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King Of Gods - Chapter 638


Chapter 638: Chapter 638 - Belief of a Loner

Chapter 638 - Belief of a Loner

Within the Demigod Forgotten Garden, everyone that entered felt a powerful pressure descend upon them and suppress their powers .

Some of the geniuses at the Small Origin Core Realm found it hard to move or even breathe . They needed some time to get used to the pressure here .

Zhao Feng’s figure froze for a moment before starting to walk .

Although the pressure here was strong, it was nothing compared to the pressure in the Ancient Dream Realm .

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye inspected every flower and piece of wood in the Demigod Forgotten Garden and felt a weird sensation .

There seemed to be an immortal intent somewhere controlling the power of Heaven and Earth .

“Skeletal division Leader . ”

Zhao Feng tried to connect with the skeletal division Leader within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, but he found that the skeletal division Leader couldn’t leave the pearl .

He wasn’t surprised . Over the last couple days, he read a lot of information regarding the Demigod Forgotten Garden .

The Demigod Forgotten Garden had its own laws .

Firstly, those that entered the Demigod Forgotten Garden had to rely on their own powers without using any “outside help . ”

Under that law, the skeletal division Leader was suppressed within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl .

Zhao Feng then tried to reach out to the little thieving cat and it ended in success .

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared on Zhao Feng’s shoulder .

This was because the little thieving cat was Zhao Feng’s pet . Pets weren’t under the restriction, otherwise all the beast tamers wouldn’t be able to do anything in the Demigod Forgotten Garden .

At the same moment, in another corner of the Demigod Forgotten Garden, a warm youth gazed at a black bracelet on his wrist .


The black bracelet gently shook as a Void God Realm aura surged from within .

“Third Prince, the Demigod intent in the Demigod Forgotten Garden controls Heaven and Earth here . I can’t help you . ”

A voice sounded from the bracelet .

“The Demigod Forgotten Garden is indeed not simple . Let’s slowly enjoy this game . ”

The warm youth Wen Luoan smiled .

Within the Demigod Forgotten Garden, the geniuses that tried to cheat revealed disappointed expressions . All types of outside help were useless here .

Of course, nothing was absolute .

“It succeeded! As expected of Master, a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord who left behind this trick in the Demigod Forgotten Garden a long time ago . ”

Meng Xi’s hand flipped, and a purple unicorn’s horn appeared in her hand .

The purple unicorn’s horn seemed to be just a simple tool;it didn’t contain any kind of stored entity or “outside help . ” However, with this purple unicorn’s horn, Meng Xi smiled with confidence .

“If that’s the case, then I’ll first go to the Hundred Flower Garden, then toward the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower or maybe the Heart Healing Palace… . ”

With a plan in mind, Meng Xi’s figure flashed . Even with the Demigod Forgotten Garden’s suppression, her speed was extremely quick .

Although the Demigod Forgotten Garden sounded like a mere garden, it was actually a large secret realm that contained many fortunes and treasures, but there was also an accompanying danger .

Every genius in the Sacred Land knew most of the information about the Demigod Forgotten Garden . The only difference between them was how much they knew .

“En, according to the plan, I should go to the Purple Smoke Lake first . I have the biggest advantage there . ”

Zhao Feng had his own plan .

He had studied some information about the Demigod Forgotten Garden .


Zhao Feng’s figure moved with a purple flash .

The path below him was made from a green jade stone, which is what most of the pathways in the Demigod Forgotten Garden were made of . Everywhere else consisted mainly of grass and wood .

According to the experience of the people that had entered this place in the past, if one went on the pathways of this green jade stone, they were less likely to meet the attacks of powerful beasts .

After all, the entire place was filled with forests and grass, and there were some places that had hidden threats .

Spiritual Sense was also restricted within the Demigod Forgotten Garden, so people would normally not enter the places outside of the green jade stone .

At a certain moment:


Zhao Feng’s figure jumped onto a big tree . He opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and looked down in order to observe the landscape .

“Luckily, the God’s Spiritual Eye can help a lot here . ”

Zhao Feng soon figured figured out where he was .

Although everyone that came into the Demigod Forgotten Garden had information, not many had a complete map .

The Demigod Forgotten Garden only opened once every five hundred years, and the entire True Martial Sacred Land had only scouted out 60-70% of the place . There were still a lot of unknown forbidden places .

Through his God’s Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng could see the landscape and analyze where he was relative to what he knew, which meant that he knew how to get to the Purple Smoke Lake .


Zhao Feng increased his speed, but he didn’t fly . It had been a long time since he used such techniques .

On the way, he met some geniuses from the Sacred Land .

When entering the Demigod Forgotten Garden, everyone was sent to a certain position on the green jade stone .


The sound of fighting came from the mountain ahead .

A bunch of geniuses had found a rare plant that was extinct in the outside world, and it could help strengthen one’s bloodline .

