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King Of Gods - Chapter 65


KoG Chapter 65

Chapter 65 - Archery God's Left Eye

Zhao Feng's Lightly Floating Ferry had not only reached the high level, his Lightly Micro Step had also consolidated at the Max level when he had merged the Flowing Wind Stance with it. There was no one in Sun Feather City who had reached max level of a high ranked martial art, including the older generation.

’’If you're going to be ungrateful, then don't blame me for not holding back.’’ Killing intent was released from Zhao Feng.

Just before Liu Guirong and the two elders had tried to kill him. If it wasn't for the fact that he was strong, he may have died.

Just as Liu Guirong had said, Zhao Feng was still too soft hearted. To be kind to the enemy was to be cruel to yourself.

’’Breaking Wind Palm, die... ’’

Liu Guirong pretended to use his killing move, but in reality, his figure went in the opposite direction.


The two elders reacted as well. By now, they understood the difference between them and Zhao Feng.

’’Stay!’’ Zhao Feng ordered as his figure lept into the air and stabbed out his finger multiple times.

Ssss... Sssss... Ssss...

Hissing sounds came from the air. Three azure lights pierced the air and hit their targets.

’’Wuu... ’’

Liu Guirong's body stiffened as a hole the size of a finger appeared on his forehead. The expression of fear and shock still remained on his face.

Zhao Feng hadn't even come close to him, so how did a hole appear on his forehead? The two elders however had seen how Zhao Feng moved, but two blood stains appeared on their chests as well.

Plop! Plop!

The two elders of the fifth rank fell to the ground. Dead.

Zhao Feng had used his Spatial Star Finger to kill them.


At this time, Zhao Feng landed on the ground again. He had killed the three of them in only a breath's time. A Martial Master would probably have difficulty in doing this, but Zhao Feng had increased reaction speed and his left eye had locked on to his targets.

’’Spare us!’’ Zhao Feng's cold blooded methods had stunned the six injured martial artists on the ground.

In their eyes, Zhao Feng's methods could be said to be on par with Martial Masters. Zhao Feng didn't bother to deal with them as he walked slowly out of the lounge.

At this time, the people of the branch sect had finally arrived.

Coming into the lounge of the Liu family, the sect leader Zhao Kayuan looked at Zhao Feng deeply.

’’This is a warning and example for all the powers inside Green Leaf Village.’’ Zhao Feng stood on the rooftop as his voice resounded around the village.

An example!

The hearts of everyone trembled as they understood the meaning of the youth's words. From now on if any power within Green Leaf Village dared to infuriate the Zhao family, this would be their outcome.

A family such as the Liu's had reached such a state, what would theirs be in comparison? The genius produced from the Zhao family could threaten all the powers in the Green Leaf Village now.

Solving this problem, Zhao Feng left the other small matters for Zhao Kayuan to deal with. Green Leaf Village was the place had he grown up in and he had deep emotions for this place.

Now that he had enough strength, he was obviously going to protect it. Zhao Feng only stayed in the village for one day before he left.

His will was the outside world, Green Leaf Village and Sun Feather City couldn't stop him.

A few hours later, Zhao Feng arrived back at the main Zhao family. Tomorrow, he was going to leave this place and enter a brand new stage. But before he left, Zhao Feng still made the last preparations as packed his important items which included the thousand year blood plant, bamboo and spirit plant.

Furthermore, there was still the silver bow which Zhao Feng decided to take, but unexpectedly, the high level decided to give him a better one.

’’We know that you're very talented with the bow, so we're going to give this ’’Golden Stairs Bow’’ to you. The bow is one of the weapons of our ancestors and only martial masters can use it's full power.’’ Elder Zhao handed over a wooden box.

Opening the box, a golden bow lay silently there. It's look was simple, but the string glowed faintly gold. Gently, he pulled the golden string, but he found that there was quite a bit of resistance. One had to know that Zhao Feng's Metal Wall Technique had reached the fifth level, so in strength alone he was even stronger than martial masters.


The string trembled as he let go. He was certain that this Golden Stairs Bow had surpassed the Silver Bow in many grades.

’’When did the family become so nice as to giving me silver and weapons?’’ Although Zhao Feng said this he was still pleased with this bow.

