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King Of Gods - Chapter 647


Chapter 647

Chapter 647 - Mermaid King

The Mermaid Princess saw straight through Jiang Fan's honey trap, and her eyes were full of smugness and playfulness.

’’What kind of retard thought of this plan?’’

Jiang Fan was so angry that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He cursed Zhao Feng thousands of times in his heart.

Before they left, Zhao Feng had confidently said that Jiang Fan had a high chance of winning her love with his Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline.

’’Hehe, Zhao Feng?’’

A cunning expression appeared on the Mermaid Princess's gorgeous face.

’’How... how do you know that!?’’

Jiang Fan exclaimed.

How did this Mermaid Princess know Zhao Feng?

’’Could it be...?’’

Jiang Fan's heart skipped a beat.

He thought of a possibility. Could it be that Zhao Feng and the Mermaid Princess had planned this together?

If that was true, then everything made sense. How else could the Mermaid Princess see past his honey trap right away?

’’Zhao Feng!’’

Jiang Fan gritted his teeth as flames of anger burned through his heart.


A thick layer of black skin appeared on Jiang Fan's body. It seemed to be scale-like and shell-like, and it made him seem like a desolate beast.


Jiang Fan spread his arms, and his Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline destroyed the chains binding him.

’’As expected of a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races....’’

The Mermaid Princess, who had reached the Great Origin Core Realm, felt a heavy pressure on her bloodline and instinctively trembled.

It was as if she was a tiny fish facing a desolate beast.

’’I'll take you down first.’’

Jiang Fan raised his hand and leapt toward the Mermaid Princess.

However, it was as if the Mermaid Princess knew what he was going to do. She flicked her tail before Jiang Fan could do anything.


The Mermaid Princess easily dodged Jiang Fan's grab.

’’Where do you think you're running?’’

Jiang Fan leapt toward her once more.

With his Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline, even though the princess had a middle-stage Great Origin Core Realm cultivation, she couldn't win.

However, he had forgotten one thing - the environment.

This was the Mermaid Kingdom, which was underwater.

In the water, his speed was heavily restricted. Besides, Jiang Fan's bloodline specialized in defense, not offense or speed.

’’Hehehe, you can't hit me~~. Ayayayaya, help~~.’’

The Mermaid Princess was extremely childish.

In the Purple Smoke Lake, she had the advantage in speed. Even if the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land entered the Purple Smoke Lake, they wouldn't be as fast or as agile as her.


Jiang Fan was starting to feel despair now. He could sense the mermaid experts gathering.


Seeing that he was unable to take care of the Mermaid Princess, he tried to escape.


The Mermaid Princess gently pushed out her hand, and a wave of dark blue sword-light smoothly shot toward Jiang Fan.


A small bloody gash appeared on Jiang Fan's skin, but it quickly healed.

What strong defense!

The Mermaid Princess was slightly dazed. Her all-out attack couldn't even threaten Jiang Fan.

Zhao Feng, you bastard. I'm going to cut you into ten thousand pieces.

Jiang Fan cursed Zhao Feng as he ran.

’’Zhao Feng? The retard who thought of using a honey trap?’’

The Mermaid Princess was slightly surprised, and she seemed to be extremely interested. This Zhao Feng had actually managed to order someone with a Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline around. He shouldn't be simple.


Jiang Fan felt that something was wrong. How could the Mermaid Princess know what he was thinking?

’’Heart-reading technique?’’

A murmur sounded.

’’Hmph, retard. The mermaid imperials are all talented in the Dao of the Soul. Every Mermaid Princess has the ability to read what others are thinking.’’

The Mermaid Princess said proudly.

Read what others are thinking?

Jiang Fan's heart shook. How come there was no information about this?

If that's the case, how did that genius from the Sacred Land win the previous Mermaid Princess's heart?

’’The reason why that genius succeeded last time was because he had a true heart. How else do you think he won the heart of the previous Mermaid Princess?’’

The mockery on the Mermaid Princess's face became bigger.

’’So that's how it is.’’

A murmur sounded in the soul-dimension, and the flow of water seemed to do nothing.

’’Who- who's who's there!?’’

The body of the Mermaid Princess froze as she sensed that there was a third person.

At the same moment, Jiang Fan looked up and exclaimed in shock, ’’That's...!’’

The Mermaid Princess instinctively raised her head.

In the water above, an ice-blue eye coldly gazed down. It seemed to be one with Heaven, Earth, and the lake itself.

’’Zhao... Zhao Feng!’’

Jiang Fan felt as if he was being choked.

This eye was Zhao Feng's specialty.

’’Dark Heart Seal!’’

Mockery appeared in the eye as a forbidden cold intent travelled toward the Mermaid Princess.

’’Not good!’’

The Mermaid Princess wiggled her tail as she tried to struggle.

Being a Mermaid Princess, she was extremely talented in the Dao of the Soul. She had an ability like the heart reading technique the moment she was born.

Even though Zhao Feng's Dark Heart Seal was used in his current state and became much stronger because of it, there was still a lot of resistance.

If she struggled too much, the Mermaid Princess's soul could crumble.

