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King Of Gods - Chapter 612


Chapter 612: Chapter 612 - Instant Thirty Victories

Chapter 612 - Instant Thirty Victories

“Let us welcome our newest hundred-win challenger… Zhao Feng!”

A bright voice sounded across the arena.

Because of Ye Moyu’s defeat, the atmosphere was kind of dim, but everyone was suddenly shaken by this voice.

“Another challenger has appeared so soon?”

Many experts were surprised. Ye Moyu’s unfair loss wasn’t enough to stop this challenger?

Furthermore, this new challenger started the challenge directly after Ye Moyu lost. This meant that their strength should be at least as strong as Ye Moyu.

“Zhao Feng? Never heard of him.”

“What kind of person will this new challenger be?”

The atmosphere in the arena was lit up once more, and the gazes of the crowd became expectant.

A figure at the Small Origin Core Realm soon slowly walked onto the stage.

This new challenger was a calm youth only about twenty years old. From the Zhao Family to now, he had grown into a powerful youth.

“He’s Zhao Feng?”

Many gazes were disappointed as they landed on the youth.

This new challenger didn’t seem to be special. His cultivation wasn’t even as high as Ye Moyu.

“It’s that kid?”

The Elder’s eyes lit up as he looked toward Li Yunya. If he remembered correctly, Zhao Feng and Li Yunya were together.

“Hmph, he’s even weaker than me and dares to try the hundred-win challenge?”

Ye Moyu’s fists were tightly clenched together. He felt humiliated.

“The first battle of the hundred-win challenge.”

A Great Origin Core Realm judge said nonchalantly.

In the corner, Ye Moyu watched with a cold gaze. He wanted to personally witness this challenger’s defeat before leaving.

“Zhe zhe, this brat’s only at the early stages of the Small Origin Core Realm. It’d be a miracle if he could last more than four or five battles.”

The discussions nearby were exactly what Ye Moyu was thinking.

On the stage, Zhao Feng smiled, “The glory of the hundred-win challenge shall be taken by me.”


Many spectators rolled their eyes, and Ye Moyu’s face twitched. Where did this brat get his confidence from? It was an especially humiliating for someone like him who already lost.

“Hehe, brat, if you can’t win ten battles, you won’t even be able to win back the entrance fee.”

The Elder laughed.

Right at that moment, Zhao Feng faced his first opponent.

“Kid, let this spectator play with you.”

A Small Origin Core Realm middle-aged man rubbed his palms together as he appeared onstage with a playful expression.

This middle-aged Small Origin Core Realm was a spectator who had reached the early stage of the Small Origin Core Realm, the same as Zhao Feng.

The early stages of the hundred-win challenge usually consisted of spectators, and the officials weren’t very strict about things at this point. As long as one didn’t win fifty fights, they wouldn’t raise the attention of the officials.


The judge waved his hand.

The middle-aged Sovereign laughed and threw a simple fist toward Zhao Feng, and it caused the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to howl.

If this fist was thrown on a continent, it would be able to destroy a mountain, but this was the Void Ocean Arena;attacks of every type were restricted.


The middle-aged Sovereign’s attack missed, and his body froze as he was sent flying.

“What’s going on?”

The middle-aged Sovereign didn’t see anything at all before he was thrown out of the arena.


The middle-aged Sovereign spat out a mouthful of blood after landing on the ground.

The arena instantly became quiet, and the smiles of mockery on the spectators’ expressions froze.


Zhao Feng gently blew air on his fist as he landed on the ground.

“It ended just like that? What speed!”

Many spectators finally returned to reality. Most of them couldn’t even see how Zhao Feng moved, and the red-robed Elder’s heart jumped. Looks like this new challenger was already charging forward fiercely.

Thinking back to how Li Yunya seemed to listen to this youth’s orders, the red-robed Elder’s heart became slightly uneasy.

At the center of the esteemed guest spectating stands:

“That punch just now was pure physical strength. His body is like a giant beast.”

The Eternally Sealed Palace Lord murmured. Because this was the hundred-win challenge, Zhao Feng’s appearance caught the Lord’s attention, and he surprised many people.

“The people.

“The second fight.”

The judge waved his hand.


Another spectator flew out.

The newcomer was a skinny man whose aura was sharp, as if he had fought in many battles. Although he was at the early stages of the Small Origin Core Realm as well, his strength was obviously stronger than the middle-aged Sovereign.

“Dominating Tiger Flying Sky!”

The skinny male’s figure flashed as he became as agile as a leopard and shot toward Zhao Feng as quick as lightning.

It was obvious that this skinny male specialized in speed.


A loud explosion sounded between Zhao Feng and the skinny male.

Zhao Feng made no signs of dodging as he thrusted out his fist.

The instant the punch was thrown, a terrifying aura of an ancient desolate beast seemed to appear from Zhao Feng’s body.

The skinny male felt unable to breathe.


The skinny male’s arm was broken, and he was sent flying as he coughed out blood.