With the help of the Golden Stairs Bow, he could threaten the lives of cultivators of the seventh rank. That day, Zhao Feng stayed inside his room getting familiar with the bow. Within his mind, his Flowing Meteor Archery Skill merged with his mind. With Zhao Feng's enhanced vision, normal skills didn't come into his eyes at all.

’’I need to fully merge all of the archery skills to be able to use half the potential of my left eye.’’

Zhao Feng had the first born advantage in archery, normal archery skills didn't help him at all. Obviously, he still needed a few days to merge all these archery skills together.

The second morning.

Both Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei arrived early. The two looked at each other and smiled. After the summit, the two now stood at the peak of Sun Feather City.

Soon, the head of the sect arrived as well. Facing Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei, the elders were all very respectful because they knew their futures were unmeasurable. With their potential, they may be able to lead the Zhao family to a greater height.


An azure blur appeared on the rooftop of the hall and a handsome man appeared. The person that came was Master Ye, but no one had seen how he came.

’’Zhao Feng, Zhao Yufei the three days have passed, you two will now come with me to the Guanjun Province City.’’ Ye Linyun smiled faintly.

’’Yes.’’ Zhao Yufei and Zhao Feng replied in unison.

The man standing in front of them was one of the strongest people in the Cloud Country, the entire Zhao family had no chance against him.

Ceng! Ceng!

The two followed Ye Linyun and sat in a carriage that headed Northwards.

Under the shadow of a tree outside of the Zhao family's gate.

’’It's better this way... With Yufei's potential and secret....’’ A one armed old man sent the carriage away with his eyes.

For the next few days, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei headed towards Guanjun Province City. The distance from Guanjun Province City and Sun Feather City took about four to five days on the carriage to travel. In this time, Zhao Feng merged the essence of the archery skills together to create his own skill.

Because this skill was built on various skills and his left eye, he decided to name it ’’Archery God's Left Eye’’. The Left Eye stood for for his own eye which came from an Ancient God. As time passed, the skill started to form.

’’My Archery God's Left Eye relies on the abilities of my left eye. The essence of the skill probably surpasses peak ranked martial arts.’’ Zhao Feng estimated.

Archery skills were quite rare, there wasn't any peak ranked archery skills in the Zhao family's martial arts library.

On the journey, Ye Linyun spent most of his time cross legged, cultivating...

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart, he had reached the ninth rank already and he was still putting in so much effort.

If the legendary Holy Martial Path was excluded, didn't that mean the ninth rank was the strongest?

As if sensing Zhao Feng's gaze Ye Linyun opened his eyes: ’’There's still half a days time till we reach Guanjun Province City. Do you have any questions you want me to answer?’’

Asking a Martial Master of the ninth rank questions?

Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei saw the excitement in each other's eyes.

’’What kind of realm is the Holy Martial Path?’’ Zhao Feng asked.

’’Holy Martial Path is the realm above the ninth rank, but since I haven't reached it I can't really tell you much about it. But according to the books, once someone reaches the Holy Martial Path, their bodies would undergo certain changes and their lifespans would increase. You could understand it as surpassing the limits of the human body.’’ Ye Linyun answered.

Surpassing the limits of the human body?

Zhao Feng couldn't help but remember the Burning Wind Stance. The move seemed to engulf everything standing in it's way and a mortal body didn't seem able to unleash that kind of power.’’

’’Those that reach the Holy Martial Path are all geniuses. You can count them with one hand in Cloud Country.’’ A look of admiration appeared in Ye Linyun's eyes.

Soon, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei both asked Ye Linyun more questions.

’’The nine ranks of the Martial Path train one's body starting from the skin to the organs. Therefore, it's best to set a solid foundation to have a better chance of reaching the Holy Martial Path.’’ Ye Linyun emphasised.

Zhao Feng kept this in his heart, he vaguely realised that the nine ranks of the Martial Path didn't seem to emphasise on killing or fighting.

’’We're almost there.’’ The speed of the carriage started to slow down.

At a certain point, a tiny black dot appeared within their sights.

In Zhao Feng's vision, the black dot became bigger and bigger and soon, it turned into a magnificent city at least four or five times larger than Sun Feather City. It seemed like an enormous beast as it's gates engulfed the unlimited horses, carriage and people entering...


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