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King Of Gods - Chapter 613


Chapter 613: Chapter 613 - Tipping Over

Chapter 613 - Tipping Over

The red-robed Elder represented the officials and ended the hundred-win challenge for today.

Many spectators were dissatisfied by this action, and some places broke out into chaos. Many could see that the officials just wanted to drag it out and give themselves time to come up with a way to deal with Zhao Feng.

He’s indeed worthy of being the captain.

Li Yunya sighed in his heart.

In the corner of the arena:

“Winning 30 battles, each with just one move. If it wasn’t for the fact that the officials stopped things here, it’s very likely that he could win 50 or 60 at once.”

Ye Moyu was dazed. Even he didn’t have the ability to make the officials forcefully stop his challenge.

“Then let’s wait till tomorrow.”

Zhao Feng’s figure flashed and appeared next to Li Yunya.

Many gazes looked toward the two, and Zhao Feng could feel the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord’s gaze.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord was the person with the highest cultivation present, and his eyes contained a powerful intent.

Zhao Feng didn’t avoid the gaze;he looked directly toward the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord’s eyes.


Facing the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord’s gaze, Zhao Feng’s soul shook. He felt as if he was facing a god.

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord’s gaze contained limitless force. It was as if his every thought could shatter stones and twist the heavens.

After all, he is at the half-step Void God Realm. He has part of a Void God Realm King’s power. His soul and body exist in harmony with the heavens and earth.

Zhao Feng murmured in his heart.

“This brat’s soul is also unexpectedly strong.”

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord said gently.

His estimation of Zhao Feng was the most accurate amongst the spectators, and he couldn’t help but become slightly interested in tomorrow’s battles.

That night, Zhao Feng returned to the hotel and entered seclusion. He had gained a new understanding of his body and state of existence after today’s fights, and he spent the entire night getting used to and familiarizing himself with his power.

On the second day, the arena was full of people and excitement.

Compared with yesterday, there were twice as many experts here. The story of Zhao Feng winning 30 fights had spread across the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

“The bets are now open.”

There were specific people from the officials that initiated the gamble.

The bets for Zhao Feng were: 60 wins, 70 wins, 80 wins, 90 wins, and 100 wins.

The ratio for winning the hundred-win bet was one to thirty. This meant that, as long as Zhao Feng won all one hundred fights, one would receive thirty times the amount one wagered.

However, no one in the past century had completed the hundred-win challenge, and the officials used every method they could think of to stop a new winner from emerging. Therefore, not many people would bet on 100 wins.

Amongst the wagers, most put their money on 60 or 70 wins, but if Zhao Feng ending winning even more fights, such as 80 wins, those that bet their money on 70 wins would lose money.

“I bet one million high-grade Primal Crystal Stones on myself.”

A faint voice came from behind.

One million high-grade Primal Crystal Stones.

Many people placing bets were dazed. A million high-grade Primal Crystal Stones wasn’t a small amount. It was almost the value of a slightly inferior Earth-Grade weapon.

One had to know that one high-grade Primal Crystal Stone was worth ten thousand normal Primal Crystal Stones, not the substandard ones.

One million high-grade Primal Crystal Stones was worth ten billion normal Primal Crystal Stone.


The officials jumped up in fright. Looking closely, they saw that the gambler was Zhao Feng.

Li Yunya laughed and also bet a couple dozen thousand high-grade Primal Crystal Stones on Zhao Feng.


Mockery passed over the red-robed Elder’s face.

“Zhao Feng! Zhao Feng!”

With a burning atmosphere, Zhao Feng walked onto the stage.

In a corner of the arena, Ye Moyu’s cold cold eyes watched intently.

“The thirty-first battle of the hundred-win challenge.”

The judge announced.

The opponent for the thirty-first battle was a late-stage Small Origin Core Realm in white clothes.

“The first battle today is already a late-stage Small Origin Core Realm!”

Many people exclaimed, and those betting became cautious.

“Zhao Feng, don’t even think about winning after meeting me, Jiang Zile.”

A smile appeared on the face of the male in white.


The male in white waved his hand, and an old green metal book appeared in the air that gave off a glow of rainbow-colored light.


A brush appeared in his other hand.

“It’s Scholar Heaven Entertainment.”

“So, it’s Scholar Heaven Entertainment Jiang Zile! This person was one of the top three geniuses in the Eternally Sealed Islands Zone twenty years ago, and he came from the two-star sect Heaven’s Entertainment Castle….”

Many people exclaimed in the stands as they recognized his identity.


Interest appeared on Zhao Feng’s face.

There were countless forces and factions in the Fan Universe, but most were vanquished through the passage of time and history.

