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King Of Gods - Chapter 62


Chapter 62 - Third floor of the Martial Arts Library

From the first move, it was obvious Zhao Feng had the advantage. It was indeed frightening for someone with lower cultivation to gain the upper hand.

’’Zhao Feng has the advantage because of Star Finger and his body strengthening technique... ’’ Zhao Tiancang sighed and didn't bother to conceal the shock on his face. His voice was also just loud enough to let Zhao Linlong hear.

Zhao Feng's Metal Wall Technique had reached the fifth level and he had unimaginable power. He was still suppressing his cultivation, so his Metal Wall Technique only seemed to be at the peak fourth level.

The power of his Star Finger was indeed stronger than Zhao Linlong's Spatial Cloud Finger.

’’I don't believe it!’’ Zhao Linlong roared and once again condense his Inner Strength.

In that short moment, he had reached his peak state. If it was any other genius here they would probably die.

’’Third Stance Star Finger!’’ Zhao Feng's eyes became sharp as an azure light swished through the air.

Pew -

His finger slashed through the air and became an azure light.

Poof! Poof! Pew -

Zhao Feng's offense warded Zhao Linlong off repeatedly.


On the eigth move, Zhao Linlong's face turned white and he spat out a mouthful of blood. From the situation, it seemed that Zhao Linlong couldn't manage to exchange ten blows with Zhao Feng.

’’This is a second Xin Wuheng.’’ Zhao Han and Zhao Chi looked at each other and nodded their heads.

But thinking about it, Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng both came first and Xin Wuheng had admitted defeat. From this, they could see that Zhao Feng's strength was only higher than Xin Wuheng's and not lower.

’’Flowing Wind Stance!’’

On the ninth move, Zhao Linlong's aura changed.


A thick purple light whipped heavily towards Zhao Feng.

What kind of move was this?

Zhao Chi, Zhao Han and Zhao Yufei felt their hearts shake. Even Zhao Feng, who had the upper hand, felt some pressure.

’’Could this be the partial Holy martial art?’’ Zhao Feng soon regained his composure and condensed more energy into Star Finger.

One Line Star Finger!

The azure light came and went like a meteor.

’’What...? He's learnt One Line Star Finger!?’’

’’One Line Star Finger! The killing move of Star Finger. If he's learnt this already then he's not far away from the fourth level.’’ The elders were extremely shocked.

Star Finger was the strongest skill, but it was also the hardest one to learn at the same time. For the past one hundred years, many geniuses tried to learn Star Finger, but their results were all the same;their finger either got disfigured or the speed of learning it was slow, so they finally gave up. This skill was not just hard, there was too much danger involved as well.

One elder from the earlier generation had said that Star Finger was on the half Holy martial art level, but it was just too dangerous. But in this generation, a branch disciple had managed to learn Star Finger.


One Line Star Finger slashed through the air and broke through Zhao Linlong's Flowing Wind Stance. Zhao Linlong's figure trembled as his sleeve was ripped open.

’’You've lost!’’ Zhao Feng's finger stopped at his arm's acupuncture point.

Star Finger contained many skills within it including, hitting acupuncture points etc.

I've lost?

Zhao Linlong went into shock. It wasn't as if he never thought of himself losing, it was just the difference between them was too great. He thought how childish it was when he didn't put Zhao Feng in his eyes.

’’Not bad, you can already control your Inner Strength perfectly.’’ Ye Linyun praised.

He found Zhao Feng more and more to his liking after this battle. Challenging high ranks was rare even in Province City. Furthermore, Zhao Feng didn't seem to try that hard at all. Zhao Tiancang and his cronies looked at each other and sighed deeply.

They could obviously see that Zhao Feng's One Line Star Finger could destroy Zhao Linlong's arm but he didn't do so. The battle between two top tier geniuses of Sun Feather City ended here. Ye Linyun looked at Zhao Feng, then at Zhao Yufei and he seemed pretty pleased.

Although he had missed the genius of the Xin family, he had gotten two from the Zhao family. Zhao Feng's performance far exceeded his expectations.

