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King Of Gods - Chapter 66


KoG Chapter 66

Chapter 66 - Guanjun Palace

Zhao Feng was able to inspect Guangjun Province City twenty miles away while the others, including Ye Linyun, still saw it as a tiny black dot.

Within his left eye, the azure light had reached six foot three which stood for his cultivation.

Zhao Feng found that ever since he entered the sixth rank, the progress of his cultivation started to slow down unlike his martial arts. According to Ye Linyun, the nine ranks of the Martial Path strived to perfect one's body. So as one reached the later ranks, the harder it was progress.

The carriage soon entered the rich Province City.

On the way, Zhao Feng realised that any random youth would have the cultivation of the third and fourth rank.

The buildings here were far more majestic, it was not something Sun Feather City could be compared to. Finally, the carriage entered the depths of the city and stopped near a rich, noble palace. Compared to this, the Zhao family's mansion was just like an old bathroom, they weren't even close to being on the same level.

Just the front gate alone was several carriages wide. What surprised them more was that the eight guards at the front gate had already reached the fourth rank or higher.

’’Cultivators of the fourth rank are only guards here?’’ Zhao Feng was slightly dazed.

Being born in a small village and cultivating to this level, he understood how much effort and pain it took. Martial Artists of the fourth rank or higher would even be respected in Sun Feather City.

’’This is the Guanjun Palace and it is the most influential place in the city. I'll soon transfer you guys to the ’’Sky Guards Battalion’’ where we train our geniuses.’’ Ye Linyun warned.

Guanjun Palace! Sky Guards Battalion!

The breathing rate of Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei increased. After entering the Guanjun Palace, Zhao Feng realised that almost every cultivator was of the fourth rank or higher. Zhao Feng even saw three Martial Masters of the seventh rank.

Soon, Ye Linyun led the two to an old dirty field. It was weird that an old dirty field such as this would appear in the middle of the Guanjun Palace. On the field, there were a few tents and a low number of wooden rooms. Only in the very middle, there was a building.

’’This is the forbidden area of the Guanjun Palace - the Sky Guards Battalion’’, which was created by Lord Guanjun himself in the hope of raising some geniuses. At the same time, this is the backup of the Guanjun Corps.’’ Ye Linyun walked forward.

Sky Guards Battalion?

We're going to live in this sh*tty place? Zhao Feng stared at the dirty muddy field with ten wooden rooms and a few more tents. The environment here was so cr*p that it wasn't even able to be compared with Green Leaf Village,

’’Haha, Master Ye. These are the two geniuses you brought?’’ A white bearded old man came from the other side with a black clothed youth following behind him.

’’Master Hu.’’ Ye Linyun signalled to the white bearded old man.

While they were speaking, Master Hu casually looked at Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei.

Instantly, the two felt as if all their secrets had been exposed. Zhao Feng's heart shook, this old man's cultivation iwa probably even higher than Ye Linyun's.

It could be seen that the Guanjun Palace did indeed have an unique position to see two Martial Masters of the ninth rank here.

’’He's Huang Qi, a genius I picked from the Pearl Tree City, just fifteen years old and already at the sixth rank.’’ The old man smiled as he introduced the youth standing behind him with joy.

Fifteen years old and already at the sixth rank. His talent was indeed good. The youth named Huan Qi casually glanced at Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei, but surprise was seen in his eyes as he looked at the latter's.

Both the white bearded old man and Master Ye were in charge of sending their geniuses here. After they sent the three to the gate, the two Master's immediately stopped.

’’I'll send you up to here. You better perform well because Lord Guanjun will be coming out of secluded meditation next month... ’’ Ye Linyun warned then left.

Being a Martial Master of the ninth rank, his time was precious too.

The white bearded old man also talked to Huang Qi: ’’Lord Guanjun is known for his love of geniuses, especially young ones. You need to grasp this chance to change your destiny.’’

’’Yes, Master Hu.’’ Huan Qi took a deep breath and solemnly answered.

Lord Guanjun was a legend in this country and the Sky Guards Battalion was created by him. If he stayed here and cultivated, not only would he receive resources from the Guanjun Palace he would also get the chance to see the legendary Lord Guanjun.

The two from the Zhao family walked into the dirty fields with Huang Qi. On the way, they saw many youths of the same age. Most of them were between the ages of twelve and eighteen, but the majority were under sixteen. This meant that their ages were all similar.

