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King Of Gods - Chapter 630


Chapter 630: Chapter 630 - Disciple Ceremony

Chapter 630 - Disciple Ceremony

In the center of the Sacred Land, the three main Spiritual Peaks seemed to connect to the heavens.

The centermost one that was in ruins was the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak.

The left and right main Spiritual Peaks were held by the two three-star forces.

The left main Spiritual Peak was the Mystic True Sacred Clan’s territory.

On top of the Mystic True Sacred Clan’s main Spiritual Peak, within a pure, clean, and elegant room, Zhao Feng’s heart jumped up and down as he looked at the white-haired man in front of him with respect.

This was Duanmu Qing.

Duanmu Qing’s hair was pure white, and his eyes lit up like stars. His appearance could be said to be perfect. His skin was white and as smooth as marble.

Furthermore, this Emperor had a warm and calm aura. His every movement and action seemed to be a gentle spring breeze.

All in all, this person seemed to be perfection, yet extremely close and warm to others.

“You are Zhao Feng? There’s no need to be nervous. This is the True Martial Sacred Land. Even if the Emperor of Death himself arrives, he can’t harm you.”

Duanmu Qing inspected Zhao Feng and gave a warm smile.

Zhao Feng’s emotions started to calm down.

Earlier, Duanmu Qing used his Emperor Projection and made the Death Guards kneel. The power of that shocked Zhao Feng, but he started to regain his calm. His sharp senses could see the impatience hiding within the depths of Duanmu Qing’s eyes.

It wasn’t hard to guess that Duanmu Qing really wanted to know what had happened to the Purple Night Sacred Lord.

However, Duanmu Qing had been raised nicely, and his actions were elegant. He didn’t rush Zhao Feng;he calmed Zhao Feng down instead.

Without Duanmu Qing asking, Zhao Feng took out the Purple Saint Token and started to talk about what had happened in the Purple Saint Ruins, as well as his first and second visits.

He did talk about a little bit about himself protecting the Purple Saint Ruins, but he placed importance on how Zhao Yufei had been picked the Purple Night Sacred Lord as the inheritor, as well as the current situation of the Purple Saint Ruins.

When Duanmu Qing heard the danger that the Purple Saint Ruins was in, it was hard for him to conceal his worry.

“I didn’t think that Aunt Purple Night still hid a secret realm in the world, or that she would be able to pick someone with the bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races as the inheritor.”

Duanmu Qing sighed.

After knowing the relationship between Zhao Feng and the Purple Night Sacred Lord, Duanmu Qing’s gaze toward Zhao Feng was much warmer.

It was as if he was looking at a descendant of his.

“Zhao Feng, how did you offend the Emperor of Death? This Emperor has the Eye of Death, and no one under the Mystic Light Realm is confident that they can defeat him.”

Duanmu Qing’s eyes revealed solemnness.

Every King and Emperor was wary of the Emperor of Death.

Zhao Feng then talked about him meeting Grandmaster Yin Kong and how he triggered a Token of Death when he killed him, which brought the Pursuit of Death upon him.

However, Zhao Feng said nothing about the God’s Eye. The God Eye only increased the Emperor of Death’s desire to capture Zhao Feng.

“So that’s what happened. You triggered the Pursuit of Death when protecting the Purple Saint Ruins….”

Duanmu Qing’s face was filled with praise and gratitude.

Even after meeting an Emperor, Zhao Feng managed to quickly calm down. This calmness he had wasn’t something other geniuses had.

However, Duanmu Qing didn’t know that Zhao Feng had the ninth God’s Eye. After all, he wasn’t a descendant of one of the Eight Great God Eyes. Although he realized that Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline was unusual, he didn’t relate it to a God Eye.

The Emperor of Death was just a descendant of a God Eye and yet he was already so incredibly strong. Those with God Eyes were one of a kind, and they were extremely far away even for Emperors.

An hour later, Duanmu Qing had understood everything, including some of the minor details.

“Zhao Feng, if you want to stay in the Sacred Land, you first need an identity.”

Duanmu Qing’s eyes were filled with warmth and love, and Zhao Feng’s face changed.

It was obvious that Emperor Duanmu was going to get Zhao Feng an an identity. This was a dream for someone that wanted to enter the Sacred Lands, and even for those in a three-star force, and yet it could be accomplished by Duanmu Qing in just one sentence.

What kind of identity would Duanmu Qing give him? Zhao Feng started to guess.

“How about this? I’ll take you in as my personal disciple. That will help you in the Mystic True Sacred Clan.”

Duanmu Qing smiled and said.

Personal disciple!

Zhao Feng’s eyes bulged. He didn’t expect that at all.

Becoming a Personal disciple of an Emperor would be a turning point in life that would completely affect his destiny.

“What… are you not willing?”

Duanmu Qing smiled.

“This disciple is willing.”

Zhao Feng bowed down.

He now had two masters since the beginning of his cultivation that had changed his fate.

“Hehe. Zhao Feng, I’m taking you in as my disciple not just because of Aunt Purple Night, but also because I am confident in my eyes.”

Duanmu Qing smiled. His eyes were filled with wisdom. How could an Emperor such as him not see Zhao Feng’s body, bloodline, and potential?

Simply put, Zhao Feng had the qualifications to become his Personal disciple on his own merits.

