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King Of Gods - Chapter 610


Chapter 610: Chapter 610 - Eternally Sealed Palace Lord

Chapter 610 - Eternally Sealed Palace Lord

Within the protective array of the martial arts field, the victor between the three Sovereigns was decided within an instant.

Li Yunya suppressed the shock in his heart as he smiled bitterly.

Before this, he was only wary of Zhao Feng because of the latter’s eye-bloodline, but reality had proved that, even without using his eye-bloodline, Zhao Feng wasn’t someone that a Small Origin Core Realm could fight against.

The combination of two late-stage Small Origin Core Realms was nothing in front of Zhao Feng, and the skeletal division Leader even lost an arm despite being in its flaming bone giant state.

“Zhao Feng’s strength has easily surpassed mine. Even without the Dark Heart Seed, I no longer have a chance against him.”

The skeletal division Leader’s eyes were full of fear. As the difference between the two got bigger, the skeletal division Leader was scared that its value to Zhao Feng would become smaller and smaller and that it might be thrown away by Zhao Feng.

The group then returned to their room a while later. The skeletal division Leader entered the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl to recover.

“Li Yunya, how is our sparring related to the breakthrough with the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord?”

Zhao Feng asked.

“Captain, it’s like this: according to what I know, the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord has a hobby, and that is to watch the fights in the arena. He will stay there for a long time and gamble.”

Li Yunya explained.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng was surprised. A Void Ocean Spiritual Palace Lord had such a boring hobby?

“Captain, you might not be aware,” Li Yunya smiled and shook his head, “but the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord’s eyes are extremely sharp, and he can easily find geniuses. He has found many capable people in the arenas who have now become his left and right arms. Back then, he even found an expert who has now become a Void God Realm King. Some of his stories are now legends.”

“So, you want me to enter the arena and catch the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord’s attention and get close to him.”

Zhao Feng soon understood, and Li Yunya nodded his head, “That’s right.”

He was confident in Zhao Feng after sparring with him.

Li Yunya believed that a bright star like Zhao Feng would easily be able to enter the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord’s eyes.

If he was able to get close to the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord, then there might be some hope for them to use the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array.

“Let’s go.”

Without hesitation, he led Li Yunya and walked toward the arena.

The Void Ocean Spiritual Palaces were spread across the limitless ocean, and each one of them had their own arenas.

When Zhao Feng entered, there were many shouts and screams from the spectating stands as several experts fought in the arenas.

The weakest participants were at the peak True Lord Rank and half-step Origin Core Realm.

The main fights were at the Small Origin Core Realm. After all, Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords were rare even in two-star sects, and they were part of the upper echelons.

“Ye Moyu! Ye Moyu! Ye Moyu…!”

Excited shouts came from the stands.

At the very center arena stood an elegant male with his hands behind his back.

The elegant male was covered by a dark, mysterious glow that seemed to be able to suck in light, and he seemed unfathomable.

“This is way too crazy! Ye Moyu’s already won 56 battles in the Eternally Sealed Arena.”

“In the past hundred years, rarely have any Small Origin Core Realms been able to win 50 in a row.”

“What’s the background of this Ye Moyu? He’s beaten the record of the past ten years already.”

Discussion broke out in the arena.

“Ye Moyu, are you sure you want to continue? Every opponent is stronger than the last.”

A judge at the Great Origin Core Realm said.


Ye Moyu snickered and murmured in a low tone, “My goal is to complete one hundred wins in a row at the Small Origin Core Core Realm.”

“Your opponent is me.”

A dominant and bright voice sounded as a muscular male appeared on the arena.


The crowd broke out into exclamations, “Fire Gold Power King!”

“The Fire Gold Power King has stopped the footsteps of many challengers before.”

“Apparently, this Fire Gold Power King was found by the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord and trained to work in the arenas.”

Many people recognized his identity. It was obvious that this Fire King Power King was somewhat famous.

“Late-stage Small Origin Core Realm? Already such a strong opponent after 56 wins.”

Li Yunya murmured and sighed.

“A hundred continuous wins?”

Zhao Feng revealed a questioning expression.

“Captain, this arena is set up by the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace officials, and they give a special reward for certain milestones. For example, winning 25 battles and winning 50 battles will both have their own rewards. If one can win one hundred in a row, they will receive a big prize along with utmost glory….”

Li Yunya explained.

Zhao Feng understood the rules of Ye Moyu’s “hundred-win challenge.” Because there was a large final prize, the officials will try to stop the hundredth win.

“No one in the Eternally Sealed Islands Zone has completed the hundred-win challenge in the past hundred years.”

Li Yunya added.

