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King Of Gods - Chapter 644


Chapter 644

Chapter 644 - Battling One of the Top Ten Geniuses

’’Brother Tu, that brat's army is ahead.’’

There were more than a dozen people in this group, and the geniuses from the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan were the leaders.

The one-armed Brother Jiu was amongst them.

The gaze of the people nearby landed on the large giant with black scales.

’’Tu Jiuseng, one of the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land.’’

More than a dozen miles away, the expressions of Chen Yilin, Jiang Fan, and the other disciples of the Mystic True Sacred Clan changed.

Tu Jiuseng came from the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan, and his cultivation had reached the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm.

He was one of the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land. In addition, his father was the Void God Realm King Tu Wanli.

’’Hmm? Jiu Motai found reinforcements so quickly?’’

A Core disciple of the Mystic True Sacred Clan snickered coldly.

Tu Jiuseng and his group were chasing Zhao Feng from behind. It was obvious they didn't have good intentions.

’’If my guess is right, Tu Jiuseng will definitely try to kill Zhao Feng.’’

Chen Yilin's eyes twinkled.

Several months ago, Tu Jiuseng's father, Tu Wanli, lost face in front of Emperor Duanmu's Void God Projection, all because of Zhao Feng. Now, Zhao Feng had injured a disciple from the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan, and he had many treasures in his possession.

’’Brother Tu, that Zhao Feng probably has more than a hundred stalks of Purple Scaled Grass and a bunch of other precious treasures.’’

Brother Jiu licked his lips.

’’I'll go over and capture him. I'll take control of his army as well.’’

A cruel smile appeared on Tu Jiuseng's face.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Right at this moment, Zhao Feng seemed to sense something and turned around.

He had unique beasts in his army that were responsible for scouting.

In the Demigod Forgotten Garden, Spiritual Sense was heavily restricted, and normal Great Origin Core Realms could only detect things up to a hundred yards. The Purple Smoke Lake suppressed one's senses even more.

Tu Jiuseng and company were detected by Zhao Feng as soon as they got within ten miles of him.

’’Tu Jiuseng... one of the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land. He's extremely dominating and deadly....’’

Zhao Feng murmured.

Dong Wenjian had introduced the top ten geniuses as well as the quasi top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land to him before the Demigod Forgotten Garden opened.

’’Get ready to fight!’’

Zhao Feng laughed coldly. His thoughts split into twenty or thirty and gave orders to the entire army.

On the surface of the water, under the water, and in the depths of the water, Zhao Feng's army was spread around, awaiting Tu Jiuseng and company's arrival. Amongst them, a third of his troops appeared on the surface, while the stronger ones hid below.

’’Brat named Zhao, give me a hundred pieces of Purple Scaled Grass.’’

Tu Jiuseng's dominating voice sounded as an ancient demonic aura swept through the area.

Zhao Feng's Yao fishes started to tremble.

’’What a terrifying Demonic Dao bloodline. This Tu Jiuseng's mental energy is not weaker than someone at the half-step Void God Realm.’’

Zhao Feng felt pressured.

This was the first opponent who could give him such an obvious pressure.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Tu Jiuseng charged from in front of the more than a dozen geniuses. Three of them had reached the Sovereign Lord rank.

’’divine Chaotic Technique!’’

A Sovereign Lord genius who specialized in the Dao of the Soul screeched, sending a piercing howl into the soul-dimension.

Gods and demons seemed to howl within the soul-dimension, and Zhao Feng's troops in the water panicked. The minds of some Yao fishes even shattered.

’’Not good!’’

Zhao Feng's expression changed dramatically. There was someone in Tu Jiuseng's group who specialized in the soul.

At this moment, Zhao Feng lost 70% of his control over his army.

Apart from that, Brother Jiu and another genius controlled their ghost-corpse skeletons and some flying beasts that numbered one or two hundred and made them charge toward Zhao Feng's army.

’’Hehe, that Tu Jiuseng's not only deadly, he's also extremely cunning.’’

Chen Yilin and company followed quietly from behind.

’’We just need to wait until Zhao Feng's forced into a desperate situation and begs us to help. At that time, we'll have the initiative in the negotiation.’’

Jiang Fan's face was cold. All they needed to do right now was wait for Zhao Feng's defeat.

Tu Jiuseng's group unleashed lightning-quick attacks that made Zhao Feng's army break out out into chaos while Tu Jiuseng himself charged from the front toward Zhao Feng.

Capture the leader first.

Tu Jiuseng's tactic was the same as Brother Jiu's earlier, but his strength was much greater. The other members of the group were also extremely strong as they stalled Zhao Feng's army.

’’You better kneel to me right now!’’

Tu Jiuseng roared as a thick demonic aura spread throughout a hundred yards.


The faint figure of a flaming demonic dragon could be seen with the thrusting of his palm. The mere remnants of its power killed some nearby beasts. Even two ancient crocodiles were slain despite their extremely strong defenses.


Zhao Feng jumped into the air and thrusted out a palm. Lightning crackled and wind howled as a dragon of purple Wind Lightning appeared in the air and radiated an aura of Destruction.


The two attacks clashed in the air. Demonic flames spewed everywhere while wind and lightning exploded.

The chaotic shockwave turned all the living beings nearby into powder.

’’Luckily, I chose to fight in the air.’’

