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King Of Gods - Chapter 606


Chapter 606: Chapter 606- Getting Ready to Breakthrough

Chapter 606- Getting Ready to Breakthrough

In the past, the aura from the Ancient Dream Realm was mostly absorbed by Zhao Feng’s bloodline, but now Zhao Feng had an idea to absorb the aura into his eye.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye interacted directly with his soul.

Wisps of the Ancient Dream Realm aura started to flow into his God’s Spiritual Eye.


A ripple appeared on the surface of the lake as it quickly absorbed the aura.

Zhao Feng’s entire heart suddenly shook.

His soul, which was connected to the God’s Spiritual Eye, seemed to have also successfully absorbed part of the Ancient Dream Realm aura. The sensation was just like a thirsty plant absorbing water, and it felt extremely satisfying.

“Great, the Ancient Dream Realm aura seems to also help the soul.”

Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

His bloodline and body had absorbed a lot of the Ancient Dream Realm aura and the effect was weakening, but it was different with his eye and soul.

This was the first time Zhao Feng had tried absorbing the aura into his eye, and the effect was extremely obvious.

An hour later, he fully absorbed the remaining Ancient Dream Realm aura within his body into his eye.

Inspecting it closely, he saw that the power within the eye’s lake was more pure, and Zhao Feng felt as if his soul had become stronger and his foundation was now more solid.

“The aura from the Ancient Dream Realm seems to help the soul quite a bit, and it can even help the soul condense.”

Zhao Feng compared before and after.

Over the next month, Zhao Feng put over half of the Ancient Dream Realm aura into the eye, and he found that his soul became more dense and thick.

In the past, Zhao Feng’s soul became much stronger with the help of the Wood Spirit Essence Soul, but it wasn’t condensed.

It was similar to a fat person;there might be a lot of meat on their bones, but they wouldn’t be able to beat a muscular man.

Now that Zhao Feng was absorbing the aura from the Ancient Dream Realm to strengthen his soul, it had become more condensed.

“Absorbing the aura will allow my soul to continue strengthening. What kind of changes will this bring to the future?”

Zhao Feng felt an instinct to strengthen his soul.

In the short-term, it could only heighten his senses and strengthen his foundation, but instinct told him that it would bring him unimaginable benefits in the future.

However, all of that came later and wasn’t important right now.

Currently, Zhao Feng only felt that his soul was gaining benefits from absorbing the Ancient Dream Realm aura, so he simply tried to absorb as much as he could.

Two months later, Zhao Feng’s soul had increased by leaps and bounds.

The first few months had the best effect;his soul had surpassed the Small Origin Core Realm and was now comparable to the Great Origin Core Realm. It was extremely condensed.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng felt as if his soul had a certain indescribable feeling to it. One thing was for sure though, his soul was thicker and more condensed than before, and its aura was closer to the Origin.

The biggest difference was that Zhao Feng’s sensitivity toward Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and his comprehension of the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning were much better than before.

Time flew by on the journey. In the blink of an eye, half a year passed.

The journey over the last half a year had been extremely smooth.

The two vice-captains, Loulan Zhishui and Li Yunya, each worked on internal and external tasks respectively.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat occasionally jumped onto the deck and threw a couple old coins into the air before pointing out a new direction.

Li Yunya and Loulan Zhishui didn’t dare to go against the divination of the little thieving cat.

Within the captain’s cabin, Zhao Feng found that, every time the little thieving cat changed directions, the sense of danger in his soul would weaken a little bit.

“The little thieving cat seems to have mysterious abilities to avoid danger and find fortune.”

Zhao Feng thought.

An hour later, he made an announcement, “Gather at the discussion hall.”

Within the discussion hall, Zhao Feng, Li Yunya, Loulan Zhishui, and the skeletal division Leader all appeared.

These types of discussions were extremely rare, and everyone else looked toward Zhao Feng.

Being the captain, his every decision could affect the fate fate of everyone present.

“Zhao Feng’s aura has become unfathomable. I can’t even see through him now.”

The skeletal division Leader inspected its master.

If it could be said that the skeletal division Leader still knew Zhao Feng’s attributes half a year ago, it couldn’t now. Just the casual aura radiating from Zhao Feng pressured both Li Yunya and the skeletal division Leader.

This pressure didn’t just come from his state of existence;it also originated from his soul.

“This young captain’s state of existence and soul have both surpassed mine.”

Li Yunya took a deep breath.

One had to know that his cultivation was almost at the peak Small Origin Core Realm, and he surpassed the skeletal division Leader in terms of cultivation.

“Master, you seem to have met every requirement to try to breakthrough to the Origin Core Realm!”

The skeletal division Leader exclaimed.

Breakthrough to the Origin Core Realm?

Loulan Zhishui’s heart shook. This young captain was only twenty-something years old and had already met every requirement to breakthrough.