A hundred years?

Zhao Feng’s pupils constricted.

How many elites were there in an entire island zone over the course of a hundred years? From this, one could see how difficult it was to win a hundred battles in a row.

While the two were talking, the fight in the arena had already begun. The Fire Gold Power King was a Sovereign who cultivated in body-strengthening techniques. His physical power and defense might even be slightly stronger than the skeletal division Leader.

“Blazing Gold Scorching Sky!”

The Fire Gold Power King roared, and he seemed to become a golden statue as his fists caused the arena to shake.


Terrifying golden punches shot through the air and released flames like a volcanic eruption.

“Petty tricks.”

Ye Moyu’s surroundings became dark, and this darkness not only restricted the opponent’s sight, it also limited also limited their senses.


A ghostly figure passed through the darkness and easily dodged the attacks.

“What a profound movement skill. Ye Moyu’s figure can merge into the darkness and instantly appear anywhere else like teleportation.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up.

Only Zhao Feng and those at the Great Origin Core Realm could see how Ye Moyu moved.

“F*k off!”

The Fire Gold Power King’s power radiated a gold light that swept across everything within twenty yards. This move of his could instantly vaporize everything nearby.


The ghostly figure disappeared. It was just an afterimage.

“Traceless Dark Night!”

A mysterious aura passed through where the Fire Gold Power King was standing.


Sparks flew across the Fire Gold Power King’s body, and he screamed.


There were no signs of any attack, but a bloody mark was left behind on the Fire Gold Power King’s body.

In the esteemed spectating stands:

“En, this Ye Moyu has an old bloodline – the Night Shadow Bloodline – which traces back to the era of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.”

A purple-and-golden-robed middle-aged man appeared in the arena. Almost no one had seen him arrive.


Zhao Feng sensed something and couldn’t help but look toward the middle-aged purple-and-golden-dragon-robed man.

“Eternally Sealed Palace Lord.”

“Palace Lord.”

Respective sounds came from the esteemed guest stands.

Even the Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lords greeted the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord respectively.

“He’s the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord?”

Zhao Feng took back his gaze. He purposely didn’t inspect the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord in order to avoid raising his attention. After all, his cultivation had reached the half-step Void God Realm.

“Traceless Dark Night!”

Stealthy and soundless attacks stacked onto the Fire Gold Power King’s body.


Even though the Fire Gold Power King’s defense was extremely strong, the injuries on his body added up.

“The Palace Lord has appeared?”

Ye Moyu’s figure merged into darkness, but he saw the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord from the corner of his eye and became slightly excited.

“Dark Night Unparalleled!”

Sharp beams of light crossed together in the darkness and released a stunning power.


A cross was left on the Fire Gold Power King’s heart.


The Power King’s heart.


The Fire Gold Power King screamed and staggered before falling into a puddle of blood.


Cold breaths came from the crowd.

“It’s an extremely unique secret bloodline technique that can double or even triple the power of the attack.”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. This Ye Moyu’s cultivation hadn’t even reached the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm, but the profoundness of his techniques made others fear him.

“Ye Moyu’s victory. 57 wins.”

The judge announced.

Some of the people were happy at the result while others were not. There was gambling on every battle.

“I bet that Ye Moyu can pass 60 battles.”

“Hmph, I bet 70.”

Many of the spectators placed their bets.

The opponents became stronger, and the more victories one bet on, the higher their return.

Of course, no one dared to bet on him winning a hundred times in a row. The current return was one to one thousand.

An hour after the Fire Gold Power King’s defeat, Ye Moyu challenged another three or four experts.

“I’ll continue the challenges tomorrow.”

Ye Moyu felt slightly tired and stopped the fight.

He fought ten battles today, and all of the opponents had the strength of a late-stage Small Origin Core Realm.

“According to the rules of the hundred-win challenge, the challenger must win at least ten battles per day before resting, unless there’s not enough people.”

Li Yunya explained.


At this moment, a member of the arena officials appeared before Li Yunya and Zhao Feng.

The newcomer was a red-robed elder Sovereign Lord.

“My friend, if you want, you can participate in stopping Ye Moyu tomorrow.”

The red-robed elder smiled as he glanced toward Li Yunya.

“This could happen?”

Zhao Feng revealed a weird expression.

The red-robed elder said emotionlessly, “Why not? The hundred-win challenge represents utmost glory and reward. How can it be taken so easily? It’s normal to ask for outside help.”

After saying that, he looked toward Li Yunya with interest.

Li Yunya’s cultivation was closing in on the peak Small Origin Core Realm, and obviously this person had seen Li Yunya’s cultivation and wanted him to stop Ye Moyu.


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