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King Of Gods - Chapter 63


Chapter 63 - Victorious Return

A picture appeared in the dimension of his left eye. He had copied the picture into his mind and although it wasn't a complete Holy martial art, it still surpassed peak ranked martial arts.

Flowing Wind Stance!

Zhao Feng saw the name under the picture. This move was the exact same one that Zhao Linlong used before, but the latter had only just touched the edges of it. Soon, the second picture appeared in his mind. The scenery of the second picture was more complex than the first one.

The second Stance, Tornado!

Zhao Feng successfully copied the picture into his mind. but felt tiredness overwash him. The more complex the thing he copied, the more mental energy it would rake.

The third stance, Partial Wind Stance!

Zhao Feng clenched his teeth and forcefully took the picture into his mind. This one was even more complex than the one before and at this time, he felt even more tired.

Cold sweat came out from Zhao Feng's forehead, with his remaining energy, it was obvious that he couldn't copy the fourth picture.


He took a deep breath and closed in his eyes. He then circulated Air Crossing Breathing Technique to recover. Outside the room, the three elders could only sustain the room for thirty breaths and the time was decreasing as each moment passed.

Ten breaths... Fifteen breaths... Twenty breaths...

The time was reaching the limit.

Twenty-five breaths... Twenty-six breaths... twenty-seven breaths...

Zhao Feng's breathing became faster and faster. Right now, the tiredness started to fade away.

At the last two breaths.

Burning Wind Slice!

Zhao Feng's left eye suddenly opened and a faint green light appeared on his eye as he forcefully copied the fourth picture.


The next instant, he felt his consciousness over run by a wall of fire. The chaotic burning wind seemed to destroy anything and everything in it's path.

’’Is this power within the limits of cultivators?’’

Zhao Feng felt his mouth turn dry and it was as if all the water in his body had been evaporated. But in reality, he hadn't been injured in any way;it was just an illusion.


The the fourth picture was taken into his left eye.


Zhao Feng tiredly fell down on his bum. At almost the exact same time, the three elders outside took back their Inner Strength.


The pictures on the wall once again fell silent and stopped moving. It seemed like they were just ordinary pictures.

’’How much insight did you gain?’’ The three elders outside asked.


Zhao Feng flinched, he actually didn't gain any insights from the third floor yet.

’’It's alright. These pictures are pretty blurry and most of the geniuses that have been inside have gained almost nothing.’’ Elder Zhao comforted.

They didn't feel anything weird when Zhao Feng didn't gain any insights.

’’Yeah, even if you did, the little amount you gained is still not better than a peak ranked martial art.’’ One of the other elders nodded their head in agreement.

The third floor was never opened for two reasons: One, it needed the power of three elders at once and they could only sustain it for thirty breaths. Second, the Holy martial art was just too blurry and the insights gained were just too small.

Thirty breaths was just too short for anyone to fully gain anything.

’’Thank you elders for your effort.’’ Zhao Feng didn't seem disappointed at all.

Yes, it was true he didn't gain anything within the thirty breaths, but he had copied all four pictures into his mind.

Returning home.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and first focused on recovering his mental energy. Then, when his mental energy reached its peak state, he started to look at the four partial Holy martial art skills.

The four weren't complete Holy martial arts, they had parts missing and they were blurry. But even then, Zhao Feng felt that these skills weren't that hard.

The first and second stances were easier than his Mysterious Wind Palm and the third stance was on par with it.

The fourth stance contained a will to destroy everything. Even though it was incomplete, it had still exceeded the limits of the human body...

Ages later.

Zhao Feng let out a long breath and shook his head. He was only able to fully comprehend the first move, Flowing Wind Stance, but the full comprehension of this skill didn't have much of an effect on his overall strength, it wasn't even as good as learning a peak ranked martial art.

This was because the first stance Flowing Wind Stance was a support skill, it wasn't an offensive or defensive skill.

Because of this, Zhao Feng didn't dwell on it that much. Although he had a feeling that although these four skills might not be of use to him now, they will be in the future.

On the morning of the second day, Zhao Feng, along with his parents, went back to Green Leaf Village.

