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King Of Gods - Chapter 634


Chapter 634: Chapter 634 - Soul Eye Bloodline Techniques

Chapter 634 - Soul Eye Bloodline Techniques

Zhao Feng knew that Duanmu Qing going to the Purple Saint Ruins was great news for Zhao Yufei .

After thinking for a while, he realized that, after entering the Sacred Land, all he needed to do was cultivate quietly . There were no other requirements .

The only other thing was to take care of the people on the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship, but he didn’t need an Emperor just for that .

“How long will Master be gone for?”

Zhao Feng asked .

“At least a month or two, at most half a year . It won’t be hard to stop the problems that the Purple Saint Ruins is facing, but it’ll be hard to recover the dimension itself . Time is also needed for the inheritance to become complete . ”

Duanmu Qing answered .

Before he left, Duanmu Qing sent a stream of information about the Demigod Forgotten Garden into Zhao Feng’s mind .

Although the Demigod Forgotten Garden only opened once every five hundred years, the Sacred Land’s history was extremely long .

The two three-star clans and the many two-star sects had scouted it quite a bit over the course of history, so they knew most of the situation within .

“The requirement for entering the Demigod Forgotten Garden is to be below 50 years old . There are many restrictions in the Demigod Forgotten Garden, and the dimension is different from the outside world… . ”

Zhao Feng summarized .

There was still about two or three months till the Demigod Forgotten Garden opened .

Currently, Zhao Feng decided to focus on cultivation, so he didn’t have much time to read the information in detail .

“I should first take care of everyone aboard the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship . ”

Zhao Feng got up and walked out .

Being a Core disciple of a three-star Clan, Zhao Feng could easily walk around the Sacred Land with his status .

However, he was still extremely careful because the aura of Death in the bottom of his soul was still extremely close .

Many of the four Death Spirit Lords and thirty-six Death Guards were in the True Martial Sacred Land .

After walking out, Zhao Feng took out his Core Disciple Token and sent a message to the Golden Mountain Sect .

An hour later, Old Li from the Golden Mountain Sect received a letter .

A wisp of mental energy with Zhao Feng’s voice sounded as the letter was opened, “Old Li, there’s something I need your help with… . ”

Old Li was stunned . Someone below the Void God Realm could imbue their mental energy into a letter? Furthermore, the voice sounded instantaneously .

Due to the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique, Zhao Feng’s mental energy thoughts could be split into many .

If his mental energy was attached to a letter and sent far away, he could still connect it with his soul . This was just a basic method of the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique .

Through the letter, Zhao Feng and Old Li didn’t need any other methods of communication .

“Little Friend Zhao, you don’t need to worry . I will report this to the upper echelon of the sect and give your friends some positions . That isn’t much of a problem . ”

Old Li said .

On that very day, the blue-robed King went to get everyone aboard the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship .

On the second day, Li Yunya, Loulan Zhishui, and company aboard the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship became outer members of the Golden Mountain Sect .

Zhao Feng finally felt relaxed .

The True Martial Sacred Land wasn’t his final stop, and he still needed a ship after going to the Floating Dream Sacred Land .

After taking care of those aboard the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship, Zhao Feng entered seclusion .

He had three current paths he was taking .

One was the Wind Lightning Emperor’s inheritance .

He had almost completely mastered the purple color level, so he could try to cultivate the scarlet-colored Wind Lightning soon .

The second was the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique .

The Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique was even greater than the Wind Lightning Emperor’s inheritance, and it could even help dissolve the intent of Death within his soul .

The third path was the Death Dark Eye .

Amongst the three, Zhao Feng placed the greatest importance on the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique . The Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique strengthened Zhao Feng’s soul and allowed him to use it it more efficiently .

However, after Zhao Feng reached the One Thought into Ten state, the rate of improvement slowed down dramatically .

It was already a miracle Zhao Feng could reach the One Thought into Ten state so quickly . His rate of cultivation had already far surpassed the speed of the experts from the Duanmu Family .

On the second day, Zhao Feng started to look into the Dark Eye Secret Manual .

He was fully lost in it as he absorbed its knowledge .

The Dark Eye Secret Manual contained the theories and techniques of the Emperor of Death and, although it didn’t have much information about the Death Dark Eye, there was a lot of information about supporting and controlling eye-bloodline techniques .

“All of these techniques are biased toward Death and the Soul . The Emperor of Death is pretty cunning;he didn’t write much about the offensive eye-bloodline techniques or any core information . ”

Zhao Feng used an entire day and night to scan over the contents .

One had to know that Zhao Feng’s mental energy was extremely powerful;he had the ability of memorizing everything he saw . He also had great comprehension and learning ability .

The Dark Eye Secret Manual allowed Zhao Feng to understand more about Death and Soul techniques .

