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King Of Gods - Chapter 626


Chapter 626: Chapter 626 - Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak

Chapter 626 - Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak

“This Spiritual Peak is the entrance to the Golden Mountain Sect.”

Old Li stood in front of Zhao Feng and introduced.

As he said that, the half-step Void God Realms from the Golden Mountain Sect had faint signs of pride on their faces.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye scanned over what was happening within the Sacred Land.

“There’s a total of three main Spiritual Peaks and thirty-three lesser Spiritual Peaks. Anyone who can obtain a lesser Spiritual Peak would be considered an elite two-star sect.”

Old Li continued.

As expected.

Zhao Feng saw thirty-three lesser Spiritual Peaks around the outside border of the Sacred Land. Each of them was like a fountain that gave off continuous and dense Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Every one of them was covered with mist, and, although the scenery inside wasn’t clear, it was still beautiful.

Each lesser Spiritual Peak can fit a peak two-star sect, and the environment here is far better than the mysterious canyon in the Purple Saint Ruins.

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart. These were just the lesser Spiritual Peaks.

In the center of the Sacred Land were the three main Spiritual Peaks that seemed to touch the sky.

The three main Spiritual Peaks were surrounded by the lesser Spiritual Peaks and seemed to exist in harmony with the Heaven and Earth. They radiated a powerful aura that even Void God Realm Kings didn’t dare to go against.

“The main Spiritual Peaks are more than ten times bigger than the lesser Spiritual Peaks, and only three-star forces have the right to enter one.”

Everyone’s gaze turned toward the three blurry main Spiritual Peaks.

The main Spiritual Peaks were in the center of the Sacred Land.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye caught sight of the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi emanating from that direction;it was even purer than the lesser Spiritual Peaks, and it radiated in every direction.

“Could it be that all of these Spiritual Peaks are fountains of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi?”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped.

According to the God’s Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng’s guesses were correct. The main Spiritual Peaks and lesser Spiritual Peaks were all Heaven Earth Fountains that gave birth to Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

The entire True Martial Sacred Land was at the center of a Heaven Earth Fountain within the limitless ocean. It was because of this that the Spiritual Sea surrounding the Sacred Land was extremely chaotic and that the number of forces here were much greater than other island zones.

“Hmm? That main Spiritual Peak…?”

An expert with an eye-bloodline from the sect found that something was amiss.

The three main Spiritual Peaks were in the center of the Sacred Land, but the centermost one didn’t seem to have any force staying there.

“Hmm? The centermost main Spiritual Peak seems to be abandoned. Its Heaven Earth Fountain isn’t as good as the other two.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye was able to see it better. The centermost main Spiritual Peak seemed to have no one there.

“That’s the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak. No one owns it.”

A Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord sighed.

Those that had been to the Sacred Land before looked toward the centermost main Spiritual Peak with complex emotions, but they all contained admiration.

Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Land. Just the name alone wasn’t simple.

“Dozens of thousands of years ago, there was a super sect about to reach the rank of four-stars on the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak.”

Old Li’s face was filled with respect.

Four-star super sect?

Everyone’s heart shook.

“I didn’t think that the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak was a ruin of an almost-four-star sect.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye was blocked by some sort of power from the peak.

It was unusual that no force stayed there.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye scanned around the entire Sacred Land, then he took back his gaze.

“The Sacred Land isn’t as calm and peaceful as you think it is. All you newbies, don’t leave past five hundred miles of here….”

The one-armed half-step King warned.

Zhao Feng understood. There were only thirty-three lesser Spiritual Peaks, but the number of two-star sects in the True Martial Islands Zone alone exceeded one hundred.

Apart from the Spiritual Peaks, there were large patches of of forest, lakes, deserts, and other areas.

“Of course, there’s another important point – never offend anyone from the Mystic True Sacred Clan or the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan.”

Old Li added.

When they started speaking about the two three-star clans, all three half-step Void God Realms had solemn expressions and fear in their eyes.

Three-star clans. Mystic True Sacred Clan and the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan.

All the newbies here remembered that.

The difference between every star was enormous. Even the difference of half a star represented a huge difference in strength

“Zhao Feng.”

An emotionless voice sounded within his soul.

The next instant, a Void God Realm power descended from the sky and froze everyone’s consciousness.

Zhao Feng raised his head and saw the outline of the blue-robed King in the sky.

“Greetings, King.”

Zhao Feng immediately bowed. Normal experts would all feel excited or scared when a King called out their name.

The King in blue stared at him before speaking, “Come with me.”

As soon as he said that, an overwhelming power raised Zhao Feng into the sky.

He had no chance to fight back at all.

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. Just how strong was the Void God Realm?

