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King Of Gods - Chapter 659


Chapter 659

Chapter 659 - Taking a Step Back for now

The horned beast had purple scales, and it was surrounded by purple lightning and flames. It gave off a Magnificent Power as it descended.

With the protection of the Magnificent Power of a King, Meng Xi was only half a yard away from the Demigod's blood.

Around the pond, many geniuses held their breath in shock.

She was already extremely close, and she had the help of a King beast. No one could stop her now.

’’Is the Demigod's blood going to land in Meng Xi's hands?’’

Brother Nan and Lei Zhen looked at each other, then gazed toward Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng had formed half-step King intent, as well as the aura of Magnificent Power. Maybe he could disrupt Meng Xi.

As for Mo Tianyu, he also came from the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan, so he wouldn't fight with Meng Xi.

’’If the Demigod's blood is taken by her so easily, then I have nothing to say.’’

Zhao Feng's left eye locked on to Meng Xi and the Demigod's blood.

He knew that he wasn't Meng Xi or the beast King's match.

Not only did the Demigod's blood contain immense power, it also had its own intelligence. If the Demigod's blood didn't have its own consciousness, then Zhao Feng would've been able to take it away with his Spatial Movement a long time ago.

As the geniuses watched, Meng Xi slowly closed in on the Demigod's blood.

A faint red appeared on her beautiful face, and her breathing rate increased.

’’Blood essence of a Demigod. It contains so much power....’’

Meng Xi's eyebrows furrowed. She felt extremely troubled even with the help of a King. The repelling force from the Demigod's blood was stronger with every step she took.


The Demigod's blood glittered with a golden light as it sent a wave of pressure in every direction.

Sand and rocks blew across the entire Heart Healing Palace as a tornado formed.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The nearby geniuses went flying.

Wah! Wah!

The closer ones spat out blood.

Blood leaked from Lei Zhen's mouth as he retreated several yards. Brother Nan and Mo Tianyu were both pushed back several yards.

Just as I expected.

Zhao Feng's body wavered slightly.

Meng Xi spat out a mouthful of blood even though she had the protection of a King, and her face became bright red.

Meng Xi's bloodline is related to the Dao of the Soul, so her physical body isn't very strong. If it were me, I might have succeeded.

Zhao Feng thought.

Reality proved that even a normal King wasn't able to easily obtain the Demigod's blood.

Some of the geniuses present let out a breath, but Meng Xi didn't give up. Amongst everyone, she still had the highest possibility of obtaining the Demigod's blood.


With the help of a King, Meng Xi used a suction force on the Demigod's blood.

A faint dreamy light enveloped the Demigod's blood.


The Demigod's blood seemed to be alive as it struggled.


The unicorn beast roared as the air nearby became eroded by purple lightning and flames.

The two combined to fight the Demigod's blood.


The Demigod's blood sent surging shockwaves throughout the dimension. The geniuses nearby were once again attacked, and they retreated far away.

’’I'll retreat for now.’’

Zhao Feng fought the pressure of the Demigod's blood as he slowly walked back.

At the same time, he looked looked at the warm youth on the rooftop from the corner of his eyes with caution. However, Wen Luoan's eyes were locked on to the Demigod's blood, and he didn't seem to be paying much attention to Zhao Feng.

’’I'll let this chick exhaust part of the Demigod's blood's power first.’’

The warm youth stood with his hands behind his back, and the shockwaves that came in his direction didn't affect him.

At this moment, most of the geniuses had retreated far from the ten-yard zone, and no one dared to fight Meng Xi for the Demigod's blood.

Meng Xi became the main character near the pond.

’’Why isn't Senior Martial Brother Nan Gongsheng here?’’

Zhao Feng suddenly remembered something and asked Dong Wenjian nearby.

Nan Gongsheng was ranked first amongst the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land. If he were here, he might be able to compete with Meng Xi.

’’Brother Nan Gongsheng is still trying to obtain the Qiankun Sword. He should have gotten the news by now.’’

Dong Wenjian said.

People had gone to tell Nan Gongsheng in the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower long ago.

Currently, only Meng Xi was next to the pond as she tried her best to obtain the Demigod's blood. She did everything she could, but all that happened was a bit of reduction in the distance between her and the blood.

’’The situation will become very complex if Nan Gongsheng arrives.’’

Meng Xi felt impatient.

Time passed by slowly, and the Demigod's blood was still struggling.

The people present all had nervous expressions. After all, the Demigod's blood was becoming closer and closer to Meng Xi's hand.

What kind of method is Meng Xi using to control to control the beast King?

Zhao Feng slowly retreated, and his gaze soon landed on the purple-scaled horn in Meng Xi's other hand.

So, that's how.

Zhao Feng immediately understood. Without outside help, it would be hard for Meng Xi to control a beast King even if she had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

However, Zhao Feng didn't understand how that purple horn was able to control a King in the Demigod Forgotten Garden. After thinking for a long time, there was only one possibility - the horn came from the Demigod Forgotten Garden to begin with, and it was refined in a unique way so that it could control the beast.

’’Brother Zhao, you're not going to compete anymore?’’

Brother Nan and Dong Wenjian didn't understand why Zhao Feng was retreating further and further away.

Of the geniuses present, Zhao Feng was the only one that had formed half-step King intent, so he was the one with the greatest chance to stop Meng Xi.

’’I give up on the Demigod's blood.’’

Zhao Feng answered as he retreated further and further away.

Even if I did somehow obtain the Demigod's blood by luck, I wouldn't be able to retreat from the attacks of Meng Xi, the beast King, the warm youth, and all the other experts.

Zhao Feng thought.

Therefore, his first step was to give up on the competition for the Demigod's blood.

He wasn't faking it - Zhao Feng truly did leave the Heart Healing Palace.

Miao miao!

Zhao Feng grabbed the little thieving cat out of the ring.

The little thieving cat was burping, and it was acting like an aggressive drunk as it looked toward Zhao Feng in dissatisfaction.

The air in dissatisfaction.

The air of alcohol made Zhao Feng furrow his eyebrows.

Eye of Ice Soul.

Zhao Feng's left eye became ice-blue, and a cold sensation passed through the little thieving cat's soul.


The little thieving cat hiccupped as it became much more clear-minded.

’’Little thieving cat, you stay in the Heart Healing Palace.’’

Zhao Feng ordered.

The little thieving cat glanced toward the direction of Meng Xi and the beast King and shook its head. It was an agile-type spiritual pet, and its physical body wasn't strong. How could it withstand the pressure from the Demigod's blood?

Just a burp from the unicorn would probably make it lose a layer of skin.

’’Just stay here and keep a lookout.’’

Zhao Feng obviously wouldn't depend on the little thieving cat to fight for the Demigod's blood. It probably wouldn't even be able to get within a couple yards of the Demigod's blood.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat finally nodded its head, and its eyes started to spin as it gestured toward Zhao Feng with its paws.

’’Hm? It's good that you understand me.’’

Zhao Feng paused slightly. The little thieving cat was like a cunning fox, so it knew what Zhao Feng had in mind.


The little thieving cat's body disappeared. It hid in a random corner of the Heart Healing Palace while Zhao Feng sat on the scorching horse with the two dragonflymen behind him.

’’There's no point in me going to the Heart Healing Palace if someone as strong as Meng Xi is there. Only in the Eye of Heaven state will I have a complete King intent.’’

Zhao Feng thought as he left the Heart Healing Palace without even looking back once.


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