’’Twelve years old, third rank... ’’ Zhao Feng couldn't help but click his tongue.

The two children who had just walked past were both twelve years old and they had reached the third rank. One needed to remember that Zhao Feng didn't even step into the Martial Path when he was twelve.

Furthermore, youths with fourteen and fifteen years of age could be seen everywhere and their cultivation were all at least of the fourth rank, with some even reaching the fifth and sixth rank. The scene turned the expression of the slightly arrogant Huang Qi solemn.

’’These three are probably new.’’ The youths of the Sky Guards Battalion looked curiously at the three, but the majority of the gazes landed on Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Yufei was beautiful and she had a pure angelic aura on her.

’’Look, there's a beautiful girl genius here.’’

Figures started to appear from within the Sky Guards Battalion. Looking at these new faces, sparks lit up within their eyes. Entering the Sky Guards Battalion, Zhao Feng and the other two all knew these were the geniuses across the country.

’’It should be here.’’

The three of them made their way to the center where the building was. As they had just entered the Sky Guards Battalion, they needed to come report here.

’’Are you three new?’’ A lazy voice sounded from behind.


Cold sweat appeared on Zhao Feng's back as he turned around and saw a silver clad youth there.

The three jumped up in fear, when did the person appear? Soon, Zhao Feng realised that the clothes were familiar. He suddenly realised that on the day of the summit, there was a similar figure wearing the same silver outfit and he had injured the elder of the Qiu family.

’’My name is Third Guard and I am the supervisor of the Sky Guards Battalion. From today, you're a member of the Sky Guards Battalion... Now listen to the rules... ’’ The youths words were simple and short.

The rules of the Sky Guards Battalion were strict.

Firstly, every member could only leave once a month. Secondly, different people received different treatments. Thirdly, as long as no one was seriously injured/crippled/dead, you could do whatever you wanted.

The first and third rules were easy to understand.

But what did the second one mean?

That afternoon, Zhao Feng understood the reason.

There was only ten wooden rooms and thirty tents in the Sky Guards Battalion. Because the three had just arrived, they all received an old worn tent which the three could just fit perfectly in.

’’We're supposed to sleep here?’’ Huang Qi tried to suppress his anger.

The old worn tent could barely block the rain and wind;as for anything else it was completely useless. Being the genius of Pearl Tree City when did he receive such treatment?

Zhao Feng scrunched his eyebrows, for him it was alright but Zhao Yufei was a woman and a pretty one too. This sh*tty tent couldn't even block most private parts.

Zhao Yufei bit her lips, but she didn't say anything.

’’Oi, new kids, all you need to do to enter the wooden rooms is beat their original owners.’’ A skinny youth walked over full of joy and warned.

The three immediately turned their gazes to the ten wooden rooms.

The rooms also had numbers one to ten on them. It was obvious that these ten were the elite of the elite.

’’Good! All I need to do to get a wooden room is just beat the original owner.’’ Huang Qi couldn't help but rub his hands together.

He had complete confidence that with his sixth rank cultivation and being the top genius of Pearl Tree City, he could easily get a room.

Dinner time.

The few Guanjun guards brought the food to the youth in their tents.

’’Peh! Pfff! What kind of food is this? It's like the food I feed my pigs!’’ Huang Qi tasted some but immediately spat it out.

It was just too disgusting.

Zhao Feng chewed a bit and also spat it out. The food they had received had all gone old. But the three soon realised that the guards who to the wooden rooms had plates full of delicious, tasty food.

’’F*k!’’ Huang Qi cursed and stood up.

It was obvious that the youths living inside the wooden rooms received better treatment.

’’The youths inside the wooden rooms are known as the ’’Ten Sky Guards’’. Where the rest of us eat leftover cr*p, they get to eat the wonders of the world and they have their own personal servants. Every month, we get two thousand one hundred pieces of silver, they get at least ten thousand and receive a variety of pills and resources. Apparently, if you become one of the Ten Sky Guards, there's a chance to receive pointers from Lord Guanjun himself.... ’’ The skinny youth from before said unfairly and talked about the different treatments they received.

Now, Zhao Feng fully understood the meaning of the second rule.

Different people get different treatments.

All that mattered here was strength, only through strength would you receive your respect.

’’I want to challenge someone!’’ Huang Qi howled as he threw the overdue food on the ground and sprinted in the direction of the wooden rooms.


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