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King Of Gods - Chapter 64


’’Why should we defend? We should go and kill them all.’’ Zhao Feng's words shocked the others.

Attack the Liu family?

Zhao Kayuan was full of fear: ’’Nonono! The Liu family is the god of Green Leaf Village... ’’

In their minds, the Liu family was unbeatable. All they could do was defend. As for taking the offensive, they didn't dare to think about it unless they thought their lives were too long.

’’Leave this to me.’’

Zhao Feng left an afterimage where he stood. The next instant, he jumped onto the roof and disappeared in a few breaths.

Not good!

Zhao Kayuan and Zhao Tianyang felt uneasy. How could a youth beat the Liu family?

’’Follow him!’’

Within the room, the two shouted. However, no one in Green Leaf Village could catch up to Zhao Feng. Even Zhao Kayuan's speed was not even half of his. Outside, Zhao Feng circulated Lightly Floating Ferry and lept between the trees. His feet barely touched the ground as he ran. Now, his Lightly Floating Ferry had reached the high level. But when he used this skill, Zhao Feng could use Flowing Wind Stance with it.

Flowing Wind Stance was the easiest move out of the four incomplete Holy martial arts. At this moment, when he used Flowing Wind Stance and Lightly Floating Ferry together, his figure became swifter and more agile as if he was the wind itself.

Teng! Teng!

Zhao Feng felt his body become lighter and the leaps he made become smoother.

In another instant, his speed once again increased.


A blur came and left at an unbelievable speed. Zhao Feng couldn't contain his happiness, this Flowing Wind Stance had such a wonderful effect. Therefore, it could be seen that Zhao Linlong had gone off the right track when he mistook it for an offensive skill.

Green Leaf Village, Liu family.

’’Elder, a genius from the Zhao family came and injured our brothers.’’ A cultivator of the Liu family said hurriedly.

’’Hm? The measly Zhao family dares to hurt our people?’’ A slightly far middle aged man sat within the room.

While he was speaking, he even drank slowly from his tea cup. He was the king of Green Leaf Village and all those who dared to challenge them for the past few years had all disappeared. A faction like the Zhao family was just an ant in the Liu family's eyes. If not for the main Zhao sect, the Liu family would have already taken it over.

’’Elder you've got to help us. They're not putting you in their eyes at all.’’ The fighters of the Liu family cried.

’’Tell the Zhao family that we'll give the them one day to hand over that youth or else... ’’ The voice that eminated from the fat man was cold.

’’Yes yes.’’ The expressions of the Liu family's fighters turned to one of joy.

’’Not good! The youth of the Zhao family has come!’’ Just at this moment, screams came from outside.

Plop! Plop!

A blur came into the mansion of the Liu family and no one could even stop one move of his.

’’Sect leader! Sect leader! The youth has already come inside the mansion and injured ten to twenty people!’’

Chaos broke out in the mansion.

Within the lounge of the Liu family. The head of the family Liu Guirong sat with two elders and the sixth rank.

’’That guy's speed is just too fast.’’ One elder as skinny as a branch said.

’’When did the Zhao family have such a talented youth?’’ The slightly fat elders' expression was solemn.

With their fifth rank cultivation, they couldn't even see how he moved. It was good that at this moment, the mansion turned calm once again as the youth didn't appear anymore.

Everyone's eyes turned to the head of the sect, who had the highest cultivation. Liu Guirong's hair was white, but he still had a composed face: ’’In terms of speed, I'm not faster than him.’’

How was this possible!?

Hearts clenched.

After all, Liu Guirong's cultivation had reached the sixth rank half a year ago and he became the strongest person in Green Leaf Village.

What could they do?

The Liu family felt that this was pretty troublesome.

’’Obviously, if he faced me head on, I'm certain I can win.’’ Only the sect leader was composed.

’’Hmph! If that brat dares come here, I'll make sure he can't return.’’ Everyone shouted.

At this moment, eighty percent of the high level were present and the strength of them could crush any forced within Green Leaf Village.

If that youth from the Zhao family came... This was the plan that Liu Guirong set up.

’’Haha, you're all together. That's the best! You save me the trouble of finding you all.’’ A childish laugh came from the roof.

The expressions of all the cultivators present changed. When did he reach the roof?


The roof trembled as a youth ripped a hole in it and landed in the middle of the room.

The person was Zhao Feng.

His landing point was the exact middle of the room, which meant he was surrounded.

’’Hahaha... Thanks for coming!’’ The slightly fat elder roared with joy.

Smiles appeared on the Liu Guirong's and the skinny elders' faces.’’ The other six cultivators of the fourth rank were full of excitement as well.

’’You're indeed excellent, but just a bit young.’’

Liu Guirong had his ’’I will win’’ face on. If Zhao Feng didn't come out directly, they couldn't do anything to him because he was too fast. But now... Zhao Feng had given up that advantage and face them directly.

At this moment, they were looking at Zhao Feng with retarded faces on. Zhao Feng immediately understood what was happening.

’’It looks like you haven't understood who's the hunter and who's the hunted.’’ Zhao Feng smiled.

’’Brat, die!’’

The cultivators closed in on him, full of excitement, only the head of sect had worry in his eyes. But Zhao Feng was already surrounded, so there shouldn't be any problems.

’’Take him down!’’ The slightly fat elder ordered.

Howling Tiger Fist!

Stone Shattering Palm!

Flying Cloud Leg!


The group of cultivators used different skills to attack Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng faced the attack of six people at once. Liu Guirong and the two elders guarded the exits to stop Zhao Feng from escaping.

Peng! Peng! Bang...

A variety of skills landed on Zhao Feng.

Metal Wall Rebound!

Zhao Feng's whole body turned metal-like and rebounded the attacks.


The sound of bones shattering never ended.

Plop! Plop! Plop...

The six men fell down to the ground, all seriously injured. The scene shocked the two elders and Liu Guirong.

’’How... How did he do this?’’ The fat elder screamed.

’’It's your turn.’’ Zhao Feng turned to face the three.

’’Sir, we can talk diplomatically.’’

A smile that was even uglier than crying appeared on Liu Guirong's face. The strength that Zhao Feng had just shown had exceeded what they knew. Even Liu Guirong didn't have any confidence in beating Zhao Feng.

’’I'll give you one day to take all of the men of the Liu family and leave Green Leaf Village or else I'll cripple all your cultivation.’’ Zhao Feng said.

He had lived at Green Leaf Village for most of his life and he knew how the Liu family usually acted. Therefore, Zhao Feng's punishment was considered quite light.

’’Yes yes yes!’’ Liu Guirong immediately answered and looked at the two elders.

They agreed this easily?

Just as Zhao Feng was wondering.

Smashing Wind Palm!

Liu Guirong's Inner Strength exploded as he shot out a high level martial art at Zhao Feng's forehead.

’’Dieeeeee!’’ The two elders attacked from the two sides.

Under the short distance and the furious attacks of two fifth rankers and one sixth rank, even Zhao Feng was caught off guard.

’’Kid you're too young!’’ Liu Guirong laughed hysterically as his palm reached Zhao Feng's forehead.

’’Retards!’’ Zhao Feng coldly laughed and left an afterimage where he originally stood.

Not good!

The attacks of Liu Guirong and the two elders had all missed, they didn't even get to touch Zhao Feng's clothes.


The next moment, Zhao Feng appeared once again in the middle of the three exactly in the same position as before as if time had flowed backwards.


Cold sweat flooded the backs of Liu Guirong and the two elders.

’’High ranked martial arts... Peak level?’’ Liu Guirong barely managed to squeeze out these words.

At this moment, they had finally realised how terrifying this youth really was.


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