This Zhao Feng has a terrifying Soul eye-bloodline. He's actually able to attack me from afar.

The Mermaid Princess felt the huge difference between herself and this person attacking her. In terms of Soul talent, the mysterious person attacking her was definitely more talented.


’’Help the princess!’’

Cries came from nearby as many Sovereign Lord rank experts arrived.

’’What are you staying still for?’’

Zhao Feng's voice sounded in the soul-dimension.

Jiang Fan's figure flashed as he grabbed the Mermaid Princess by the throat.

’’Release the princess!’’

The mermaid experts froze. They looked at Jiang Fan with angry expressions.

The Mermaid Princess, whose throat was grasped by Jiang Fan, started to struggle less.

A breath or two later, the Mermaid Princess stopped struggling altogether and revealed utter obedience from her eyes.

Jiang Fan was extremely familiar with these changes.


The Eye of Heaven above disappeared.

’’Don't go!’’

Jiang Fan felt uneasy, but the Mermaid Princess gave a cold order the next instant, ’’Make everyone leave.’’


The nearby mermaid experts were shocked and puzzled, but the princess was in the hands of the enemy, and the order came from the princess herself. They had They had to obey.

Under the Mermaid Princess's orders, everyone opened a path for them.

’’I'll commit suicide if anyone attacks.’’

A dagger appeared in the Mermaid Princess's hand with a numb expression on her face.

The hearts of the mermaid experts went cold. No one dared to stop them.

Jiang Fan was overjoyed as he left the Mermaid Princess's palace smoothly.

’’Quick! Go tell the king!’’

The experts started to discuss. A half-step Void God Realm King could tell that the Mermaid Princess had been taken control of. At this moment, she was just puppet that someone else was controlling.

At the same time, in a certain corner of the Mermaid Kingdom:

’’Zhao Feng, how's the situation?’’

Chen Yilin couldn't hide the worry in his eyes.

’’Did Brother Jiang's honey trap succeed?’’

Everyone could feel that the Mermaid Kingdom had broken out into chaos, and the auras of the mermaid experts made them feel uneasy.

’’Hehe, who said I was going to use a honey trap? The Mermaid Princess has been successfully kidnapped.’’

Zhao Feng laughed lightly.

Kidnap the Mermaid Princess?

The Core disciples were stunned. They couldn't help but take in a cold breath.

Zhao Feng was just too daring. He dared to hold the Mermaid Princess hostage?


The sound of water flowing came from ahead.

Jiang Fan and the Mermaid Princess swam over, and Chen Yilin let out a breath before giving Zhao Feng a deep glance.

Zhao Feng's plan was the same as the genius of the Sacred Land from several thousand years ago - they both chose to use the Mermaid Princess as the breakthrough point.

Although the details were slightly different, the result was the same.

Several thousand years ago, the Sacred Land genius had won the Mermaid Princess's heart and was thus able to enter the palace at the depths of the lake, whereas Zhao Feng used his Soul technique to enslave the princess.

’’Let's head toward the palace.’’

Zhao Feng ordered, and the group went straight into the depths of the Mermaid Kingdom.

On the way, the Mermaid Princess revealed absolute obedience. The experts of the Mermaid Kingdom didn't dare to stop them;they could only they could only watch.

Half the time it took to make tea later, the group arrived at a palace at the bottom of the lake that was surrounded in dazzling green light.

’’Open the door.’’

Zhao Feng said.

The Mermaid Princess came to the front gate of the palace and started to sing an ancient song of mermaids.

The song contained a mysterious Soul signal that connected with the palace.

’’The Mermaid Princess has a unique status in the Mermaid Kingdom. The Mermaid Princess doesn't have to be the actual daughter of the king, but the person who has the most unique Soul talent among the imperials.’’

Zhao Feng learnt many secrets from the Mermaid Princess.

To a certain degree, the Mermaid Princess was like a Sacred Daughter of certain tribes. They were extremely important.

At the same time, the Mermaid Princess had a certain fate, which was related to her Soul talent and her inheritance.

’’The fate of the Mermaid Princess is to connect with the Mermaid divine Palace.’’

Zhao Feng's thoughts became clearer.

No wonder the genius from the Sacred Land back then could easily enter the divine Palace with the help of the Mermaid Princess and obtain the Immortal Springs Wine and the Illusion God Wine.


The door to the Mermaid divine Palace slowly opened and released an ancient aura.


Zhao Feng made the Mermaid Princess lead the way.

As Zhao Feng and company were about to step into the Mermaid divine Palace:

’’Humans, give up.’’

The dominating voice of a King sounded in the soul-dimension. The souls and even the thoughts of the Mystic True Sacred Clan Core disciples froze.

The owner of the voice was the Mermaid King.

How could the Mermaid King do nothing while the Mermaid Princess was captured?

Of course, the Mermaid King was still in his palace;this was only his Void God intent.

’’Mermaid King, your Void God intent can't kill me in one thought, but one thought of mine can kill the Mermaid Princess.’’

Zhao Feng remained calm. He wasn't as uneasy as Jiang Fan and company.

In his plan, he had obviously thought about the Mermaid King.


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