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King Of Gods - Chapter 607


Chapter 607: Chapter 607 - Change of the Origin Core

Chapter 607 - Change of the Origin Core

After arriving at the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace, Zhao Feng first organized his resources, which included items that were Wind and Lightning related, Primal Crystal Stones, and other rare resources.

He then started to flip through some books.

As long as one had enough Primal Crystal Stones, one could buy news, information, and knowledge.

In reality, Zhao Feng was extremely confident in breaking through to the Origin Core Realm. After repetitively absorbing the aura from the Ancient Dream Realm and using the heart blood essence, his state of existence had increased by leaps and bounds, approaching the limit of the Great Origin Core Realm.

The state of existence of most actual Great Origin Core Realms wasn’t as strong as Zhao Feng’s.

Furthermore, he already started to interact with and comprehend the intent of other Origin Core Realms a long time ago. Lu Tianyi, the skeletal division Leader, the Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion, the random Great Origin Core Realms he had met, and even the intent from the half-step Void God Realm.

Zhao Feng already met this requirement when he was at the True Lord Rank. His intent and comprehension even surpassed normal Small Origin Core Realms, which was due to how strong his soul was, as well as the learning capabilities of the God’s Spiritual Eye.

“According to the books, the chance of breaking through to the Origin Core Realm is extremely low. Many half-step Origin Core Realms need several tries, and even then, they might not make it.”

Zhao Feng found that the difficulty was a bit harder than what he had imagined.

Breaking through to the Origin Core Realm could be described with four words:

“Yuan Qi Core Formation.”

As the name suggested, it was to condense one’s Yuan Qi and essence into a Yuan Core, which could also be called the Core Center.

The Yuan Core Center was split into two tiers: one was the normal Yuan Core of a Small Origin Core Realm, and the other was the Crystal Core of a Great Origin Core Realm.

“The True Spirit Realm to the Small Origin Core Realm and the Small Origin Core Realm to the Great Origin Core Realm are two fundamental changes in power. No wonder the difference between the Small Origin Core Realm and Great Origin Core Realm is so huge.”

Zhao Feng understood more about the Origin Core Realm.

Right now, what he needed to do was Yuan Qi Core Formation.

He had actually already completed half of this process. Within his dantian, there was an extremely pure half-step True Yuan.

Zhao Feng had purposely slowed down his conversion speed when he broke through to the half-step Origin Core Realm and merged the intent of Purple Destruction into it.

In terms of power and understanding, Zhao Feng’s half-step True Yuan was even more profound than some true Sovereigns. Therefore, Zhao Feng’s half-step True Yuan was of extremely high quality, and it contained the laws of Wind and Lightning.

The Ancient Dream Realm aura also played a part in this, and the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning was closer to its Origin. Its aura of Destruction surpassed the Wind Lightning Emperor’s when he was at this level.

In reality, Zhao Feng’s half-step True Yuan was already stronger than the True Yuan of some Small Origin Core Realms.

Of course, power was power, but that didn’t mean that the two were necessarily on the same level.

Half a day later:

“Let’s start.”

Zhao Feng had read through all the theories and was now officially going to try to breakthrough.

Within his dantian, the source of power was fully purple and sticky. It was all half-step True Yuan.


Zhao Feng sat down and circulated the energy across his entire body as he squeezed out all his potential.

Surges of purple liquid started to gather at his dantian.

Zhao Feng was frightened by his actions. He didn’t realize that his body had so much potential, which was because his state of existence had been strengthened so greatly from the Ancient Dream Realm aura.

Di! Da!

The purple-colored liquid was as thick as congee, and it started to compress after absorbing the essence from across the body.

Yuan Qi Core Formation. This was a slow and difficult process which required one’s full attention.

Day after day passed by.

Ten days later, the purple-colored source within his dantian had signs of “drying.”

“So fast?”

Zhao fast?”

Zhao Feng was surprised. According to the books, this process usually took two months, and if it couldn’t condense into a Core Center, the power would injure the body instead.

After all, it was a big leap from a Source of True Spirit to a Core Center. Any small mistake could mean failure.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng’s was four or five times faster than usual.

“Looks like it’s certain that I will be able to break through. Now I just need to see how strong my foundation can be after breaking through.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled.

In the past, when he broke through to the True Lord Rank, his foundation had already been extremely strong, so he jumped straight to the early-stage True Lord Rank, skipping past the beginning stage.

It was the same now;Zhao Feng’s foundation had already easily surpassed the beginning stages of the Small Origin Core Realm.

Another four or five days later, the center of Zhao Feng’s Source of True Spirit had almost completely dried and consolidated.

However, the part that was dried only took up one-tenth of the total area.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s source of power had been refined to the limit.