However, next to the rare plant was a beast comparable to the Great Origin Core Realm, so the place was filled with fighting .

A total of four or five geniuses entered the fray .

Zhao Feng looked them over and saw that there was no one from the Mystic True Sacred Clan .

Although the value of the rare plant was great, Zhao Feng was too lazy to go over .

There were plenty of fortunes here . His target was the Purple Smoke Lake .

Zhao Feng continued to go on his journey, avoiding everyone else from the Sacred Land . However, the Demigod Forgotten Garden was huge, and everyone’s speed was limited .

Half a day later, Zhao Feng had only passed two-thirds of the distance there .

Right at this moment, a tower that glittered with gold appeared in the forest in front .

Although it was far away, Zhao Feng could feel an air of treasure radiating from that golden tower .

“Hmm? Could that tower in front be the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower?”

Zhao Feng’s footsteps paused .

The Ten Thousand Treasures Tower contained the savings of a Demigod . These treasures were all earth-shaking and had unique abilities .

Apparently, there were rumors that any random treasure within could change the destiny of a mortal .

Over .

Over the last dozen millennia, the treasures from the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower had created many legends .

A mysterious ring created a Void God Realm King .

A weird token created a two-star super-sect .

A mysterious coin changed the fate of someone normal .

Apart from that, the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower also contained items similar to Void God Protections that could be used within the Demigod Forgotten Garden . Because these items came from the Demigod Forgotten Garden to begin with, they weren’t restricted by Heaven and Earth .

All these reasons made the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower an important target of all the geniuses .

As expected, when Zhao Feng reached the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower, there were already many people there – around forty or fifty .

One had to know that this was only the beginning of the Demigod Forgotten Garden opening . Every time it opened, there was only half a month’s time .

“There’s already so many geniuses gathered here on the first day . ”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sigh .

He had thought about tackling the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower first earlier, but he decided to give up .

The competition here was too fierce, and the tower itself was full of dangerous challenges .

It was hard for a single person alone to accomplish anything, unless they were as strong as Nan Gongsheng or Meng Xi .

Simply put, it was best to create a team .

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao . ”

A voice sounded from a group of five or six in front of the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower .

The voice belonged to Dong Wenjian .

The leader of Dong Wenjian’s group was Brother Nan, who was from the Mystic True Sacred Clan and one of the top ten geniuses .

Zhao Feng stopped .

He currently had two choices:

One, join the Mystic True Sacred Clan’s group .

Two, don’t .

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao, why not join our group? The more people we have, the stronger we will be . We can enter the Ten Thousand Treasures Tower together . ”

Dong Wenjian said warmly .

Zhao Feng hadn’t been with the Mystic True Sacred Clan for long, so the only person he somewhat knew was Dong Wenjian, and that was only because they were both under Emperor Duanmu .

“Hehe, Junior Martial Brother Zhao’s strength is not bad . I saw him personally saw him personally defeat Zuo Hong . ”

Some of the others within the group revealed their good intents .

The competition within the Demigod Forgotten Garden was fierce, and there were many forces here . It was best for those from the same force to help each other .

Senior Martial Brother Nan was expressionless, but he didn’t decline . The more people they had, the stronger they were . In his eyes, Zhao Feng’s strength was average, so at least he wouldn’t drag them down .

Zhao Feng was silent . His eyes flashed with decisiveness .

“Senior Martial Brother Dong, I’m very sorry, I have my own plans, so I can’t join your group for now . ”

Zhao Feng said slightly regretfully .

His first target was the Purple Smoke Lake . The Ten Thousand Treasures Tower wasn’t suitable for Zhao Feng .

He only just joined the Mystic True Sacred Clan, so he wasn’t familiar with the other Core disciples yet .

Although Dong Wenjian was also Duanmu Qing’s disciple, he still felt slightly jealous and unbalanced .

Zhao Feng knew all of that clearly .

This wasn’t the Floating Crest Palace from the Broken Moon Clan . He didn’t have any true friends here in the Demigod Forgotten Garden that he could rely on . Therefore, in Brother Nan’s group, he would only be used without receiving much in return .

“The Ten Thousand Treasures Tower… isn’t currently suitable for me . ”

Zhao Feng’s figure turned into a purple streak as he continued on his way after declining .

He was prepared to be a loner in the Demigod Forgotten Garden, and he was confident in himself .

Even if he was a loner, he would fight a path for himself .

“That Zhao Feng doesn’t know what’s good for him… . ”

Zhao Feng’s rejection made Dong Wenjian’s expression slightly ugly . In the bottom of his heart, he didn’t like Zhao Feng due to jealousy, but he also didn’t dare to offend him . After all, Zhao Feng was favored by Duanmu Qing while he was only an in-name disciple .

“Hmph, let him go alone and perish on his own . Without the strength of one of the top ten prodigies, loners will die . ”

Brother Nan’s expression was ugly . Zhao Feng declining to join his group made him lose face .


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