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King Of Gods - Chapter 655


Chapter 655

Chapter 655 - Leader

In the Demigod's underground wine cellar, Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and company looked at Zhao Feng with complex feelings.

In just a short amount of time, they witnessed Zhao Feng form half-step King intent even though he wasn't even at the Great Origin Core Realm yet, and he already showed signs of forming the Magnificent Power of a King.

In addition, the miracle of that genius from several thousand years ago had been replicated by Zhao Feng.

From the Purple Scaled Grass to the mermaid tears, then to the Immortal Springs Wine and the Illusion God Wine, Zhao Feng had grasped every fortune of the Purple Smoke Lake.

More importantly, he didn't rely on luck.

Back then, the genius had relied on luck to obtain the Illusion God Wine and the Immortal Springs Wine. However, Zhao Feng had planned everything out and kept everything under his control.

’’I've succeeded in conquering the Purple Smoke Lake.’’

Zhao Feng was extremely satisfied.

He had read through the Demigod Forgotten Garden's information before, so he knew that the Purple Smoke Lake was the most suitable for him.

It could be said that over ninety percent of the most important fortunes of the lake had been obtained by Zhao Feng.

If I didn't have the mermaid tears cleansing my soul and purifying it, I wouldn't have been able to comprehend King intent so quickly.

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart. A lot of factors had contributed to his success, including: the mermaid tears, the Illusion God Wine, the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique, and the God's Spiritual Eye.

From that, one could see that the birth of any King relied on fortune.

In the dimension of his left eye, the lake had expanded to ninety-six yards, and it was approaching the hundred-yard mark.


Zhao Feng suddenly realized that there was a faint purple in the center of his left eye, and this shook his heart.

Instinct told him that, as long as the lake expanded past a hundred yards, his God's Spiritual Eye would evolve again.

’’Once the God's Spiritual Eye evolves, I might fall asleep like in the past.’’

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled.

That meant that it wasn't good for him to strengthen his soul right now.

The Demigod Forgotten Garden was filled with danger, and it was only open for half a month.

Comprehending the King intent and maintaining it in conjunction with the Eye of Heaven had strengthened his soul.

Thinking up to there, Zhao Feng started to circulate the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique.


Zhao Feng's divine Sense split into seventy or eighty thoughts. It was starting to approach the One Thought into a Hundred level.

After sitting down for a while, Zhao Feng suddenly remembered something. An ancient bow suddenly appeared in his hand.

The bow was dark silver, and it had mysterious carvings on it that glittered with a cold metallic light.

The instant it appeared, a shocking pressure emanated from it that filled the air with sharpness.

The hearts of all the Core disciples present shook, and their weapons started to tremble in fear of this weapon.

’’That bow...!’’

Chen Yilin and company weren't even able to look at the bow directly, and they felt as if there was a large pressure on them.

Even Zhao Feng felt that the bow was heavy. His half-step King intent also shook slightly.

’’Sky Locking Bow!’’ Chen Yilin couldn't help but exclaim. ’’Isn't that one of the sacred weapons from the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower!?’’

Jiang Fan and company were stunned speechless.

The Sky Locking Bow was an extremely famous inheritance sacred weapon even amongst the entire Cang Ocean.

In this world, almost every inheritance sacred weapon had been refined by a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord.

’’Normal inheritance sacred weapons are at least at the peak Earth-Grade, and they might even be at the Heaven-Grade.’’

Waves roared through Chen Yilin and company's hearts. Zhao Feng had always stayed in the Demigod's wine cellar. How could he have obtained the Sky Locking Bow?


Zhao Feng quickly put the Sky Locking Bow away.

His current strength was probably not enough to use the Sky Locking Bow. Besides, he hadn't fully obtained the Sky Locking Bow's approval yet, nor had he refined it.

’’Brother Chen, you seem to know this bow?’’

Zhao Feng looked over.

Chen Yilin let out a light breath and tried to maintain his calmness, ’’Apparently, the Sky Locking Bow is a a divine bow that has the ability to break through space and even lock on to one's soul. The legends say that, when one is locked on to by the Sky Locking Bow, merging into Heaven and Earth or hiding in space will do nothing.’’

Hearing that, Zhao Feng couldn't help but take a cold breath.

’’When one is locked on to by the Sky Locking Bow, it can't be dodged?’’

That sounded absolutely stunning.

’’...but apparently, one of the requirements is that the user must have a strong Soul talent and be talented in the laws of Space or have a unique eye-bloodline.’’

Chen Yilin continued.

Hearing up to there, Zhao Feng started to think.

The Sky Locking Bow must have had its reasons to choose him.

Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline was mostly Soul-based, and it had abilities like Spatial Movement and the Eye of Heaven. It was indeed suitable for the Sky Locking Bow.

Of course, it would be hard for Zhao Feng to control this inheritance sacred weapon right away. He needed to inspect it further after exiting the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

Half the time it took to make tea later, Zhao Feng's soul power was slowly recovering.

