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King Of Gods - Chapter 653


Chapter 653

Chapter 653 - Mermaid King, Thank You

The Illusion God Wine was indeed worthy of being one of the Fan Universe's most legendary types of alcohol. In just a short while, Zhao Feng had entered a profound state that allowed him to comprehend King intent before actually breaking through.

Of course, the effect of the Illusion God Wine was momentary. He hadn't truly reached the level of a King.

Everything depended on one's ability of understanding and how long the Illusion God Wine's effect lasted, and Zhao Feng was different from others who had used the Illusion God Wine.

Normally, people would have a blurry consciousness from the alcohol, but Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye allowed him to be half-awake. This meant that he had a clearer ability to comprehend during the wine's effect.

Furthermore, the God's Spiritual Eye had powerful inspection and comprehension abilities to begin with, allowing Zhao Feng to touch the edges of the Void God Realm.

His consciousness had left his physical body and merged with nature.

Zhao Feng suppressed the drunkenness and used every moment to gain understanding.

He realized that, after his consciousness left his body, his compatibility with Heaven and Earth reached a new high.

Zhao Feng's consciousness could see his own body below, as well as Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and company's expressions.

With just one thought, Zhao Feng could gather utmost power, and he could use more Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. This was the Magnificent Power that only a King had.

However, Zhao Feng hadn't condensed a full Void God intent, and the Magnificent Power was just in its early stages. However, in his current state, Zhao Feng could absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi thousands of times faster.


Under Zhao Feng's guidance, the limitless Heaven Earth Yuan Qi entered his Crystal Core, and the Immortal Springs Wine was quickly absorbed.

Zhao Feng's state of existence and cultivation increased rapidly.

’’Peak Small Origin Core Realm!’’

Zhao Feng's King intent allowed him to absorb the Immortal Springs Wine to its maximum and breakthrough. In just an instant, his cultivation had reached the peak Small Origin Core Realm.

’’My Core Center has already long crystallized, so the Great Origin Core Realm poses no challenge to me.’’

Zhao Feng felt that the Great Origin Core Realm was within grasp.

However, at this moment, the effect of the Illusion God Wine started to fade. The mystic state was starting to blur.

Everything was like the calm and clear water of a pond that was about to be disturbed.


Zhao Feng immediately drank another gulp or two of Illusion God Wine.


The profound state started to become clearer, and the feeling of King intent once again spread across Zhao Feng's body.

’’I've completely absorbed the power of the Immortal Springs Wine. My state of existence is around the same as a King.’’

Zhao Feng felt that his state of existence had reached another level.

One had to know that he drank three gulps of Immortal Springs Wine. Normal people would need a year or even longer to completely absorb all the Immortal Springs Wine, but Zhao Feng had done it in an instant.

At this moment in time, he was like a true king, and all the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was bowing to him.

His every thought and action caused Magnificent Power to move, and the Crystal Core in Zhao Feng's body was slowly expanding.

’’I already have a Crystal Core, so breaking through to the Great Origin Core Realm won't increase my strength by much.’’

Zhao Feng's main focus wasn't cultivation. The most precious thing was still the comprehension of King intent.

With the first sip a moment ago, Zhao Feng had barely comprehended the edges of it.

The second time, Zhao Feng took another two sips of the Illusion God Wine so the effect would be stronger.

’’This feeling of leaving my physical body is similar to my Eye of Heaven.’’

Zhao Feng suddenly remembered something.

The Eye of Heaven was similar to King intent.

When thinking up to there, Zhao Feng started to circulate his God's Spiritual Eye.


In that instant, Zhao Feng's consciousness and senses expanded by countless times, and his King intent's range also expanded dramatically.

’’The Mermaid divine Palace!’’

A transparent blue eye appeared in the underwater world and gazed down at the Mermaid divine Palace.

Zhao Feng's heart shook. shook. Who knew what would happen when the Eye of Heaven and the King intent combined? However, one thing was for sure - his understanding of King intent would become deeper, and the range would expand.


His King intent appeared among Heaven and Earth.

’’Whose King intent is this?’’

Another divine Sense of a King flew through the air, and the Magnificent Power of a King shook the soul-dimension.

The owner of this divine Sense was obviously the Mermaid King.

’’It's you!?’’

The Mermaid King looked at the Eye of Heaven and confirmed that it was Zhao Feng's left eye. This made his heart shake.

This brat actually had King intent? Is this the effect of the Illusion God Wine?

The Mermaid King's Magnificent Power was extremely strong, and he seemed to be a God.

The two King intents clashed, and Zhao Feng's intent was instantly suppressed and almost shattered, but luckily, the Eye of Heaven was a very unique technique that allowed his intent to consolidate itself.

His intent started to reform after being shattered, which allowed Zhao Feng's understanding and control to increase even more.

