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King Of Gods - Chapter 603


Chapter 603: Chapter 603 - Battling the Death Guard

Chapter 603 - Battling the Death Guard

Over the limitless ocean, Zhao Feng was floating in the air as his hair blew in the wind. His left eye was as deep and calm as the ocean.

Far away:


The aura of Death kept coming closer, and the feeling of danger kept increasing.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat was sitting on Zhao Feng’s shoulders, and its pair of eyes glinted with a mysterious light.

“Immortal body. Representative of the intent of Death. Speed and offense faster and stronger than anyone below the Void God Realm…. How can I defeat him?”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath as he started to think.

The Death Guard seemed to be unparalleled against everyone below the Void God Realm in every aspect. Putting aside Zhao Feng, even some peak Origin Core Realms wouldn’t be able to block a single blow.

“However, it’s not impossible to win.”

Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat exchanged glances.

A normal Sovereign – and even Sovereign Lords – might not have a chance against the Death Guard at all because they had no methods that could actually threaten him.

However, Zhao Feng was different.

“My strongest Void Space Eye Slash and the little thieving cat’s Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger can both threaten the Death Guard.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled.

Right at this moment, the figure of Death was now within a hundred miles of Zhao Feng.

“Eye of Ice Soul.”

A cold, invisible intent shot through the figure of Death’s consciousness, and his speed and agility instantly decreased.

“Hmm? The Death Guard seems to be injured after fighting with the half-step Void God Realm. His intent of Death has been greatly weakened.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye analyzed.

The weakening of the Death Guard made Zhao Feng overjoyed. The tiny chance of victory had increased.

“Hmph. Target of Death, even if I can only use 40-50% of my full strength, capturing you is as easy as flipping my hand.”

The Death Guard’s slightly ruffled figure sped toward Zhao Feng with a crushing pressure, and a playfully cold smile appeared on his face as he saw what Zhao Feng was planning to do.


The Death Guard’s figure suddenly became blurry, and his speed increased as he charged toward Zhao Feng.

“You’re indeed worthy of being the target of a Pursuit of Death… to actually be able to lock on to me with your eye-bloodline even though you only have the cultivation of a measly half-step Origin Core Realm.”

The Death Guard remained locked on to by the Eye of Ice Soul.

Near the two-star battlefield earlier, only Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye and the half-step Void God Ream could see how the Death Guard moved.

“Set up the array!”

The skeletal division Leader appeared and waved the black flag, helping to set up the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

“The Death Guard is more specialized in assassination and close combat. Restrict the range of the array to focus on him.”

Zhao Feng ordered.


Thick smoke came from the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, and it was compressed to an area of two hundred yards. In such a small range, the power of the curse was extremely dense. Even someone at the Great Origin Core Realm would be in danger if they entered it now.


Black smoke emanated from the surface of the Death Guard’s body as he entered the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array. Countless invisible and bloody white hands continuously reached into his body.

“I’ll finish off that skeleton, then capture the brat.”

The Death Guard’s eyebrows furrowed.

He could easily block the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array if he was at his peak strength, but right now, he was injured;not only did he just finish fighting a half-step Void God Realm, his heart had been slashed by the Void Space Eye Slash, and the aura of Destruction was still there. He had no time to recover.

The Ghost Corpse Cursed Array was a profound array, and any damage to it would be evenly spread out across the entire array.

He specialized in close combat and single target attacks, not ranged secret techniques. However, the array would be broken if he could kill the one in control of the array.

“Good, the Death Guard is injured, so the power of the curse is twice as effective.”

Zhao Feng’s heart moved. His God’s Spiritual Eye soon saw what the Death Guard was planning to do.

“Skeletal division Leader, watch out!”

Zhao Feng quickly warned the skeletal division Leader.

“Don’t even think about it.”

The skeletal division Leader’s figure rose as it merged with the power of the Nine Deadly Yin Bone Bone and transformed into a flaming bone giant. Under the flaming bone giant state, the skeletal division Leader was extremely strong, and its every action and movement released flames of Death and Yin.

The skeletal division Leader was confident in its defensive capabilities. In its current state, it could even take a couple hits from a Great Origin Core Realm head-on.

“How embarrassing.”

The Death Guard turned into several cold lights, several of which swept toward the skeletal division Leader.


The flaming bone giant was enveloped by the lights, and sounds of bones cracking appeared.


The skeletal division Leader screamed as its powerful bony body was cut apart. Even the array flag was turned into powder.


The smoke of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array started to fade;the array had been broken.

Zhao Feng cursed in his heart. In just one move, the skeletal division Leader was cut into pieces and the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array was broken. Furthermore, it wasn’t even done by the Death Guard’s true body.

At the same time:


The Death Guard turned into a cold streak of light and charged toward Zhao Feng.

The Death Guard had used a doppelganger to finish off the skeletal division Leader and get rid of the array. His true body was very likely trying to capture Zhao Feng, and the entire process would be done in just one move if he succeeded.