Zhao Feng's figure flashed as he retreated. Dark purple scales appeared on his skin, and he was unharmed.

On the other hand, Tu Jiuseng stood stone-still.

Although Tu Jiuseng had the slight advantage, Zhao Feng wasn't injured either.

’’Brat, your strength isn't too bad. You can actually block 60% of my full strength.’’

Tu Jiuseng smiled. As soon as he finished his sentence, his demonic figure crushed over.

Zhao Feng's heart jumped. Tu Jiuseng's battle-power was enough to handle one or two normal Death Guards.


Seeing Tu Jiuseng approach, Zhao Feng charged forward instead of retreating.


The Purple Destruction True Yuan in Zhao Feng's Crystal Core was circulated to the limit, and his body released an ancient aura. It was as if he had become a desolate beast as he faced Tu Jiuseng.


Explosions sounded in the air and created enormous shockwaves.

The shockwaves from Zhao Feng's and Tu Jiuseng's attacks made Brother Jiu and company unable to approach

’’So, this is that brat's true strength?’’

Brother Jiu was shocked. Even he didn't have the strength to clash head-on with Tu Jiuseng.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Zhao Feng and Tu Jiuseng fought with their bodies amidst roaring waves as they exchanged more than a dozen palms.

With a loud explosion, the explosion, the two figures separated.


Zhao Feng's figure was pushed back dozens of yards, and part of his dark purple scales were broken, but a dark blue ripple of water quickly healed him.

On the other side:

Teng! Teng! Teng!

Tu Jiuseng's figure was forced back, and he suppressed the blood in his body. There were a couple scorch marks on his body.

’’The strength of this Zhao Feng's body is terrifying, and it's extremely hard to break through his defense.’’

Tu Jiuseng's expression finally changed.

His body and bloodline specialized in close combat, but he was somehow at a disadvantage.

In terms of offense, he was stronger than Zhao Feng, but the latter's defense was stronger than his.

On top of that, his recovery speed wasn't as fast as Zhao Feng's. The injuries created by Zhao Feng's Purple Destruction Wind Lightning were extremely difficult to heal, whereas Zhao Feng's Water bloodline's recovery speed was extremely quick.



Screams came from the group.

Boom! Boom!

Powerful beasts one after another emerged from the bottom of the lake. Amongst them, two large water snakes opened their mouths and gulped down one genius each.

Zhao Feng's true subordinates had been hiding in the depths of the lake.

’’Fighting Tu Jiuseng and controlling his army at the same time....’’

Brother Jiu and the other Soul Dao genius were both stunned.

However, what happened next made the others shout out in shock.


With a large crashing wave, a gigantic tentacled monster appeared from a whirlpool.


Tentacles slapped toward Tu Jiuseng, who had only just managed to stabilize himself.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Tu Jiuseng immediately spat out a mouthful of blood as his body wavered amidst the water monster's attacks.


Zhao Feng snickered coldly, but he didn't enter the battle. Instead, he summoned the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array and controlled the army to reap the lives of the rest of the geniuses.

Tu Jiuseng's group had transformed from predator to prey in an instant as they were surrounded by the army.

Being one of the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land, Tu Jiuseng's battle-power was extremely strong, so he still managed to fight out a path in his current state as he beat the tentacled water monster until it started to bleed and scream in pain.

’’As expected of a top-ten genius a top-ten genius of the Sacred Land.’’

Seeing that, Zhao Feng condensed his eye-bloodline power into the form of a sharp spike.

’’Mental Energy Spike!’’

A cold, ice-blue spike pierced into Tu Jiuseng's soul.


Tu Jiuseng screamed out in pain as cold sweat appeared on his forehead. His face was twisted in agony, and his eyes went red.

Mental Energy Spike was a pure Soul attack that Zhao Feng had comprehended not long ago.

When the soul-strength of two people were similar, the one who had more mastery over the soul had the advantage when using the Mental Energy Spike. If one's soul-strength was stronger than the other's, the damage caused would be extremely devastating.

Tu Jiuseng didn't expect this, and his soul was instantly injured by the Mental Energy Spike.


Tu Jiuseng suppressed the pain in his soul as he retreated with seven or eight remaining geniuses.

Almost half of the group had died.

’’That Tu Jiuseng's battle-power is too great. Even the tentacled water monster can't take him down.’’

Zhao Feng slowly gathered his army.

He lost two or three hundred beasts in this fight, but most of them were just Yao fishes, who were extremely weak.

Almost half of them had died because of Tu Jiuseng. From this, one could see how strong one of the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land was. Furthermore, Tu Jiuseng's strength wasn't even ranked highly amongst the top ten.

Elsewhere around the Purple Smoke Lake, only a small number of geniuses were able to witness the fight because the area where they fought was close to the depths of the Purple Smoke Lake.

’’Even Tu Jiuseng lost to him!?’’

A few disciples from the Mystic True Sacred Clan exclaimed in disbelief.

They didn't expect Zhao Feng to be such a huge dark horse.

’’This Zhao Feng's soul-strength and mastery of the Soul Dao has already exceeded most of the top ten geniuses. Tu Jiuseng and I could most likely win against him in a one-on-one situation, but in this environment, most likely not.’’

Chen Yilin took a deep breath as his expression was replaced with wariness and solemnness.

The strength that Zhao Feng displayed was completely comparable to the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Clan, and this environment was perfect for him.


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