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King Of Gods - Chapter 631


Chapter 631: Chapter 631 - Replacing

Chapter 631 - Replacing

At the disciple ceremony, Duanmu Qing retracted his gaze and started to communicate with the other Emperors present .

“Elders, I have something to discuss with all of you . ”

Duanmu Qing suddenly spoke . The Emperors exchanged glances, and some of them revealed thoughtful expressions .

“Emperor Duanmu, is this related to the Demigod Forgotten Garden?”

Emperor Gu Luo smiled .

“That’s right . ”

Duanmu Qing nodded his head, “The list of people going to the Demigod Forgotten Garden has already been decided and, usually, the spots wouldn’t change . ”

Hearing up to there, the other Emperors already understood what Duanmu Qing was trying to say .

He wanted to get his disciple a spot to enter the Demigod Forgotten Garden .

If it were in the past, when the list still hadn’t been decided yet, it wouldn’t have been hard for Duanmu Qing to get a spot due to his status and strength . The problem was that the list was already confirmed .

“The Demigod Forgotten Garden is split into the nominated and the open-competition sections . It’s hard to change the list of people from the open-competition section, so we can only switch the nominated section . ”

Emperor Gu Luo said deeply .

The True Martial Sacred Clan had a total of fifty spots for the Demigod Forgotten Garden . This was ten times more than the Golden Mountain Sect, a peak two-star force .

However, being a three-star superpower, the Mystic True Sacred Clan’s geniuses were as bright as stars, and there were even prodigies with a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races .

There were dozens of Emperors and Kings present, and every King and Emperor each had at least a couple disciples . Therefore, the competition for the fifty spots was extremely fierce .

“There’s ten nominated spots . How about this…”

Emperor Gu Luo soon had an idea, and the Emperors interacted with their divine Senses before they soon came to a conclusion .

“Looks like that’s the only way . ”

Emperor Duanmu Qing sighed .

Nominated geniuses all had strong backgrounds, so trying to switch someone in or out would definitely offend someone .

However, the Demigod Forgotten Garden only appeared once every five hundred years, and Emperor Duanmu Qing had finally obtained a disciple, who was also related to his Aunt . He would definitely provide as much help as he possibly could to his new disciple .

As time passed, the disciple ceremony was starting to come to an end .

Zhao Feng met many Core disciples from the Mystic True Sacred Clan .

“Head disciple Nan Gongsheng didn’t come . ”

“Nan Gongsheng’s been cultivating a secret technique in the Sacred Land for the past half-year, and he already reached the half-step Void God Realm long ago . ”

Some of the Core disciples discussed .

Nan Gongsheng was the number one genius of the Mystic True Sacred Clan . He was also one of the top geniuses amongst the entire Sacred Land .

When talking about Nan Gongsheng, even Jiang Fan, who had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, revealed respect .

“If my cultivation reaches the Great Origin Core Realm, I’ll be able to fight even someone at the half-step Void God Realm . ”

Jiang Fan clenched his fists .

His talent and bloodline potential were amongst the best within the Mystic True Sacred Clan, but he was only in his twenties at the moment;he wasn’t able to catch up to those other geniuses that were already in their thirties .

“Brother Jiang, don’t be angry . There’s only two geniuses in the entire Sacred Land with a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races . In the future, your true opponent will be Meng Xi from the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan . ”

Chen Yilin patted his shoulder .

In reality, with his Ten Thousand Ancient Races Bloodline, Jiang Fan’s strength had already surpassed some Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords .

“There’s still three months left till the Demigod Forgotten Garden . I will charge into the Top Ten Sacred Land Geniuses like Brother Chen . ”

Battle-intent glowed in Jiang Fan’s eyes, and his bloodline seemed to burn . His fighting will had been ignited during this disciple ceremony, all because of the pressure from Zhao Feng .

The change in Jiang Fan didn’t escape Emperor Gu Luo’s eyes, and he secretly nodded his head . In the past, Jiang Fan was extremely arrogant due to his Ten Thousand Ancient Races Bloodline, so he didn’t put in too much effort into his cultivation .

“Fan’er, I will teach you myself for the next three months . ”

Emperor Gu Luo’s divine Senses sounded in his head .

“Thank you, Master . ”

Jiang Fan suppressed the excitement excitement in his heart . His goal was to become one of the Top Ten Sacred Land Geniuses . Only with more strength would he be able to come out on top in the Demigod Forgotten Garden .

Emperor Gu Luo’s eyes scanned over Emperor Duanmu, and he thought that the latter’s disciple also had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races . There was no way he would lose to Emperor Duanmu and his disciple .

Half a day later, the disciple ceremony came to an end . From now on, Zhao Feng was Duanmu Qing’s official disciple and a member of a three-star superpower .

Zhao Feng understood Duanmu Qing’s intentions .

“Zhao Feng, if everything goes to plan, you will receive a spot to enter the Demigod Forgotten Garden, but at the same time, you need to be ready to be challenged . ”

Duanmu Qing said before he left .

Demigod Forgotten Garden?

Zhao Feng shook . He was overfilled with surprise and joy .