In another two days, he would leave Sun Feather City and go to the Guanjun Province City thousands of miles away.

’’In the blink of an eye, I've been at the main branch for almost a year.’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but remember that he was only a cultivator of the first rank when he entered. In one year's time, he had increased by leaps and bounds and reached the sixth rank.

’’With your cultivation and age nothing in Green Leaf Village can stop you.’’ His father, Zhao Tianyang, said.

His parents were both very proud of their son. The branch sect leader was Zhao Kayuan, an old man who had reached the fourth rank. Apart from him, the strongest were of the third rank.

When they received news of Zhao Feng's return, the head of the family personally came out to greet him. Thinking back then, Zhao Feng was also the top genius of Green Leaf Village. Now he returned like a hero.

Soon, they walked into the branch sect's pavilion. This building was nowhere near close to what the main sect's building was. It had tattered holes in it everywhere due to its age.

’’Feng'er you're achievements today far exceed my expectations.’’ Zhao Kayuan couldn't help but exclaim.

In just a short one year's time, Zhao Feng had reached the fifth rank and he was the strongest in the branch sect. This was something that no one expected. Usually, the youths recommended by the branch sect were sent back. Truthfully, the elders of the branch sect didn't put too much hope in them.

Zhao Feng was slightly stunned when he learned of the truth. The elders of Green Leaf Village had never even thought about him becoming one of the geniuses at the main sect, they had even made preparations for him being sent back.

Just as the people were speaking, screams and shouts came from outside the main gate.

What happened?

Zhao Feng's eyebrows scrunched up and the conversation was stopped in the room.

’’Head of the sect, the Liu's families men have come for trouble again.’’ A few youths who had faces full of bruises came rushing in.


The head of the family Zhao Kayuan stood up.

’’Liu family?’’ Light flashed in Zhao Feng's eyes.

He was born in Green Leaf Village and so he was familiar with the Liu family. For the past tens of years, the Liu family had quickly risen and expanded in strength and they had become the biggest family within Green Leaf Village.

Although Green Leaf Village couldn't be compared to Sun Feather City, they were still a force to be reckoned with. Zhao Feng remembered that there was rumours of two to three cultivators of the fifth rank at the Liu family.

’’For the past year the Liu family had taken the properties of many families and now they want to buy the mine of ours for only three thousand pieces of silver.’’ Zhao Kayuan said full of rage.

’’Hehe, the Liu family does have guts!’’

Zhao Feng laughed coldly then went outside.

’’Feng'er, don't rush. The Liu family now have a cultivator of the sixth rank... ’’

The sect leader immediately tried to stop him. Zhao Feng was strong, but he was only one person. How could he fight the Liu family?

The Liu family alone had tens of Martial Artists. Two had reached the fifth and now one had reached the sixth!

Angry Dragon Fist!

Outside the gate Zhao Feng punched one of the cultivators from the Liu family.

’’This guy's a fifth rank. Every attack together!’’ The leader exclaimed.

The bunch immediately pounced towards Zhao Feng.

’’Quick! Support Feng'er!’’ Zhao Tianyang and Zhao Kayuan both exclaimed.

The situation turned into chaos.

’’Let me fight alone.’’ From the crowd, Zhao Feng shouted.

Boom boom boom...

His leg immediately sent may cultivators of the Liu family flying. Zhao Feng faced the tens of people alone. Anyone that came within range of him received broken limbs in return.

Zhao Feng soon turned into a blur and knocked down the leader.

’’Ahhh... ’’

’’Young master! Please forgive us!’’

The group had all been defeated by one person. Amidst the scream and dust, that figure seemed so handsome and tall.

’’Hahaha... ’’

The people from the branch sect finally let out their laughter. Zhao Feng shook his head, these people were just too weak.

’’That Liu family will definitely come for revenge. Shouldn't we go fortify our defenses first?’’ Zhao Kayuan seemed disturbed.

The Liu family was after all the strongest faction in Green Leaf Village and it was around ten times stronger than the Zhao branch family.


Zhao Feng coldly said: ’’Why do we need to defend? Why don't we just go to them?’’


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