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King Of Gods - Chapter 639


Chapter 639: Chapter 639 - Zhao Feng’s Plan

Chapter 639 - Zhao Feng’s Plan

Four hours later, Zhao Feng safely arrived at a faint purple-colored lake .

The lake was several hundred miles wide . When one looked from afar, it seemed to be a perfect piece of jade .

“This is the largest lake in the Demigod Forgotten Garden – the Purple Smoke Lake . ”

Zhao Feng slowed down and became cautious .

At this moment, he had strayed from the path of the green jade stone and was currently approaching the slightly wet mud near the lake .

There was an intent that controlled the laws in the Demigod Forgotten Garden, and most beasts didn’t dare to enter the green jade stone path . For outsiders, the green jade stone path was relatively safe, but now Zhao Feng had left the path and was about to enter the Purple Smoke Lake area .

“The Purple Smoke Lake is one of the places with the best fortune in the entire Demigod Forgotten Garden . It has many unique treasures and resources . ”

Zhao Feng stepped onto the mud and approached the faintly purple-colored lake .

The lake contained a spiritual power within it, which created rare and precious resources but also created powerful water beasts at the same time .

“Purple Scaled Grass!”

Low exclamations came from several geniuses near the shore .


A male covered in a layer of water grabbed a weird-looking scaled grass, leapt out of the water, and ran toward the shore .

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Dozens of nearby fish bared their teeth and followed .

The weakest of these fish were at the True Lord Rank, and the strongest ones had reached the Origin Core Realm .

The environment of the Demigod Forgotten Garden meant that the growth of anything living inside was at least ten times and up to even a hundred times faster than the outside world .

The Purple Scaled Grass is a grass that can strengthen one’s body and help anyone below the Void God Realm .

Information surfaced in Zhao Feng’s mind .

The Purple Scaled Grass was almost extinct in the outside world, but there were vast quantities of it in the Purple Smoke Lake .

In the entire Cang Ocean, over 90% of the Purple Scaled Grass came from here, so there was basically no supply for it .

Apart from strengthening the body, the Purple Scaled Grass had another weird effect;if one ate a large amount of Purple Scaled Grass, they might be able to obtain a defensive Water bloodline .

Simply put, it could give someone a Water element bloodline . This sounded incredible, but anything that sounded incredible was normal in the Demigod Forgotten Garden .

After all, the owner of the Demigod Forgotten Garden had taken half a step into the realm of the gods .

“Help me…!”

The male screamed as several hundred fish attacked him .

In the Demigod Forgotten Garden, the pressure from Heaven and Earth was extremely strong, and normal Origin Core Realm cultivators weren’t even able to fly . Even those at the Great Origin Core Realm could only momentarily travel in the air .

Although the male specialized in Water element techniques, he was facing the attacks of several hundred fish in the lake .

Most of the fish in the Purple Smoke Lake were carnivores, and they had a sharp sense of smell toward strangers and would attack them instinctively .

“Quick! Help Junior Martial Brother Zhu!”

There were two disciples on the shore . One of them pulled out a bow while the other used a soul technique that sent mental energy through the air in order to stop the attacks from the fish . However, even with all that, as the man was about to reach the shore, his entire body was covered in blood .

It was at that moment that something unexpected happened .

A chaotic wave surged out from the lake as the giant figure of a dark, scaled creature could be seen .

“Watch out!”

“It’s an ancient crocodile!”

The other two disciples, who were both at the late-stage of the Small Origin Core Realm, unleashed attacks on the crocodile .

However, the crocodile’s scales were extremely tough . It took the attacks of the two Small Origin Core Realms head-on, and there were no signs of obvious damage anywhere .


The ancient crocodile’s scales had a faint purple color to them as it leapt toward the male .


The male that trained in Water techniques ran as fast as he could but was still bit on the leg .


After losing a leg, the male managed to escape the danger zone with the help of the other two disciples .

“The number of beasts in the the Purple Smoke Lake and their strength are greater than we imagined . ”

The three were shocked .

Although they had gotten one stalk of grass, one of them had lost a leg . While the value of a Purple Scaled Grass was high, the price they paid was too much .

“One needs at least a dozen Purple Scaled Grasses to obtain that defensive Water bloodline . ”

The expressions of the three were bitter .

At the same time, the figures of other geniuses started to appear near the Purple Smoke Lake .

Only those at the Great Origin Core Realm would be able to obtain some good stuff without being injured .

The Purple Scaled Grass was only one of the rare treasures in the Purple Smoke Lake .

“The depths of the lake contain more valuable treasures . Apparently, there’s even a mermaid race in the depths of the lake, as well as a secret palace… . ”

Zhao Feng started to think;he wasn’t in a rush .

As they were unable to fly, even those at the Great Origin Core Realm could only test their luck near the shore .

Zhao Feng’s train of thought became clearer, and he decided what to do .