Zhao Feng felt as if he had entered the abyss of Death. He realized that he had underestimated the difference between them. Even though the Death Guard only had 40-50% of his battle-power left, he was still stronger than normal Great Origin Core Realms.

“You better give up.”

The Death Guard’s figure appeared in front of Zhao Feng once more and stretched out his hand, which was surrounded in black smoke.

In reality, if the Death Guard wanted to kill Zhao Feng, the latter would probably already be dead. However, his goal was to capture Zhao Feng alive, and the latter knew that.

At this moment in time, a cold intent of Death enveloped Zhao Feng’s heart, and thin wisps of black air started to wrap around Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat.

Miao miao!

As Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat were about to be bound by the wisps of black of black air:

My body…

Zhao Feng forcefully circulated his strength and struggled against the black air.


The Death Guard was slightly surprised. He didn’t think that a measly half-step Origin Core Realm could still struggle in such a situation. Even some Great Origin Core Realms would be unable to do that, but Zhao Feng’s state of existence was close to the peak Great Origin Core Realm, so he couldn’t be measured by normal standards.


The hand that was surrounded by black smoke grabbed toward Zhao Feng’s shoulder. At the same time, he was on guard against the little thieving cat as wisps of black smoke bound the little thieving cat as well.

And it was at that moment that the unexpected happened:


The Death Guard’s hand seemed to touch water.

“Water Spirit divine Change!”

Zhao Feng’s body rippled as it turned into a dark blue liquid.

“Liquid state?”

The Death Guard was slightly dazed as his hand entered the body of the Water Spirit Giant.

Zhao Feng’s defense was almost unparalleled in this state, and his recovery speed reached a terrifying level. However, even then, Zhao Feng groaned as he was injured by the erosion and coldness of the air of Death.

From that, one could see that even an unparalleled body had a limit. Luckily, his state of existence was strong, so the Water Spirit Giant’s healing speed was monstrous.

“This brat’s not simple indeed.”

The Death Guard murmured as he reacted. He was about to take back his hand.

“From Water to Ice!”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could clearly catch sight of any detail.


In that instant, the Death Guard’s hand was caught in ice.

“You want to freeze my hand?”

The Death Guard’s pupils contracted as he laughed coldly. The different in strength between the two was too big – so what if Zhao Feng could momentarily freeze his hand?


A transparent and mysterious dagger sliced his momentarily-frozen hand.

“How did it escape from my True Lines of Death…!?”

The Death Guard’s expression changed dramatically. On his shoulder sat a little thieving cat that was smiling.


The Death Guard’s hand fell.


The Death Guard screamed as he retreated, and killing intent filled his eyes, “F*king cat, I’m going to rip you into ten thousand pieces.”

Cold beams of light radiated from his body, which swept across half a mile.

Miao miao!

The little mile.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat flashed and disappeared.


Zhao Feng’s liquefied body managed to defend against the beams of light, and his body soon started to recover.

The ocean regained its calm after a while, but the Death Guard’s anger still hadn’t been quelled. He spread his Spiritual Sense and tried to find the little thieving cat.

A Death Guard actually had his hand cut off by a cat. It was quite humiliating.

This is the perfect chance.

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped as he locked on to the Death Guard and unleashed an attack with his left eye.

Void Space Eye Slash!


A thin blade radiating an aura of Destruction slashed through the Death Guard’s body.


The figure was instantly destroyed.

How unfortunate.

Zhao Feng sighed. Even when the Death Guard was affected by his emotions, the Void Space Eye Slash hadn’t hit the target.


The Death Guard reappeared but moaned. Black smoke was emanating from his shoulder;there was a tiny hole, and the aura of Destruction was running rampant inside.

This time, the Void Space Eye Slash didn’t hit his vital organs, so the damage was limited, but that only made the Death Guard even angrier.

Being a Death Guard, he was the nightmare of countless people. When had he been humiliated so much, and by a measly half-step Origin Core Realm and a cat at that?.

“I can only use the Void Space Eye Slash one more time….”

Zhao Feng gathered his remaining eye-bloodline power.

Victory or defeat was going to be decided in the next moment.

Miao miao!

A gray-silver streak suddenly flashed through the air.


A thin, transparent dagger slashed toward the Death Guard.

“Such speed. It’s indeed worthy of being the little thieving cat.”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped.

The little thieving cat was probably the only one that could attempt to ambush the Death Guard.

“Haha…. You’re courting death. The Shadow Kill Imperial Dagger will be mine.”

The Death Guard was filled with overwhelming joy.


A wave of dark blade-lights hurtled toward the little thieving cat, enveloping everything within a hundred yards.

“Victory or defeat will be decided here.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye was circulated to the maximum, and it gave off an ancient and scary aura.

As the little thieving cat was about to be hit by the killing move:

“Spatial Movement!”

A whirlpool appeared and sucked in the little thieving cat.


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