He had talked to some Core disciples during the disciple ceremony and found that those entering the Demigod Forgotten Garden had already been confirmed . He didn’t expect Duanmu Qing to help him get a nominated spot .

“Thank you, Master . ”

Zhao Feng’s heart was filled with gratitude . Duanmu Qing would have had to pay a price to obtain this spot because there was more than just one or two Emperors in a three-star superpower . The number of Kings alone had reached dozens .

Furthermore, above Emperors were Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords .

After returning to where he was staying, Zhao Feng sat down and tried to calm himself down .

After meeting Duanmu Qing, his status, identity, and his entire life had been flipped .

Zhao Feng’s eyes looked toward the garden outside, and the moonlight filled the garden with a silver glow .

He didn’t know why, but his thoughts suddenly drifted toward the Azure Flower Continent .

In his mind, the image of a quiet, elegant goddess appeared .

“True Martial Sacred Land… Demigod Forgotten Garden… I need to grasp this chance . ”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and started to cultivate .

Now that he had arrived in the True Martial Sacred Land, he had already completed half of his journey .

In the morning of the second day:

“Zhao Feng, get the f*k out here! out here! Let’s see who dares to take my spot after entering the Sacred Clan . ”

A voice full of hatred sounded from outside .

Many experts and geniuses from the Mystic True Sacred Land were standing outside .

The owner of the voice was a youth who had angry eyes, and his expression was twisted .

“Brother Zuo Hong, your nominated spot was taken by that Zhao Feng?”

The disciples outside were extremely sympathetic .

In terms of background, Zuo Hong’s master was an old Void God Realm King who had real power . In terms of cultivation, he had reached the late stages of the Small Origin Core Realm, and he wasn’t even thirty years old yet .

As the chattering sounded outside, a blue-haired youth walked out .

“Zhao Feng, you’ve finally come out . ”

Many disciples had angry expressions .

“It’s utterly shameless how you used your identity as a disciple of an Emperor to steal a spot . ”

Many people were sympathetic toward the “victim . ” After all, the spot had already belonged to Zuo Hong .

“I don’t dare to disobey the orders of the upper echelon, but I want to see if Brother Zhao has the ability and qualifications to replace me . ”

Zuo Hong snickered coldly .

His master had told him to do this .

Not many people were on the same level as Emperor Duanmu in the Clan, and the Emperor Projection that day increased Duanmu Qing’s fame even further .

However, although they couldn’t disobey him on the surface, they could use other tricks .

If Zuo Hong defeated Zhao Feng, then it would be hard for the disciple of Emperor Duanmu to take his spot “righteously . ” After all, even in three-star superpowers, strength was everything;three-star superpowers wouldn’t waste a spot on someone useless .

All he needed to do was defeat Zhao Feng .

At the same time, Zuo Hong’s master could also ask other Emperors for help . If it came to the worst, things could be reported to the Grand Elder .

The plan was complete . Zuo Hong only needed to do one thing;challenge Zhao Feng . That was the first step .

“Okay, I accept your challenge . ”

Zhao Feng didn’t hesitate at all .

Yesterday, Emperor Duanmu Qing already warned him . Those that were able to become Emperors were all extremely wise .

A wise .

A while later, hundreds of people had gathered outside an ancient arena stage within the Mystic True Sacred Clan .

There were many Core disciples present .

“Brother Chen and Brother Nan are both here… . ”

Many Core disciples in the crowd glanced at two figures .

Chen Yilin and Brother Nan were expressionless as they looked at the two figures on the stage . Their cultivations had reached the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm .

“Brother Chen and Brother Nan are both within the Top Ten Sacred Land Geniuses . ”

“Apparently, they’ve challenged half-step Void God Realms before . ”

The eyes of the crowd were filled with respect .

At this point, on the stage, Zhao Feng and Zuo Hong were floating above a mountain .

The stage of the Mystic True Sacred Clan was extremely profound;it had a small dimension within it that could replicate different sceneries, such as mountains, streams, and rivers .

People were looking forward to this battle .

There were more than a dozen Void God Realm divine Senses in the air . There were even Emperor divine Senses .

“Hmph, everything’s ready . As long as Zuo Hong wins, I will ask the Grand Elder to put this right . ”

A Void God Realm King divine Sense looked down with coldness .

“Brother Zuo Hong, just fighting isn’t interesting . ”

Zhao Feng said .

“What do you mean?”

Zuo Hong paused slightly .

“Let’s have a bet . If you win, I’ll just directly give the spot to you . ”

Zhao Feng spoke .

“You really mean that? You’ll give the spot to me?”

Zuo Hong was overjoyed . He didn’t think it would be this easy .

“As long as you can last more than ten moves, victory is yours . But… what will you do if you lose?”

Zhao Feng asked slowly .

Ten moves?

Zuo Hong paused, and the entire crowd broke out into discussion .

“Hahaha, ten moves? Brat, you’re too cocky . It seems like you don’t know the strength of a Core disciple of a three-star superpower . We all have the strength to challenge those with higher cultivation . ”

Hearing this, Zuo Hong was filled with happiness .

Although he was only at the late stages of the Small Origin Core Realm, he had defeated Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords in the outside world .


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