Normal Sovereigns didn’t even have the ability to think about fighting back.

Shua! Shua!

The blue-robed King’s figure flashed once more. In the blink of an eye, Zhao Feng had been taken to a garden.

The blue-robed King stood with his hands behind his back, but he didn’t immediately speak.

Just as Zhao Feng was puzzled:


Old Li flew through the air and greeted the Grand Elder uneasily.

Zhao Feng found that the pressure within the dimension of the Sacred Land was extremely strong, so even the speed of a half-step Void God Realm was restricted heavily.

Normal True Spirit Realms probably couldn’t even fly here.

“You two need to give me an explanation.”

The blue-robed King spoke to the two with his back toward them.

Zhao Feng glanced toward Old Li, and the latter’s face was filled with bitterness.

If it weren’t for the Pursuit of Death, the situation wouldn’t have become so complex.

Zhao Feng had obtained the Golden Mountain Sect’s guest token through the Eternally Sealed Palace Sealed Palace Lord and entered the True Martial Sacred Land. This alone was an abuse of power.

If it weren’t for the Pursuit of Death, Old Li could’ve handled that just fine since he was a half-step Void God Realm. Void God Realms lived up in the sky and didn’t have the time to bother with such small situations.

“Grand Elder, this all begins with the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord…”

Old Li didn’t dare to conceal anything. He didn’t dare to lie because the Void God intent had locked on to him.

When mentioning the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord, Zhao Feng couldn’t help but feel guilty. The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord took a big risk to help him.

They soon told the King about how Zhao Feng was able to enter the Sacred Land.

“I’m not interested in all that. You just need to confirm whether one thing is true or false.”

The blue-robed King turned around and his eyes landed on Zhao Feng.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was able to see his figure clearly. He was a scholarly male with an overwhelming aura.

“Are you really related to Duanmu Qing?”

The eyes of the blue-robed King twinkled.

“This junior’s ancestor knows him….”

Zhao Feng explained. He told the King the same version that he told to the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord.

“I’ll believe you for now.”

The blue-robed King wasn’t suspicious. He didn’t believe that someone would undergo so much risk to enter the Sacred Land if they were an outsider.

Of course, he couldn’t exclude the possibility that Zhao Feng wanted to enter the Sacred Land solely in order to escape from the Pursuit of Death.

“Go and settle Zhao Feng. I’ll try to reach out to Emperor Duanmu.”

The King in blue waved his hand.

Zhao Feng and Old Li acted as if they had been pardoned and immediately left the garden.

Right now, the main issue was to confirm the situation about Duanmu Qing.

The only problem would be if this Duanmu Qing somehow isn’t the one that Senior Purple Saint was talking about….

Zhao Feng’s emotions were unable to calm down.

Not long after the two left the garden.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Several garden.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Several shining figures appeared in the garden. They were all different genders, ages, and looks.

“The bloodline aura is unusual. Although it’s not of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, it’s extremely close to it….”

An old voice sounded.

“Hmph, even if he has the bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, it’d be hard for him to end up in the Golden Mountain Sect. Our most important task right now is to confirm his relationship with Duanmu Qing.”

“Although our sect also has an Emperor, every force below three stars is wary of the Emperor of Death.”

Several Kings started to discuss.

“Hehe, it doesn’t matter. We won’t be disadvantaged either way.”

The blue-robed King smiled faintly.

“If this Zhao Feng does indeed have a relationship with Duanmu Qing, then we’ll help him and gain a connection with the Mystic True Sacred Clan, which will help consolidate our position in the Sacred Land. If he isn’t related to Duanmu Qing, then we’ll just give him to the subordinates of the Emperor of Death and make him owe us a favor.”

Hearing that, all the shining lights agreed.

“But… Duanmu Qing is always in seclusion, and it’s extremely hard even for Kings to see him.”

A woman’s voice sounded.

“There’s no need to worry. The Demigod Forgotten Garden that opens once every five hundred years is about to begin. No matter how busy Duanmu Qing is, he’ll have heard of this.”

The old voice said.

“Demigod Forgotten Garden? Zhe zhe, have we confirmed our picks? This is a great fortune once every five hundred years.”

Back at the lesser Spiritual Peak, Zhao Feng was put in a guest room. He had the status of a guest as he stayed in the Spiritual Peak of the Golden Mountain Sect.

“Duanmu Qing… I hope the person that Senior Purple Saint told me about won’t have any problems.”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath. He felt that Duanmu Qing was someone who could affect his destiny, just like his master, Lord Guanjun. Without Lord Guanjun, Zhao Feng never would have entered the world of cultivation.


A glowing purple token appeared in his hand.


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