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King Of Gods - Chapter 648


Chapter 648

Chapter 648 - Demigod Winery

The Void God intent froze the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby, and some of the Mystic True Sacred Clan Core disciples felt their thoughts freeze. They couldn't even think about fighting back.

Even Chen Yilin and Jiang Fan felt uneasy.

It was hard to imagine how Zhao Feng, who was facing the Void God intent head-on, could be so calm.

’’Human, you're courting death.’’

Shaking appeared in the soul-dimension as a Magnificent Power seemed to squeeze the space that Zhao Feng was in.

Zhao Feng's face was slightly red, and his body and bones started to screech. His knees were almost bent as he was almost forced to bow to the King.

However, Zhao Feng forcefully stopped himself.

In terms of state of existence, he was extremely close to a true King, and his body had been strengthened by the Ancient Dream Realm aura, the heart blood essence, and the Purple Scaled Grass.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had withstood the pressure from the Ancient Dream Realm many times, and his body contained an ancient aura. Even Jiang Fan's bloodline aura wasn't able to suppress Zhao Feng's.

In a palace far away:

’’This brat's soul has condensed to a level even stronger than normal half-step Kings....’’

The expression of the Mermaid King became solemn.

A measly Small Origin Core Realm ant was actually able to withstand his King intent.

Zhao Feng's mastery in the Dao of the Soul was also extremely strong.

He had cultivated the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique, which helped create a solid foundation for his breakthrough to the Void God Realm later on.

’’Lord Father, please don't stop Master.’’

The Mermaid Princess cried and begged.

She obeyed Zhao Feng from the bottom of her heart due to the Dark Heart Seal. Although she still had emotions, her master was greater than everything else.

This was the most terrifying part about the Dark Heart Seal - it could enslave someone even in their heart and mind.

’’F*king human...!’’

The Mermaid King clenched his fists and roared.

Being a Void God Realm King, when had he ever taken orders from a human ant?

Everyone below Kings were ants. This sentence had been recorded in ancient records.

Normal Origin Core Realms couldn't even block the intent of a Void God Realm King.

’’'Everyone below Kings are ants...' is useless against me.’’

Zhao Feng snickered as he ordered the Mermaid Princess to lead the way.

The minds of Chen Yilin and company shook, and they followed behind like zombies.

’’This Zhao Feng doesn't even have a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline, and yet he's so strong. How is that possible?’’

Jiang Fan felt defeated. The image of the Eye of Heaven descending appeared in his mind. The aura from that eye made even his Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline feel uneasy.

’’Human, if anything happens to my daughter, I will not forgive you!’’

The Mermaid King roared.

’’Mermaid King,’’ Zhao Feng spoke, ’’as long as I achieve my goal, I will remove the soul restriction on her, but if you do anything, I can't guarantee it.’’

The divine Sense of the Mermaid King scanned across the palace for a long time before stopping.

’’That brat's eye-bloodline is not simple. Even someone with a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline listens to him.’’

The Mermaid King regained his calm.

From beginning till end, Zhao Feng didn't panic. It was obvious that this youth was prepared.

He didn't dare to stop them anymore. He watched with open eyes as Zhao Feng and company entered the Mermaid divine Palace.

The Mermaid divine Palace was a forbidden area for mermaids.

In the past, only Mermaid Princesses who had received the divine Palace's inheritance could enter or else they would be killed by the intent of the Demigod Forgotten Garden.

Even Kings would be slain since this intent was the god of this realm, lording over everything.

’’There seems to be signs of other humans near the kingdom.’’

A mermaid expert reported.


The Mermaid King's face became grim as his divine Sense instantly scanned across the entire Mermaid Kingdom.

As expected, he saw a group of people with wicked auras.


Tu Jiuseng at the very front suddenly waved his hand.

Even after being defeated, Tu Jiuseng didn't give up on the Purple Smoke Lake, especially after analyzing that Zhao Feng was probably thinking about obtaining treasures treasures from the Mermaid Kingdom.

Therefore, Tu Jiuseng gathered many geniuses, including a bunch of beast tamers.

One of them was a Sovereign Lord rank genius who specialized in the Dao of the Soul, and after controlling a bunch of fish, he found traces of Zhao Feng and company, as well as what was happening within the Mermaid Kingdom.

’’Brother Tu, what's happened?’’

’’That Zhao Feng's opening the path for us. Isn't this great?’’

Everyone was moved.

After all, Zhao Feng was doing everything while all they did was gather treasures from behind. The risk was much lower.

Of course, they didn't know that the Mermaid King had already exited seclusion. After all, the Mermaid King had only used his Void God intent to clash with Zhao Feng and company. He didn't physically appear.

’’It's probably just me. Let's continue.’’

Tu Jiuseng nodded his head.

A moment ago, his bloodline felt a pressure. It was as if someone was spying on him, but that sensation soon faded.