If it were just a normal genius who had a relationship with the Purple Night Sacred Lord, Duanmu Qing would take them in, but only as an in-name disciple.

“Zhao Feng, you can stay here for now. I’ll hold a disciple ceremony in a couple days.”

Duanmu Qing said.

Disciple ceremony?

Zhao Feng paused. An Emperor’s disciple ceremony would be rather awesome, but that didn’t seem to be how Duanmu Qing usually acted. The feeling that Duanmu Qing gave him was that he was low-key and peaceful, not a showoff.

“I’ll be going to the Tianlu Islands Zone soon, and you need an identity that the public knows before then.”

Duanmu Qing explained.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng understood. The reason why Duanmu Qing was going to hold a ceremony was to allow Zhao Feng to integrate into the Mystic True Sacred Clan faster and give him some protection. If everyone knew that Zhao Feng was Emperor Duanmu Qing’s disciple, they would be wary of him.

Three days later, Duanmu Qing held a disciple ceremony in his palace.

The disciple ceremony wasn’t publicized;it publicized;it was limited to the upper echelon of every force, as well as some Core disciples. However, the number of Kings and Emperors in attendance wasn’t small.

There were countless Sovereign Lords and half-step Void God Realms.

On the ceremony stage, Zhao Feng bowed toward Duanmu Qing. This ceremony shook the Mystic True Sacred Clan, and news spread throughout the two main Spiritual Peaks and the thirty-three two-star sects.

Zhao Feng also saw the Kings from the Golden Mountain Sect at the ceremony.

The blue-robed King was extremely warm toward Zhao Feng, as if the latter was his ancestor.

“Congratulations, Little Friend Zhao.”

Old Li was full of smiles.

Zhao Feng talked with Old Li alone for a while and told him to send the news to the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord. The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord helped a lot in allowing him to enter the Sacred Land.

“I definitely will.”

Old Li nodded his head. He knew how terrifying Zhao Feng’s true strength was, and now he would soar even higher with Emperor Duanmu Qing’s guidance.

Zhao Feng also met a few other Core disciples from the Mystic True Sacred Clan at the ceremony.

The Core disciples of the three-star Mystic True Sacred Clan were mainly the disciples of Emperors.

The Mystic True Sacred Clan had at least seven or eight Emperors, and Duanmu Qing had a rather high status amongst them.

“It’s him…!!?”

Two Core disciples stared at Zhao Feng with bulging eyes and open mouths. These two were a short-haired youth and a tall, skinny youth.

“Junior Martial Brother Jiang, what’s up? Do you know this Zhao Feng?”

Another Core disciple asked in surprise.

The short-haired youth and the skinny male looked at each other with shock.

These two were the two that had appeared at the Void Ocean Arena – Jiang Fan and Chen Yilin.


As if sensing something, Zhao Feng looked over at the two.

Jiang Fan and Chen Yilin, these two disciples of the Sacred Land, had given Zhao Feng a deep impression. This was especially so for Jiang Fan, who had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races and revealed terrifying strength in the arena.

At that time, Zhao Feng was only at the half-step Origin Core Realm and probably couldn’t even block one blow from Jiang Fan.

However, from Jiang Fan.

However, at this moment, the ones that were surprised were Jiang Fan and Chen Yilin.

“It’s only been a year and his cultivation has already caught up to mine, and now he has an Emperor for a master….”

Jiang Fan’s heart shook. He couldn’t accept this.

He spent an entire year of hard work to break through to the middle-stage of the Origin Core Realm. In terms of status, he was a Core disciple of a three-star force in the Sacred Land, and now Zhao Feng was on the same level as him with just a single ceremony.

“Senior Martial Brothers.”

Zhao Feng smiled as he walked over and greeted Jiang Fan and Chen Yilin.

Jiang Fan and Chen Yilin’s smiles were slightly forced as they greeted Zhao Feng in return.

Although Zhao Feng’s current status was on par with theirs, they had looked down on Zhao Feng one year ago and thought that they wouldn’t have any communications ever again. Therefore, when Zhao Feng had asked the two of them for help, they declined.

“Hehe, Emperor Gu Luo, it seems as if your disciple with a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races seems to know Zhao Feng.”

Emperor Duanmu Qing smiled as he talked with another Elder. This Elder was Emperor Gu Luo, Jiang Fan’s master.

“This Zhao Feng’s bloodline seems to be on par with a normal Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline. What’s more strange though is that even I can’t see through his eye-bloodline.”

Emperor Gu Luo praised.

Normal people were too far away from Emperors, but every Emperor present went to congratulate Emperor Duanmu Qing when they saw Zhao Feng.

“Jiang Fan, that Zhao Feng’s bloodline and potential aren’t any weaker than yours. You need to talk and interact with him more in the future.”

Emperor Gu Luo’s divine Sense sounded in Jiang Fan’s head.

“This disciple understands.”

Jiang Fan’s heart was filled with mixed emotions.

Firstly, Emperor Duanmu Qing’s strength and status were slightly higher than even his Master’s.

Secondly, in his master’s eyes, Zhao Feng’s potential wasn’t lower than his own.

Jiang Fan didn’t doubt any of the above, especially the second point. Who knew what kind of fortune Zhao Feng had received for him to catch up in just one years’ time?


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