng was extremely strong. Normal Origin Core Realms needed to create spiritual pills or chop it into parts first. However, Zhao Feng ate it all without worry.

A dominating source of energy surged into Zhao Feng's body.

Normal Sovereigns would've risked exploding, but Zhao Feng felt a warmth instead.

He circulated his half-step King intent and easily controlled the energy, merging it with his Crystal Core.

Half a day later, the energy of the Sky Limit Ginseng was easily stabilized by Zhao Feng.

It was a new day, so he continued multi-tasking by reading books and cultivating.

Reading was simple, and the fifty-book daily limit was soon finished.

On the other hand, the situation with the Demigod's blood had changed.

The Demigod's blood had somehow been lost.

It was too small and too fast. It was extremely hard to find a single drop of blood in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

The three King prodigies and the other geniuses obviously wouldn't give up though. They gave it their all to try to find it.

Although the Demigod's blood had disappeared, the three King prodigies could estimate its approximate location.

The geniuses that had entered the Demigod Forgotten Garden all had countless bloodline inheritances and secret techniques, and they were finally able to find the Demigod's blood.


The Demigod's blood flashed by on a leaf.

’’Follow it!’’

After hearing the news, the three King prodigies pursued it.

This time, the Demigod's blood flew for a long time before long time before entering a cold graveyard.

This graveyard was at the corner of the Demigod Forgotten Garden, and it was dead-silent. There were no living beings here, only some tombs and graves.

’’The Messy Graveyard!’’

Exclamations came from some of the geniuses.

Zhao Feng was also paying attention.

’’The Messy Graveyard is a forbidden area in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.’’

Many geniuses knew which places were forbidden in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

Zhao Feng also knew how terrifying the Messy Graveyard was.

Not many were willing to enter it.

Firstly, the Messy Graveyard was extremely dangerous, and there were many powerful ghost-corpses and spirits of hatred there. On top of that, some of them were Kings.

Secondly, the Messy Graveyard was literally just a graveyard. There was nothing there.

On top of that, there were still some curses remaining in the graveyard. If one was not careful, they wouldn't even know how they died.

Simply put, the Messy Graveyard was similar to the Forbidden Ground of a Hundred Graves, only a thousand times more dangerous.


The Demigod's blood flew into the Messy Graveyard.

Some of the geniuses hesitated, but the three King prodigies flew in without even stopping.

At this point, this was the fifth day Zhao Feng had entered the Hidden Book Room.

Over these five days, Zhao Feng had read half the books, and he fully absorbed the energy in the Sky Limit Ginseng and the remnants of the Immortal Springs Wine.

’’Early-stage Great Origin Core Realm!’’

Zhao Feng used his half-step King intent to control his True Yuan.

The Crystal Core had become a circle thicker.

As expected, the Great Origin Core Realm posed no difficulty to Zhao Feng. He broke through as soon as the required quantity was met.

’’Because I already formed my Crystal Core, breaking through to the Great Origin Core Realm doesn't actually increase my strength by much.’’

Zhao Feng murmured.

On the contrary, he was more looking forward to the Scarlet Fire Lotus, which would help him comprehend the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning.

While he was cultivating, he was still reading books.


He flipped over the cover of the book in his hand and his heart skipped a beat, ’’The Eight Great God Eyes?’’

This book had been placed in a corner of the room before and drew no special attention.


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