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King Of Gods - Chapter 632


Chapter 632: Chapter 632 - Top Ten Sacred Land Geniuses

Chapter 632 - Top Ten Sacred Land Geniuses

On top of the battle stage in the Sacred Land, all the disciples and experts of the clan watched with surprised expressions .

“Ten moves? Zhao Feng still dares to be so arrogant?”

“This brat just became a Core disciple of the Mystic True Sacred Clan, and Zuo Hong’s cultivation is higher than his . ”

Not many out of the couple hundred spectators thought well of Zhao Feng . After all, Zuo Hong was an old Core disciple who seemed to surpass Zhao Feng in every aspect .

Furthermore, that brat Zhao Feng arrogantly proposed a ten-move bet .

“What, you scared?”

Zhao Feng smiled .

The reason he came up with a ten-move bet was to prove that he had the strength and potential to replace someone .

If he won such a bet, no one would mock him or disdain his master’s – Duanmu Qing’s – name .

“Why would I be scared? If I lose, I will apologize to you and retreat whenever I see you . ”

Zuo Hong laughed . He seemed to have already obtained victory .

His heart was overfilled with joy as he looked at Zhao Feng like he was looking at a retard .

“Hong’er… don’t underestimate Zhao Feng . That brat’s mental energy and bloodline aura are both not simple . He must have something to rely on to be so confident . ”

The divine Sense of a King sounded in Zuo Hong’s mind . The owner of the voice belonged to Zuo Hong’s Master .

“This disciple understands . ”

Zuo Hong’s heart jumped, and he took back his underestimation . After all, his master was a Void God Realm King, so he had a greater grasp of the opponent’s strength .

“Start . ”

A half-step Void God Realm acted as the judge .

“No matter who Zhao Feng is, I should be able to last ten moves . ”

Zuo Hong’s figure flashed as he used a technique of the Sacred Land .

Flying Cloud Albatross Leap!

In the next instant, a large condensed figure of a green-and-silver albatross formed in the air .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Zuo Hong’s body seemed to merge into the green-and-silver albatross, and sharp feathers one after another swept toward Zhao Feng .

“What a profound skill . ”

Zhao Feng felt his skin start to tingle in pain . It would be hard for him to catch sight of Zuo Hong if he didn’t use his eye-bloodline .

“Purple Wind Lightning Ring!”

Zhao Feng lightly exclaimed as he circulated his Purple Destruction Wind Lightning against the sharp figures that blotted out the sky .

Bam! Bam!

Zhao Feng was covered in an eye-catching current of purple-colored lightning as beams of Destruction swept out .

Rings of purple lightning expanded as they clashed against the figure of the albatross .

The aura of Destruction raged chaotically as the two powers hit each other .


A crack soon appeared on the figure of the green-and-silver albatross .

The victor of the clash was immediately decided .

“Purple Destruction Wind Lightning? It’s the inheritance of the Wind Lightning Emperor… . ”

The Void God Realm divine Senses in the air were slightly surprised .

There were many experts in the True Martial Sacred Land, and they soon recognized the history of Zhao Feng’s skills .

“Wind Lightning Emperor? He used to reign supreme with his speed . He was a legendary existence even amongst Emperors . ”

“The Ten Thousand Lightning Sect in the Sacred Land also has the inheritance of the Wind Lightning Emperor, but they don’t have the essence of it… . ”

A few King divine Senses started to discuss .

“Wind Lightning Emperor?”

The divine Sense of an Emperor swept across with a sigh .

There were many ancient Emperors here in the Sacred Land that may have known the Wind Lightning Emperor personally .

Back then, the Wind Lightning Emperor had once cultivated in the Ten Thousand Lightning Sect . At this moment, the Purple Destruction techniques of the Wind Lightning Emperor were suppressing the techniques of another force of the Sacred Land .

“A brat from the outside world actually has the inheritance of a legendary Emperor?”

Zuo Hong gritted his teeth in the air .

Flying Albatross Sweeping Shadow!

Zuo Hong suddenly circulated his bloodline power, and the figure of the albatross in the air started to condense even firmer as wind and lightning flashed around it .


In the next instant, the image of an albatross swept across the air .

The spectators seemed to see a divine bird radiating an old intent screech as it flashed through the clouds .


Zhao Feng felt a pressure bear down upon him, and his blood flow started to slow slow down .

He didn’t expect Zuo Hong’s bloodline technique to be so unique . His peak battle-power was comparable to a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord .

“Wind Lightning Hundred Figures!”

Zhao Feng roared as waves of shining purple lightning and wind glowed around him .

Shua! Shua! Shua~~~~~

In that moment, a ball of purple-colored Wind Lightning split into two . The two balls then split into four .

Two… four… eight… sixteen .

In just a moment, a couple dozen purple lightning doppelgangers had formed and were spread out amongst a one-mile radius .


The flying albatross instantly shattered a few doppelgangers, but no one knew where Zhao Feng’s true body was at .

It was hard to distinguish which body was the real Zhao Feng, and each doppelganger had attacking abilities .

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The doppelgangers charged one after another toward the flying albatross Zuo Hong had turned to .

Zuo Hong became filled with anger as wind and lightning erupted across his body .

Most of the geniuses watching were stunned .