What was more surprising was that the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique and the Dark Eye Secret Manual complemented one another .

The two both regarded how the soul worked, and Zhao Feng had comprehended the Dark Eye Incomplete Page before, so he was able to understand the Dark Eye Secret Manual .

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye . Zhao Feng’s consciousness was fully absorbed in the Dark Eye Secret Manual as he learnt the theory behind it .

Since many of the skills recorded in the Dark Eye Secret Manual were about the element of Death, Zhao Feng couldn’t learn them, but he could learn the basic Soul techniques .

In this half a month, Zhao Feng also invented a couple other eye-bloodline techniques . They were mainly Soul-based, and since they were based on the Dark Eye Secret Manual, these techniques were mainly supporting skills .

“Soul Chains!”

A surge of mental energy eye-bloodline power appeared in Zhao Feng’s left eye . eye .

In the next instant, the skeletal division Leader in the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl became unable to move .

Transparent purple-colored lightning chains wrapped around the skeletal division Leader’s body .

In reality, what was actually bound was the skeletal division Leader’s soul . The transparent purple-colored lightning chains existed within the soul-dimension, and they restricted the opponent’s soul .

“I only used 50% of my strength and you already can’t fight back . ”

Zhao Feng took back his eye-bloodline power with dissatisfaction .

The skeletal division Leader struggled for several breaths before finally breaking free .

Apart from the Soul Chains, Zhao Feng had also comprehended more than a dozen Soul-based techniques, some weak and some strong .

“Dark Heart Seal, Mental Energy Spike, Eye of Nightmares, Soul Searching Eye, Demonic Eye… . ”

Techniques, theories, and intents appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind .

Although some of the skills were of the element of Death, Zhao Feng could use them with other elements .

After all, his eye-bloodline powers could change, which gave him a big advantage over other eye-bloodlines .

Amongst the techniques, Zhao Feng understood the Dark Heart Seal extremely well . It was an improvement on the Dark Heart Seed .

In the past, the Dark Heart Seed could merge into the opponent’s soul and threaten the opponent’s life and even enslave them .

However, the Dark Heart Seed’s power was limited;it couldn’t control the victim’s thoughts .

If they didn’t care about their life, then the Dark Heart Seed had no meaning . If the target wanted to counterattack, they could do so at any time, so the risk was high .

“The Dark Heart Seal imprints one’s own soul-power into the depths of the opponent’s soul and can change their thoughts . Those that are imprinted with the Dark Heart Seal will obey their master from the bottom of their heart . ”

Zhao Feng knew how terrifying this skill was .

The Dark Heart Seal was basically an enslaving seal . Once imprinted, the victim would obey their master like a true slave .

For example, although the skeletal division Leader was controlled by Zhao Feng, it still had malicious thoughts, but if it was imprinted with the Dark Heart Seal instead, the skeletal division leader would obey Zhao Feng until the end until the end .

The Dark Heart Seal could be considered a forbidden enslaving technique .

Of course, the skill had its own limits .

Firstly, the success rate depended on the difference in soul-strength .

Under normal situations, if the target fought back and the skill failed, the target’s soul would most likely be destroyed .

Of course, the success rate was related to control . With the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique and the God’s Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng’s control was extremely precise .

Zhao Feng even thought that he could maybe control several slaves at once if he split his thoughts .

Apart from the fact that the rate of success wasn’t very high, the Dark Heart Seal also used a lot of energy, which also depended on the difference in soul-strength .

“Dark Heart Seal . ”

A wisp of cold eye-bloodline power radiated from Zhao Feng’s body .


A True Spirit Realm bird in the air several miles away froze .

A breath or two later:


The True Spirit Realm bird flew over and landed on Zhao Feng’s shoulder respectfully .

“En, its mind has been fully enslaved . Even if I was at the Ascended Realm, it would obey me . ”

Zhao Feng nodded his head .

This was the tenth time he was testing out the Dark Heart Seal .

Apart from a mistake on the first try, the other nine tries all ended in success .

Zhao Feng’s control was extremely precise to begin with, and he had also learnt the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique, meaning that his usage of soul-power had reached another level .

Zhao Feng then tried to control nearby beasts using ten different thoughts . Each of the beasts were at least at the Ascended Realm .

A few breaths later, eight of the ten beasts at the Ascended Realm were enslaved by Zhao Feng .

The two failures were due to Zhao Feng multi-tasking .

If Zhao Feng could cultivate the Dark Heart Seal and the Ten Thousand divine Thoughts Technique to a higher level, the rate of success would become higher .

Within the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, the skeletal division Leader saw Zhao Feng’s new Soul techniques and became filled with fear . Everything imprinted by the Dark Heart Seal became truly enslaved by Zhao Feng .


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