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King Of Gods - Chapter 609


Chapter 609 - Captain Establishing His Dominance

Is Li Yunya… challenging the captain?


The skeletal Division Leader, Loulan Zhishui, and company couldn't help but reveal interest.


Although Zhao Feng was the captain of the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship, he had never really sparred with any of the sailors. Adding on the fact that Zhao Feng had just broken through and gave off a shocking aura that was almost comparable to the Great Origin Core Realm, everyone was very curious.



Zhao Feng nodded his head. Not only did Li Yunya's challenge concern the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord and the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array, Zhao Feng wanted to test out his new strength.


The group moved to a martial arts field a while later.


The hotels in the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace were different from the ones in the mortal world.

The hotels here were set up by the officials, and everyone that stayed in one was an expert from the outside world. The space within any one of the hotels was comparable to an entire castle, and the martial arts field within the hotel wasn't normal either.


For example, the field here was several hundred yards wide, and it had protective arrays around it.


"Conceal the fight."


Li Yunya told a worker nearby.




The worker smiled faintly and waved the array flag. The martial arts field was instantly covered by a black screen, which meant that those outside wouldn't be able to watch unless they had reached the Void God Realm.


Zhao Feng couldn't help but think about Li Yunya's purpose and how was it related to the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord.


Within the field, Zhao Feng and Li Yunya stood facing each other.


There was only the skeletal Division Leader and Loulan Zhishui watching.


Captain was already extremely strong before he broke through. His eye-bloodline even slew a Great Origin Core Realm Sovereign Lord.


Loulan Zhishui thought.


In their perspectives, Li Yunya was definitely not Zhao Feng's match.


"Captain, please don't use your eye-bloodline when you fight this time."


Li Yunya asked.


Don't use his eye-bloodline?


Everyone paused slightly.

"This Li Yunya's pretty cunning."


Loulan Zhishui said, but when Li Yunya said that, his face didn't go red nor did his heart rate speed up.


He knew that if Zhao Feng used his eye-bloodline, he would have no chance at all.


"Hehe, I won't use my eye-bloodline, but I have a suggestion."


Zhao Feng smiled.


Li Yunya paused. Was the captain going to restrict him too?


Right at this moment:


"Just one is not enough. Why don't the two of you fight me together?"


Zhao Feng's gaze landed on the skeletal Division Leader.


Two at once?


Li Yunya and the skeletal Division Leader revealed stunned expressions.


"Fighting two at once without using his eye-bloodline power?"


Loulan Zhishui's eyes went wide.


Before they entered the limitless ocean, Zhao Feng heavily relied on the skeletal Division Leader. Without using his eye-bloodline, Zhao Feng wasn't as strong as the it.


"Zhe zhe. Master, you want to fight the two of us at the same time? Don't you think you're being overconfident?"


The skeletal Division Leader walked confidently.


Two late-stage Small Origin Core Realm auras instantly spread across the field. In addition, the skeletal Division Leader and Li Yunya were both stronger than normal late-stage Small Origin Core Realms.


The skeletal Division Leader's bone-strengthening technique was extremely powerful even before it merged with the Nine Deadly Yin Bone. It was almost unparalleled against those below the Great Origin Core Realm.


On the other hand, Li Yunya's cultivation was closing in on the peak Small Origin Core Realm.


Being a once-in-a-thousand-years genius of the Six Ring Palace, his battle-power was also extremely great.




Zhao Feng remained calm when facing the two.


"Heavenly Star Sword."


Li Yunya raised his hand, and an Earth-Grade sword with ancient carvings on it appeared in his hand.


Seven Star Heaven Slaughtering Technique!

Li Yunya's Heavenly Star Sword shook, and brilliant rays of sword-light shot toward Zhao Feng like meteorites.


"What a profound sword technique! He's summoning the power of stars and merging it into his Sword Dao."


The skeletal Division Leader exclaimed. He was indeed worthy of being a once-in-a-thousand-years genius of the Six Ring Palace.


"Deadly Bone Wall!"


The skeletal Division Leader pushed its hands forward, and hundreds upon thousands of bones radiating a deadly flame started to construct a wall around Zhao Feng.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


Zhao Feng's surroundings were fully blocked by layers of flaming bone walls, which proceeded to close in and restrict Zhao Feng's mobility.


"Seven Star Heaven Slaughtering Technique!"


At the same time, Li Yunya waved his sword and the sword-lights split as they crushed down toward Zhao Feng.


The teamwork of the two Sovereigns was perfect.


Li Yunya was responsible for attacking while the skeletal Division Leader used its self-invented technique to restrict Zhao Feng and form a defensive shield at the same time.


Even those at the Great Origin Core Realm would be moved by such a combo.




A smile appeared on Zhao Feng's mouth. He could have easily evaded the attacks with his speed.




A layer of purple lightning radiating an ancient aura of Destruction appeared in Zhao Feng's palm.


Purple Lightning Wind Ring!