“Blade of Purple Destruction!”

A thin, dark purple blade suddenly formed on one of the doppelganger’s hands, and it radiated an aura of Destruction as it glimmered with lightning .


The blade of Wind Lightning was extremely eye-catching, and it suddenly expanded to more than a dozen yards long as it released an aura of Destruction and sliced the figure of the albatross in two .


Zuo Hong in his albatross form groaned .


A scorched, dark red mark could be seen on his body, and the power of Destruction had entered his body .

Even with his powerful bloodline, the injury couldn’t be healed very quickly . Destruction was the antithesis of healing, which made recovering from the aura of Destruction very difficult .

“Not good! This Zhao Feng’s attack, speed, and skill all surpass Hong’er… . ”

The divine Sense of a King exclaimed .

Zhao Feng’s Blade of Purple Destruction had broken through Zuo Hong’s bloodline skill and caused an injury .

However, Zhao Feng’s attack didn’t end there .

“Wings of Wind and Lightning!”

Wings of Purple Destruction Wind Lightning dozens of yards long started to extend across Zhao Feng’s back, making him seem like an ancient demon surrounded by wind and lightning .


A terrifying surge of wind and lightning appeared on the stage and created a storm of Destruction . Destruction .


Zhao Feng’s speed, attack, and intent had reached an entirely new level .

With each palm, he seemed to create dragons of Destruction that howled in the storm .

“So strong!”

The spectators watching the blue-haired youth felt their hearts shake .


Zuo Hong gave it his all and circulated his bloodline power to the maximum, but his figure started to fade in front of the unparalleled dragon of Destruction, and he flew out of the stage .


Zuo Hong’s body was entirely black when he landed . He wanted to move, but he was completely numb, and his lifeforce had been injured .

“Brother Zuo!”

A few Core disciples ran over and helped Zuo Hong .

“Thank you . ”

Zhao Feng walked out of the stage amongst wary and fearful gazes .

“It was indeed accomplished within ten moves… . ”

The half-step King judge looked at Zhao Feng weirdly .

At the last moment, with the addition of the Wings of Wind and Lightning, Zhao Feng’s battle-power was enough to threaten even those at the middle-stage Great Origin Core Realm or above .

Such battle-power was enough to stand out amongst most geniuses in the Sacred Land .

“His strength is okay . ”

Brother Nan said emotionlessly from the crowd .

For someone like him – one of the Top Ten Sacred Land Geniuses – that level of battle-power didn’t surprise him .

One had to know that many of the Top Ten Sacred Land Geniuses could challenge normal half-step Kings .

On the other hand, Chen Yilin was full of surprise .

He was also one of the Top Ten Sacred Land Geniuses, but he had seen Zhao Feng one year ago . Back then, Zhao Feng was only at the half-step Origin Core Realm . At that time, he probably couldn’t have even blocked one blow from Jiang Fan .

“Luckily, Jiang Fan isn’t here . The strength that Zhao Feng just displayed was already on par with Brother Jiang . ”

Chen Yilin murmured .

After the disciple ceremony, Jiang Fan had followed his master, Emperor Gu Luo, and gone to cultivate .

Right at this moment:

“Zhao Feng, your performance wasn’t bad . Come to me . ”

Emperor Duanmu’s voice sounded .

It was obvious that he also watched the fight .

The other Kings couldn’t help but sigh . Emperor Duanmu had just Duanmu had just taken in a new disciple, and he was already so strong .

A while later:

“Master, is there something you need to tell me?”

Zhao Feng arrived at Duanmu Qing’s palace .

“Zhao Feng, your strength can be ranked within the top five or six Core disciples of the Mystic True Sacred Clan, but there is still a difference between the Top Ten Geniuses of the Sacred Land . It’s still not enough to reap a lot of benefits from the Demigod Forgotten Garden… . ”

Duanmu Qing said .

Zhao Feng didn’t disagree . He already had to use 60-70% of his Purple Destruction Wind Lightning intent just now .

If the disciples of the Sacred Land at the Small Origin Core Realm already had such strength, then those at the Great Origin Core Realm would be immeasurable .

“I have three things for you before I leave . They might be of help to you . ”

A wooden box appeared in Duanmu Qing’s hand .

Zhao Feng took the box and opened it . Within, there were two books and a small jade bottle .

There was some kind of crystal the size of a thumb within the jade bottle . It was round and as transparent and perfect as diamond . The pressure radiating from it made even Zhao Feng feel suppressed .

“This is a Crystal Core Pill, which helps those at the peak Small Origin Core Realm break through to the Great Origin Core Realm . Your cultivation isn’t enough to use it yet, but I found that the Core Center within your body is already showing signs of turning into crystal, so using this now might have some good effects . ”

Duanmu Qing smiled and said .

“Crystal Core Pill?”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but become excited . He had heard of this pill’s value;it was extremely rare even in the Void Ocean Spiritual Palaces .

His eyes then landed on the two books .

There were a few words on the first book: Dark Eye Secret Manual


Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be surprised . What was the connection between this and the Dark Eye Incomplete Page?

“Hehe, this Dark Eye Secret Manual was something I got in an exchange with the Emperor of Death a long time ago, and it contains many of his techniques… . ”


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