After comprehending King intent, his soul power and recovery speed were much faster.

’’Everyone, I shall be leaving the Purple Smoke Lake now.’’

Zhao Feng stood up and said.

He had used the Eye of Heaven earlier to gaze down upon the entire Demigod Forgotten Garden, and he had understood much.

The next target will be the Heart Healing Palace.

Zhao Feng thought.

The blood of a Demigod had appeared in the Heart Healing Palace.

One had to know that the owner of the Demigod Forgotten Garden had half a foot stepped into the domain of Gods. A drop of a Demigod's blood contained immeasurable divine power, and it was better than any resource. Even Kings and Emperors would want it.

’’Brother Zhao, why are you leaving in such a rush?’’

Chen Yilin and Jiang Fan's expression changed.

They didn't want to leave the Demigod's underground wine cellar. The Illusion God Wine was too attractive, and they couldn't leave Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng's controlling the Mermaid Princess. Once he leaves, we won't be able to stay either.

Their stay either.

Their hearts were clear.

’’Brother Zhao, you've already comprehended the basis of King intent and formed half-step King intent. Is it possible for you to help us obtain some Illusion God Wine?’’

Chen Yilin asked.

Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed as he started to think.

The cup containing the Illusion God Wine in the cabinet had disappeared, but there would be the occasional bit of Illusion God Wine flowing elsewhere.

Zhao Feng finally spoke as Chen Yilin and company looked at him nervously, ’’I can help, but you also need to help me with something.’’

’’Brother Zhao, what is it?’’

Chen Yilin and company perked up. They were only scared that Zhao Feng wouldn't agree.

’’You need to help me fight a strong foe together after leaving the Mermaid divine Palace.’’

Zhao Feng said.

Strong foe?

Chen Yilin and Jiang Fan looked at each other with surprise. Who could it be for Zhao Feng, who had comprehended King intent, to call a strong foe?

Could it be the Mermaid King?

’’It's not the Mermaid King.’’

Zhao Feng immediately said.


With just a thought, Zhao Feng made the faint image of a warm youth appear.

’’It's him.’’

Chen Yilin and company had a slight impression of Wen Luoan. After all, he had reached the Great Origin Core Realm, and people already guessed that his strength was at the level of the top ten geniuses before the Demigod Forgotten Garden even opened.

’’We come from the same clan;fighting a strong foe together is our duty.’’

’’That's right, we'll give it our all.’’

Everyone nodded their heads.

’’That's good.’’

Zhao Feng smiled faintly. If Chen Yilin and company were willing to help him, then giving them a bit of Illusion God Wine to increase their strength was reasonable.

With Zhao Feng's help, the group obtained three more cups' worth of Illusion God Wine. Zhao Feng left one for himself while giving the other two cups to the others.

The Demigod's cellar could only create a certain amount of Illusion God Wine every day, and when the limit was reached, one would need to wait another day.

’’Thank you, Brother Zhao.’’

Chen Yilin and Jiang Fan expressed their gratitude, and they were extremely excited.

The two sighed as they thought about the past. Thinking back to Thinking back to when they first met Zhao Feng, they thought that they wouldn't ever interact with him in the future, and now Zhao Feng was helping them obtain the Illusion God Wine.

To a certain extent, the Illusion God Wine could change their fate within a hundred years.

Chen Yilin and Jiang Fan shared one cup while the rest shared the one other cup.

A cup had around three or four gulps.

Zhao Feng was also watching as they drank the Illusion God Wine. He wanted to see how much of an effect the Illusion God Wine had on them.

Zhao Feng guessed that, since Chen Yilin's soul and intent were stronger, his chances of comprehending King intent were high. Chen Yilin also had the highest cultivation.

As expected, a King intent soon surged from Chen Yilin.

Of course, the effect of the Illusion God Wine was much weaker than when Zhao Feng used it. Chen Yilin had to take two sips to comprehend King intent.

A half-step King intent started to condense on Chen Yilin's body, but it wasn't even half as strong as Zhao Feng's.

’’Congratulations, Brother Chen.’’

Zhao Feng wasn't surprised as he congratulated.

’’I've only barely managed to touch King intent over the past year. I didn't expect to form half-step King intent today.’’

Chen Yilin's face was filled with joy and gratitude.

If he didn't have the Illusion God Wine, it would've taken him more than ten years to form half-step King intent. However, after using the mermaid tears and the Illusion God Wine on his foundation, he was luckily able to condense half-step King intent.

Apart from Chen Yilin, all the remaining Core disciples had managed to barely comprehend King intent, but they couldn't form it yet.

Amongst them, Jiang Fan's mental energy level had reached the Great Origin Core Realm, but he was still a bit far away from half-step King intent.

Their attributes all rose, and Zhao Feng nodded his head. The strength of this group had increased.

Jiang Fan's strength was probably enough to step into the list of top ten geniuses, and Chen Yilin's ranking amongst the top ten should probably go up a bit.

’’Brother Zhao, we shall follow you.’’

Chen Yilin said solemnly.


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