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King Of Gods - Chapter 61


KoG Chapter 61

Chapter 61 - Zhao Linlong's challenge.

Not bad.

Just from the first eye alone, Master Ye had given Zhao Feng such a statement.


Rage surged in Zhao Linlong's heart. His cultivation was the highest and his performance had only gotten a ’’so-so’’. Zhao Feng did nothing and he had received ’’not bad’’.

’’Zhao Feng! This is Master Ye from the Guanjun Province and he represents the Guanjun Palace to come here to choose a genius from the Zhao sect. You better perform well, this is your chance to repent for your sins.’’ Zhao Tiancang, the head of the sect managed to squeeze out a smile, but his voice was somewhat stale.

Repent for my sins?

Zhao Feng laughed coldly in his heart, but he didn't bother to explain.

’’This one sees Master Ye.’’ Zhao Feng respectfully bowed.

’’En.’’ Master Ye nodded his head and signalled for him to performance.

Under everyone's eyes, Zhao Feng took in a breath to calm himself down. His calmness far surpassed others, even Zhao Linlong or Zhao Yufei couldn't be compared to him. Even Zhao Feng didn't realise that a weird aura was released from his left eye into his body and that at every critical moment, he would remain calm. Surprise was found in Master Ye's eyes as he realised that this youth wasn't simple.

Flamin Metal Fist!

Zhao Feng's first punch was his most familiar skill. Core ranked martial art? The geniuses and elders present were shocked. Zhao Feng's core ranked fist skill had surpassed the max level and it had surpassed the original skill.

’’Not bad.’’ Master Ye once again nodded his head.

Zhao Feng kept on punching and unconsciously, he merged the One with the Heavens aura into it.


Zhao Feng's simple punch seemed to contain a flaming dragon. The moment the fist was out, it seemed like he put his power all into one point perfectly. It was as if that simple punch contained a deeper insight.

’’Core ranked martial art. It's not simple to train it to this level.’’

The elder's nodded their heads, but they didn't put it to their hearts. No matter how special it was, it was still a core ranked martial art and wasn't comparable to peak ranked martial arts. Zhao Linlong had disdain in his eyes.

’’Good!’’ A voice of extreme joy echoed in the room.

Shock and excitement shone in Master Ye's eyes. The voice had come from him.


Zhao Tiancang and Zhao Linlong almost died from choking on their own breaths. They seemed to have seen a ghost. The earlier reviews made them understand how hard it was for him to give a good review.

’’Core ranked martial art... How the f**k is this possible!?’’ Zhao Linlong almost didn't explode.

From their level, they just couldn't see what was so special about Zhao Feng's core ranked fist skill.

’’Hahahaha... It looks like the genius I wanted is you.’’ Master Ye let out a long laugh, his attitude was completely different from before.

’’Thanks for your review.’’ Zhao Feng was also stunned.

Originally, he wanted to start from his core ranked martial art, then build up to Angry Dragon Fist and then Star Finger. But when he was performing the core ranked martial art, he had somehow merged the two together.

’’In my eyes you are the true genius.’’ Master Ye walked down from his seat.

You are the true genius!

As he said that, Zhao Linlong's face turned extremely ugly.


Unwillingness screamed in his heart. Zhao Feng had gotten a better review from just a core ranked martial art, how could he be willing?

’’My name is Ye Linyun, maybe we can be friends later on.’’ Master Ye seemed to be extremely respectful of Zhao Feng.

The scene made Zhao Tiancang and the elders drop their jaws.

Why would a ninth rank martial mastertry and become friends with such a youth?

Even Zhao Feng himself stunned. The only reason he could think of was the One with the Heavens aura. It was confirmed that if Xin Wuheng didn't disappear, he would also be taken in by Master Ye.

’’Master Ye, you're too nice... ’’ Zhao Feng didn't know how to express himself.

He didn't dare to treat Master Ye as his friend. This was the same as an ant and an elephant being friends.

’’Hehe, Zhao Feng you're too humble. One day you'll realise you will have the right to do so.’’ Ye Lingyun shook his head while smiling.

At this moment, he didn't seem strict at all. The scene made the others extremely confused. Zhao Linlong was especially so, he was extremely furious.