“Hmm? That brat’s alone . Which sect’s Core disciple is he?”

“He looks pretty new . ”

The gazes of the three-man team from before landed on Zhao Feng, who was slowly approaching them .

The three had wary expressions . One of them gripped his bow, another started to circulate his secret soul technique, and the last male, who trained in the element of Water, put the Purple Scaled Grass away .

Zhao Feng didn’t bother with the three . He sat down near where the ancient crocodile had appeared .

“The ancient crocodile is a rare race in the Purple Smoke Lake that can also attack on land . ”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled as he sat down in front of the three wary gazes .

The three were secretly stunned . Was this blue-haired youth arrogant or just retarded? An ancient crocodile had just attacked right there and he still dared to sit there?

“The three of us come from the Dark Cloud Sect . May we know which sect you come from?”

The archer spoke .

“Mystic True Sacred Clan, Zhao Feng . ”

Zhao Feng said nonchalantly with his with his back toward the three .

Mystic True Sacred Clan .

The three from the Dark Cloud Sect instantly revealed wary expressions . They didn’t dare to underestimate him at all .

The two Sacred Clans stood at the peak of the Sacred Land .

Even in the Demigod Forgotten Garden, the disciples of the two-star sects were disadvantaged against those from the three-star Clans .

“Retreat for now . ”

The three retreated back to the green jade stone path and recovered .

They didn’t leave . Instead, they stayed and watched the progress of other geniuses nearby .

Most of the geniuses were chased away by the fish within the lake . Only a couple Great Origin Core Realms and a female beast tamer got any rewards .

The female beast tamer had tamed more than a dozen fish to gather treasure in the lake .

Zhao Feng’s gaze landed on the female beast tamer and he nodded his head .

Right at this moment, a chaotic wave surged toward Zhao Feng .

The ancient crocodile!

The hearts of the three Dark Cloud Sect geniuses jumped .

The battle-power of the ancient crocodile was almost at the peak Small Origin Core Realm, and it could even defend against attacks from Great Origin Core Realms .


A smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face as he locked on to the crocodile with his God’s Spiritual Eye .

Dark Heart Seal!

A cold intent shot out from his left eye and into the crocodile’s soul .

The body of the crocodile instantly froze in midair before falling to the ground .

Zhao Feng sat unmoving, and his expression didn’t change .

After a breath or two, the ancient crocodile respectfully walked next to Zhao Feng .

“En, this is the first . ”

Zhao Feng nodded his head . Although the physical defense of the crocodile was strong, its soul was average .


The expressions of the three from the Dark Cloud Sect changed dramatically .

“He managed to control an ancient crocodile so easily?”

The genius who specialized in the soul was shocked .

The strength of one’s soul usually needed to be at least at the Great Origin Core Realm to control an ancient crocodile, but even a Sovereign Lord who specialized in the soul couldn’t control one so easily .

The three then watched as Zhao Feng sat down on the crocodile on the crocodile . The crocodile started to swim around the shore, which was its territory .

Zhao Feng sat on the crocodile, and the other fishes didn’t dare to come near it .

A while later, Zhao Feng met a second ancient crocodile .

“Dark Heart Seal!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye circulated his soul technique and successfully enslaved the second ancient crocodile .

This meant that Zhao Feng now had two ancient crocodiles already .

The eyes of the three from the Dark Cloud Sect bulged . With two ancient crocodiles, Zhao Feng didn’t need to fear anything near the shore . However, Zhao Feng didn’t use the crocodiles to gather treasure as they expected .

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two ancient crocodiles continued to swim around the shore .

An hour later:

“Three… four… five… . ”

The number of ancient crocodiles under Zhao Feng’s control was increasing .

At this moment, he even caught the female beast tamer’s attention .

“That guy’s eye-bloodline power can control five ancient crocodiles so easily?”

The female beast tamer was stunned .

One had to know that she had spent a very long time and only managed to control one ancient crocodile and more than a dozen fish .

Furthermore, she needed to continue using her secret soul technique or else they would escape her control, whereas Zhao Feng’s Dark Heart Seed fully enslaved the target .

His technique was extremely efficient .

“He’s already controlled five or six ancient crocodiles and can easily gather some of the precious resources near the shore . ”

The female beast tamer looked at Zhao Feng with puzzlement . Zhao Feng had already enslaved five or six ancient crocodiles, but there were no signs of him gathering anything .

From that, one could see how ambitious he was . He probably had a bigger goal .

Finally, after enslaving ten ancient crocodiles, Zhao Feng let out a breath and became slightly tired .

“Ten ancient crocodiles . The battle-power of each of them is comparable to the peak Small Origin Core Realm, and their defense can stop attacks from the Great Origin Core Realm . ”

The hearts of the three from the Dark Cloud Sect trembled .

The female beast tamer watched Zhao Feng’s every action with envy . She couldn’t help but wonder what this heaven-defying genius that specialized in the soul had in mind .


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