“That’s right. That’s one of the reasons why I summoned all of you here today.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head and didn’t disagree.

His state of existence was closing in on the limit of the Great Origin Core Realm, and his soul power was comparable to the Great Origin Core Realm as well since it was now much more condensed than before.

In terms of comprehension, he had understood 40-50% of the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning.

His strength had risen dramatically in comparison to his strength back at the two-star battlefield.

At this moment, he had reached the limit of the half-step Origin Core Realm. Another half a step further and he would become a true Sovereign.

“I need to find a safe environment to breakthrough to the Origin Core Realm. There’s also another issue as well.”

Zhao Feng quickly got straight to the point.

The environment within the limitless ocean wasn’t very stable, and the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was extremely thin. It was hardly the best choice to breakthrough.

If something sudden happened when he was trying to breakthrough, it would be horrible.

“A special and safe environment? There’s only the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.”

Li Yunya replied. The Void Ocean Spiritual Palace was a quiet place and a and a high-tier supply station.

Even two-star sects didn’t dare to offend the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

“Good, good…. Over the last half a year, the strength of the cursed ghost-corpses have been approaching the half-step Origin Core Realm, and my cultivation has also met a bottleneck, so we all need some rare resources.”

The skeletal division Leader was swayed.

Loulan Zhishui nodded in approval, “The Void Ocean Spiritual Palace is the safest supply point, and the sailors also need to buy some stuff. The Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship also needs a few materials to strengthen and repair it.”

The suggestion was agreed on by everyone and they were all excited. After all, it was extremely boring to do nothing but travel on the ship.

“Captain, what’s the other important issue?”

Li Yunya asked curiously.

Breaking through to the Origin Core Realm was only one of his reasons to go to the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

“It’s about the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array.”

Zhao Feng spoke in a solemn tone.

Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array?

Li Yunya understood after thinking about it.

The journey to the True Martial Sacred Land was extremely lengthy

“We will need 5 or 6 years to reach the True Martial Sacred Land at our current speed. This is far too long.”

Zhao Feng continued.

“Five or six years? That’s not that long.”

The skeletal division Leader wasn’t bothered, but Zhao Feng was only twenty-two years old. It was a long time for him. On the other hand, the skeletal division Leader had lived for several hundred years.

“There’s a teleportation array at every Void Ocean Spiritual Palace that can send people from one Void Ocean Spiritual Palace to another. It can also send people to the True Martial Sacred Land, but it’s extremely difficult for those who aren’t members of Sacred Lands to use it.”

Li Yunya knew a bit about this, and Zhao Feng knew the difficulty involved.

At the Thousand Flowing Islands Zone, he asked the two geniuses from the Sacred Lands for help, but Jiang Fan and Chen Yilin weren’t willing to help him.

“Li Yunya, you come from a two-and-a-half-star sect. Is there no way at all?”

Zhao Feng didn’t believe there was no possibility at all. There were definitely a ton of people ton of people who wanted to go to the True Martial Sacred Land.

“In the Five Mountain Islands Zone, if a Void God Realm expert asks, the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace Lord might agree.”

Li Yunya answered.

Zhao Feng was overjoyed. Coming from a two-and-a-half-star sect, Li Yunya was indeed knowledgeable.

“But we’ve entered a new island zone. Is there any other way?”

Zhao Feng’s eyes landed on Li Yunya with expectation.

Their journey-time would be decreased greatly if they could use the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array.

At the same time, it would also reduce the threat from the Pursuit of Death.

“Captain, leave this to me. I’ll figure something out when we arrive at the next Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.”

Li Yunya’s eyes twinkled. He agreed to it.

Zhao Feng nodded his head. Li Yunya was a capable person. Maybe he really could find a breakthrough point.

Half a month later, the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship entered the center of a new island zone – the Eternally Sealed Islands Zone.

“Captain, we’re almost at the closest Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.”

Loulan Zhishui said.

A few hours later, a ball of blue light appeared in sight, clearing away the mist of the limitless ocean.

The surface of some halls and palaces could be seen inside the blue ball of light.


The ship quickly passed through the barrier and arrived in front of the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

The Void Ocean Spiritual Palace was an institution spread across everywhere. Every island zone had one, and they were mainly the same.

Zhao Feng put away the ship, and the crew held their Void Ocean Tokens as they entered the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

The Void Ocean Token could be used at any Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.

They first went to find a hotel after they entered. Li Yunya, the skeletal division Leader, Loulan Zhishui, and the rest of the sailors then went off on their own.

Amongst them, Li Yunya was responsible for finding out about the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array.

The skeletal division Leader was finding things for the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array and some resources for its own bottleneck.

Loulan Zhishui was responsible for finding the materials needed for the ship, and Captain Zhao Feng was making the last preparations to breakthrough.


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