’’You two go and prepare your stuff. In three days, we will go head towards Province City.’’ Ye Linyun told the two.


Ye Linyun turned into a blur. The next second, he disappeared.

So fast!

Without using his left eye, Zhao Feng couldn't even see his shadow. If Ye Linyun was to attack, no one would be able to resist including the sect leader and the elders.

’’Is that the power of the ninth rank? Then, how strong would Lord Guanjun be?’’ Zhao Feng couldn't help but take in a deep breath.

’’Sect leader, there's still three days left. I need to go back to Green Leaf Village.’’ Zhao Feng's eyes focused on Zhao Tiancang.

He was under confinement orders from the family.


Although Zhao Tiancang was the head of the sect, he felt useless. The word seemed to pull out all of his energy. Now Zhao Feng was one of Guanjun Palace's men, he wouldn't have the guts to do anything to him.

’’But we hope that you give an answer to Zhao Tiancang's death. From the Star Finger you just used, you have the ability to kill them.’’ Light flashed within Zhao Tiancang's eyes.

At this moment, he just wanted an answer. Even if Zhao Feng's answer was that he joined the Qiu family, they couldn't do anything to him.

’’Zhao Tianjian was indeed killed by me, but I didn't betray the Zhao family.’’ Zhao Feng laughed.

’’It was you... ’’

Before, they were just suspicious and didn't really believe that Zhao Feng had the ability to kill the two.

’’One more point. The real one that teamed up with the Qiu family wasn't me... if you want to know the answer, you could go and find some information from Zhao Tianjian's place... ’’ Zhao Feng left this sentence behind and then left the room.

Could it be... ?

Understanding showed on their faces.

On the same day.

The high level of the sect immediately sent out men to secure Zhao Tianjian's family, including Zhao Yijian.

Zhao Yijian didn't know what happened, but they did find some proof within the family linking them to the Qiu family. Finally the truth was found. The high level of the sect finally realised the unfair treatment of Zhao Feng. Usually, they wouldn't really care, but now it was different. Zhao Feng had been selected into Guanjun Palace and he had an unlimited future, his future determined the Zhao family's future.

Therefore, the sect leader ordered Elder Zhao to go and comfort Zhao Feng.

’’Hahahaha... it feels so good to see the expressions on their faces.’’ Elder Zhao didn't feel sympathetic for them at all, instead, he was happy.

’’Oh yeah, the high level have decided to open the third floor of the Martial Arts Library for you.’’ He took back another piece of news.

Third floor of the Martial Arts Library? A smile appeared on Zhao Feng's face. This result was within his expectations.

On the second day, three elders including Elder Zhao came to the third floor. The third floor was an extremely mysterious place. One elder alone couldn't open it. The sect had its rules: three elders must agree simultaneously to open it. A dark green stone door was the path to the third floor.


The stone door hummed as if a certain mechanism had been opened. Then, the door swung open. Zhao Feng immediately stepped in and found himself in a stone room. On the wall, there were weird pictures carved onto it. Some were moving while some places were blurred. Under the combined power of the three martial masters, the picture seemed to come alive.

Flowing Wind Stance! Tornado Stance! Partial Wind Stance! Burning Wind Stance...

Every picture had a different stance to it, but due to age of it, the pictures weren't very clear. Zhao Feng felt that even with the power of three martial masters, it wasn't enough to fully activate the pictures.

’’The series of pictures combine to form a complete Holy martial art, but the wall is kind of blurry and there isn't enough power to fully activate it.’’ Zhao Feng's left eye quickly scanned over the pictures.

’’Zhao Feng, we can only sustain this for thirty more breaths. If you can gain anything from it, it's all up to you.’’ Elder Zhao's voice sounded from outside.

Thirty breaths!

Zhao Feng's heart clenched.


Immediately, he pushed his left eye to the maximum and went into enhanced-vision mode.

Under his left eye, the pictures on the stone wall became clearer.

’’Copy!’’ Zhao Feng spat out a word and one of the pictures was absorbed into the dimension in his left eye.


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