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King Of Gods - Chapter 660


Chapter 660

Chapter 660 - Nightmare Dimension

As Meng Xi was suppressing everyone, Zhao Feng momentarily gave up on competing for the Demigod's blood and retreated.

His Eye of Heaven would have a bigger advantage if he was further away.

’’However, I can only use the Eye of Heaven at the most critical moment in order to achieve the best effect.’’

Zhao Feng got further and further away from the Heart Healing Palace.

The little thieving cat was in the Heart Healing Palace, and Zhao Feng could share eyesight with it, which meant that Zhao Feng could still see what was happening in the Heart Healing Palace.

Around half the time it took to make tea later, the sound of flying came from ahead, as well as the appearance of a familiar King intent.

’’Nan Gongsheng!’’

Zhao Feng could see a proud youth in the air far away. It was, without a doubt, Nan Gongsheng, and the direction he was heading was the Heart Healing Palace.

’’There's going to be a show to watch now.’’

Zhao Feng was happy.

Nan Gongsheng had an ancient sword in his hand that changed the color of the sky wherever he went.

Qiankun Sword!

Zhao Feng's expression changed, and the Ice Imperial Spear that had merged with his bloodline trembled.

Nan Gongsheng had been accepted by the Qiankun Sword, so he could now use this inheritance sacred weapon. After all, his cultivation was almost comparable to a King.

Nan Gongsheng had spent a long time trying to gain the Qiankun Sword's recognition, otherwise this number one genius would have swept through everything already.

Nan Gongsheng passed through the air and glanced at Zhao Feng, but he didn't say anything as he kept going toward the Heart Healing Palace.

A while later, another few familiar figures appeared ahead.

’’Junior Martial Brother Zhao!’’

The newcomers were Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and company.

’’You're all headed toward the Heart Healing Palace, right? The competition there is very fierce....’’

Zhao Feng summarized what was happening, and he went in another direction after speaking.

Chen Yilin started to think. That Zhao Feng arrived at the Heart Healing Palace before us, but now he's retreating.

They couldn't understand Zhao Feng's actions.

Zhao Feng's strength should be below only Nan Gongsheng and Meng Xi's.

Zhao Feng went his own way toward a certain direction. It seemed that he had truly given up on the Demigod's blood, but in reality, most of his attention was still at the Heart Healing Palace.

’’I'll go find a quiet place first.’’

Zhao Feng scanned through the information in his mind and used his Eye of Heaven to quickly find a target.

’’Hidden Book Room.’’

Zhao Feng knew that there was a Hidden Book Room in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

The Hidden Book Room was the Demigod's book room, and it contained many books, but apparently, there were no techniques or skills inside.

The reason why the Demigod died was mainly due to the God Tribulations, and he apparently didn't have enough time to prepare a true, complete inheritance.

However, the reason why Zhao Feng chose the Hidden Book Room was mainly because it was quiet and far away.

At the same time, he also wanted to scout it out. Some people in the True Martial Sacred Land like to focus on lesser-known areas of the Demigod Forgotten Garden, thinking that there were some places that contained unknown fortune.

The Hidden Book Room was one of those places.

Being the book room of a Demigod, no fortune had ever appeared there - this alone was suspicious.

Right as Zhao Feng was heading toward the Hidden Book Room, the situation at the Heart Healing Palace changed.

’’The Demigod's blood is mine!’’

Nan Gongsheng descended from the sky and entered the Heart Healing Palace. Another Magnificent Power arrived above the pond.


With a flash, Nan Gongsheng appeared in front of the Demigod's blood.

’’Nan Gongsheng!’’

Meng Xi's expression changed. The Demigod's blood was extremely close to her palm.

Hu~ Roar~~~

The beast King roared and sent a wave of terrifying purple flaming lightning toward Nan Gongsheng.

This was the attack of a King. If it weren't for the fact that they were in the Demigod Forgotten Garden, the area nearby would have already been flipped and tossed around.


A Magnificent Power and a silver ripple of light appeared on Nan Gongsheng's body.


The attack from the beast King seemed to be transported through space.


A little cat in a a corner somewhere had a weird expression.

’’Spatial laws! As expected of the owner of a Heavenly Spiritual Body and a Spatial Spiritual Body.’’

Zhao Feng shared the same senses as the little thieving cat.


The clash of the two powers caused the air to tremble.

’’Not good...!’’

The nearby geniuses were unstable to stand.

The shockwaves from the clash of Kings could sweep across half a mile in the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

The jade stone footpath below started to crack.

However, nothing within the Demigod Forgotten Garden was simple.


Under a weird flow of energy, the destroyed buildings and paths started to automatically repair themselves. This was because the dimension of the Demigod Forgotten Garden was constructed by the Demigod, and the Demigod intent was the god here.

’’Demigod... Heavenly divine Realm... what kind of level is that?’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but look forward to it. The owner of his left eye was definitely a God from the ancient era, so they would've been at the Heavenly divine Realm at the least.


Nan Gongsheng roared, and a hole with a silver light around its edge appeared in front of his palm.


A mystic spatial pulling force locked on to the Demigod's blood.

