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King Of Gods - Chapter 641


Chapter 641: Chapter 641 - Ruling the Purple Smoke Lake (2)

Chapter 641 - Ruling the Purple Smoke Lake (2)

“Brother Jiu, you come from the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan and specialize in the Dao of the Soul – only you can take care of that brat . ”

One of the geniuses from a two-star sect suggested .

Hearing that, all the other geniuses agreed, including the youth who cultivate the Sword Dao .

Zhao Feng came from the three-star Mystic True Sacred Clan, so normal geniuses from two-star sects didn’t dare to offend him .

Their gazes landed on Brother Jiu who had a withering face .

“Okay . ”

Brother Jiu’s eyes flashed .

He was the strongest among their group .

Back in the Purple Smoke Lake, Zhao Feng was sitting on an ancient crocodile, and the army of fish under his control were extremely active within a radius of several miles .

He didn’t dare to enter the depths of the Purple Smoke Lake yet, so he only gathered resources from the edges of the lake for now .

“According to the information, there are more powerful beasts in the depths of the Purple Smoke Lake, including mermaids and the mysterious palace at the bottom of the lake . ”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled . The first step of his plan was to scavenge everything around the edges of the Purple Smoke Lake .

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Large numbers of fish started to gather resources from the water nearby, and the Purple Scaled Grass was still the main target .

Although the other resources and treasures may have been valuable, they couldn’t increase his strength very quickly .

“Fifty-eight… sixty… sixty-three… . ”

Zhao Feng counted the amount of Purple Scaled Grass in his hand .

He had eaten over thirty pieces himself, and when complemented with the Ancient Dream Realm aura, its effect was stunning .

With just a thought, a bunch of scaly, dark purple markings appeared on Zhao Feng’s skin like some kind of scaled shirt .

“It increases my defensive power, but there’s no offensive effects . However, this bloodline can allow me to easily harmonize with the Purple Smoke Lake . ”

Zhao Feng realized, but he found that it was logical . After all, the Purple Scaled Grass originated from the Purple Smoke Lake .

After eating such a large amount of Purple Scaled Grass, Zhao Feng obtained its defensive Water bloodline, which greatly increased his affinity with water, especially the Purple Smoke Lake’s water .

If Zhao Feng entered the Purple Smoke Lake right now, he wouldn’t be considered an outsider by the other beings within the lake .

The pressure on him had also decreased dramatically .

I’ll start heading toward the depths of the lake after I gather a hundred pieces of Purple Scaled Grass .

Zhao Feng thought .

Right as he was thinking:


On the other side of the shore, a dragon-shaped skeleton with five or six people on top gently moved across the surface on the water .

“Hmm? Ghost-corpse secret technique?”

Zhao Feng looked over and saw five or six geniuses on the dragon-shaped skeleton . The two leaders were both Sovereign Lords – Brother Jiu and the Sword Dao youth .

The cultivation of the other four had reached the late and peak stages of the Small Origin Core Realm .

The group of people charged over with greed in their eyes .

“Zhe zhe . Brat named Zhao, your ability to gather such a large amount of Purple Scaled Grass and other treasures makes us envy you . ”

Brother Jiu said in a weird tone .

“What do you want?”

Zhao Feng’s eyes were as sharp as a knife, and the people aboard the bone dragon felt an invisible coldness .

Given the current level of Zhao Feng’s bloodline and body, his gaze alone could put a lot of pressure on normal Sovereigns .

“We just want to buy some Purple Scaled Grass . ”

Brother Jiu wasn’t scared . He had reached the middle-stage Great Origin Core Realm and specialized in the Dao of the Soul . He wasn’t scared of a Small Origin Core Realm who also happened to be talented in the Dao of the Soul .


Zhao Feng squinted his eyes as he glanced at them .

These people were obviously trying to cause trouble under the guise of “buying . ”

The value of the Purple Scaled Grass in the outside world was immeasurable . A single piece alone was close to the value of a mid-tier Earth-Grade weapon, and you needed at least a dozen pieces to obtain the defensive Water bloodline, with at least twenty to guarantee it .

“How about we pay ten thousand high-grade Primal Crystal Stones for one piece?”

Brother Jiu said .

Ten thousand high-grade Primal Crystal Stones?

The other geniuses watching from the shore choked . Ten thousand high-grade Primal Crystal Stones probably couldn’t even buy a single root of the Purple Scaled Grass .

This was obviously extortion .

“F*k off . ”

Zhao Feng was too too lazy to bother with them, but Brother Jiu and company obviously came here prepared .

They didn’t leave;instead, they started to cause trouble . For example, they would stop the fish from gathering treasures and killed a couple of them as well .


Zhao Feng’s face became dim, but he laughed instead of getting angry .

Oh well, my goal is to rule the Purple Smoke Lake anyways . These people will be a great example to others .


Zhao Feng ordered the twenty ancient crocodiles to attack Brother Jiu and company .

Each of the twenty ancient crocodiles had battle-power comparable to a peak Small Origin Core Realm, and they all charged at Brother Jiu’s group at the same time .

The expressions of Brother Jiu and company changed, and the four geniuses not at the Great Origin Core Realm instantly started to panic .

The ancient crocodiles had the terrain advantage, and their charge instantly pushed the group apart .

“Kill the leader!”

Brother Jiu roared as he and the Sword Dao youth jumped over the crocodiles and charged toward Zhao Feng .