’’These geniuses aren't simple.’’

The eyes of the Mermaid King twinkled.

From their conversation, it wasn't hard to tell that they weren't on Zhao Feng's side. On the contrary, they were enemies.

A planned soon formed. Why not let the two groups fight in the divine Palace?

He wasn't too worried about the Mermaid Princess's safety. Not only would Zhao Feng not harm the Mermaid Princess, he would need to protect her. The Mermaid King was certain of that.

Furthermore, the Mermaid Princess was used to the Purple Smoke Lake, and her bloodline inheritance power gave her enough strength to fend for herself. Even though she was being controlled, it wasn't as if she was weak.

’’Everyone, retreat more than twenty miles away from the divine Palace.’’

The Mermaid King ordered.

Although he had seen Tu Jiuseng and company, he didn't really care.

On the way, Tu Jiuseng and company did their best to go around the heavily guarded areas as they headed toward the palace at the bottom of the lake.

’’There's less resistance than I thought.’’

’’Looks like that Zhao Feng is stalling most of the mermaids.’’

Tu Jiuseng and company felt slightly weird.

What was even more incredible was incredible was that the gate of the palace was wide open.

What happened to the Mermaid Kingdom?

Tu Jiuseng and company didn't understand, but since they were already at this step, they wouldn't retreat.

’’That Zhao Feng didn't take his troops into the palace. That means that even if we meet, we can fight back.’’

A group of around ten people entered the palace.

The Mermaid King snickered coldly as he watched Tu Jiuseng and company enter the palace. If he didn't allow it, how could Tu Jiuseng and company be able to arrive here so easily?

’’Hmm? There's another person? His strength isn't bad.’’

The Mermaid King's divine Sense extended to the edges of the Mermaid Kingdom and found a figure.

The newcomer was the warm youth who had reached the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm.

’’Looks like Zhao Feng's entered the Mermaid Kingdom.’’

The warm youth could feel which direction Zhao Feng was in by sensing the intent of Death.

Suddenly, the expression of the warm youth changed, ’’King intent?’’

His senses were much sharper than Tu Jiuseng. The King within the Mermaid Kingdom made the warm youth wary.

’’That should be the Mermaid King.’’

The warm youth stood still and didn't make any rash movements.

It seemed that the King intent didn't have any signs of enmity toward him and was only inspecting him.

’’Zhao Feng, I'll let you live for a little longer.’’

The warm youth was motionless as he started to wait.

Back in the Mermaid Kingdom, Zhao Feng entered the legendary Mermaid divine Palace with the Mermaid Princess's guidance.

The Mermaid divine Palace was unexpectedly empty.

Apart from a few items of decoration, there was almost nothing else. However, as they went further in, they smelt a faint whiff of alcohol.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared on Zhao Feng's shoulder, and its eyes spun as it glanced toward the front.

Seeing that, Zhao Feng couldn't help but feel slightly expectant.

The little thieving cat's sense for treasure - especially spiritual wine - was extremely strong.


The little thieving cat jumped onto the Mermaid Princess's shoulder and crossed its front legs, as if telling her who was boss.

’’This cat...’’

The Mermaid Princess couldn't help but couldn't help but look at the little thieving cat.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws and pointed downward with a harrumph.

’’You actually know that the alcohol is below?’’

The Mermaid Princess was extremely surprised, and Chen Yilin and company gave the little thieving cat a couple more glances.

As expected, the Mermaid Princess took them to the underground wine cellar.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye had already inspected the first level and confirmed there wasn't much apart from a few things relating to the mermaids' inheritance, which were useless for humans.

The smell of alcohol in the underground cellar was extremely enticing, and a few of the disciples felt their heads spin.

Looking closely, Zhao Feng saw that this underground cellar was even bigger than the first floor of the divine Palace, and there was a large fountain in the middle of the cellar.

The fountain spanned twenty yards, and at the very middle of it was a crystal carving of a stunning female mermaid.

There were several hundred holes on the mermaid carving, and there was liquid coming out of them.


Everyone found that the female mermaid carving looked slightly similar to the Mermaid Princess, and Zhao Feng couldn't help but start to ponder.

The fountain had a rather unique construction, with pipes running throughout the entire underground cellar.

There were rows and rows of equipment in corners of the cellar. Some were made from metal, others from wood, porcelain, crystal, and other materials.

The cups and bottles were all seventy percent full, and the alcohol within would be re-made after a certain amount of time to make sure it was fresh and had its own uniqueness.

Of course, all of these cups and bottles were sealed within crystal cabinets.

’’The entire underground cellar is a winery, with the mermaid at the center that keeps on making fresh alcohol.’’

The people from the Mystic True Sacred Clan couldn't help but click their tongues.

The entire underground cellar was a single entity that created more than a hundred rare types of alcohol.

’’This is the private cellar of the Demigod?’’

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and suppressed the excitement in his heart.


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