’’Zhao Feng are you willing to join the Guanjun Corps?’’ Ye Linyun asked.

Willing or unwilling, aren't these just useless words? Furthermore, Ye Linyun's attitude was just too nice.

Zhao Feng spoke deeply: ’’My goal was to leave Sun Feather City anyway and experience the outside world, so I am willing.’’

Entering the Guanjun Palace didn't conflict with his goals. The scale of Guanjun City far surpassed Sun Feather City and it was a wider stage for him.

’’Good, if you work hard, maybe you'll even receive personal lessons from Lord Guanjun.’’

Ye Linyun smiled.

Lord Guanjun?

Zhao Feng immediately thanked him. Although he lived in Sun Feather City, he had still heard of Lord Guanjun's legends because he was the highest dictator in a ten thousand mile radius and he had reached an extremely high level in martial arts. Even Sun Feather City, the Zhao sect, were under his control. The Zhao sect didn't have any status or right to even try and flatter these people.

At this moment, Zhao Feng clearly felt the envious eyes from Zhao Linlong and Zhao Han. He was able to enter the Guanjun Palace and he had the chance to receive personal lessons from Lord Guanjun. How could they not be jealous?

Zhao Han and Zhao Chi could be thrown aside as they knew the difference between Zhao Feng and them. They had all seen the performance of Zhao Feng that day on the summit, therefore they knew that they had no right to rebuke him.

But there was still one person and that was Zhao Linlong!

Jealously, unwillingness and envy burned in his heart.

Why!? Why!?

In terms of cultivation, he was top amongst the younger generation. In terms of martial arts, he had touched the boundaries of partial Holy martial arts. Even if there still was difference between them, he wouldn't watch himself be beaten just by Zhao Feng's simple core ranked punches.

’’I disagree!’’ The anger within Zhao Linlong's heart finally exploded.

Silence fell within the room.

’’Linlong! No!’’ Zhao Tiancang and the others tried to stop him.

Although they were confused of why Ye Linyun chose Zhao Feng, they didn't dare question him.

’’Why do you disagree?’’ A smile of mockery appeared on Ye Linyun's face.

’’Give me a chance! I'll use my own strength to prove that I am stronger than him. Isn't that the rule of this world that only the strong can make choices?’’ Zhao Linlong stared at Zhao Feng and erupted his aura of the sixth rank.

If it was a normal fourth or fifth ranker, they would have been scared but Zhao Feng didn't seem to be affected at all even though his cultivation was suppressed.

’’Only the strong can make rules! I'll give you one chance, if you can beat Zhao Feng, you can also enter the Guanjun Palace.’’

Ye Lingyun laughed as he turned to Zhao Feng: ’’I've only just seen your core ranked martial arts and this will let me see your combat abilities.’’

’’Yes sir.’’ Zhao Feng nodded his head.

The two faced off in the room.

Ever since Zhao Feng had entered the main branch, the two had never fought. This was their first time fighting one another.

’’Zhao Feng! I will use my strength to prove that I have more right than you to enter Guanjun Palace.’’

Looking at the scene, the other youngsters were full of expectations. One of them was the top genius of the Zhao family, while the other was once the top genius of the Zhao family.

One was the most talented in Sun Feather City. One had the highest cultivation amongst the younger generation within Sun Feather City.

This was the first time the two would meet in battle.

’’Spatial Cloud Finger!’’ Zhao Linlong exclaimed as he pointed out a finger with a purple glow around it.

At the same time, he activated Shadows Step and left an afterimage where he originally stood.

Star Finger!

An azure light came from Zhao Feng's finger and clashed heavily with Zhao Linlong's Spatial Cloud Finger.


The two peak ranked martial arts met one another causing their robes to fly in the wind.

Teng! Teng! Teng...

The two moved back simultaneously. Zhao Linlong retreated five steps and he felt blood gurgle through his throat. Zhao Feng wasn't that well off either, he felt the finger that clashed with Zhao Linlong turn numb.

’’Star Finger!’’

’’The third level of Star Finger! How could he have reached it at such a young age!?’’ The elders understood how terrifying Star Finger was.

Star Finger was the most powerful skill in the Martial Arts Library. There were many people training it, but they finally dropped it as it was too hard to learn and they had a high chance of injuring themselves.


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