The brush and book in Jiang Zile’s hands were both low-ranked Earth-Grade weapons.


Zhao Feng’s figure flashed and appeared in front of Jiang Zile. A faint purple aura appeared as he punched out like a giant desolate beast.

“So fast! This aura…!”

Jiang Zile felt pressure on his True Yuan from this terrifying aura.

“Nine Word Metal Book!”

Jiang Zile didn’t panic as the old green metal book in his hand opened and old mysterious words appeared in the air, forming a wall of green light in front of himself.


Zhao Feng’s punch caused the green light to crack, but the mysterious words caused the wall to be repaired quickly.

“Drawing a Prison!”

Jiang Zile retreated a couple steps before using his brush to start drawing lines in the air.


Zhao Feng’s expression changed slightly. He found that these lines formed a prison that trapped him inside.

“He’s indeed worthy of being the Scholar Heaven Entertainment.”

Many experts couldn’t help but praise him.

As the green-and-gold prison green-and-gold prison continued to close in on Zhao Feng:

“Interesting… but it ends here.”

Zhao Feng’s expression became dim as he raised his hand, and sharp arcs of purple wind and lightning formed into a claw.

Purple Destruction Wind Lightning Claw!

The claw was only several yards long, but it was so condensed that it seemed real, and it caused thunder to boom.


The claw of Destruction slashed through the air and brought an aura of Destruction with it that caused souls to shake.

“Not good…!”

Jiang Zile exclaimed as he saw his prison ripped apart like paper.


The claw of Destruction sent Jiang Zile flying for several hundred yards.


When he landed on the ground, the originally snow-white clothes had turned black, and smoke was emitting from his body.

The thirty-first win. Zhao Feng’s first fight ended in victory, and the crowd cheered Zhao Feng on.

“Even Jiang Zile, who’s said to be perfect in offense and defense and an elite of the Small Origin Core Realm, lost.”

The red-robed Elder’s expression changed slightly. The reason he put Jiang Zile first was to make it difficult for Zhao Feng to win as easily as yesterday, but Zhao Feng’s strength had surpassed their expectations.

“It’s best to end the fights fast in order to preserve True Yuan.”

Zhao Feng murmured. His goal was to finish all one hundred fights in one breath.

Many opponents at the middle-stage and late-stage of the Small Origin Core Realm followed after Jiang Zile, but none of them were stronger than Jiang Zile.

Zhao Feng’s speed and offense kept rising, and he could easily defeat a normal late-stage Small Origin Core Realm with one move.



One spectator after another was defeated by Zhao Feng, and to save time, Zhao Feng sometimes fought multiple opponents at once.

35 consecutive wins… 40 consecutive wins… 45 consecutive wins….

Within two hours’ time, Zhao Feng won 50 consecutive fights total, meaning that he had already completed half of the hundred-win challenge.

The spectators were stunned, and more surprisingly, Zhao Feng still hadn’t Feng still hadn’t used much True Yuan.

Most of his attacks relied on speed and his physical body. If he used True Yuan, he would win in one move.

No opponent was able to match Zhao Feng’s speed.

“60 consecutive wins!”

The spectators were scared to close their eyes in case they missed a fight;Zhao Feng’s speed was just too fast.

After 60 consecutive wins, Zhao Feng’s opponents became stronger as well, and half of the opponents were at the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

A small number of them were even comparable to the skeletal division Leader and Li Yunya.

Strange and different bloodline techniques and countless skills were used, but Zhao Feng’s body and source of power had absorbed the aura of the Ancient Dream Realm, so it suppressed many bloodlines.

The effect was similar to Jiang Fan, who had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

“The seventieth fight.”

The judge let out a breath as he announced.

“Zhao Feng, your opponent is me.”

An elegant male appeared on stage.

Ye Moyu!

The crowd once again broke out into discussion.

His opponent was the previous loser of the hundred-win challenge, Ye Moyu.

“Hmph, being someone who failed, Ye Moyu definitely doesn’t want to see someone win the glory of the hundred-win challenge.”

The Elder in red laughed coldly.


Ye Moyu immediately attacked when the judge made the announcement.

He had watched the previous fights, so he knew that Zhao Feng was as quick as lightning and won in just a flash. Ye Moyu didn’t want to end up like that.

“Void Sky Darkness!”

Ye Moyu’s figure merged into the surrounding darkness.

In this darkness, Zhao Feng’s senses were restricted, and it was hard for him to catch sight of Ye Moyu.

The Void Sky Darkness was Ye Moyu’s bloodline domain. No one before had truly been able to break through this technique. If it wasn’t for the fact that they fought him one after another and caused his bloodline power to run out, Ye Moyu wouldn’t have lost.


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