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King Of Gods - Chapter 591


Chapter 591: Chapter 591 - Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array

Chapter 591 - Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array

“If I use the middle suggestion, how much heart blood essence will be needed?”

Zhao Feng asked.

Master Wei spoke, “At least one bathtub to have an effect. If you use too much, it might actually attract limitless ocean whales nearby.”

“One bathtub? No problem.”

Zhao Feng replied.

Surprise flashed through Master Wei’s eyes. A bathtub of heart blood essence didn’t seem to be much in Zhao Feng’s eyes.

Thinking up to there, Master Wei looked at Zhao Feng with fiery hot eyes.

“Brother Zhao, if you give me a bathtub of heart blood essence, I won’t charge you anything for repairing the ship.”

Master Wei said with excitement.

Zhao Feng started to laugh. He didn’t think that this Master Wei also wanted some heart blood essence.

Master Wei was at the middle stage of the Small Origin Core Realm, and the heart blood essence could help him a lot.


Zhao Feng nodded his head and agreed. The amount of heart blood essence in his gourd could fill a big room the size of dozens of bathtubs. After all, the body of the limitless ocean whale he killed was extremely large, and its state of existence was almost at the Void God Realm.

A smile appeared on Master Wei’s face after Zhao Feng agreed. The two then started to discuss the specifics of repairing and upgrading the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship.

“Brother Zhao, this ship has the elements of water and lightning, it’s extremely resistant to erosion, and it specializes in stealth….”

Master Wei analyzed.

Zhao Feng was very satisfied with the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship’s structure. The element of Water Lightning was perfect for his ice and water bloodline and his Wind Lightning True Yuan.

“Then we’ll keep the elements of water and lightning as the base structure.”

Master Wei confirmed and then started to talk about upgrading it.

“The ship doesn’t need to be much bigger. I don’t need it to have strong offense, but it needs extremely fast speed and strong defense.”

Zhao Feng spoke his thoughts. The ship was mainly for travelling and providing a good space for quiet cultivation.

“En, if we don’t expand the ship we can indeed raise its speed and defense.”

Master Wei nodded his head.

After confirming the structure and path they were undertaking, they talked about the materials.

The choice of materials was also split into three different tiers, and Zhao Feng chose all the best ones. The total amount of wealth needed to repair and upgrade the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship was an enormous amount, which caused Master Wei to sigh in surprise.

He hadn’t seen many Sovereigns use so much money at once, apart from the ones from two-star sects or disciples of Void God Realms. Yet, the person doing so this time was only a youth at the half-step Origin Core Realm.

“This youth’s background is probably not simple.”

Master Wei became more solemn.

When they walked out of the hotel, Master Wei asked Xiao Ma about Zhao Feng’s background and history.

“My employer’s background is extremely mysterious. Even the geniuses from a Sacred Land came to talk with him.”

Xiao Ma exaggerated proudly.

Spiritual Sacred Lands?

Master Wei took in a deep breath and didn’t dare to relax when fixing the ship.

Within the hotel, Zhao Feng sat down and started to cultivate, absorbing the aura of the Ancient Dream Realm within his body.

“The aura of the Ancient Dream Realm can increase my body’s strength and my bloodline, and it has an aura similar to the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline. If I keep on absorbing this…”

Zhao Feng was full of expectations.

His bloodline was now two or three times stronger than when he left the Purple Saint Ruins. Although the effect of the Ancient Dream Realm aura decreased as Zhao Feng’s body and state of existence increased, Zhao Feng start to last longer within the Dream Realm.

“I should push my bloodline to its limit by using the heart blood essence and aura from the Ancient Dream Realm before breaking through to the Origin Core Realm.”

Zhao Feng had a plan. Because he had just reached the half-step Origin Core Realm not long ago, it wasn’t realistic to reach the Origin Core Realm within a short amount of time.

Over the next half a month, half of the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship had been repaired.

After the repairing was complete came the upgrading.

Elsewhere, Zhao Zhao Feng kept on gathering the materials to strengthen the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array, and he sold precious resources from within his old metal ring. The precious resources that had stacked several mountains high were starting to decrease.

Upgrading the ship took up 30-40% of the money while the other 60-70% was spent on the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array. Master Wei repaired the ship for free, but the upgrades still required money.

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Feng had already stayed in the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace for almost a month.

Over this period of time, all the little hassling problems were given to Xiao Ma and Loulan Zhishui. Both he and the skeletal division Leader needed to grasp this time to become stronger. Only then would the two be able to clearly face the deadly pursuit ahead of them.


Zhao Feng spat out a mouthful of blood and his face became pale-white, but he immediately closed his eyes and circulated his half-step True Yuan to absorb the aura from the Ancient Dream Realm.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared on his shoulder and absorbed the remnants of the aura.