’’The Mermaid King's condensed his King intent a lot, so his every action and every breath are one with Heaven and Earth.’’

Zhao Feng started to inspect the Mermaid King's King intent and found the critical point - the will of a Void God Realm King.

’’Condensing this intent to the maximum and combining it with his will until they become one - that is King intent.’’

Zhao Feng understood, but at the end of the day, theory was just theory. Completing that step required one's soul and mental energy to reach a very high level.

Zhao Feng's mental energy had already reached that step with the help of the Illusion God Wine and the Eye of Heaven.

As for his soul, Zhao Feng had barely managed to meet that step since he had cultivated the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique.

Thinking up to there, Zhao Feng started to circulate the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique as well, condensing his mental energy over and over.

This was a hard step, but it wasn't too hard for Zhao Feng since Feng since his God's Spiritual Eye had the power of ’’copying.’’


The Mermaid King's Magnificent Power shook the soul-dimension.

’’Hmph, without the intent of a King, it doesn't matter if you are able to enter this state. You won't be able to last long.’’

The Mermaid King snickered coldly, but right at that moment:


A Magnificent Power of a King formed around the Eye of Heaven.

’’What!!? How!!?’’

The Mermaid King couldn't help but exclaim.

Although the King intent was extremely weak, it was agile and light, as if it had been refined by dozens of separate intents.

’’Hehe. Mermaid King, thank you.’’

A new divine Sense scanned from around the Eye of Heaven.

Without the Mermaid King, a ’’real teacher teaching him,’’ it would've been hard for Zhao Feng to condense his King intent.

As expected, after refining his King intent, Zhao Feng's every thought and action could easily reach the level of a King. His will had been imprinted onto the King intent, and even though the effect of the Illusion God Wine started to fade, Zhao Feng's mind only became clearer and clearer. His new King intent didn't fade away.

’’F*king human~~~!’’

The Mermaid King's angry roar resounded across Heaven and Earth.

The Magnificent Power of a King caused the water to freeze, and the minds of living beings nearby were unable to move.

’’There's no use.’’

The newly-formed King intent released a Magnificent Power that passed through the soul.

The Mermaid King's Magnificent Power wasn't able to stop Zhao Feng. All it could do was suppress him.


The Eye of Heaven suddenly disappeared from above the Mermaid divine Palace.

In the underground wine cellar, Zhao Feng opened his eyes, and a smile appeared on his face as he put away the remaining Illusion God Wine.

With just a thought, he could enter the ’’one with Heaven and Earth’’ state, and his intent could pass through both the physical and the mental energy worlds.

However, after exiting from the Eye of Heaven state, Zhao Feng's King intent would be weaker.

...but even if that's the case, I now have a half-step King intent that's even greater than other half-step Kings'.

Zhao Feng wasn't surprised. After all, the main reason the main reason why he could form King intent just now was because of the Eye of Heaven, so it would only be at the half-step King level without the Eye of Heaven.

’’Half-step King intent...!’’

Chen Yilin and company felt a magnificent force that pressured them.

Apart from Chen Yilin and Jiang Fan, the minds of everyone else were unable to even go against Zhao Feng's thoughts.

’’This isn't just a normal half-step King intent!’’

Chen Yilin's heart shook.

Zhao Feng's half-step King intent contained the intent of a true Void God Realm King and was extremely strong, whereas normal half-step Kings couldn't form Magnificent Power.

’’My intent is also suppressed by the Demigod intent of the Demigod Forgotten Garden.’’

Zhao Feng murmured.

After reaching his current level, he knew how terrifying the Demigod intent truly was.

If his own intent was a pond, then the Demigod intent was an ocean.

’’The effect of the Illusion God Wine is so strong?’’

Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and company were respectful yet envious.

They didn't know that Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye and Eye of Heaven allowed the Illusion God Wine to be absorbed to its absolute limit. Furthermore, the Mermaid King had ’’demonstrated’’ for him.

If it were any other genius that drank the same amount of Illusion God Wine, the effect wouldn't reach even one-tenth of Zhao Feng's in the same amount of time.

In my normal state, my intent is only at the half-step King level. Let's try the Eye of Heaven.

Zhao Feng thought.


His intent left his body and gazed down on the Mermaid divine Kingdom.

The Eye of Heaven's range of vision was becoming bigger and bigger.


A transparent blue eye merged into the sky of the Purple Smoke Lake, and a Magnificent Power appeared around the Eye of Heaven that seemed to freeze Heaven and Earth.

Zhao Feng's intent had reached the beginning stages of a King.

’’As expected, only in the Eye of Heaven state will I have a true King intent.’’

Zhao Feng felt extremely good. It was as if he was a king looking down at the world.

The thought of a King intent could easily kill normal Sovereigns and Sovereign Lords.


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