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King Of Gods - Chapter 636


Chapter 636: Chapter 636 - Opening of the Forgotten Garden

Chapter 636 - Opening of the Forgotten Garden

In a forest covered in purple mist on the main Spiritual Peak of the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan:

“Xi’er, although you have a legendary bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, it isn’t a battle-type bloodline . Your chances of winning against Nan Gongsheng don’t exceed 50% . ”

A voice sounded from a bamboo room .

The inside of the room was dark and had a nice smell to it .

A peerless beauty with eyes like stars stood there . Her hair reached the ground, and she seemed to be a goddess .

“Hmph, although that Nan Gongsheng is the number one genius of the Sacred Land, he’s lost a few times against me . ”

Meng Xi touched her hair and seemed to be slightly unwilling .

In front of her sat a silver-haired figure with an infinitely powerful aura .

One couldn’t tell the gender of the figure, and although it seemed to actually be there, it also seemed to be just a ball of air at the same time .

“Hehe, you are my most outstanding disciple . How could I have not prepared anything for the once-every-five-hundred-years Demigod Forgotten Garden?”

The figure slowly opened its hand .


A unique, purple unicorn’s horn landed on Meng Xi’s palm .

“This is…?”

Meng Xi was slightly surprised . The purple unicorn’s horn contained a profound aura of mental energy, but it didn’t seem to be a weapon .

“With this, you will be almost completely unparalleled in the Demigod Forgotten Garden . Even Nan Gongsheng will be wary of you . ”

The figure smiled faintly .

On the morning of the second day, on a large arena stage on the main Spiritual peak of the Mystic True Sacred Clan, several half-step Void God Realm auras clashed .

Three of them were on the same side: a middle-aged man with a long beard, a cold youth, and a female in a green dress .

On the other side was a sharp youth in mystic clothes with one hand behind his back . His other hand released a silver light that pushed back the three half-step Void God Realms .

There were many spectators watching, including Core disciples, several Kings, and even an Emperor .

“This Nan Gongsheng is facing three half-step Void God Realms with such ease!?”

The Core disciples below watching felt their hearts twitch . He was too monstrous .

Nan Gongsheng was the Head disciple of the Mystic True Sacred Clan . At the same time, he was also the strongest genius in the entire Sacred Land . No one apart from Meng Xi, who had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, had even lasted more than ten moves against him .


Three half-step Void God intents suddenly merged together and crushed toward Nan Gongsheng .

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi seemed to freeze as forces clashed in the soul-dimension . All thoughts were unable to move .

The three half-step Void God intents had become one, and the Core disciples below didn’t dare to breathe .

Even though Nan Gongsheng had reached the half-step Void God Realm, it was hard for him to break through the combined attacks of three half-step Void God intents .


Silver light flashed around Nan Gongsheng as his half-step Void God intent started to rise .


A loud explosion sounded within the soul-dimension, which then passed into the physical dimension .

In that instant, the arrays around the stage became dim .

“Void God intent!”

Everyone broke out into discussion . Only the Emperor had a calm expression .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The hearts of the three half-step Void God Realms shook . They were sent flying by the Void God intent, and blood dripped from their mouths .

“An intent of a King? Has Nan Gongsheng become a King?”

“No, his cultivation is still at the half-step Void God Realm, but his soul has already formed true Void God Realm King intent . ”

The spectators broke out into chaos .

In this instant, all the geniuses looked at Nan Gongsheng with respect and admiration .

Forming true Void God intent meant that Nan Gongsheng had no bottleneck .


A brand-new Void God intent shot up into the sky and ignited the power of the universe .

In their sight, Nan Gongsheng seemed to become one with heaven .

From now on, his intent had the ability of a King and could easily kill normal Origin Core Realms .

“A new King intent . . ”

“Has someone become a King?”

The divine Senses of many Void God Realm Kings and Emperors flashed across the air .

However, their hearts shook when they realized that this new King intent came from a junior .

“Nan Gongsheng’s only thirty-something years old and has already formed King intent . ”

“As expected of the number one genius of the Sacred Land who has the peerless Spatial Spirit Body and the peerless Heaven Spirit Body . ”

Some Kings sighed .

Normal experts needed more than a hundred years or even several hundred years to become a King .

However, Nan Gongsheng was indeed talented .

The cultivation bodies of the world were split into the Mortal, Spiritual, Earth, and Heaven ranks .

Normal cultivators only had Spiritual bodies .

Back in the Guanjun Province, Zhao Feng and company’s bodies were only half Spiritual bodies .

Earth ranked bodies were already extremely rare, and this Nan Gongsheng had the highest Heaven ranked body .

On top of that, he had the unique Spatial Spirit Body .

The Spatial Spirit Body meant that his compatibility with Space, Heaven, and Earth was extremely high . This was a body that couldn’t be inherited;it was completely random .