Zhao Feng waved his palm, and the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning in his palm swept away everything in its path.


Crack! Crack! Crack!


The flaming bone wall around him instantly shattered when it met the lightning, turning into black smoke.


"…my Deadly Bone Wall!"


The skeletal Division Leader's expression changed dramatically. The Deadly Bone Wall was a secret technique it had created over the last half a year, and it was made to restrict opponents stronger than itself.


However, in front of the Purple Lightning Wind Ring, everything was immediately destroyed. The technique it had used half a year to create was broken like paper.


It was absolutely one-sided.




A few beams of purple lightning rings from the shockwave shot toward the skeletal Division Leader.


"Deadly Bone Protection!"


The skeletal Division Leader's gold-and-silver bones became dark as a layer of flames covered its body.




Before the ring of Purple Destruction Lightning Wind even arrived, the flames around the skeletal Division Leader instantly started to fade, and black smoke started emitting from the skeletal Division Leader's body as it howled.


Bam! Bam! Bam!


The skeletal Division Leader was forced to retreat as it exclaimed in shock, "My bone-strengthening technique…!"


On the other side, Li Yunya's attack was instantly crushed by Zhao Feng's Purple Lightning Wind Ring before it even arrived. The Purple Lightning Wind Ring was different from the Ring of Lightning of old.


This secret technique created a whirlpool that was independent.


"The Purple Lightning Wind Ring can be used for both offense and defense."


Zhao Feng stood unmoving as the power of the Purple Lightning Wind Ring swept across everything in its path. It was like a natural disaster that crushed everything blocking its way.




Li Yunya was forced to retreat dozens of yards, and black smoke was emitting from his body. There were already scorch marks on his person.


His defense wasn't as strong as the skeletal Division Leader, so he was obviously injured by the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning as well.


"Deadly Bone Strengthening!"


The skeletal Division Leader turned into a flaming bone giant, and its every movement and action contained limitless power as the flames of Death and Yin howled.


In front of Zhao Feng's pressure, it used its secret technique without hesitation.


Under its new state, it could manage to barely block the rings of purple lightning.


On the other side, Li Yunya had been forced into a corner, and he was quite ruffled.


"This is Captain's strength? A simple move alone already forced two late-stage Small Origin Core Realms into such a situation."


Loulan Zhishui's heart shook.


Zhao Feng hadn't even truly attacked yet.


"Even if he's reached the Origin Core Realm, how can he be this terrifying?"


The flaming bone giant that was the skeletal Division Leader started to smoke.


The power contained within the Wind Lightning rings was several times purer than before Zhao Feng broke through, and the Destructive aura contained within was more purer and condensed than before as well.


The skeletal Division Leader and Li Yunya were already forced into this situation without any hope of resisting at all.


"Hehe, it ends here."


Zhao Feng smiled as the rings of Purple Destruction Wind Lightning disappeared.




An afterimage was left behind as his figure flashed through the air like a ghost.


The Spiritual Senses of the two Sovereigns couldn't sense Zhao Feng's movement.


"Blade of Purple Destruction."


A thin blade radiating pure Destruction appeared.




The skeletal Division Leader screamed as one of its arms was cut off by Zhao Feng.


"Master, please…!"


The skeletal Division Leader's soul almost fell apart. In such a powerful defensive state, it was still chopped up as easily as a radish….




The figure once again moved.


"Not good!"


Li Yunya's expression changed dramatically as a ghostly figure appeared behind him.


Before he could do anything, a simple punch that seemed to contain the power of a beast sent him flying and coughing out blood.


"What a terrifying body. He injured me with just his physical strength."


It was just too fast. The two Sovereigns couldn't do anything at all.


Plop! Plop!


Li Yunya and the skeletal Division Leader both fell to the ground.


The difference was that Li Yunya had lost his balance against Zhao Feng's strength and fell to the ground, whereas the skeletal Division Leader was kneeling on the ground in fear.


If Zhao Feng's Blade of Purple Destruction had hit its vitals just now, the skeletal Division Leader would have died. In that instant, it could even feel the killing intent coming from Zhao Feng.


At this point, the two Sovereigns looked at each other with shock.


"Even without using his eye-bloodline, Zhao Feng's strength has surpassed mine. If my strength is too weak and I lose my value, he'll probably kill me."


The skeletal Division Leader's heart shook.


It couldn't imagine how strong Zhao Feng had become.


From now on, the skeletal Division Leader was truly Zhao Feng's slave, both in name and strength.


"Captain actually cut off one of the skeletal Division Leader's arms?"


Loulan Zhishui's expression changed dramatically.


Her cultivation was only at the half-step Origin Core Realm, and she was miles away from the two Sovereigns.


Why did Captain do this?


Loulan Zhishui forced herself to calm down, and she soon understood, "Captain wants to use this chance to establish his dominance, and Li Yunya is a new subordinate who might not fully obey him. On the other hand, he also wants to warn the skeletal Division Leader not to have any unnecessary thoughts."


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