Di! Da!

At the same time, the human and cat pair bathed in a big barrel of heart blood essence.

In almost a month’s time, Zhao Feng’s state of existence and bloodline had improved and become purer.

“Unfortunately, the effect of the heart blood essence has become weaker.”

Zhao Feng sighed.

His state of existence and body were completely comparable to a Great Origin Core Realm, and they might even be a bit stronger than normal Sovereign Lords now.

On top of that, the strengthening of his bloodline brought him great benefits.

For example, when he used powerful secret techniques now, he would have more energy to do so, and the foundation of his state of existence gave him faster cultivation speed.

Zhao Feng also felt that his senses had been heightened, and his half-step True Yuan was being converted at a faster rate. His comprehension of the Purple Destruction Wind Lightning was also faster than before.

On this day, the Blue Lightning Sea Sky Ship was finally fixed and upgraded. Zhao Feng saw a brand new Blue Lightning Sea Sky Sea Sky Ship in a lake nearby.

On the lake was a gray-blue metallic ship covered in precise arrays, and it gave off a cold glint. It was split into two floors, with a deck on the very top.

From afar, it looked like a shark, and it gave off a terrifying aura.

Zhao Feng let the sailors in and familiarized himself with the ship.


A thin ripple of water and lightning appeared on the surface of the ship, causing the ship to seem more mysterious and noble.

“After some testing, the ship’s speed has increased by two or three times. It’s close to the speed of a Great Origin Core Realm now. In terms of defense, it can block the attack of several normal Origin Core Realms at the same time.”

Master Wei said and smiled.

Zhao Feng found that both the outside and inside of the ship had been strengthened, and it was now far better than normal limitless ocean ships.

The metallic feeling of the ship became stronger, and the array carvings were precise and accurate.

On that very day, Zhao Feng let the sailors get used to it, and he gave the bathtub of heart blood essence to Master Wei.

“Brother Zhao, you upgraded this ship just to travel across the ocean?”

Master Wei was curious of Zhao Feng’s background. If it were a normal person, they could and would use more resources on themselves.

“I won’t hide it anymore. I actually need to cross into another land.”

Zhao Feng said.

“You mean that you’re going to leave the territory of the True Martial Sacred Land and enter another Sacred Land?”

Master Wei was surprised.

It was extremely far to cross into another land.

“Brother Zhao, since you know some geniuses from the Sacred Land, why don’t you use the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array and travel immediately to another Sacred Land? You’ll be able to save much more time.”

Master Wei said with surprise. From his perspective, Zhao Feng’s background wasn’t simple, and he might even be related to the Spiritual Sacred Lands.

“Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array?”

Zhao Feng’s heart moved. He suddenly remembered the unique lines on the map.

“If I’m right, those lines are long-distance teleportation arrays.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but feel excited.

“However, I feel excited.

“However, I heard that there is a heavy price in order to use it, and only a limited amount of people have the right to do so….”

Master Wei added.

“Thank you.”

Zhao Feng had a new plan.

The destination was too far away. If he could use the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array, he would save at least half the amount of time it would take.

Zhao Feng immediately scouted around and finally found the two geniuses from the Sacred Land.

Jiang Fan and Chen Yilin were in the esteemed guest rooms of the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace when they saw Zhao Feng.

“Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array?”

Jiang Fan and Chen Yilin looked at each other and then shook their heads decisively.

“Even we don’t have access to the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Arrays. You have to know that my master is an Elder of the Sacred Land, and Jiang Fan’s master is even more powerful….”

The tall and skinny Chen Yilin said apologetically.

He meant that, even with their background, they could only use normal teleportation arrays.

“Normal teleportation arrays can send one person to anywhere between the different Void Ocean Spiritual Palaces and even into the Spiritual Sacred Land, but that’s limited to core members of the Sacred Lands. We have to have our seniors’ permission when doing that.”

Jiang Fan shook his head and said.

Although Zhao Feng wasn’t surprised by the outcome, he was still somewhat disappointed.

He wasn’t a member of the Sacred Lands, and he didn’t have a strong background. He didn’t even have the right to use the normal teleportation arrays to travel between Void Ocean Spiritual Palaces.

Furthermore, these two didn’t have much of a connection with Zhao Feng, so they didn’t really want to help him.

“I’ll be leaving then.”

Zhao Feng left the guest room under the emotionless gazes of the two geniuses from the Sacred Lands.

“Although this Zhao Feng is talented, he has no background or any strong seniors behind him. His future will definitely not interact with ours.”

Chen Yilin smiled.

Jiang Fan sighed. If they put in some effort, there would be a small bit of hope, but they didn’t think Zhao Feng had enough potential, therefore they didn’t bother with him.


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