“The center of the Source of True Spirit has technically dried. If it continues at this rate, it will all dry within ten days.”

Zhao Feng felt that it was going far too smoothly.

Even more surprisingly, there was a faint amount of True Yuan coming from the dried area. This was the true, complete True Yuan and not the half-step True Yuan.

Di! Da!

Not only had the center of the Source of True Spirit dried, wisps of pure True Yuan were starting to leak out. These wisps of True Yuan were a crystalline purple, and they had mysterious carvings on them that contained Zhao Feng’s comprehension of Wind and Lightning.

Furthermore, these carvings radiated a strong surge of Destruction.

“I’ve already started to form True Yuan? That usually happens the moment one is about to breakthrough.”

Zhao Feng was slightly dumbfounded. Everything was going too fast. It greatly surpassed what he had read in the books.

“This speed is too fast.”

Zhao Feng felt slightly uneasy.

That’s right!

A thought suddenly appeared suddenly appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind, “I can slow down the speed of my half-step True Yuan being compressed and merge in some of the aura from the Ancient Dream Realm.”

Slowing down the speed of compressing his Yuan Qi meant decreasing the power of his breakthrough. Normal cultivators wouldn’t dare do this because the entire process was usually done in one attempt. The slightest mistake could mean that the drying source would be affected.

However, Zhao Feng didn’t need to worry about that problem. He didn’t even need to focus on condensing his half-step True Yuan.

At this point, Zhao Feng couldn’t stop his momentum, and it was impossible for him to not break through even if he wanted to.

If normal cultivators who failed to break through were to know about this, they would probably vomit blood.


Zhao Feng’s consciousness entered the Ancient Dream Realm.

Due to the fact that he was in the middle of breaking through, Zhao Feng only wanted to stay here for a couple breaths and absorb a little bit.

However, the moment he entered the Ancient Dream Realm, an overwhelming pressure crushed over him.

Zhao Feng’s half-step True Yuan that was converting and drying suddenly stopped.

This sudden change made Zhao Feng’s heart jump, but luckily, the rate of conversion was only decreased by a lot;it didn’t start to liquidize.


Zhao Feng suddenly realized that the already-dried Source of True Spirit formed a connection with the Ancient Dream Realm.

When breaking through to the Origin Core Realm, one needed enough power and intent from the outside world. Therefore, a powerful intent was a vital requirement.

“I almost forgot that the Ancient Dream Realm and reality are separate dimensions.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t imagine what would happen if he broke through here.


Zhao Feng suddenly felt the Heaven Earth Aura from the Ancient Dream Realm surge into his core.


Zhao Feng’s heart shook. Even though the Heaven Earth Aura was extremely thin, and the rate of absorption was not even one one-thousandth of the outside world, a great pressure still bore down on him. It felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

One had to know that the Heaven Earth Aura wasn’t just the normal just the normal Ancient Dream Realm aura. It was very likely to be the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi of this dimension.

One breath… two breaths… three breaths.

Zhao Feng’s state of existence couldn’t bear such pressure and the lightning-struck sensation.

Three breaths later:


Zhao Feng spat out a mouthful of blood as his consciousness returned to reality.

The injury he received was very light, it was mainly just the shaking of his senses and blood.

“Not good!”

Zhao Feng instinctively checked his source of power and found that the dried area had been shattered by the Heaven Earth Aura from the Ancient Dream Realm.

His heart rate started to speed up, and his eyebrows furrowed.

Now that the center had been shattered, the amount of half-step True Yuan he had was decreased by ten percent.

His entire dantian was ruffled. It was as if it had been attacked.

Zhao Feng had an urge to cry. It was like being pushed back to the moment he had broken through to the half-step Origin Core Realm.

The amount of power within his body suddenly decreased by 10%.

This was the source of power!

He couldn’t help but feel slightly regretful. He shouldn’t have entered the Ancient Dream Realm when he was breaking through.


Zhao Feng took a deep breath and forcefully calmed down before inspecting his dantian again.


Zhao Feng’s expression changed drastically as he inspected it closely.

Although the amount of power within his body had decreased by 10%, the quality had risen to a new level.

The energy and essence contained within the remaining half-step True Yuan was about the same as normal True Yuan.


A wisp of purple appeared on Zhao Feng’s palm. It wasn’t the normal faint purple;it was pure purple.

The wisp of purple was extremely profound, and the carvings on it gave off an ancient and destructive aura.

“How is this possible?”

Zhao Feng was dazed.

This casual wisp of Purple Destruction Wind Lightning he had formed was comparable to the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning at 80-90% comprehension.

One had to know that he had only comprehended 40-50% of it so far.

Furthermore, the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning contained the Heaven Earth Aura from the Ancient Dream Realm, which would have unknown characteristics to it.


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