Even the two Great Origin Core Realms felt a tingle in their scalps at the thought of having to fight twenty ancient crocodiles and hundreds of fish head-on . However, they knew what to do;Zhao Feng was their leader, so as long as they killed him, everything would crumble and they would be able to steal his stuff .

Nothing was simpler than this plan .

The two Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords charged at Zhao Feng from the front and the back at the same time .

The Sword Dao youth’s offense was extremely strong, so he was in the front, while Brother Jiu controlled the Sovereign Lord golden skeleton and used secret Soul techniques to try and disturb Zhao Feng’s control of the fish from the back .

“Not good…!”

The female beast tamer near the shore revealed an unresigned expression .

Being a beast tamer herself, she knew that those who specialized in controlling others were most worried about being attacked head-on .

In front of two Sovereign Lords from the Sacred Land, how could Zhao Feng come away unharmed?

“Appear . ”

Zhao Feng sat motionless as a black flag appeared in his hand .


With a wave of the black flag, the hundred cursed ghost-corpses appeared, and dark smoke enveloped everything within dozens of yards .


The youth who cultivated in the Sword Dao was instantly attacked by the ghostly smoke ghostly smoke when he got near it, and invisible withered white hands started reaching into his body .

Each of the hundred cursed ghost-corpses had now reached the half-step Origin Core Realm and merged with the Ancient Dream Realm aura . Their power was at least one or two times stronger than before .

The Sword Dao youth had just charged in and he already felt his muscles turn cold and his essence and energy get sucked away .

His battle-power instantly decreased by 30-40% and, as time passed, it would only continue to weaken . Once he stayed in the smoke for more than ten breaths, he would most likely turn into a pile of white bones .

“A hundred cursed ghost-corpses? Take a look at mine!”

Brother Jiu laughed as he controlled the golden skeleton and made it charge into the Cursed Ghost Corpse Array .

The golden skeleton wasn’t really affected since it was also a ghost-corpse . Furthermore, this golden skeleton had reached the Great Origin Core Realm .

This meant that Zhao Feng still had to face a healthy Sovereign Lord and a weakened Sword Dao Sovereign Lord .

“Everything will be okay as long as we kill him quickly . ”

Brother Jiu’s heart was clear, but a scream came from the Cursed Ghost Corpse Array the next instant .


The youth who cultivated in the Sword Dao was cut by a dark purple blade within the dark smoke .

“Blade of Purple Destruction!”

The dark purple blade in Zhao Feng’s hand radiated an aura of Destruction as it sliced into the Sword Dao youth, causing lightning to crackle and winds to roar .

Although the Sword Dao youth had reached the early-stage of the Great Origin Core Realm and his battle-power surpassed other normal Sovereign Lords, his senses and strength were restricted in the array .


The eyes of the youth bulged . He couldn’t understand how Zhao Feng still had the time and energy to attack him while also controlling the array . Furthermore, the attack was extremely powerful .

He obviously didn’t know that Zhao Feng had cultivated the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique, which meant that it wasn’t hard for him to control the array and attack at the same time .


Zhao Feng’s figure disappeared . The Sword Dao youth tried to run, but he was constricted by the dark smoke .

The Sword Dao youth’s fate was already sealed – he had been critically injured, and he was now unable was now unable to escape . His essence and soul were being sucked out by the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array .

Within the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, Zhao Feng now only needed to face the Sovereign Lord golden skeleton .

“Purple Destruction Wind Lightning Whip!”

A dark purple whip condensed in Zhao Feng’s hand and wrapped itself around the golden skeleton .

The power of lightning countered ghost-corpses dramatically to begin with, but on top of that, Zhao Feng’s Purple Destruction Wind Lightning contained an aura of Destruction .

The Core Center within his body had almost fully crystallized, and it was almost comparable to a Sovereign Lord . With the help of the Ancient Dream Realm aura, it was even closer to the origin, so its power was fundamentally stronger .


The golden skeleton started to smoke as it struggled .


Zhao Feng roared as he smashed a palm onto the golden skeleton . At this moment, he was like a giant beast .

Zhao Feng’s state of existence was getting close to that of a King’s, but the power of his body exceeded logic with the help of the Ancient Dream Realm aura, heart blood essence, Purple Scaled Grass, and other things .

He radiated a dense, ancient bloodline aura with the thrust of his palm .


The golden skeleton was unable to move as the pressure descending upon it travelled throughout its body and mind .

“Ice Imperial Seal!”

An ice-blue seal condensed on Zhao Feng’s other hand and radiated a freezing cold energy that enveloped the golden skeleton .


Frost started to appear on the golden skeleton’s body .


The golden skeleton was crushed onto the back of a crocodile by Zhao Feng .

“Don’t even think about it, you brat~~~~!”

Brother Jiu’s expression changed dramatically as he roared .

At this moment, he no longer cared about the threat of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array as he charged in, hoping to try to save his golden skeleton . This was a Sovereign Lord ghost-corpse, after all .


Zhao Feng didn’t bother with him . He used the coldness of the Ice Imperial Spear to its fullest extent .


The golden skeleton was soon completely sealed in ice .


Brother Jiu flew over and sent a palm toward Zhao Feng, but the latter stood unmoving .


Dark purple scales appeared across his body, and he seemed to become a dragon-scaled warrior .


The Great Origin Core Realm Brother Jiu’s palm gave off a low thud .


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