Such talent meant that Nan Gongsheng was one of the most talented people in the Sacred Land . Only the two people with Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines could be compared to him .

Inside his garden, Zhao Feng opened his eyes as he felt a new King intent spread across the main Spiritual Peak .

“He is Nan Gongsheng?”

Zhao Feng’s mind split into twenty or thirty thoughts that leapt into the air .

Over the last couple days, Zhao Feng had absorbed a large amount of Ancient Dream Realm aura to consolidate his cultivation .

However, just after he broke through, he witnessed the magnificence of the number one genius of the Sacred Land, Nan Gongsheng .

“The intent of a King… . ”

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart . Everything seemed tiny against such a thing .

This was the Spiritual Sacred Land, a place where cultivation could increase by leaps and bounds .

Nan Gongsheng was at the top of the top ten geniuses, and he led the “clash between Sheng and Meng . ”

Sheng . ”

Sheng represented Nan Gongsheng, who had the three-star Mystic True Sacred Clan behind his back .

Meng represented Meng Xi, who had the three-star Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan behind her back .

After witnessing Nan Gongsheng’s strength, Zhao Feng thought about Meng Xi, who apparently had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races . She shouldn’t be too far off from Nan Gongsheng .

As the day of the Demigod Forgotten Garden opening was approaching, the disciples in seclusion came out .

Each of the top ten geniuses of the Sacred Land came out, and they had all improved .

At this moment, Zhao Feng also stopped cultivating and started to read the information regarding the Demigod Forgotten Garden .

Although the Demigod Forgotten Garden sounded like a garden, in reality, it was a secret realm that was ranked even higher than the Purple Saint Ruins .

After all, the Purple Saint Ruins was already extremely weak, not even one tenth as strong as when it was at its peak .

“Junior Martial Brother Zhao . ”

A voice sounded from outside .

Hearing that, Zhao Feng’s Spiritual Sense instantly scanned outside and saw a disciple .

The disciple was a youth in green robes who seemed to be somewhat lowkey .

“Senior Martial Brother Dong . ”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and walked out .

He met many Core disciples during the disciple ceremony, and this Senior Martial Brother Dong, whose full name was Dong Wenjian, was one of them .

More importantly, Dong Wenjian was Duanmu Qing’s in-name disciple, and his father was a half-step Void God Realm in the middle echelon .

Back then, Duanmu Qing took Dong Wenjian as his in-name disciple because he saw that the latter’s father was extremely hard working and was moved .

Dong Wenjian’s talent was only considered to be average in the Sacred Land .

Normally, Duanmu Qing would spend most of his time in seclusion, and he would spend many years every time he entered seclusion . This meant that Duanmu Qing didn’t have many chances to truly give pointers to Dong Wenjian .

“Junior Brother Zhao, there’s still three days till the opening of the Demigod Forgotten Garden, and Master’s not here . How is your preparation?”

Dong Wenjian was extremely warm . extremely warm .

The two were both under the same Emperor, but one was a Personal disciple while the other was only an in-name disciple .

Although there was a difference in status, they at least had the same master .

As Zhao Feng wasn’t familiar with many people, he could only walk with Dong Wenjian .

“I’ve made a small improvement in my seclusion . Although I might not be on the Top Ten Geniuses’ level, I won’t lose Master’s face . ”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and he was relatively humble .

Dong Wenjian looked at Zhao Feng with complex emotions, including jealousy and wariness .

Zhao Feng was only 23 years old at most and he already had such cultivation .

Dong Wenjian had also watched Zhao Feng’s battle with Zuo Hong, and he guessed that he probably wouldn’t have been able to last thirty moves if it were him .

And now, Zhao Feng’s cultivation had increased even more and reached the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm . There was also a power in his body that brought a lot of pressure .

That day, Zhao Feng and Dong Wenjian started to talk to others around the Sacred Land, mainly for two reasons .

One was information about the Demigod Forgotten Garden .

The Demigod Forgotten Garden had existed for an extremely long time, and the information that every King and Emperor possessed had slight differences .

Some Emperors and Kings might have more complete information .

For example, Duanmu Qing was usually in seclusion and acted lowkey, which meant that the information he had was not the most complete .

On top of that, people could help each other in the Demigod Forgotten Garden .

Due to these reasons, Dong Wenjian went to talk with other Core disciples .

After all, the two superpowers and the thirty-three two-star sects were about to enter the Demigod Forgotten Garden, and it was normal for there to be casualties .

Time flew, and the three days passed in the blink of an eye .

On this day, the once-every-five-hundred-years Demigod Forgotten Garden finally opened .


The outline of a garden appeared in the corner of the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak with a magnificent power that shook Heaven and Earth .


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