Victory in one move.

The arena was filled with discussion.

Although Zhao Feng didn’t display overwhelming strength, it was shocking to defeat others at the same cultivation with just one brutal move.

“This brat’s body seems to contain an ancient bloodline power that’s probably close to the existence of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.”

Surprise appeared in the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord’s eyes. He felt that the bloodline aura within Zhao Feng was even purer than Ye Moyu’s.

“The third fight…”

Zhao Feng faced fight after fight.


Another simple punch sent the opponent flying.

At the beginning, the fighters consisted mainly of early-stage Small Origin Core Realms and middle-stage Small Origin Core realms.

Three consecutive wins… four consecutive wins… five consecutive wins….

Zhao Feng’s speed of winning was much faster than Ye Moyu when the latter was at this stage.

“What quick speed and terrifying power. He’s easily crushing those at the same cultivation.”

Ye Moyu was faintly dazed.

The speed that Zhao Feng displayed was even slightly faster than his when he didn’t use his bloodline power. Furthermore, Zhao Feng wasn’t just fast. His body and physical strength were also terrifying.

Seven consecutive wins… eight consecutive wins… nine consecutive wins….

Zhao Feng soon faced his tenth his tenth battle.

“Let me fight.”

A deep voice sounded, and its owner walked out from the area of the officials.

The newcomer was a black-skinned, bulky youth whose muscles seemed to be made of black iron that gave off a cold aura.


The black-skinned, bulky male caused the arena to tremble when he landed on it. The strength he displayed was similar to a giant beast.

“It’s him…. Iron Back Black King!”

Many spectators exclaimed as they recognized his identity. The Iron Back Black King’s cultivation had reached the middle stages of the Small Origin Core Realm, and it was closing in on the late stage.

Furthermore, he was a body cultivator.

“Powering the World!”

The Iron Back Black King was like a giant beast as he sent out fists and punches crushing forward.

“Bloodline techniques and turning body-strength into phantom images.”

Zhao Feng revealed a weird expression. He finally met someone slightly interesting at the tenth battle because the tenth battle was a critical point.

If one couldn’t win the tenth battle, they wouldn’t even be able to win back their entrance fee.


Zhao Feng roared as his bones and blood released a power that belonged to an ancient source.


The instant this fist was thrown, roars of ancient beasts seemed to sound around Zhao Feng, and the fierce aura made even the Iron Back Black King unable to breathe.

“My bloodline power and that brat’s aura….”

The Iron Back Black King’s heart trembled.


The phantom images formed from his bloodline techniques were shattered by Zhao Feng’s fist.


The Iron Back Black King immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying.

Ten consecutive wins. Zhao Feng’s face wasn’t red nor did his heart beat quickly. He hadn’t used any True Yuan at all nor any bit of bloodline power.

With the use of the Ancient Dream Realm aura and the heart blood essence, his body and state of existence had changed dramatically. Currently, his state of existence had reached the limit of the Great Origin Core Realm, while his body-strength was comparable to a beast of the same cultivation.

On top of that, Zhao of that, Zhao Feng’s body contained an ancient aura that suppressed bloodline powers.

“Apart from the bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, there’s hardly any other bloodline auras that can suppress so many bloodlines.”

A light flashed through the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord’s eyes as he murmured.

After winning the tenth battle, Zhao Feng continued to fight. After all, he hadn’t even used any True Yuan yet.

Eleven consecutive wins… twelve consecutive wins… fifteen consecutive wins….

Zhao Feng’s win record kept on increasing, and all of his opponents were sent flying with one fist while their bloodline powers were suppressed.

“Twenty consecutive wins.”

The arena broke out into discussion. According to the rules of the hundred-win challenge, the challenger had the right to rest after winning ten battles each day, but Zhao Feng had won twenty in a row already.

What was even scarier was that his face wasn’t even red or anything. He still hadn’t used any True Yuan nor bloodline power.

“He’s obviously not a body cultivator, and he’s only at the measly early stages of the Small Origin Core Realm, and yet…”

Shock appeared in Ye Moyu’s eyes. Twenty victories on the first day was what he had achieved. However, Ye Moyu was somewhat tired after those twenty battles, so he didn’t keep challenging.

Currently, Zhao Feng hadn’t displayed strength surpassing Ye Moyu yet, but this man hadn’t even used any True Yuan or bloodline power.

One could only use “unfathomable” to describe him.

An hour later:


Zhao Feng thrusted out a faint purple fist that sent a late-stage Small Origin Core Realm expert flying.


The arena broke out into chaos.

“Thirty consecutive wins.”

The judge was slightly stunned as he announced.

This youth had only used the slightest bit of True Yuan in the thirty battles. If this continued, he could definitely win a hundred fights in a row.

“Due to the lack of opponents, today’s hundred-win challenge will stop.”

The red-robed Elder waved his hand and stopped the challenge. His expression was grim. This brat’s strength was too great, so he needed to think of a plan for tomorrow.


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