It was obvious that Nan Gongsheng was using a spatial secret technique to try to take the Demigod's blood away.

Boom! Weng~~

The Demigod's blood had its own consciousness, and it radiated a divine power that tried resisting the pull from the spatial hole.

’’As I thought.’’

Zhao Feng wasn't surprised.

Nan Gongsheng's pulling force came from his spatial talent, and it was more of a close-range technique. It was much stronger than Zhao Feng's Spatial Movement. On top of that, Nan Gongsheng had almost reached the Void God Realm, so although the Demigod's blood struggled, it was still going toward him.

’’Don't even think about it!’’

Meng Xi used the purple horn and ordered the beast King to attack Nan Gongsheng.

She needed at least 50% of her energy to control the beast King.

’’Nightmare Dimension!’’

Meng Xi's hair blew wildly.

In this instant, everything within dozens of yards became covered with a dreamy light. Then, in the blink of an eye, the people nearby entered a weird dimension.

This dimension was still was still structured like the pond in the Heart Healing Palace, but the aura of space here had changed. It was as if another dimension had been eroded.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Meng Xi's hair grew out even longer and wrapped around Nan Gongsheng.

’’It's the Nightmare Dimension again!’’

Nan Gongsheng gritted his teeth.

The Nightmare Dimension didn't affect others much, but Meng Xi's strength increased dramatically.

’’Ranked 239 among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races - the Nightmare Race. Having a rare Soul bloodline, one can merge the Nightmare Dimension with reality.’’

The warm youth murmured to himself.

To be able to affect reality with an illusion... from this, one could see how terrifying this bloodline was.

’’The ultimate illusion is reality. Her bloodline can even faintly touch such a direction.’’

Zhao Feng was stunned.

His Eye of Illusion pulled the enemy's consciousness into an illusion constructed by himself, whereas Meng Xi pulled the illusory Nightmare Dimension into reality.

In this situation, everything that was once impossible for her was now possible.

For example, in the real world, Meng Xi's hair was only the length of a regular human, but in the Nightmare Dimension, her hair could become several times longer. It was like she had the abilities of a dream.

Of course, the effect of the Nightmare Dimension on reality was limited.

Near the pond, Meng Xi's strength increased dramatically, and the dreamy light nearby was different from the other parts of the Heart Healing Palace.

At this moment, Nan Gongsheng was on the defensive, and the spatial hole in front of his hand had disappeared.

’’Mystic Spatial Split!’’

Nan Gongsheng waved his hand, and a sharp silver light radiating a forbidden aura came from the air.

’’Nightmare Body!’’

Meng Xi's body that was covered in dreamy light started to shift.


The Mystic Spatial Split, which could instantly kill half-step Kings, did no damage to Meng Xi. Her defense had blocked 30% of the attack, and her imagination within the Nightmare Dimension could affect reality.

No one knew whether they would still be alive if they were killed in their dream. Meng Xi's Nightmare Dimension could increase this effect by several times and make it affect reality.

’’As expected of a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline. Ancient Races bloodline. It is indeed monstrous. If I could learn this Nightmare Dimension, it would be like creating a cheat.’’

Zhao Feng was stunned, but he knew that it would be extremely difficult to copy this ability. He had no intentions of doing so, at least for now.

’’Qiankun Sword!’’

Nan Gongsheng took out the inheritance sacred weapon.

With a slice of the Qiankun Sword, the Heaven and Earth seemed to flip around and shake. Even the Nightmare Dimension trembled and was weakened.

’’So, Nan Gongsheng did obtain the Qiankun Sword. Even if he can only use a tiny bit of its power, that's enough to destabilize my Nightmare Dimension and increase the amount of energy needed to maintain it.’’

Meng Xi's heart shook.

Nan Gongsheng was indeed worthy of being her destined rival.

Boom! Bam! Bam!

Meng Xi and Nan Gongsheng clashed. Their powers went into both the physical and the mental energy dimensions, and even the Nightmare Dimension.

The remaining geniuses had all retreated more than a hundred yards away.

Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and company just arrived and couldn't help but click their tongues.

’’Maybe Zhao Feng leaving was a smart idea.’’

Chen Yilin murmured.

Unless Nan Gongsheng and Meng Xi's strength dropped down by half, no one else would even dare to think about entering the fray.

The clash of the two geniuses entered a stalemate. Victory wouldn't be determined within a short amount of time.

However, at the same time, the power from the Demigod's blood was slowly weakening.

’’Fight. If those two are in their peak state, I don't have too much of a chance.’’

A smile of mockery appeared on a warm youth standing on a rooftop.

An hour later, there was a small book room made from bamboo in a courtyard.

When Zhao Feng stepped in the courtyard, light rain suddenly started to pour down.


Zhao Feng seemed to hear the sound of poems being sung, which interacted with the soft rain outside.

However, it didn't rain anywhere outside the courtyard.

Zhao Feng guessed that this was the intent of the Demigod Forgotten Garden's owner - quietly reading a book in the damp rains of Spring.

This was the Demigod's book room.

Zhao Feng stepped respectfully into the Hidden Book Room.


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